WWII Story

February 16, 2018
By CBG2001, Apex, North Carolina
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CBG2001, Apex, North Carolina
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Explosives drop from the sky over a small village in Germany. Munchen to be exact. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Hi my name is Olivia Alt. I live in a small village called Munchen Germany. And, well, it’s war time. 1940 to be exact. Germany has just invaded Poland. Why? I have no bloody idea. All that matters is they did. Bombs have been dropping for months with no end in sight. Huge explosions are heard from near and far. Oh how i wish it could all end, and soon. I would do anything to get out of here. As soon as i said that the explosions seemed to have stopped, or get farther away. I couldn’t tell. Before i could finish my thought there was a knock at the door. I knew i was in trouble considering i was home alone and i hadn’t seen my parents in weeks. So i kept them knocking. Never answering. Waiting for them to go away. But they didn’t. They blew the door off and rushed into my house as if they owned it. Looking from between the floorboards i saw they were Nazi soldiers holding MP40’s at the waist. Then they started to search the house for anything important. Food, Clothing, and even people to recruit. I started to panic. I quickly started to grab important objects around my room. A ball cap, a change of socks, and a small knife i found in the road years ago. Once i was done packing i threw the bag out of my window. Once the bag hit the ground i made a running jump out the window and burst through the glass that was left in the wall and landed hard on the ground. With a piece of glass two inches long sticking out of my arm i grabbed the bag and ran like hell down the nearest alley. Escaping was the easy part, getting out of town the gonna be the hard part. As i ran down the street looking for an alley to hide in i saw the same guards that broke into my home. Once i saw them i changed direction and ran back towards my home. As i was running i saw more and more soldiers realizing they had invaded the town. I kept running. Never stopping until i reached my home. When i reached my home i would try and find the map of the town my father had kept in a drawer beside his bed. With the glass still in my arm a ran into my home and started to run up the stairs to my parents bedroom. When i ran in i saw that there was a leg laying on the floor from behind the bed. But there was no time to figure out whose it was. I grabbed the map and started to run back down the stairs and run out the door. I unfolded the map to see where i was and which way i should really be running to get away from everything. As i looked upon the map to find where i was at. I looked around me to find any landmarks. As i looked around the area i noticed i was near the town square. I started to sneak around the block to get closer to the edge of town. As i ran down the street, i would see a squadron of soldiers, and i would duck behind a nearby trash bin and wait for them to pass with my blade drawn incase of any conflict. As they walked by i would remain as still as possible not to make any noise. Once they passed i ran as silently as possible. Once i got to the end of street i ran as quickly as possible not caring about the noise i made. All i knew was that i had to get out. I just kept running, faster and faster until i reached the country just outside of town. Once i got there i was able to walk and catch my breath. When i was done catching my breath, i went out in search of food. Whilst looking for food i meet a strange man walking through a field. He was one of the allied boys from the US. He was covered head to toe in dirt. He had taken off his jacket at one point to make for easier mobility. As well he was carrying a Thompson submachine gun to his side banging against his right leg. He started to walk up to me at a quicker pace, limping from a bullet wound he was given a couple of days ago. He started to pick up speed and almost ran with a limp. I started to panic. I pulled out my knife and got in a ready stance. He noticed me pull out my knife and quickly grabbed his gun dangling from his side. I quickly put my knife away and ran to hide behind a nearby tree. He put his weapon down and walked slowly toward the tree i was hiding behind. He spoke with a smooth voice, a very reassuring man, he used kind words to calm me down. He approached slowly, reached out for my hand. I grabbed his hand. His hands were soft, soothing even, hands you wish you could hold all day long. He asked where i was going. I answered. I told him i was just trying to get away from germany at any cost. He said he would help me get to the UK. As i looked up at him he smiled at me and took my hand once again and we started to walk away from the town. We reached a campsite that belonged to allied powers. I was scared to go near anyone. I hide behind the man clinging tight to his arm as if my life depended on it. He told me i would be fine but i wasn’t too sure what to think about all the new people. He started to walk toward a green tent with a red cross above the enterey flaps. It appeared to be some sort of medical bay. He was greeted by a man dressed in a normal soldiers outfit but with a red cross on one of the arms. He gestured the man towards a small bed towards the back of the tent. He laid him down on the bed and started to look at the bullet in his leg. I felt real uneasy while standing there in my dirty slightly burned clothes. As men walked in and out of the tent i felt the cold dagger like stares of the men. I got more uneasy as time went one. Once the man was all patched up we started to go meet the general. As we walked into the tent we were stopped by many people that seemed to be friends of the man that found me. We walked into the tent and were greeted by the general. As he stood up the man saluted him. It was quite odd that he did that, i still have no real idea why he did. Anyway back to the story. The two men started to talk in military talk. Just like with the salut i still don’t know what they were talking about. The man tried to tell me what was going on. He told me he was going to help me get to the US. I told him at the time i understood what he said, but i didn’t. I had to lie to him just to get out of there. He told me we would have to leave in a month due to supplies only coming in once a month. He then showed me where i would be staying for the next two weeks. I would be getting my own tent with the man that meet me because he was the only one i could trust. Once the sun went down i went to my tent to lay down on my bed and fall asleep. For once i had good sleep. I wasn’t woken up by the sound of gunfire for the first time in months.

The next morning i was awoken by the smell of actual food being cooked. For the past months i had been living off of food i could just find around my home, half the time it wasn’t food. When i got out of bed the man gave me a plate of food. The plate had sausage, eggs, a bread roll, and a glass of orange juice. I thanked the man. As he walked away he told me to call him Kevin, cause that was his name. I thanked Kevin once more as he walked out. I started to eat the food and it tasted like a giant piece of heaven just for me. I devoured the plate of food in no time flat. Once i finished my meal i meet Kevin outside who then showed me around the camp. When i stepped out of the tent i noticed more about the camp then i did the night before. I noticed there were tents then i originally saw. The whole camp was surrounded by trees as tall as skyscrapers and as green as the meadows that surrounded. We walked further into the camp and saw vehicles, tanks, planes, and piles of missiles. Once we reached the end of the camp we walked back to our tent as it was almost noon and training was about to begin. Kevin told me to wait in the tent until he and the rest of the camp was done so i wouldn’t be in the way. I agreed and went to wait in the tent. With nothing to do i started to make myself at home. I unpacked my bag setting my belongings near my bed and the knife taped underneath my bed for safety. After i put everything in its place i decided to take a nice long nap. I awoke 5 hours later when i heard something hit the floor. I grabbed the knife from under the bed and got into my battle stance. When my eyes focused i saw it was Kevin with a metal glass in his hand and a puddle of water on the floor with 3 ice cubes sitting in the middle of it. He told me he was sorry for making a lot of noise. I stood down and put the knife back under the bed. He told me he was done training for the day, and he was going to go hit the showers and he would be back in about 20 minutes. I nodded and went to go sit on my bed. When i sat on my bed i looked at the other side of the room and saw a Colt M1911. I walked over to the pistol and picked it up, ejected the magazine, and started to play around with the pistol. When the 20 minutes passed, Kevin came back and saw me playing with the pistol. He ran over to me and grabbed it out of my hands. He yelled and asked what i was thinking doing with his pistol. I answered in broken english that i was just trying to have fun. He threw the pistol onto his bed and stormed out of the tent to get something to eat from the cafe tent. He returned 10 minutes later with a plate of food for me. He threw it onto my bed in anger. I ate the plate defensively. I didn’t understand why he was angry at me, I ejected the magazine. All i was doing was looking at it. I decided to go to bed early to ignore all that had happened today.

I awoke around 2 the next morning. I decided to take a walk around camp. I grabbed a candle, light it, and started to take my walk. As i walked around i realized how silent the night was. It was as if the war wasn’t even going on. It was so peaceful. I felt safe for once in my life after the war had started. I missed my parents more than ever before, I wish i knew where they were. Even if i just found a grave i would be happy to know where they were. Just to see my mother's long flowing blonde hair once more, with her forest green eyes. I wouldn’t miss my father as much, he used to beat me and call me names. Just thinking about it would bring me to tears. My father had left a couple days before the war began for a “business trip” but i knew what was really going on. He was cheating on my mother with a women he found in a nearby inn. My mother never found out about her. But i knew as soon as he got home after meeting her. He smelled of another women. How my mother never noticed is beyond me. My mother’s normal smell was of fresh picked strawberries, but when he came home that day he smelled of the ocean. Which didn’t make sense because we are a landlocked country. But my mother saw nothing of it. But like i said, i noticed instantly. As i walked farther into the camp the sun began to come up and i started to head back to my tent on the other side of the camp. When i got back to my tent i put out the candle and laid in bed until it was time to get. I layed for several hours until Kevin awoke. I apologized for what had happened the day before. He told me he was worried i was gonna do something drastic with the M1911. But i told him what i was doing and he apologized for the way he had acted and we were friends once more. We both set off to get some breakfast with the rest of the camp so i could meet more people and get my name out there so everyone knew about me and my situation. When we got to the food tent we were greeted by different soldiers then i had meet before. It was as if new soldiers had come in from other camps, if there were other camps. I had no idea there were any other camps, but i assumed there were. As we ate different men came up to Kevin and i to ask us questions. They mainly asked me questions like “Where did i come from” and “Why was i here” were main ones. As we ate more and more people joined the discussion of why i was here until i was approached by a man of higher rank. He asked me questions about my life before i came to the camp. I gave him straight forward answers. Once he left he went to the other men to quiet them down. Then it was silent except for a couple coughs and sniffles due to the oncoming winter. When we were finished eating breakfast, we went for a walk to burn off some unwanted calories. As we went for our walk i overheard a radio frequency come in from a nearby tent.They said something of a squad of soldiers patrolling around the area but had no identification. They said they had sent someone to go see if they had any identification, but the soldier hasn’t been heard from in some time. “He could have been captured” “He could have been killed”. Those were the tame ways of saying that. The men then sent a group of people i hadn’t seen before to go look for them. They had something sewed onto their clothing but i couldn't make out what it was. Later that day they came back wounded, and scared. I tried to ask around but no one would give me a straight answer. All i know is they tried to go out and look for the missing person, but they got attacked and fled. That was the only thing that sounded close to what i thought the truth was. I did notice that they took the object off of them. Also there were a couple less then i remembered. Some had bite marks on them and bullet wounds. I was told not to stare, but i couldn't help myself.

The next couple of weeks were pretty much the same. I kept seeing groups of people go out of camp and fewer and fewer returned each time. I still had no idea what was on their clothing but it didn't keep me up at night. The screams did. I heard them all throughout the night and sometimes during the day. I could smell gas. But only on certain days. I was scared for my life i decided to make my escape later that night. I told no one. Not even Kevin. Later that night i snuck out of my tent without making a noise, grabbed Kevin’s gun and a couple more supplies and ran. While i was running i realized i wasn't with the british. I was being held captive by Nazi’s. I kept running. I had to keep going. I couldn't stop. I heard a voice yelling for me. Then a click. Then there was nothing.

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