I Hate Everything

January 21, 2018
By Jimmy_H, Palm Desert, California
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Jimmy_H, Palm Desert, California
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I wake up on Monday morning, the light from my slightly open blinds hitting my face. Oh god, it’s monday. First of all, hi. I’m Dylan, your radical main character. Anyways, I pull out my phone and check the time. It’s just about seven A.M., so I have a little time. I mess around, playing some ad-filled strategy games and texting a nerd in my class to ask about homework.
Then, knock knock. Oh boy, it’s Zach. Zach is my current caretaker, since he was an adult when Mama passed. I yell at the man to come in, and he does. Zach is a tall man, a little on the chubby side. He has broad shoulders, light skin, black hair with matching black clothes and very noticeable orange eyes. He’s very serious, but he‘s honestly a push over. “Hey.” He greets me with is stupid low voice. As you can tell, I don’t like him very much.
“What?” I ask, not bothering to look at him.
“Get up,” He answers with an order, “You’re leaving in fifteen minutes.” And with that said, he basically vanishes. He’s pretty fast for a fat guy. I groan, rolling off the bed and on to the floor. I lay there for a second, pretty much wishing that God would struck me down so I don’t have to go to school. But, he doesn’t, so I get up and get ready.
I do the usually; slip on something edgy, smother my body in Axe, make my hair nice and silky, and tada. I’m almost ready. I head downstairs, seeing the fam eating breakfast and waiting for me. To be honestly, it’s nice to have adopted siblings going to the same school, cause nobody thinks that I’m related to them. Anyways, I’m a Junior, with two Senior siblings and a Sophomore sibling.
My older brothers are Chris and Alex, a pair of tan twins who I’m pretty sure hate me. They both look the same; Yellow shirts, tan pants, regular red tennis shoes, dark brown hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. They’re both eating the same cereal, at the same table, exactly the same. It seriously creeps me out. Then, Milton, the sophomore. He has vitiligo, which is a skin condition. I think he looks like a cow, so that's cool. He has blue eyes that are darker than mine, jet black and shaggy hair, a white t-shirt and jean. He's a vegan, which makes him even more like a cow. Speaking of which, he's eating his gross tofu breakfast. Ew, go eat some bacon you weirdo.
Everyone looks up at me as I walk in. I simply ignore them and grabs something to eat. By the time I settle on something though, it’s time to go. Oh come on! I groan as the others call for me, shoving a granola bar into my hoodie’s pocket and follow the others out. Luckily, I live rather close to the school, so I shall eat soon. Hooray.
The walk, only being fifteen minutes, feels like hours. All the things that could go wrong today flash through my head as I see the school in the distance. I hate this place. When we get there, everyone says their goodbyes and head to their classes. Except for me, because I’m too hungry to talk to anyone at the moment. I examine everyone I walk by, the crowd around me filled with the same familiar faces that I never talk to.
I pass by the group of popular girls. Isabel, Charlie, and … ‘Yoshi’. I heard nobody, not even teachers know her real name, and her dad gave her that nickname. Then again, I also heard that her father is Satan himself, so that tells you how true these rumors can be. I don’t know much about the group, I just make my own assumptions about them, like Yoshi is transgender or the other two girls are dating. I’m probably one hundred percent wrong, but who cares?
I walk up to my usual hang out spot, and who do I see? Michael Kidd, the biggest dork this school has seen since 1987. He’s how you would imagine any geek; thick glasses, pale skin, black messy hair, a button up shirt with rolled up sleeves. Just imagine someone EXTREMELY annoying. I despise the Kidds, but they’re newer here so I guess they annoy me to actually talk to someone other than the teachers. “Hey Dylan!” the boy greets me with his loud and high pitched voice.
“Kidd.” Is all I say to him to him as I begin to stuff my face the granola bar, now soft from my body heat. I try to make it obvious that I don’t want to talk to him but stiffening up, standing tall, keeping a serious facial expression and avoiding eye contact.
“Hey!” he says with a grin as he jumps out infront of me. “I heard on discovery that the human race has stopped evolving!”
Okay, that’s weird, I’m out. I move away from my wall in search of a new place to wait at. I settle on the men’s restroom. Sure, it smells like pee and there's probably a murderer in one of the stalls, but I can deal. I settle on the middle stall, take a seat, and play on my phone. Then, someone walks in. Crying.

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