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December 18, 2017
By Volleyball_Life BRONZE, Wautoma, Wisconsin
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Volleyball_Life BRONZE, Wautoma, Wisconsin
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I ran as fast as I could through the twisted jungle, I was running from something or maybe even someone. I could hear the loud shouts of the creature. I was panting so heavily it felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest. Suddenly I tripped over a large tree root sticking out of the ground. I rolled to the side to hide inside of all the bushes and leaves. I heard the creatures panting as it stopped running and looked around, when it didn't see me it kept running after it heard some leaves ruffling in the opposite direction of me. When I couldn't see the creature anymore I peeked out from the bushes and started to run back to the campsite that I found on the island.

When I got there I went straight inside of the small shed building. I looked around and saw the guy that sent me outside the camp in the first place. “Clark, why the hell did you send me out there without warning me about that creature?!” I yelled at him as I pushed him. “Kriss, there is no creature. Are you seeing things again?” “You know damn well that there is a creature out there, don't you?” I yelled. “Come with me.” He said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me into another room where no one else was. “Look, I know about the creature. I've come face to face with that thing until I figured out the one thing it's afraid of, FIRE. It can't be near fire without freaking out and running away. That's why I built this camp, to help anyone that came into this jungle stay away from getting killed by that… thing. I sent you out there because you are the strongest warrior that I have trained so far. You've improved more than anyone here. And I needed to know if you could see it too. There were five other warriors that I sent out there and that haven't came back unlike you. You have to help me, Kriss. We must get rid of that creature. We must destroy it and keep this island safe for everyone that comes along. I'm trying to build a colony of young people that will all be trained by me and my best top ten warriors here. And you are the best of the best here. So I need YOUR help to make this fantasy a reality. Will you help me? And you must keep it a secret about the creature, I don't need the other warriors fleeing the island without being properly trained.” I sighed and thought about it for a while. “What's in it for me?” I crossed my arms over my chest waiting for an answer. “Well I'm hoping that if and when I step down as my position of leader that you'll take my place and take care of everyone.” I tapped my foot to think about it. “Deal.” He smiled and put his hand out. I shook it before turning around ready to walk out to the next room. “But just to let you know I don't work good with a team, I work alone.” I said as I turned around to face Clark again before I disappeared into the crowd of the other warriors. I went to my room and looked in the mirror, I was covered in dirt and grime. I grabbed my towel, toothbrush, and everything else that I needed besides my clothes and went to take a shower in the small little room that we had made into a bathroom.

I knocked on the door to make sure no one else was inside. “Hello..? Is anyone in there?” It was dead silent until I saw the doorknob twist and a foot came out of the door revealing Clark who looked as if he just got out of the shower. He had a towel around his waist and he was shirtless. He had a few drops of water running down his skin. His necklace with the razor sharp tooth was touching his bare skin of his strong muscular chest. “It's about time, are you done in there because I would also like to get in the shower before I go to bed.” He nodded his head before answering in a husky voice. “Yeah, yeah I'm done. Just give me a sec to grab my clothes.” His short dark brown hair was still soaked from his shower as he turned around and grabbed his clothes off of the counter. “Thanks.” I rolled my eyes at him as I pushed past to get into the bathroom. I slammed the door shut behind me and locked it. I dropped my towel down on the hook and I grabbed my shampoo, body wash, and my conditioner down on the side of the tub. I began to get undressed as I turned the water on and jumped in to be greeted by hot water running down my body. I grabbed my ponytail and pulled it out of my hair. I scrubbed through my hair with the shampoo and a bunch of dirt and mud came running into the shower drain and dropping off of my back as I rinsed it out of my hair. I began to scrub my face with my sponge, I finished my shower and wrapped myself up in my towel, my hair was dripping on the floor but I didn't bother to wipe it up. I brushed my teeth, and wiped my skin dry with the towel. I grabbed my hairbrush and began to brush through my hair.

When I finished I picked up all of my stuff and opened the door, I then turned off the light and ran to my room before anyone could see me while I was just wrapped up in a towel. I've met a lot of the guys here on the island and a whole bunch of them are so perverted I'm surprised that Clark allowed there to be one bathroom for boys and girls. I closed my bedroom door and dropped all of my stuff on the bed before I went to go change into some pajamas. I went into my dresser and pulled out a pair of black shorts, a black tank top, a black bra and underwear. I got dressed and through my hair up into a messy bun. I picked up everything off of my bed and put it all away before I turned out the lights and went to go lay in bed. Just as I was about to cover up with my blankets I heard a knock at the door. I sighed before I went to the door. “What is it?” I opened the door to see Clark standing there with something in his hand. “Kriss, this was delivered to you.” I took the package out of his hand before opening the box up to see a small little stuffed purple bunny with a polka dot bow. I picked the bunny out of the box and noticed a note hanging off of its little foot. “Kriss, we miss you so much dear but we are glad that you were one of the first females to be recruited to the island. Remember Herry? This is her from when you were two and scared to go to daycare for the first time. We hope you'll take good care of her and yourself. Love you sweetie, from mama, daddy, and Joey.” I finished reading the note before I dropped it back inside of the box and looked at Clark. “Thank you, good night.” “Good night, Kriss.” I smiled and closed the door before taking the bunny out of the box along with the note. I set the note inside of my desk next to my bed where I also had pictures of my family and more letters. I laid down in bed and cuddled up with Herry before falling into a deep sleep.

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