The Love of Two Killers

September 26, 2017
By HannahBryant, Franklin, Indiana
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HannahBryant, Franklin, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Life asked Death, 'Why do people love me, but hate you?' Death responded, 'You're a beautiful lie, and I, the painful truth.'"

Author's note:

I am not finished with this, but I promise to get it done as soon as possible. I have worked really hard on this for months. I hope you enjoy.

 There was a little girl named Rebel. She had an imaginary friend, or so she thought. His name was Laughing Jack. Rebel didn’t have many friends growing up, so Laughing Jack was always there for her.

*12 years ago*
Rebel was only 6 years old at the time her parents were murdered by the infamous Jeff the Killer, she would’ve already had forgotten it, if she didn’t have the scars he had given her. Growing up children would always make fun of her for her scars, but she couldn’t help having them. She has a long scar going from her eyebrow to her lip.

Laughing Jack didn’t mind though, after all he was a killer. That didn’t mean anything to him though, after being friends with the little Rebel for 12 years, he had fallen in love with her. After 12 years she has grown up, she is 18 years old, and living on her own. She still talks to Laughing Jack, and without him knowing she had fallen in love with him, the infamous killer.

Without Laughing Jack knowing a thing, Jeff the Killer was set out to kill the little girl he had left behind, but without both of the killers knowing, she was indefinitely losing her sanity.

October 31st, at 10 o’clock Jeff came to strike the child he left many years ago in an orphanage, but he didn’t know that once he laid eyes on her that he would fall helplessly in love with the small framed girl. He also didn’t know that he would find Laughing Jack sitting on her bed, looking at her with love in his eyes. 

 Jeff was stunned to see Laughing Jack sitting there. Jeff slipped on the window sill, but caught himself before he plummeted 6 stories to the ground. Rebel heard the noise, and cautiously walked to the window. Laughing Jack not understanding her actions, he asked her, “Rebel, what are you doing?” She looked at him and told him, “Jacky, be quiet. I heard something.” They both looked at the window, and Rebel slowly walked to the window again.

She drawed the curtain back to see Jeff the Killer looking right at her. She jumped back, not realizing who it was at that exact moment. She looked at him closer, she gasped and stepped away from the window, anger coursing through her veins.

She remembered the man that killed her parents all those years ago. The one that made her dream of the day of her killing him. The man that gave her the scar to remember him by. The man she hated most. She ran to the kitchen and grabbed the first thing her hand landed on, a meat cleaver.

She ran back upstairs to see Laughing Jack struggling to fight off Jeff the Killer. She ran toward them, swinging the cleaver at Jeff hitting him in his bicep. He screeched and inspected his arm.

He glared as best as his lidless eyes would let him. He looked Rebel blankly in the eyes, and he pounces at her. Forgetting his feelings for her and going for the attach. She moved out of the way in a second's glance. She swings the cleaver quickly attaching his hip. He gasps gripping his side, falling to the ground.

 Rebel looks down at the bleach white face of the killer, she smirks and starts to hack at his body with the meat cleaver, smiling sadistically at the blood. Laughing Jack pulls Rebel away from the motionless body of the infamous killer. Covered in his blood, she licks the knife smiling at the metallic taste.

Laughing Jack smiles at her actions keeping an eye on the infamous killers body watching his chest slowly rise and fall. Both insane killers hear a tap on the window, turning around slowly, the long faceless man stands in the view. Rebel looks at him mysteriously trying to figure him out.

The tall man steps into the room through the small window looking at the young girl and the tall slender black and white man, and then he looks down at the motionless man. SlenderMan grabs Jeff by his throat lifting him into the air using his tendrils to squeeze his throat.

SlenderMan stops and drops the man to the ground when he hears a crash, they all look to the door and see a teenager wearing a grey shirt with striped sleeves, a mouth guard, and goggles on the top of his head. They all turned to look at Ticci Toby and the broken door.

“Sir, don’t kill Jeff, you’re going to need him to fight off The Rake, remember?” Says the short, pale teenager. SlenderMan looks at the boy thinking, “I guess that you are right, child. I shall let him live.” He turns to look at Rebel, “and what is your name my child?” He asks her. “My name is Rebel, Rebel Harris.”

The author's comments:

I am not finished with this story, and I promise that I will have a fifth chapter soon. Thank you all for reading this so far.

 SlenderMan glances at the girl, as she looks up at him. She starts to get self conscious of her scar, and she finally asks him, “what are you staring at? I know that I have an ugly scar, but you don’t have to keep staring me down because of it!” He shakes his head quickly, “no my child, your scar is not ugly, it is actually quite beautiful.”

She looks at him confused. “How is my scar beautiful?”  “Every scar is beautiful, it tells its own story. It shows your bravery and courage, and it also shows that you won your fight.” SlenderMan says looking down at the girl. She looks down smiling, “do you really think so?” She asks him, “I know so.” He says.
SlenderMan, Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby and Rebel all begin to walk out of the small house into the midnight black forest. The slender, faceless man picks up the young girl as she leans against a tree, starting to fall asleep. As he begins again on the journey back to the mansion, he looks down at the girl.

As he looks at her, he starts to feel an attachment to her, like he’s known her all his life, like he’s seen her in a memory. He gently lays his tendril on her forehead reading her memories and thoughts. The small group makes it to the mansion, as well as Slender while he’s trying to figure out who this small girl is.

The exact second The faceless man goes to take a step onto the porch of the home he gets a glimpse of his own past from Rebel. As he goes through the motions of his past, he gently sits the sleeping girl down onto the porch as he sits himself down beside her, putting his tendrils to his head trying to keep the headache of memories at bay.

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