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My Boyfriend is tthe Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack

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Chapter 3

****Amelia's POV****

I walk out the school doors and immediately Chloe is by my side.

"Hey, so you ready to go the guys don't like waiting too long to leave."

"Oh, ya. Let's go."

So took me to where the guys were waiting for is and when I see their car I don't believe what I see.

"You guys own a Jaguar XJ220!"

I look at them my eyes as big as lollipops.

Bryce looks at me and says, "You know cars?"

"Know them, my dad and I used to study them and their parts before he died. I always told myself I was going to be a mechanic when I was older."

Now they look at me with their eyes as big as lollipops.

"What? I like cars."

After I say that I hope in the drivers seat and say, "Give me the keys I wanna drive."

I hear Chase groan then hear him cuss as I hear Bryce smack him arm and tell him to give me the keys.

Chase ends up giving them to me and they all climb in and Bryce sits in the passenger seat and we head off.


Everyone falls asleep in the back while Bryce gives me directions on where to go to get to their house.

When we finally get there everyone is awake and we all get out and head inside. As soon as we get in to the house I smell someone cooking in the kitchen and ask Chloe who it is and notice that Bryce was the first one out and in the house.

She looks at me and says, "That would be Bryce. He makes chocolate chip cookies after school everyday."

As soon as she finishes I run to the kitchen to see the boys trying to eat them all. I walk over to Chase as he eats half the plate and smack his hands and take some and walk away laughing. Then I bump onto Bryce and everywhere that my body hit his had tingled making my stomach get butterflies.

I look up and see his eyes change colors again and he seems to get  mad and walks away and goes outside.

I look over at Chloe and say, "What we're those tingles I felt everywhere?"

She looks at me and says,"There's something we need to tell you."

She gets up and leads me to the living room and sits down and pulls me down beside her. Then all of a sudden everyone came into the room and I looked at her and asked, "How did you do that?"

"That's part of what we're going to tell you."

After I told her that she seemed to wait back and look like this was something that she shouldn't be worried about and acts like this is normal.

So Bryce starts to explain what happend in the kitchen before he stormed out and before he says anything else after saying 'mates' Milly jumps up and says," You mean to tell me that you're all werewolves, I'm his 'mate' and I'm just supposed to pack up my stuff, move in here and act like everything is fine!"

We all just nod our heads and mutter, "Ya, kinda."

She starts backing away looking at us and says, "Your all crazy"

She turns and goes to run and before she knows it Bryce is in front of her.

She stops and looks up and yells, "What the hell!"

He turns her back to the living room and sits her down beside him so she calms down while he explains more about what we are and why we're here.

*An hour later*

***Bryce's POV***

I've finished explaining everything to Amelia about us being werewolves and she ended up saying she needed to take a nap so I had Chloe take her to my room.

A little while after Chloe takes her up and she is sleeping I walk up stairs to my room and lay beside her and fall asleep.

*Two Hours Later*

**Amelia's POV**

I wake up and forget where I'm at then realise that I'm at Bryce's house, in his bed, with him laying with me.

I freak out a little after I realise what is happening and push him off of me so he lands on the floor with a loud thud.

He wakes up and realises he is on the floor and sits up and looks at me then says, "Hey sleeping beauty," with a smirk on his face.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3

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