Bitter Blood Dead By Daylight

August 20, 2017
By HorrorInk, Spring Hill, Florida
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HorrorInk, Spring Hill, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Angela Baker: Nice girls don't have to show it off."

Author's note:

The movies that inspired me was Sleepaway Camp, Sucker Punch and the author Stephen King.

The author's comments:

It starts happy

Its November 4th 1983, 7:30am.
"Nova! Nova, wake up sweetie!" Abigail howled. "What?" Nova questioned. "The vacation, sweet heart! Abigail exclaimed. "I picked out a nice and warm outfit for you." Nova puts on the large amount of clothing and slips up a few times, putting stuff on backwards. "How do I look?" Nova tested. "You look wonderful!” Abigail exclaimed. "It's a bit much, I can't move." Nova said. "Oh shush, get to the door and wait for us. Here's your cane." Abigail said. "Logan, get up!" Abigail barked. "I'm up, I'm up." Logan said. The Burns family took almost 1 hour to get ready and then set sail. On the way there Abigail and Nova fell asleep. (It's now 8:30) "Wake up girls; we're going to a few stores before we get there." Logan exclaimed. "Nova, wake up, put your shoes on, we're going to a few stores" Abigail said in a tired tone. Nova grunted. Few minutes go by and the Burns’ arrived to a store. The store is plain and has supplies for skiing, they move on to a book store. Abigail was looking for a book Nova would like. Nova was with her just tapping, curious if Abigail finds anything good. She looked in the history and horror. Nothing... until she came across a book about historical masks. Abigail looked through with excitement. She told Nova everything about the book. Nova was just as excited. They bought the book and Abigail read the book to Nova, describing every detail about every single mask all the way there. "We're almost there, just 5 more minutes!" Logan said with joy. The Burns’ winter vacation to Hunt Hollow Ski has begun.

The author's comments:

Turn back now

It's November 4th 1983, 9:27am.
The Burns' finally arrive to Hunt Hollow Ski. They rent a cabin, unpack, and head off. They skied for a few hours. First starting with small hills to mountains. Then they went to a small arena where they could have a snow war. There were snow blowers to make a rainfall of snow, that's where they had the most fun, even though Nova's sunglasses were smacked off with snow, they all still had fun. After a total of 5 hours of fun, they went back to the cabin to relax. They all cleaned up and went out for food. The Burns' don't always go out to restaurants after playing. They would go out very few days, but mostly shop. Abigail and Logan go out to the store to get food. Nova was left in the cabin because she feels like she was old enough to stay home alone, and she has a special talent. What is this talent you may ask? Echolocation. Nova makes clicking sounds, indicating what's in front of her or what's up ahead. She's been practicing this for a few years around their cabin. Abigail and Nova would walk down sidewalks and back to practice. (It's now November 19th) 15 days has gone by and Nova has almost mastered walking up and down the sidewalk without her cane; she brings it just in case. At one point Nova was having a nice stroll down the sidewalk, when unexpectedly she was circled by five boys.

The author's comments:

I'm Warning you

Its November 19th 1983, 4:40pm.
Nova didn't feel too good about this. (They were all very oddly stereotypical. There was their leader, his name is Jason, he is 17 and he had a chain piercing from his nostril to his earlobe. Then there's the worm, Kevin, he is 15, and was charged with 5 assaults on 5 different women. Then there's Han, the holy terror. He's almost 16 and attacks people for no reason. Then there's the bystander, David, he try's his best to convince the group to stop and he is almost 17 and is Jason's brother. There's Robbie the hot head, he is 18 and is a bit buff, has a lot of piercings, and a very bad temper.) Anyway back to the story: As Nova was circled, the boys picked on her, saying mean things about her, grabbing her cane. When Nova tried to get it back the boys tossed it back and forth, then finally David got it and gave it back to her. Nova ran back to the cabin tapping away. This went on for a few days until it went from teasing to physical harm. (It's now November 22nd) Nova didn't know that the boys would attack her; she was fine until the five boys went after her. Nova thought she was fine when unexpectedly Robbie grabbed her from behind. Nova screamed, but no one came. No one was around. Then the crowd of boys, except David, started attacking her. Nova cried for help. Finally one of the workers heard this cry and ran to the noise. The woman's name was Angela and she was in her mid-20’s. She grabbed Nova out of Robbie's arms, and yelled. "What in the heck are you guys doing?" Nova said, "they.... they started attacking me and wouldn't stop." Angela looked at Nova; she saw blood dripping from her mouth. Angela yelled, "Get back to your cabins before I call the cops!" Angela looked at Nova and asked, "Are you ok?" Nova just sobbed from the amount of pain she was in.

The author's comments:

Aww Cute end to the chapter but really stop reading

Its November 22nd 1983, 4:50pm.
Angela picked up Nova, cradled her, and ran to the nearest clinic at the resort. Nova was crying all the way there. They got to the clinic and Angela explained everything, but right in the middle of explaining what had happened Nova sobbed and said "Please don't tell my parents." The nurse asked "Why?" "There such nice people, they don't need to worry about this, nothings broken. I'll deal with everything myself." Nova explained. ""But hon, you were vomiting blood." Said the nurse. "My parents, they’re such sweet people; this would eat them alive if they found out!" Exclaimed Nova. "But Nova, they beat you; there are bruises all over your stomach." Said the nurse. "I'm 15 for god's sake! I should be dealing with my own problems!" At that moment Nova started sobbing. "Just help me." Nova said. "Get her a big ice pack, hot towel and water please." Said the nurse telling another nurse. After a few minutes, Angela walked Nova back and thankfully Nova's parents weren't home. "Get some rest, if you have any more problems yell for me, I'll always be at the cabins down the sidewalk you go down." Said Angela. Nova smiled, and hugged Angela saying "Thank you." 

The author's comments:

You've Come This Far

Its December 5th 1983, 3:30pm.
3 weeks go by, nothing. Nova still walked down the sidewalk, but with her mom. She didn't explain what happened, but instead Nova told her mom she liked her company. (It's now December 10th)  Nova had finally had the nerve to walk alone. She was fine walking for a bit, and then she started getting timid. She started questioning herself, "Why, all of a sudden am I feeling nervous?" Then it hit her, literally. She was smashed in the face with a branch forcefully but before she could scream, Han put tape around her mouth. She was struggling to get up, but was held down and beaten rapidly. Then Robbie picked up Nova and threw her off a 3 foot cliff, landing her face first into a "rock". Nova felt a sharp pain in her back; her cane had fallen on her back. Nova ripped the tape off and used the boulder to propel herself up, when she felt something odd. She felt chainmail; Nova picked it up and also felt solid metal. She picked up her cane and the strange object and tapped away back to her cabin; she cleaned up before her parents got home. As soon Abigail walked through the door, Nova asked so many questions. "What is this?!" exclaimed Nova. "Slow down there partner. Let me look." Abigail has seen this somewhere. "It looks like a mask." Said Logan. Abigail got the book and found it. "It seems to be a World War 1 splatter Mask." Abigail said. "Really?!" Nova yelled. "Yeah." said Abigail. Nova was very excited. She put the mask on her bed, to know where it is at all times.

The author's comments:

Ok, you've been warned, the next chapter is very graphic!!!!

Its December 10th 1983, 5:00pm.
In one of the many days of torture, Nova has had enough. She went home after Angela had gotten rid of the boys, and Nova went to the bathroom. She grabbed some random pills and  thought about overdose, but she was too scared and just cried saying "I can't go like this. I.......I can't, it's going to show I'm not strong enough. They're going to continue doing this to other people, an......and kids. I know what I have to do."(It's now 10:00pm) "It's 12 degrees out, looks like I'm going to need more layers." Nova thought. Nova went to the closet and got 5 pairs of shirts, 5 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of winter jackets, 3 pairs of gloves, and her dads big winter boots to make her tall and intimidating. Nova thought "What about my face?" Then it hit her. "The Mask!" Nova ran to her bed and grabbed the mask, it was very cold even with the gloves on so Nova got 2 extra pair of gloves and two scarves to cover her face from the cold metal and chainmail, then she went out. She waited till midnight, when most people are asleep.

The author's comments:

Terrible I know

Its December 10th 1983, 12:00pm.
Nova started clicking and walking, trying to listen for their voices. She heard singing, it was Han. She went into the direction of the singing. She smelled smoke. Han was chilling out alone near a campfire. “He must have his headphones in" Nova thought that because he didn't react to the clicking. She went behind him and slammed his face into the fire, burning his skin off his face. Then she ripped his chest open with a kitchen knife and her bare hands. She ripped out a rib and threw the rest of him in the fire. (It's now 2:00am) It took a while to find Kevin, that disgusting worm, but his smell is unmistakable. She found him in the girls' bathroom looking through a gross magazine. Nova knocked on the stalls until she got to a stall that was already closed. Nova knocked on the stall that Kevin was in. "Occupied!" Kevin yelled. Nova kept knocking. "I said occupied!" Nova kept knocking. "Jason is that you?" Kevin asked. Nova kicked the door. "What the...... What the heck are you doing?!" Nova kicked the door down and stabbed him in the neck with Han's rib. She twisted, around and around and left the rib in his neck. (It's now 3:30am) An hour and a half goes by and Nova heard Robbie yelling and singing to blasted heavy metal in his cabin. Nova snuck in through the back door and ripped his back open with a hook and tore his spine out and rapidly beat him with his own spine. Nova dragged his body to his bed, ripped the mattress open and stuffed his body in. Nova took a minute to wipe the blood off of her and think "I'm really doing this?" She heard footsteps going up the small set of stairs to the front door. Nova hid, it was Angela, "Hello? I'm here to fix your window." Angela heard the music and went through the back and toward the window. She turned around and saw tracks of blood to the bed. Angela looked and saw a rip in the mattress. She moved closer to see and saw Robbie's torn back. Angela vomited and yelled "OH My God! A Dead Body!" Angela yelled out "Help! Somebody! Help!" Angela ran out alerting the other counselors to gather up the people to the police station.

Its December 10th 1983, 5:56am.
Nova ran out. Nova ran far from the cabins clicking and clicking. Luckily she heard Jason and David nearby camping out. Nova heard them laughing from a mile away from where she was. By the time she found them they were both asleep. Jason was asleep in a chair with a cigar in his mouth. Jason was so high on drugs that she was able to tie him to the chair and put tape on his mouth and he didn't budge. Nova found a nearby shack, which was unlocked, and she took a lawnmower. She tied it to a tree, leaving it hanging off the tree on top of Jason's head. The she pulled. The lawnmower turned on, slicing Jason's head splattering pieces of skull, brain and blood everywhere. David quickly got out of his tent when he heard the lawnmower and screaming and grabbed a rock and smashed it on Nova's head. Nova cried out. David aimlessly runs into the forest and hustled face first into a very large briar patch. David was unable to pull himself free; he just kept on screaming and screaming in pain, thorns in his eyes. Nova clicked and clicked. David just kept on screaming in pain. Nova found him, held him up by his neck. Nova took out the knife and stabbed him in the gut and sliced opened his stomach. Guts where everywhere. While all of this was happening Angela and another counselor found her just as Nova threw David into the snow. Angela was paralyzed, didn't say a word, neither did the other counselor. Nova took out a stick, lit it up and stuck it into his open stomach. (It’s now 6:00am) “After I killed David, I heard sirens, and Angela screaming. Another counselor grabbed me from behind, and took me to a police car, I saw a blur of flashing red and blue lights. My dad was trying to talk to me, while my mom was crying.” “Hmmm, you did all of that? You killed them all out of pure anger?” Said the psychiatrist. “Well looks like our time is up.” “Wait!” Nova yelled. “I’m sorry Nova our time is up.” “Where’s the mask?!” “Nova we’ll have to wait till our next appointment.” “Don’t worry you’ll get to see the mask and your parents will be here in a few hours.” John, the psychiatrist, nodded his head to two guards. The guards put Nova in a strait jacked and a muzzle. “Don’t lose yourself Nova.”

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