A kid in an apocalypse

August 8, 2017
By Anon_Ymous BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Anon_Ymous BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Author's note:

This is just a fan made chapter I made during class. I don't think it will be popular or read at all, I just published it because my teacher recommended I should, since she liked the story very much. 

The author's comments:

In a part of the story it sounds like the game The Walking Dead, which it was inspired from, more than you probably think. Just wanted to put that out there. 

I scrambled down the stairs to the kitchen.
“What is going on?!” I screamed at myself. “What is wrong with mom?” I questioned myself. Behind me was my mother, or what used to be of her. She fell down the stairs and laid on the floor. I just stared in shock at what I had just witnessed. I snapped out of it and ran over to her. “Oh god, oh god, oh god.” I said almost tripping. No this can’t be happening! Mom, are you okay?” My mother’s body started contorting on the ground and stood back up staggering over to me. “S-stay b-back mom. I’m warning you!” I stuttered. Then she just stopped moving. “It actually worked. She can still hear me. Just in time too. I think I bumped into the sink.” I thought to myself. Almost out of the blue, she lunged herself at me, with her mouth wide open, way past what was humanly possible. Time seemed to slow down, “Is this the end? Is this where I die? Will I be taken out of this world, by the same person who brought me into it? … No. I will not let that happen. Not today. Reaching behind me I grabbed a plate and I smashed it into her face. At the neighbor’s house they started questioning what was going on,
“I wonder what all that commotion is about next door?” the wife questioned.
“Yea. They have never been that noisy before. Do you think the husband came back?”
“I don’t know, I hope not,” she worried “maybe we should call the police, just to make sure.”
“Good idea.” Meanwhile, back at home. The plate shattered into pieces while my mom’s direction changed, while in the air due to the impact.
“This is my chance.” I grabbed a butter knife off of the table, while my back was turned she recovered and was already staggering towards me. I turned around and saw her approaching me, I waited for the right moment and thrusted the butter knife towards her head. The knife went into her head and blood came oozing out coating the knife. “Did I really do that? Did I stab my mother in the head?” She just stood there not moving, then she started walking over towards me again. “Please stop trying to attack me, I don’t want to keep hurting you. Can’t you understand?” I tried to reason trying not to start crying. She still kept moving. I turned the knife so the back was facing her. I lifted it into the air, “I’m sorry.” I apologized as tears came streaming down my face and I hit her. When the back of the knife connected with her skull it made cracking sound and she stopped moving. There I was kneeling in a puddle of blood crying into my hands. Just then there was a knocking on the door,  followed by a voice,
“Police! Open the door! We got a call saying there was a commotion here!” he yelled.
“Yes! Finally, some help,” I thought. I stood up and walked over to the door, completely oblivious to the fact that I, and the walls, were covered in blood. I opened the door and when the police officer saw me he jumped back a little,
“Oh my god. Son, are you alright?” he asked with an expression of fear and anger as to who did such a thing. That was when I realized that I was covered in blood, “I’m going to have you stay here while I search the house. Okay?”
“Yea, I think that is the best thing I should do,” I said zoning out. Some of the other neighbors were looking out their windows, while others came out to see better.
“Hmm. I guess I better call a detective for this, because I can’t do this investigation alone” He thought. “The only evidence I have is the boy. I guess I will have to take him in for questioning.” The officer came back out, “Son. I will need to take you in for questioning.” I snapped back to reality.
“Huh? Uh, yea sure,” I yelped hoping it was a question. He handcuffed me and we went to the police station. Some of the neighbors were curious as to what had happened, so some of them looked inside. They were horrified as to what they saw. Some of them were shocked and quiet, other said prayers under their breaths, and others stopped looking came outside and threw up. Meanwhile, at the police station I was being interrogated,
“So why did you do it?” the officer asked.
“She was trying to kill me,” I responded raising my voice a little.
“Did you have to kill her? Couldn’t you have called the police?”
“Yes. I had to kill her; If I tried to call the police she would have killed me instead,” I said gritting my teeth.
“She was your mother thou-” I cut him off
“Oh my god! What part of I had to kill her don’t you understand!” I yelled. He looked at me with an expression that can only described as disappointment, anger, and disgust.
“Well. It seems we are done here.”
“Oh. One more thing.”
“Just shut up. Okay?” he snarled. “Since your mother is now dead, your father is gone, god knows where, and you have no relatives nearby to take you in, you will be sent to an orphanage. My eyes widened, to the point where I looked like a Tarsier.
“Wait, whaaaa?”
“Pft. Did you honestly think that you were going to live by yourself?” He managed to get out before almost laughing.
“Well, I just  thought-”
“You actually thought you were going to live by yourself!” He screamed  cutting me off “Hahahahaha,” he began laughing “you actually thought, bwahahaha.” He continued laughing. Just then, who I can only assume was either his higher up or boss came into the room.
“John! What the hell are you doing?!” He demanded.
“Oh; So that’s his name.”
“Uh, um,” he cleared his throat,“I’m just interrogating this kid. Sir.” His boss, I guess, looked at him then me, then him then me.
“Doesn’t look like it to me. Are you done?”
“Yes, I just finished.” I laughed at how his mood and attitude changed the minute someone else came into the room. He turned his head to look at me, he was clearly angry, his eyes seemed to have flames on the inside. It made me want to laugh even more. After all that ordeal, the police officer guided me to a cell.
“Get in the cell. We’ll take you to the orphanage tomorrow” He notified in the most boston accent I have ever heard.
“I don’t have a choice do I?”
“Nope,” he stated bluntly.
“Figures,” he practically threw me in. I almost fell, but I regained my balance, “Easy. I was going in any way.” I argued.
“Don’t care,” he stated as he closed the cell door and locked it.
“I should try to bargain with him.”
“Before you say anything, don’t you dare try and bargain your way out.”
“He practically read my mind.” I slumped down,
“Read your mind, didn’t I?” he mocked. There was a long silence. I decided to break it.
“What if you-”
“Look kid I’ma need you to shut up, or I swear to god I’ll, I’ll, I don’t know what I’ll do, but I will do something and trust me you ain't going to like it.” The rest of my, uneventful, day was spent in a jail cell. The time came for the officer, to take me to the orphanage. It was so early it was still dark out.
“What time is it?” I asked half asleep.
“It’s four AM. Now shut up and let me focus. The thing we need least is to get lost.”
“Did you really have to handcuff me?”
“Oh my god kid, if we get lost because you won’t shut up, I swear to god.” He practically yelled as he turned his head to face me. In the distance I saw a person in the road. We were headed straight for them and we approaching them fast.
“Watch out!” I yelled. The officer looked forward, and managed to steer the car out of the way and avoid the person, but the car crashed through the safety barrier and  flipped over. I fell unconscious. When I woke up the sun was out.
“Ugh. My head. Why don’t I hear sirens? Shouldn’t someone have seen this by now? Then again,  the police were never that reliable in this town,” I thought outloud. That’s when I noticed that the jerk who was driving me to the orphanage wasn’t hanging upside down in the car like I was, I began to look for him. “This would be easier if I wasn’t handcuffed,” I thought out loud. I heard a noise outside the police car, like something was moving. Then it stopped. “That was probably the jerk outside. Didn’t even try to save me from this car,” I thought “I should probably unbuckle my seatbelt,” I acknowledged. I was right to do this since my face was as red as a tomato, because all the blood was rushing to my head. I unbuckled it and I landed on to what was the top of the car on the ground. “Ow. I probably should have prepared myself for that,” I thought as I was looking at the window. “Hey, I could probably kick that window out.” I told myself. I prepared my leg and then kicked the window, it didn’t break, I kicked it again, again, and again, until finally the window broke off completely. “I bet it was a bullet proof window, since it didn’t shatter into many shards of glass,” I reasoned. I had to inch my way out of the car. Eventually I got out, I stood up and walked around the car. There was a trail of blood leading to a, now dead, police officer. “Oh, right he has the keys for the handcuffs,” I thought, “Don’t think that I am going to lament your death or anything,” I told the corpse. Next to the car was a pistol. “I guess he tried protecting himself from something, but the question is, what was he trying to protect himself from?” I questioned. I got the keys from the corpse and took off the cuffs. Then the corpse started moving and he opened his eyes, they were completely white and his skin was like a dark rotting green. It lunged at me and I side stepped out of the way in time and grabbed the pistol and shot a bullet through his head. Blood splattered against the tree behind him. Things started to move all around me, only to reveal that there were more of them, tons more. In the distance I saw a fence and bolted towards it, pushing and shoving reanimated corpses that were in my way. I was about to climb the fence, but something grabbed my foot. I looked back and it was one of those things, I shot it and it let go. I climbed the fence and I could hear those things scratching at the fence. I waited in silence, that felt like an eternity, it stopped finally. All that adrenaline coursing throughout my entire body made me feel no pain or remorse, I didn’t even notice that I cut myself climbing the fence. Apparently the fence led to the backyard of a home. There was a tree with a treehouse on it. I knocked on the glass door, “Hello. Is anyone in there? I’m injured I need help!” I screamed out. No one answered. The door was unlocked, “I’m going to come in alright?” I called out again. At this point I didn’t care if they called the police or not. Then I heard a walkie talkie from somewhere it said,
“Hello? Is anyone there?” I picked it up.
“Yea. Who is this?”
“Those things can’t get up here so I’m safe,” he responded dodging my question.
“Alright cool, but you didn’t answer my question.”
Come to the tree house and I’ll tell you.”
“Uh I-,” he muttered. I felt unsure about this person, but what did I have to lose at this current point? I walked outside to the treehouse and saw no one there,
“Where are you?” I shouted while looking up,” We had a deal,” I stated while looking around. That’s when I heard a faint voice coming from above me,
“I didn’t promise,” he responded.
“Come on dude, don’t be like that.” I told him with an annoyed tone.
“Mom and dad told me not to talk to strangers.”
“Seriously? We are probably in the middle of an apocalypse and you’re worried about not talking to strangers?”
“Yes,” he reassured me. I sighed and turned around,
“Fine. You do what you want,” I said as I started walking away, “just remember, every stranger you meet wants to hurt you.” I stated sarcastically. As I approached the door he decided to speak up,
“Well, maybe just this once I could break a rule. I mean rules were meant to be broken. Right?”
“Depends on the person, but sure we’ll go with that.” We walked over to the front door and opened it. There was nothing but the aftermath of the chaos that happened, “well. This is where we begin our fight for survival.”
“Sheesh. It looks difficult.” He whined.
“I never said it was going to be easy. Which is why we will have to fight.”
“Fine,” he sighed. We started walking in a direction. Here we were, two kids in an apocalypse. I thought this was a thing that only happened in stories, but I was wrong. So very wrong.

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