February 23, 2017
By hannahmcd12, Salisbury, North Carolina
hannahmcd12, Salisbury, North Carolina
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Odin lost everything when the city next to his house blew to pieces. He went from a farmboy to a king to a prisoner to a soldier. After being the only survivor of the bombing and catching the bomber, the President offers him a job at the capital but when the bomber, Reese, escapes and kidnaps Odin, his life changes again. She takes him to her country to be a prisoner but when they find out who Odin really is, he is trained to be one of them. But being together so much has showed Reese what it's like to actually have feelings instead of the robotic life she's always known even though the rules say that they cannot love. They must keep it secret for as long as they can, even if that means they have to risk their lives.



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