The Day The World Changed

March 30, 2016
By Anonymous


The classroom suddenly shakes. My classmates run to the window.
    “Sabrina come here, you’ve got to see this,” my best friend, Michelle, said.
I rush to the window, alongside Michelle and gasp at the sight. Chicago, only 15 miles away, was up in flames. My teacher screams and runs to the television and turns it on.
Along the bottom of the screen it read “Chicago up in flames….Town going crazy….Chemical explosion….” As the words rolled along the bottom of the screen, they showed live footage of the city. Dead bodies lined the streets. People were running toward the outermost parts of the city. The reporter had dropped dead when she inhaled the smoke. The cameraman was fighting to stay alive. The camera suddenly drops and the glass cracks but it is still rolling, the smoke grows closer and closer until it consumes the camera as well.


The Day The World Changed

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