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The Massacre

December 18, 2014
By Brandon Bonilla, San Diego, California
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Brandon Bonilla, San Diego, California
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Author's note:


The author's comments:


In the afternoon was very hot and it was summer vacation with his friend named Alexis and his best friend named John , They wanna go to Texas because over there is very relax said Alexis”.

Alexis said “ I’m hungry and thirsty “

John said “ Me too ”.

He was tired driving and his hands was shaking fast. I was looking around to eat and saw an old restaurant in the right corner. Alexis was very hungry and dying of starvation. There was an old lady inside the restaurant, she was looking outside and went back to hide. Alexis was waiting in the car, When John was going inside the restaurant, When John was inside the restaurant, He was smelling around like someone died or something.

John said “ Hello! is someone here?” it was

so silent.

The old lady come out and said “ Yes, can i

help you Mr?”

John was feeling scared because the old lady scared him when she came out from the left corner. John asked her “ Do you have any food or something to drink because i have my buddy outside, And i’m hungry.” HAHA!!! the old lady was funny, though John.

he said “ Oh poor kids, I don’t have any food and drinks.”

John was mad and he started to ask her some question. He asked “ What’s your name?”

The old lady said “ My name is Mary.”

He said “ Oh ok Mary nice to meet you, My name is John.”

The author's comments:


Mary said “ Oh ok I can give you a map to find a hotel or somewhere where you and your friend can stay at.” John got the map took it to Alexis. Alexis saw the map and said “ Ok first let’s find some food and find a hotel after we eat.”

Jack was about to go to his job, Jack’s dad said “Son come here, Can i talk to you ?”

Jack was shaking and said “ What? “

“ When you get out from work, find some food or kill something.” Said Jack’s Dad

Jack went back to his basement to get some weapons. While he was getting the weapons he was thinking something in his head. He was like “ Oh yeah i got my special weapon in my secret box.”  Alexis was looking around in the basement, A key or something. In the basement it look very bloody, dirty and creep, too many weapons and too many people are dead on the floor and on the wall too. Jack found the key to open the secret box. He was looking very happy on his face, it was a Chainsaw. As Alexis was walking to the car he was trying to think of a way to hide his weapons. When he approach the truck, he found a black soft blanket on the front passenger floor. Alexis picked up the blanket and carefully wrapped the weapons up... He cover all his weapons with the black blanket he found. After he was done with that, He went to work. Mary was calling Jack’s Dad (The Phone was Ringing)
Bob said “ Yes, Hello ?”

The author's comments:


Mary said “ I need you to do something for me.”

“ What is it ?” Bob said

“ A mission “ Mary said

Jack was very happy about Mary’s request. She told him to get some people and bring them to the family of Bob house. He went upstairs to put his police uniform on, his name tag is “ Bob .“ After Bob was his putting on his uniform he put his name tag on his shirt. Bob went back downstairs to get his pistol and shotgun from the closet. When he got all his stuff together, he went to his car and put a smile on his face.

    Later on that afternoon John saw two cars that were coming in their direction. It was a cop car and there was a truck in the back. Alexis pulled over on the right corner of the highway. John got off the car to ask them for help. The cop and truck pulled over in the left side of the highway. The cop was Bob and in the truck it was Jack “ The Chainsaw “ (that was his nickname).

“ Hello guys?” said John

Bob stood in silence before answering John.,

“ Are you guys lost or something ?” asked Bob

“ Um yes sir, “ John said. John was scared, his eyes were turned red, his hands  shook.

Bob thought they were going to do something stupid. He was thinking about take John and Alexis with me.

“ Would you guys like to go eat with me in our house? “ said Bob.

(Bob was smiling)

John couldn’t stop shaking his hands.

“ Yeah sure “ answered John.

Alexis called John over to tell him to say no. Alexis told John, “ John what are you doing in your head? We don’t know these people.”

“ Hey boy were giving you guys something to eat in our house.” said Bob

Bob tells Jack to do him a favor. The favor was, “Don’t forget to kill them and take one of them into your basement.”

“ Alright that’s a deal Dad “ said Jack

Jack and Bob went back on their cars and Alexis and John were waiting for Bob and Jack to take them to their house to have some food and drinks.

Once they enter in the house it smell like something burning and old messy stuff outside. John was looking around the house and see some old pictures of the house , he look shocked about this house and he thinks there’s something scary about this house said John “ Alexis was not happy about Jack told about the cop guy named Bob, And he heard something in the right corner , he went to check it out what it is and Jack was grabbing a tool on the front of the house , he walked quickly then Jack hit’s Alexis on the back of his head, Jack took him to his basement.

“ There was a sound outside “ said John

“ No , i didn’t hear nothing boy “ said Bob

John went outside quickly to check , if he was out.

    “ I lost my friend “ said John

The author's comments:


As Alexis slowly opened his eyes awakening from his sleep in the cool dark basement, he found himself witnessing fifteen deceased human bodies. The smell of the deceased cold and stiff corps had a strong unpleasant odor.

When Alexis was in the basement , when he woke up he was looking around the basement and he saw some dead body’s on the floor and it smell like some old animals dead in here. He looked scared , and he really wants to cry because he needs help to get out.

Jack was picking up some stuff in the back basement , he got a chainsaw and some other tools to do with Alexis.

“ Who are you ? “ said Alexis , he look at him and saying that “ What are you going to do with me ? “ ,

Alexis was very scared and there was a tear on his eye and he wanted to cry so loud , so someone can help me.

John was going back and forward to find his friend but no answer. He went to ask Bob

“ I’ll be right back “ said John

“ Oh ok boy , ima be right here waiting for you ok.” said Bob

John went on his car to find his friend on the highway or somewhere hiding at no where.

He went around the streets , There was nothing there , So he went to the highway again if he was there , He check everywhere and there was nothing. He was looking Alexis phone in the car and he thinks he has it on him, So John call him, if he answers his phone , There was no signal on John phone , He got so mad , So he went back to see Bob to see if he saw Alexis in the house. John was feeling so stressed because , He can’t find his friend anywhere in this small old town.

    “ Oh my god “ said John

    “ What’s wrong with you “ said Bob

    “ I went around and the around and around “ said John

He went back to his car and thinking what’s he gonna do first , He wants to make a plan , Bob was looking at John outside with his car , So he went down into the basement to called Jack ,

    “ Hey son , i need you kill someone or bring him in your basement. “ said Bob

Jack was still in his car and still thinking , Jack went in the back of the house to see what’s going on.? I saw Bob was talking on the phone and another person went to the kitchen to find something to eat , Jack look shocked about that person saw , He was thinking about that person saw at the restaurant.

The author's comments:


John was still thinking about that person was named “ Mary “ at the resturant and John thinks Mary lives with Bob and Jack. Mary called Jack to tell him to kill that person name Alexis in your basement because she tried looking at that guy under the basement. Jack came up to talk to Mary upstairs.

“ Hey Jack i need you kill him that guy in your basement “ said Mary

“ Alright then i will , I’ll tell you when i’m done oh ok “ said Jack

Jack went down in his basement and check Alexis if he was still alive , he was picking up Alexis and put him in the table , Jack was finding something to tie him , so he won’t go. John was finding a weapon in the backseat of the car and he found a weapon , it was a pistol.

He was so nervous and scared about this scary people , he took a deep breath to calm himself , he took a long deep breath and after day he was turning his car on , he went to the police station to talk them so they can understand John and believes him too.

So he went to the police station to find someone to talk to him, he find a police officer named Chris.

The author's comments:


Chris took John in a room is all quiet.

“ Oh my god “ said John

Chris came in and start to ask him question,

“ So, what’s going on , you look all sweaty “ said Chris

“ I know i’m am,  I’m tell you everything what’s going on here ok, “ said John

John tell him everything what’s going on and can’t find his friend. He has so sad about his friend and angry about people that has him , And he thinks they were the people at the old house that looks all scary. Chris starts to tell John

“ Let me get my computer to search the people “ said Chris

John asked “ It’s Mary , Bob , And Jack “

“ Jack ? “ said Chris

“ Yes , Why ? Do you know him ? “ said John

“ No , He is a murder “ said Chris

“ Why he is a murder ? said John

“ They call him Chainsaw Murder “ said Chris

“ That’s why those people took my friend “ said John

John was telling Chris to help him to get his friend back. Chris give a gun and a vest to protect him. He give him a walk and talk machine to connected with Chris to hear what’s going on with his friend in the house.

In the night John was outside of the house checking his friend was ok. Chris was thinking about to call the SWAT team and the police too.

He asked “ Hey John , I need to call the SWAT to come “

“ No, Just wait for my call ok “ said John

“ Alright then “ said Chris

John went to look to see in the basement to his friend is in the basement. He went in the basement silent , he look around can find his friend. Alexis was in the back , “ John, I’m here in the back.” he said John hear something like “ I’m here in the back.” He went to see if he was there in the back.

    John was looking for a tool to uncut him because Alexis tell him “ Cause Jack tie me so damn tie “ he said. Jack was upstairs eating some body human , “ It looks like a soup “ he said. John is still uncutting is thru his body and thru his legs. He was so sweaty and scared. John was hurrying up when Jack comes down and kill us.

“ If we die together , i’m sorry bro “ said Alexis  

“ Bro , weren’t gonna die here. “ said John
“ I want kill those people and i wanna kill that animal too.” said John

The author's comments:


John took his friend with him because he won’t see them escape under the basement. So he went to see everything was alright. Jack went outside to get his weapons in the back trunk , John and Alexis was already outside in the back of the house , John went to see someone is outside , he saw Jack is grabbing his weapons in the back of the trunk , he went back to the house , and went downstairs. John was carrying Alexis on the back of John, They went in the car very silent and drive away.

Jack was looking for the guy around the basement, he put angry face , Jack went upstairs to see they were outside and he saw them outside escape. John was so scared and his friend afraid to die , He asked John “ I got a knife on my stomach “

“ I’m take you the hospital “ said John

John was going so fast , he thinks there someone in the back were lights on. he keeps going fast and Alexis asked “ Bro, find a goddamn hospital “

    “ Here i found a hospital in the right corner “ said John John saw his friend was sitting down and he look all bloody on the chair and his shirt , pants too.

    “ Doctor help me , it’s an emergency “ He said

So they went in the hospital and the doctors took Alexis in a room ,
John was waiting and waiting what well what happen to his best friend, he went back to his car to get the bad guy.

The author's comments:


When Alexis was at the hospital and his best friend was about go find the murder and kill him. He went around the streets and houses too, and there was nothing and it was so silent in the middle of the night. Jack was hiding in one of the houses and he got a sniper to see if john is coming thru in his car. John was calling Chris to ask the police to come because he found the suspect in one of the houses, Chris was calling everyone , the police ,SWAT team , and the helicopter to find the murder guy in the house. Chris tell John ,

“ Hey be careful with the animal “ Said Chris

“ Ok , if anything happens you tell one of those guys in the helicopter shoot that animal in the head “ Said John

“ Alright i will do that “ Said Chris
Chris was waiting in the under the grass, to wait for order to John to be ready to kill Jack. Jack was grabbing his weapons in the back of the car and getting ready and he put on a vest protect his body.

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