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Another teenage dream

May 13, 2014
By dawnmariposa, El Paso, Texas
dawnmariposa, El Paso, Texas
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A young girl named Carroll, who prefers to be called Gabby, has had the same nightmarish dream as far as she can remember, and as she keeps dreaming new pieces of her dream become clear. She has the dream so often she begins to feel like her dream is the reality and her reality is only but a dream. She goes on through life trying to figure out what here dream means and why it is always the same dream every night. She later on finds out why she kept having the same dream over and over. In the end it isn’t what she thought it meant , it might me the complete opposite to be completely the opposite . It is terrified of what her life has become, what she has become. And she realizes that what she thought she knew it was all false and the truth is what she doesn’t want, she ends up wanting to keep things she hated and get rid off things she love. Here is a piece of the short story you are about to read. “At first it was a blur to me but then it became clear. I was running but, I don’t know what I was running from…I turned to see what was chasing me but when I did I fell in to a big dark black hole. It seemed like it had swallowed me into its darkness and I kept falling and falling…”

Mercedes L.

Another teenage dream

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