July 8, 2013
By Wonderlocks SILVER, orlando, Florida
Wonderlocks SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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"To die is an awfully big adventure" ~ Peter Pan


"It's not easy. It's the hardest decision anyone could ever make. Its not being a coward or being too scared and taking the easy way out. its being fed up, being tired and having no way else to get your voice out there. having been shoved aside so many times we lose or will to do anything but die. we lose the will to try; to try to make it work with the boyfriend that just wont ever understand that his love means more than anything else, try to make it work with the friends that just never got you and always poked fun at you, try to make it work with the parents that make you sick with their fighing and getting your hopes up that things will get better when they never do and it makes you want to scream but all you can do is cry into the tear stained pillow."

Sanya D.


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