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When The Pendulum Halts

June 8, 2013
By Carine Oyekola, Dakar, Other
Carine Oyekola, Dakar, Other
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Nikola Andreev, a delivery man for the post office in Sofia, Bulgaria, is faced with a life changing decision. The lives, hopes, and dreams of eleven orphans and their sickly caretaker, Alexandra are in danger as they are incessantly threatened by the looming presence of Mr. Gavrilov, a malicious income tax collector with corrupt intentions. Mr. Gavrilov finally makes Aleksandra an offer she cannot refuse as he threatens to send them all spiraling down into ruin and destitution.

As the story evolves, Nikola's animosity and hatred towards Mr. Gavrilov builds, finally reaching its pinnacle as Nikola decides to carry out what he believes will establish a long and overdue justice and faces moral dilemmas and enigmatic situations that gradually consume him.

Tags: Nihilism

Carine O.

When The Pendulum Halts

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