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Game Of Hearts

Author's note: i was bored and this is what helped me understand that i love to write.
Author's note: i was bored and this is what helped me understand that i love to write.  « Hide author's note
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Goodbye To New Hellos

Faelyn POV
They found us like that. Special had sent out a search party and they found us about two miles from the river. Or should I say, she found us. My head still on Anna’s prone body. I felt a hand on the top of my hand, in between my ears. I flicked my ear in annoyance and the hand softly patted me. Like I was some house cat. I lifted my head and peered at the person who was there. It looked like a young girl. About thirteen years of age. I looked at her, my gaze blank. I let my eyes
this chapter is the current one i am working on so it is not done quite yet. Sorry!
wander down her body and then back up. I recognized her from somewhere, but I just couldn’t remember from where. I searched her face, and thought, she looks kind of like my mom. I couldn’t help it, I don’t know why that was the first thing that came to mind. I preferred not to think of her in her last moments, sweating, bloody hands reaching towards me and beckoning me closer. The last words she said to me, but my mind flashed back to the present as the girl said something. I cocked my head to show my confusion before setting my head back on Anna’s soft leg. The girl repeated her earlier sentence.
“Are you Faelyn?” she asked again.
I shook my head with a small snort.
“Well I don’t believe you, I think you are and you just don’t want me bothering you. So now I have to run all the way back to camp and tell Jay.”
I lifted my head and looked at her again. She straightened up and put her hands on her hips and glared down at me. I just stared back at her; she narrowed her eyes before walking away with an exaggerated sweep of her hands, saying in an equally exaggerated voice,
“Alright, ill go get him but he won’t be happy. He is soooo scary when he is angry, trust me, he’s my dad.” And rolled her eyes. I huffed and laid my head back down on Anna’s body but I quickly lifted it as if it had burned me. Well, it was warm. But I had just felt her and she was still cold. I scrambled up as she took a deep breath all of a sudden. I took another step back as Eric scrambled up and rushed to her side.
“Anna? Oh my god Anna, you’re ok! I’m so sorry, I never meant for this to happen oh Anna-”
She cut him off with a yelp of pain as she tried to sit up, I ran to her and roughly shoved Eric away with my head and looked over her body franticly. Anna. My Anna was ok. I felt as if I could cry, but I can’t. I want to. Even as she stands, wobbly, I know that something’s wrong, she shouldn’t be here. But I am glad she is. I lean against her and support her weight and she leaned back onto me and stood there panting. I tried to talk to her, “Anna, are you ok?”
But I felt the words bounce off of a wall. She was hiding her feelings and thoughts from me. I nudged her and she looked over at me, but not really, she avoided my eyes. I stopped suddenly and she jerked to a stop as well with a hiss of pain.
“Anna let me in, now!” And pushed against her wall. Hard. It burst and I gasped at the sudden pain that hit me.
“You idiot! I tried to stop this! Oh my god Faelyn, I’m so sorry but I tried to stop you!” she yelled as I stumbled away from her and hit the ground, this was worse than Shifting. I writhed there and I could feel her putting the wall back up but she couldn’t, I was already inside. She realized this at the same time that I did and franticly started to push me away. I tried to help but I couldn’t even think, that’s how much pain I was in. I tried to do what I did when I Shifted but I couldn’t. I finally let my breath out after what seemed like ages as the wall went back up. I wait until my heart picks back up and then I try to stand. I finally make it and wobble for a bit on three legs. She stands back and hangs her head. I started toward her and she looked up at me for a fleeting second before looking away again. I nudged her and then nodded in the direction that we needed to go. She bobbed her head and started to lean against me again. We hobbled our way back to our temporary home. We broke from the trees and found a most unusual sight. Special was laughing. With a man. A man I knew. Keilor. I watched as Anna lifted her head hearing the laughter and then watched with surprised eyes as she backed away. Almost falling over to get back into the trees. I looked back over to where they stood and saw Keilor’s bright blue eyes following her movements with more interest than I liked. I gave him a hard glare then turned to follow Anna. I’m not even sure he saw it. As I walked back into the trees I saw Anna on her stomach staring into space. I sat on my haunches and stared down at her while she stared at nothing. Finally I couldn’t handle doing nothing and flicked her nose with my tail. She jumped and looked up at me. I cocked my head. She Shifted and sat down, legs crossed as she plopped her head down into her hands.
“That’s him.” She mumbled. “That is the guy that I bumped into on my first day. He gave me a bad feeling then and he’s giving me a bad feeling now. I don’t understand it.”
I didn’t understand it either but if he was then she needed to stay away from him. I whined and she looked up into my worried eyes. She reached a hand out and stroked my cheek, then reached up to tug on my ear smiling weakly. “I know, we need to go out there anyways and face him. Or avoid him.” She said as an afterthought, her head snapping up. I nodded my head vigorously and she laughed. She took a deep breath and stood up. She took a step towards camp and hid behind a tree all of a sudden with a gasp.
“He’s heading this way! Hurry we need to hide!”
I just looked at her. She ran her hands through her hair, mussing it even further. “Ok, I know what I said about going out there but this is different, he’s, I don’t know he’s…”
“He’s what?” a deep voice cut her off before her voice could get any higher pitched. She whirled with a gasp. Keilor stood there with his tanned arms across his chest, leaning against a tree. He was the perfect picture of innocents but I knew better.

“Uh, nothing. Are you from this, uh, Pride?” she asked, buying time. Distracting him. He shook his head and said with a smirk.
“Nope, you know that Anna. You ran into me on your first day remember?” He continued without giving her a chance to answer. “Of course you do, nobody forgets me.”
The way he said her name and looked at her made me nervous. I stepped in between the two of them and faced him. He laughed and shook his head, his smirk becoming more pronounced.
“So, um, what are you doing here then? Running an errand? You know they have some of the coolest things here? They have these things called, what was it? Oh yea, they’re called Spinsters. They’re so cool you should go try them out. Over there. On the back side of camp. That way.”
He held up a hand and said, “I’ve tried one, they don’t hold much interest for me. And by the way, I can take a subtle hint.” He walked around me until he was face to face with her. “I just don’t want to listen right now.”
He dropped his voice until it was rumbling. I grasped his shirt between my teeth and pulled him back until he shook me off. “Oi! Watch it! This is Jara leather! What’s your problem Fae? I was just joking.”
I rolled my eyes and walked back over to Anna and started pushing her towards camp. She got the hint and started walking on her own. I looked over my shoulder at Keilor. He was watching our progress with hard eyes. He caught my eyes and curled his lips, crossing his arms and leaning on a tree. I faced away but I could feel his eyes on us. We broke the tree line and walked into the clearing. Anna looked down at me and asked,
“Why don’t you Shift back?” I turned to look at my leg; I could kind of put it on the ground but not with much pressure. She nodded and turned away. We reached the guest tent we were staying in and she held the flap open for me. I squinted my eyes and pulled my ears back as I caught sight of the bed on the floor. It was like a giant cushion for a cat. A house cat. I growled and turned to look at Anna. She was pressing her lips together trying to hold back laughter. I hissed at the bed on the floor and she lost it. She had to sit down on the bed and by the time she was finished her face was tear streaked and she was clutching her sides. I walk over to the bed and purposely jump on it and lay down.
“Hey now, you’re gonna break the bed if you keep jumping on it like that.” She scolded lightly then gasped as she gripped her stomach. She barely made it outside before emptying her stomach. After she finished she stood and wiped her mouth panting.
“I’m ok, we’re ok.” She mumbled patting her stomach. I hadn’t noticed it before but there was a small but defined bump between her hips. Just enough to push her shirt out slightly. I nudged her and she turned towards me smiling weakly. “I’m ok, we’re fine.”
I flattened my ears to my head and squinted at her. She laughed and wiped her mouth again, getting the rest. I paced in a circle around her until she finished panting and started to head back into the tent, careful of her every move. I could tell she was trying to hide her pain from me. I wasn’t blind and I know she was hoping I wasn’t watching that hard. I walked over to her sitting on the bed and laid my head in her lap and started to purr, I knew she found that comforting. She smiled and started to stroke my head between my ears. I closed my eyes and rubbed my tail on her knee. She laid on her back I jumped lightly up next to her. I lay down and she laid her small head on my huge paw and wrapped her skinny arms around my neck and soon fell asleep. It wasn’t long after that I fell asleep also.
Opening my eyes I looked around, finding myself in a bright clearing, not unlike the one I had found Anna in. Or I was told, I would find Anna in. I sat up and looked around then stood. Without thinking I stood on my injured leg and as I slowly realized that there was no pain, I noticed the edges of my vision were blurry. I snorted. Dreaming. Typical. I stood and started walking in the general direction of North. All of a sudden the world started spinning. I stood as still as possible as the sky went from bright blue to a dark navy blue. Dotting the sky were the stars. I looked around and quickly spotted the bright blue eyes in the bushes. They blinked and then disappeared into the tall bushes, rustling them. I took a hesitant step towards the small grove of trees and short bushes. All of a sudden Anna walked out, swishing her tail, another rustle, a smaller version of Anna came wobbling out of the bracken. Wet and dripping the cub ran towards me with stumbling steps of a newborn but without my permission my body simply just turned away from our child and walked away. Looking back all I could see was blood and Anna standing over our baby with tears in her eyes. Shaking his shoulder she tried to rouse him but he didn’t look up. Simply laid there without replying. She looked up at me and hissed “How could you do this to our baby? Look at him, you brutal monster!! You did this!”
She advanced on me. The world blurred then stilled. Anna lay at my feet, bloodied and broken, bleeding her life blood into the Earth. I tried to move, to do something but my body wouldn’t obey me. My mind screamed in pain at what I had done. Reaching up to wipe an itch on my nose I looked at my paw, covered in both my baby’s and my lovers blood. Looking down at my body I finally realized I could move and my body would move with me. Dropping to my stomach I fainted at the sight of the blood covering both me and the ground beneath me.
Gasping I startled awake. Panting I quickly looked over at Anna. She was still fast asleep and she had wrapped her small body around mine in a very interesting way. Both her legs were pulled over me and her arms were around my neck. As if I were still human, if I was I would have wrapped her small body in mine. I wanted to be human again so bad. Schooching closer I tested out my leg. It was sore but usable. Well I guess I healed faster than normal today. Closing my eyes I concentrated on my body shifting from one form to another. Shivering I felt a small fire building at the small of my back. Slowly moving up my spine I shuddered. The pain was more because of my injury but I could pull through it. The fire decided it was going to build a bit more before finally explode into my brain. Stiffening I gripped my pillow and the sheets with new hands. Struggling not to cry out. Shaking I quickly tested myself out. No tail, no claws, ears on the side of my head. I was back. Shifting into the cat was always less painful. Testing out my hands and legs again I slowly wrapped my arms around Anna. She shifted and burrowed deeper into the warmth of my chest. I grinned against her hair and eventually I fell asleep, the girl of my dreams wrapped safely in my arms once again.
Waking I lay there, feeling the small, warm, body spooned to mine in perfect harmony. I felt her shift and turn around so that she was facing me. I opened my eyes, my sight bleary with sleep. Big blue eyes looked back at me, closer than I had thought. Our faces were an inch apart. Her eyes crossed as she focused on me. Before I could stop myself I closed that small distance between our lips. Closing my eyes I felt her lips, they were soft and willing. She slowly wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my head closer. Our lips never left each others as we shifted so that she was on her back and I was above, holding my weigh up as not to crush her small form beneath me as she hungrily bit my lip and touched her tongue to my teeth gently. I licked her bottom lip that I had unintentionally bit and pulled on. She groaned as I pulled away to put my lips to her neck before running them up and down her jaw line. I lifted her body in order to wrap my arms around her and pull her to me. She didn’t resist in the slightest. Maybe that’s what turned me off. I don’t know. I had put her through so much pain and here she was, forgiving me because of a single kiss. I pulled away and she frowned. “What’s wrong?”
I shook my head and rolled to the side. I stared at the ceiling and she put a hand on my bare chest. I shivered. It was cold. Using her other hand she pulled my face to look at her. I smiled slightly and rested a finger on her pouting lips, dragging it down her lips, over her chin, and slowly down her neck until I rested my hand in the indent at the bottom of her neck. She was warm there. I heard a sound coming from her and looked up with a grin. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling. But the funny thing was, she was purring. Well almost, leaned away from her and doubled over with laughter. She frowned and opened one eye. “What? I can’t be so happy I purr?”
I couldn’t stop laughing to answer her so I just shook my head. She groaned and let her head fall back on the pillow. I was surprised when she started chuckling as well. I wiped my eyes and turned to her while holding myself up against the bedrail. She smiled at me and I smiled back at her and leaned over to press my lips lightly to her forehead. She closed her eyes briefly and grinned at me as I pulled away. I stood and gathered a pile of clothes that looked like they belonged to her and threw them on the bed. Standing I looked around and realized that they hadn’t left a change of clothes for me. I sighed and she giggled. I turned around to face her, still sitting on the bed. “I couldn’t help myself; they’re over there, under the chair.”
I looked and growled. They had given me a t-shirt which was fine but they also gave me parachute pants. With a head band. I reached in Anna’s bag and quickly found a razor knife. I set the pants on the chair and quickly sliced across the knees. Woops, no more parachute pants. I heard Anna giggle again and I threw the headband to her. She caught it and put it on, “Well, what do you think, can I pull off hippie?” giggled and flopped back on the bed. I tried to turn around and put the now-shorts on but that wasn’t a good idea, that I learned the hard way. Falling onto the bed I rammed my head into her shoulder as she caught me and I couldn’t help it, I started to laugh. She giggled along with me. I finally managed to pull the pants on, button them and then I flopped back onto the bed. She couldn’t stop giggling and it was very contagious.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 6 7 8

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