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Game Of Hearts

Author's note: i was bored and this is what helped me understand that i love to write.
Author's note: i was bored and this is what helped me understand that i love to write.  « Hide author's note
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The Discovery

Faelyn POV
The following week I woke up to Anna’s soft snoring beside me. I smiled against her soft hair. She stirred but stayed asleep. I rolled over onto my back and stared at the ceiling of my tent. It was light. Must be around noon. I rolled back over to face Anna and gently woke her. She groaned but sat up. I smiled and kissed her bare shoulders, one at a time. She shivered and curled up against my chest. She was cold. I gasped as she pushed her cold hands onto my warm chest. I looked down at her, puzzled and asked,
“How can you be so cold after that?” She shook her head and blushed,
“How am I supposed to know? I just am.”
I rolled my eyes and stretched. I heard her gasp as I stood to get dressed. I looked over and saw her covering her eyes and blushing redder than a tomato. I grinned and pulled some shorts on. I walked back to the bed and pulled her hand from her eyes. She had her eyes closed and I said softly,
“I’m dressed now, you can open your eyes.” she peeked one eye open and sighed with relief. I sighed and chuckled. She glared at me. “What is it with you and not giving me any warning?” she asked me, almost angrily.
I shrugged, and said, “It’s not like you haven’t seen all I have to offer.” With an amused tone. I turned away to give her some privacy while she got dressed. I turned around in time to see her pull a yellow shirt over her head. She was facing away from me to my disappointment. She turned around, “Thinking you were going to see something important again huh?” she asked me with a smirk.
I sighed, “Not thinking, hoping, wishing, wanting.” I replied in a wistful voice.
She rolled her eyes and turned around, away from me with a snort. I grinned and went behind her and wrapped my long arms around her waist and rested my chin on her shoulder. She sighed and leaned back into my chest. I kissed her neck and she blushed again. “You blush a lot, you know that?” I said absently.
She looked up at me, surprised. “I do not! I...I... I just get cold easily, and my cheeks get red!” She scrambled for an excuse. I shook my head,
“You can deny it all you want but it’s not going to change anything.” I whispered in her ear, making her shiver again.
She pushed me away and turned to the bed so she could gather her clothes up and go to the stream and wash them with the rest of the women. I sighed again. “When are you going to learn that you don’t have to wash your clothes at the same time as everyone else?” I asked her for the thousandth time.
She didn’t bother turning to face me anymore. “When you realize I like helping the other women.”
I shook my head, “I will never understand you women.”
She turned to me and raised a brow, she had mastered that a while ago from watching me. She opened her mouth to reply but I cut her off, “I know, I know, we never understand you but you will never understand us either.”
With a bored expression. She laughed but it sounded uneasy, and nodded, “Very good, you’re actually learning something.”
I snorted and turned away. She hesitated but then reached out and grabbed my hand and squeezed it as she slowly whispered, “I know now Faelyn.”
I slowly looked up, wary, and saw tears in her eyes. I grabbed her and pulled her against me as the tears started to flow. She sobbed on my shoulder and we stood like that for a long time. Me holding and crooning to her like a wounded animal, and her crying on my shoulder. She finally looked up at me and stopped crying. I looked down at her tear streaked face. She pressed her forehead against my chest and took deep, shuddering breaths. As she stopped I took her chin in my hand and made her look at me. She looked away and I shook her slightly.
“Why?” I asked, knowing she would understand. Why now, why hold it, why wait, why be afraid? She took a breath and looked up at me.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She said defiantly.
I shook my head and said “You know exactly what I mean and you know it.” She tried to pull away from me but I wouldn’t let her budge an inch.
“Why?” I repeated. She turned up her nose, crossed her arms and said nothing. I snarled and shoved her away from me and stormed out of the tent. I could hear her softly sobbing and had an urge to go back in the tent and comfort her, but I resisted it. I walked out into the forest and ran. I reached the spot where I found her for the first time. I sat on the stump that I had sat on when she woke up and looked around at the clearing, remembering. I remembered how she had been so brave to confront a stranger so... valiantly. I chuckled without thinking. I forced myself to stop laughing but I couldn’t. She meant too much to me to find out this way. Anger flared up inside me. How did she find out? She shouldn’t have found out yet. I stood up and paced, crushing the sticks and leaves beneath my feet. I hissed as I stepped on a thorn and hopped on one foot until the pain subsided. I growled under my breath as I started to pace again, careful with my footing. I stopped as I heard a stick snap behind me, instantly going on alert. Anna walked out of the trees and I relaxed, but stayed tense.
“What do you want?” I snarled at her, careful to not look in her eyes as I said it. She flinched away then straightened up and looked anywhere but at me.
“I need to know where Aptura is.” She said slowly. I spun around and managed to snarl out, “Why? Are you going to go to him now that you know the truth about me? Is that how it works?”
She looked up at me, eyes wide and I realized that she looked scared of me; good. “No! No! Why would I do that to you? I still love…” she trailed off as whispered the last word. I nodded, my face softening, knowing what she meant and she took a deep breath of relief.
“I just want to talk to him is all, because I think only he would know and still, help me.”
I looked at her and tears were streaming down her face. I walked to her and wrapped my arms around her. She pushed against my chest, but I held her until she stopped. I looked down at her. ”What do you need, I want to help you I really do, but I can’t if you won’t tell me.”
She looked down and I pulled her back up to look me in the eye. She looked away again and I sighed.
“What is it darling?” it sounded so natural in my mouth but she didn’t look up as she said,
“I’ll tell you after I talk to Aptura. Nothing more, do you understand?”
I snarled, “No, I certainly do not understand.”
She shook her head, “You can try and scare me all you want but it won’t work on me and it wont help our-”
She stopped and looked down. I stared at her dazed, hoping she didn’t mean what I think it meant, “Our?”
She shook her head and whispered, “I’m so sorry but I need to talk to him.” She pulled out of my loosened grip and walked away without looking back, but I could see silent sobs wracking her body. I sat down where I was and stared ahead. Shocked. I rested my head on my knees as I pulled them up to my chest, and wept. I wept for my betrayal, for my beautiful Anna, for my lies, for anything but myself. I wept for the cruel way of life, the cruel way that I was the next in line for the head of the Pride and my position, the way life used us as pawns in its sick and twisted game, of the way she looked when she told me the truth is known. I wept. And she filled my mind as I wept for eighteen years of betrayal to all of those who trusted me and I hurt them without a single thought. This was different, more different than a house cat is to a lion. I snorted what a fitting example. The little, scared house cat, hunted by the big, ferocious lion. I remembered once something my mother once said to my father before she died. ‘The lion felt in love with the lamb’.
I stood, starting to cramp up and walked, still weeping silently. I didn’t care where, or how far. I couldn’t get her and her ‘our’ out of my head. I paced again, thinking. What did she mean by ‘our’? I couldn’t get it out of my head. I paced until dark and sighed. I need to get back home.
When I got there I was surprised to see Anna sitting on the bed half asleep. I sat down on my chair made of branches and vines and watched her. She stirred as I tiptoed up to her and pulled the covers onto her, up to her shoulders. I walked out of the tent with purposeful strides to my father’s tent. I didn’t bother to stop outside and wait, I walked right in. He didn’t look up from the maps he was looking at on his table. “I know why you are here and no I won’t tell you what she asked of me. Suvate.” He said using his favorite word to signal he was done talking. Well I wasn’t.
“You will tell me or I will ring it out of the fats lip you will have when I am done with you.” I snarled at him through clenched teeth. He looked up this time.
“You will talk to me with respect, that girl” he spat the words now. “has gotten to your head.”
“That girl is the only one who has been around me long enough to be able to get in my head.” I spat back. “or taken the time to get to know me. Unlike some people.” I looked down and whispered,
“I think I really do love her. For the first time in my life I have someone who loves me back, truly loves me even after finding out what I’ve done to them.”
He looked up at me sharply, “Don’t say that. It is not true, no matter what you say it’s not true.” He grinned without humor. More of a grimace, “And if it is, well we have plenty of men who would fancy a new wife.”
I growled at him and he looked on calmly. “Don’t. Even. Try. It. I will kill you I swear it. I will leave your body to the crows. A fitting way to die, don’t you think? A scavenger eaten by scavengers.” I barely had time to finish saying ‘scavengers’ when he lunged at me with a snarl. I dodged out of the way knowing had to either defend myself or he would kill me. Son or not. He roared and lunged at me again. I dodged his wildly thrown blows as easily as I would push a branch out of my way. He wasn’t even trying.
“See father you can’t even fight your own son!” I yelled at him. He stopped and a look of peace came over his face. I braced myself; he could be just tricking me. He all of a sudden fell backwards and I ran to his side. He was asleep. I looked at him carefully and saw something sticking out of his neck. I pulled it out and looked at it. It was a sleeping dart. We didn’t have many of these around. I looked around for the one who shot it. I saw a flicker of a shadow at the door of the tent. I darted after it. I burst out of the tent and looked around. I saw the shadow heading in the direction of my tent. “Anna! No!” I yelled.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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