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Game Of Hearts

Author's note: i was bored and this is what helped me understand that i love to write.
Author's note: i was bored and this is what helped me understand that i love to write.  « Hide author's note
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I ran after her, calling her name, “Anna! Anna! Come back, I’m sorry but they were traitors!”
“Oh great that won’t help you idiot.” I whispered to myself. I smacked my hand to my forehead as I ran, thinking how I just didn’t lie when she asked me the question. Then I remembered that when I first kissed her that I would never lie to her, ever again. I shook my head again and ran faster. I stopped to look at a broken twig, sloppy for her, she usually doesn’t even leave a trail of footprints. I shook my head, that’s never good. There was way to many people out here that would like to take her home and… I shuddered and just focused my mind on the task at hand. I called her name again, knowing she was close enough to hear me.
“Aaaaaannnnnnnnnaaaaaa! I know you can hear me, please come out. Don’t be like this we can talk this over, I swear!”
I heard a faint rustle beside me. I smiled and darted that way. I saw her shape in front of me and ran faster. She was running, not towards me, but away from me. I cursed under my breath. She was still faster than me as a human, but as a cat, well that’s a different story. I stopped, knowing I had to hurry and Shifted, I felt a small pain in my back start up and spread across my body. I moaned with pain then fell. I stood back up as a cat and started to run again. I slowly made process against her but as soon as I got close enough to reach out and grasp her shirt in between my teeth, she darted off to the side and left me behind in a cloud of dust. I growled and pushed off to the side after her. I screeched to a stop and looked around. She was gone. I snarled and paced in a circle. I sat down and looked around and started to sniff the ground. There it is, I followed her trail until it disappeared , I lifted my head and looked around. She was gone. I looked up in the trees, remembering the time she snuck up behind me. Nothing. I ran off in the direction that the trail was heading. I heard a thump of someone jumping down from a tree behind me and the salty, tangy, smell of The Change. I spun around in time to see a white cat dart the opposite way as I was running. I hissed a warning and ran after her but apparently she was faster than me as a cat too. I ran as fast as I could but she still was much faster than I was. We ran and ran until I couldn’t run anymore. I flopped onto my side panting hard, as she disappeared over a hill. I Shifted back, painlessly this time thank god. I’d had enough pain today to last me a lifetime. I cursed myself with everything I knew, even the ones I didn’t realize I knew. I walked in a circle until night fell. I slowly made my way back to camp, alone once more. As I walked into camp, people clustered around me, worry darkening their eyes. I looked up as my old mentor walked up to me, with a tear on his cheek.
“What has happened, Kiro?”
He looked down as I took another step closer to him to hear his whisper, “We heard what happened with Anna and we are very sorry.”
I looked at him confused, “How did you already know before I even got back to camp?” I asked him searching the crowd for anyone who looked like they had been spying on us. I looked back at Kiro as he said “Jared told us, he said you sent him back to tell us to keep a lookout for her at all times. Is this true? Is she really gone?” I nodded and he fell back a step with a gasp. I turned and called out to the rest
“Where is Jared? I have to…. discuss something with him, now.” Someone rushed off to retreive him. I looked around at all the worried faces around me, no one had ever been excepted into the pride this quickly. It amazed me greatly. Someone came rushing back to the crowd with a smaller figure behind. The bigger of the shadows stayed at the edge of the crowd but the smaller kept coming until he was at my side. I looked down at my brothers face. He looked scared. He had every right to, I was very angry.
“How did you know where to find me and Anna?” I said in a voice that made him cower back, acid leaking unintentionally into my voice. He took a step back, away from my fuming face. I glanced around as the crowd started to melt away. Nobody interfered with family business, ever. I looked back at Jared and he shrank away again.
“Stop doing that, its not like I’m going to hit you.” He stopped and I pressed on, “So, how did you know? Were you spying on us?” he shook his head.
“Well, then how?” I asked, getting frustrated again. He looked back at me and started to speak,
“After you dumped me in the woods with that idiot Markin,” He snarled the name “I followed you both, but I was left behind. I went back to camp in time to see you guys leave for the pool. I was left behind again but I knew where you were going so I ran a little slower. I came in time to hear you explain about her parents, I hid in a crevice next to the cave and listened. I watched her run away and ran after her before you did. I caught up to her and she left me in the dust. I followed you and when you got left behind by her for a second time, I ran back to camp and informed everyone that the only Pure One was gone. I’m sorry brother for your loss.”
I shook my head “She is not a Pure One.” I hissed.
“I’m sorry brother but she is, she has all the-”
“NO!” I roared, “She can’t be a Pure One, there are none left, we killed them all off, remember?”
He shook his head and backed away from me. I turned around and ran back to my tent. As I pushed into the tent, her scent hit me full in the face. I whimpered and fell on the bed. I buried my face in the pillows and breathed her scent. I couldn’t stop. I fell asleep that night dreaming about her out there, in a world she doesn’t know, hungry, scared, and alone. The week passed me by in a daze. I woke up covered in a cold sweat as usual. I was breathing hard, I looked outside, and it was still dark. I cursed myself and got dressed. As I walked out in the cool night air, I smelled her. My eyes opened wide, and I raced off in the direction that her scent was coming from. As I got closer, I smelled the fear that it was covered with. She was terrified. I burst into a clearing and there she was, standing there, paralyzed with fear, staring at a Banda snake. I called out to her, she didn’t move. “Anna.” I said softly. “Just back away slowly, and you’ll be alright.”
She looked at me and the snake hissed at her, she whipped her head back to the snake. “Don’t break eye contact or else it will strike” I called softly.
“Shut up, don’t talk to me, I can get myself away from a stupid snake, I’ve been out here for a week remember?” She snapped her eyes still locked with the snakes.
I rolled my eyes, always stubborn. While she had the snake occupied I snuck up behind it and waited for it to forget I was there. That’s the only good thing about a Banda snake, they have a bad memory. As it looked away from me I jumped on its back. It turned to me, hissing, I hissed back. Its head reared back, surprised. It probably wasn’t used to its prey fighting back. I hissed at it again as Anna backed away and started to run. I cursed myself and jumped off of the snake and ran after her. The snake, too big to go as fast as us slithered away. I caught up to Anna and before she could move I tackled her. She fought wildly; it was easy to duck her wildly thrown punches, kicks and bites. I grabbed her hands before she could grab a lock of my long hair and yank, we stopped rolling, me pinning her down to the ground and her struggling underneath me. I grabbed a wrist in each of my hands and put my knees on her legs, holding her securely down. I leaned down to inspect her. Her eyes were rolling with anger and fear, and something else I didn’t recognize. She had cuts and bruises all over her face. She had a black eye and a fat lip. She was thin; she hadn’t eaten in a week. I searched her eyes for forgiveness but all I saw was rage, she tried to bite me but I moved my face out of reach just in time.
“I’m so sorry for this.” I whispered, and then I punched her. Her eyes went wide with shock and she slumped, asleep. I felt a tear run down my face as I scooped her up off the ground, she murmured something incoherent, I leaned in farther. She was whispering curses to me in her sleep. I leaned back and grinned. Same old, same old. I walked back to camp slowly, knowing she could not wake up yet. As I walked into camp everyone once again surrounded me, but I wasn’t there, they were all worried about Anna. I smiled as I walked to our tent. Everyone walked by my side until I got to the tent, I walked in and set her down on the bed. She rolled over and dug deeper into the warmth of the bed. I smiled and sat on the bed next to her. She rolled over again and murmured another curse for me. I got up again and walked outside, everyone was waiting outside for the news about Anna.
“She’s ok, she is tired and has a few cuts and bruises but she’ll live.” Everyone sighed at once and melted away to their own tents, it had been a long night for everyone. I walked back into the tent and lay there with her all night. I woke up to someone shouting. I sat bolt upright and looked around.
Anna was gone.
“God, please tell me she’s is ok.” I yelled at Aptura as he ran by me. He just kept on running by me with a glare.
“Don’t worry about her right now, worry about your Pride.” He yelled as he passed me.
I growled, “She’s is part of my Pride now!” I yelled as I heard someone scream. Then I heard a growl that I hoped I wouldn’t hear today.
As I rounded the last tent I saw her. “Anna! Stop you can’t do this, not right now.”
She turned her head towards me and the person she was cornering ran off, shaking with fright, to paralyzed to Change to defend themselves. Anna snarled at me and whipped away towards the forest but I ran in front of her. She growled at me and I growled back. She hissed at me before turning around and tearing through the tents and destroying everything around her. She snapped at the people starting to surround her, them all Changing one-by-one. I changed and ran to her side. She snarled at me but I said to her jumbled mind.
“Stop this Anna; they will kill you if you keep doing this.” She shook her head and sent back,
“You monsters killed the only family I had, you killed them Faelyn! Do you understand that?” she looked at me with pleading eyes,
“You still have family Anna, you have me, you have Mareana, and you have this whole pride, do you understand that?” I asked her, ignoring the monsters part. She looked back at me shocked, and then she Changed back. I Changed after her and sat with her in the middle of the rubble that I had called home for eighteen years now.
“I’m sorry.” She whispered into my chest. I just nodded and rested my chin on the top of her head. It felt good to have her back in my arms once again. I carried her to the tent, pretty much the only thing she hadn’t destroyed. I laid her on the bed and covered her with the blankets and started to walk away. She sat up and whimpered. I walked back to her and took her into my arms again. “I’m, so sorry Faelyn, the cat just… took over my mind I guess.”
I chuckled, “That’s happened to me too. Besides,” I leaned down to whisper in her ear. “The last time we had that much excitement was when I ran away for the first time too.” She giggled and wrapped her arms, slowly around me, as if asking if this was ok. I nodded and leaned into her embrace and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her as close as I could. She sighed and soon fell asleep in my arms. I sat there with her all night long. She finally stirred against my chest and I looked down at her with her big blue eyes.
“Please tell me that was all a dream.” She whispered.
I shook my head and gave her a grim smile. “Sadly, no, it wasn’t.” I told her.
She looked down and started to cry, I held her and whispered in her ear, “But, it’s not your fault. No one got hurt and that’s the important thing, right?” she shook her head and I looked down at her, confused.
“I hurt you, I hurt myself, I could’ve hurt anyone here and that’s just as bad.” She said, still refusing to look me in the eyes. I lifted her head with a hand on her chin and made her look me in the eyes. “You could never hurt me, not ever. Whatever you dish out, I will keep up and deal with it.” I told her, staring into her eyes.
She looked up at me, “Really? You’re not mad at me, not going to kick me out of the…what did you call it? A Pride?”
I shook my head.
“Oh thank you!” she yelled. She lunged at me and wrapped her arms around my neck and started to sob into my shoulder. I patted her shoulder and picked her up. “W-What are you doing?” she asked, her voice trembling.
“You need to take a bath, you stink and we need to clean your cuts.” She laughed shakily,
“I recall me telling you the same thing.” I nodded and started to run. When we got to the pool she slipped from my arms and jumped into the pool with a giant splash. I laughed, stripped my shirt and followed after her. She came up spluttering and I swam out to her with powerful strokes. She clung to me and I grabbed her arm and started to scrub with the soap I always left hidden by the rocks. She looked up at me, startled,
“Can’t I do it myself?” she asked. I chuckled and finished with her right arm and moved onto her left. She tried to squirm away but I held her tight. I reached down and grabbed her left leg. She squealed and tried to jump away, but I had ahold of her leg and she tripped. I started laughing. I couldn’t help it. She came up and wiped the water out of her eyes with a glare sent my way. I laughed as she tried to swim away from me. I climbed out of the pool and ran alongside it until I came to my favorite rock. I stood on top and waited until she was almost to the spot I was going to land, and jumped. The wind whipping past me chilled me with the water helping it, I shivered slightly. I landed with a big splash and I heard Anna scream. I swam to her and grinned at her. She looked at me after wiping the water out of her eyes with a glare that was so cutting, I’m surprised I dint start to bleed. I shook my head,
“When will you learn I will always help you, even when you don’t want it?” I asked her, shaking my head.
She rolled her eyes as she replied with, “When you learn I don’t always need nor want, the help you offer.” I rolled my eyes and returned to scrubbing her. She tried to pull away but stopped with a look from me. She sighed and moved to sit on a rock about three feet away. I followed her and carefully cleaned the cuts and sores on her face. She winced when I touched a cut but I kept cleaning until she shone. She shook her head and stood up on the rock. I looked at her, puzzled. She grinned at me then looked at the waterfall and I realized what she was going to do. I shook my head and glared at her but she ignored me. She started to run up the hill and laughed at my expression. She was really going to do it. I sighed and ran after her. She ran to the top of the waterfall and stood there to wait for me. I caught up to her and she said,
“Do you want to go first, or should I?” I looked at her and replied,
She nodded and reached out to grab my hand. I grasped hers and looked forwards. My stomach had butterflies in it, even when I was younger we had never tried this. She grinned and jumped off the edge of the waterfall with a blood-curdling scream of exhilaration. I grinned as the wind whipped past us. I felt her shivering and looked down. The ground was coming up faster than I liked. My stomach was doing little flips that felt like I was about to upchuck my lunch. The water from the falls splashed us as we fell. We plunged into the water with a gasp. It was colder the closer to the falls than I thought it would be. We fell back under the water and fell and fell until my ears started to pop from the pressure. We swam upward and burst above the water. We gulped in the icy air. I looked over at her with a grin. She looked at me, and I noticed she looked slightly nauseated. I can’t imagine what my face looked like. Bad enough to make her laugh. She tried to hide her blushing face in her arm, but I could still see a bit of crimson on the edge of her face. I laughed and pulled her to my chest. She shivered and I leaned down to whisper in her ear,
“I think it’s time to go home, don’t you?” she looked up at me and nodded vigorously. I chuckled and started towards the edge of the pool, dragging her along, still pressed up against my chest. When we got out I looked down at her. She looked so small. I leaned down and caught her by surprise. As I pressed my lips against hers, she was uncertain and resisted a little, and then she returned the kiss ferociously. I chuckled against her lips and pressed her closer to my chest, as close as I possibly could. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I lost all thought. We stumbled over to the nearest rock and stopped. I looked into her hungry eyes and whispered, “Let’s go home.” In a husky voice.
She nodded and we ran faster than we ever have before. We walked into the tent and we had barely gotten to the bed when she pressed her lips against mine. I laid her down on the bed and we understood each other more deeply than ever before.
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