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Game Of Hearts

Author's note: i was bored and this is what helped me understand that i love to write.
Author's note: i was bored and this is what helped me understand that i love to write.  « Hide author's note
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I woke up to Faelyn’s hand shaking my shoulder.
“It’s time to get up sleepy head.” He said softly. I groaned and pulled the covers up over my head and said
“I don’t want to get up”
He chuckled and then silence, I peeked out of the covers to see him lighting the candle. I pulled my head back under the covers and relaxed. Then all of a sudden he pulled the covers off of me and sprayed me with icy cold water. I squealed loudly and jumped up. He continued to spray me until he thought I was awake enough. I was jumping around the tent and had fallen; when he stopped I glared up at him from the floor. He grinned so wide I was wondering how it didn’t hurt his cheeks. I got up and started to grab my clothes when he made the mistake of setting the bottle down where I could get it, and turning to make the bed. I snatched it up, opened the bottle and poured it down the back of his shirt in a blink of an eye. I jumped away when he reached around for me and his hand missed me by an inch. He jumped at me and I dodged away, but not in time, he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. I tried to wriggle free but he was stronger than me. He leaned down to my ear and whispered, “What do have to say for yourself?”
I looked up at him and smiled as sweetly as I could, “That it was so worth it and I’m glad I did it.” He pushed me onto the bed and said
“Wrong answer” and then all of a sudden he was tickling me unmercifully.
“Stop, quit it Faelyn!” I squealed, finally both of us out of breath he said again
“What do you say?” I knew what would happen if I said it, but I just couldn’t resist
“That it was totally worth it and that I’m never going to let you forget it.” He sighs and looks at the ground and shakes his head. “You never give in do you?” he asked.
“Nope” I popped my lips on the ‘p’. He sighed and turned away then said
“Ok then you win.” I nodded like I knew that already, and turned away from him to gather up my clothes from yesterday so I could find somewhere to wash them. Then all of a suddenly I was flying through the air and landed on the bed with a muted thud. He was holding me to his chest so I wasn’t jarred too much. “You’re forgetting that I’m stronger and more cunning than you.” He whispered in my ear.
“Har Har, very funny, now would you mind letting me go so I can get dressed?” I said.
“Hmm? I’ll think about it” he said. I rolled my eyes, which was pretty much all I could move, he was holding me so tight. I tried to move but he just held me tighter.
“Ok, ok then I’m sorry that I poured the cold water down your back as revenge for you spraying me. Now let me go please?” I asked the question as sweetly as I could manage. He shook his head “Nope, not happening.”
“What? Why not? I apologized.”
“I know, but you need to be punished.” He said menacingly, his long hair brushing my cheek as he whispered in my ear. I gulped “What do you mean ‘punished’?” I asked warily.
“I don’t know yet, I’ll have to think about that for a while.” He said. I sighed,
“Do I have to sit here the entire time? I’m getting a cramp.” I said. He laughed, squeezed me once, and set me free. I stood up and stretched.
“Thanks” I said voice heavy with sarcasm.
“Any day” he said brightly, like I really meant it. I snorted and turned around; listening to him to make sure he couldn’t catch me off guard again. He turned away and started to make up the bed again. When he was done I asked him to go outside the tent so I could change. He smiled nodded and walked out, the tent flap closing heavily behind him. I sighed turned around and picked up the pile of clothes that he had brought me the night before. I picked the shirt up and shook it out, then stared in disbelief; it was a belly shirt that didn’t cover much. I set it down and sat on the bed, afraid to ask for something different, maybe all women wore this. Or maybe it was something that only a man would pick. I sighed and walked out of the tent. Faelyn was standing outside waiting. “I thought you were going to change?” he said, straightening up. I held up the offending garment, ignoring his question. “What is this?” I asked.
“A shirt.” He said. I rolled my eyes; he was such a smart-alike. “Well I knew that, but why so short?”
He smiled and shrugged.
“Well is it ok if I get something a bit… I don’t know, longer?” I said. He sighed and said
“Ok I guess” and walked towards Mariana’s tent with his head down, like he was sulking. I smiled and walked back into the tent. I sat on the bed and looked around. Our little wrestling match earlier had made the tent a mess. I stood and started to pick things up. He walked in just as I finished picking up. With a pile of clothes in his hands. He held them out and started for the door.
“Oh, no you don’t! Get back here mister. You will wait and let me see what you brought me this time.” He sighed and turned around and walked to the bed and sat down. “Ok, ok fine, see I’m waiting.” I laughed and put the clothes down on the bed and sat next to him. He sat there patiently, waiting for the verdict. I held them up and the shirt was a short sleeved baby blue shirt. I nodded and set that down. I picked up the shorts, they were a little short but I didn’t mind that. They were black and stretchy. I nodded and looked around.
“What about shoes?” I asked.
“You didn’t need them yesterday, why would you need them now?” he countered. I nodded and smiled. I turned to him “I like these better, now out. I need to change.” He smiled, and got up and headed for the door. Before he left he called over his shoulder, “Hurry up please, I need to change to you know.” And walked out, still smiling. I changed and walked outside. He looked up from the stick he was fiddling with and smiled. “Done?” he asked with a raised brow.
“No I’m just out here to annoy you.” I said with heavy sarcasm. He laughed and went into the tent. I waited outside and when he came out he had black jean cut-off shorts and a dark green shirt on. I noticed that he wasn’t wearing shoes either. He noticed me looking and spun around “Well?” he asked. I nodded my approval and he smiled. We started to walk to the side of the camp and I asked him
“So, what are we doing today?”
He shrugged “Usually I just make it up as I go.” I laughed and said
“Well today we are doing what I want to do.”
He smiled and said “Ok, so what are we doing then?”
I thought about that for a second, my mind came up blank. “You know, I don’t know yet.” He laughed and started to run. I caught up to him. I looked over at him and smiled wickedly. He looked at me, wary. He should be, I was in my element. I laughed at the look on his face. I ran faster and then all of a sudden someone jumped out in front of me. I tried to stop but the mud wouldn’t let me, it was too slippery. The figure stood there and the second before I hit him, he moved off to the side and out of my way. I tripped and ran face first into a hedge. I stood up and spit out leaves, dirt, spider webs and god-knows-what-else. I turned around to see Faelyn and the stranger laughing so hard their eyes were wet and they were clutching their sides. I stalked up to them and stared at Faelyn, pointedly ignoring the stranger. Faelyn looked down at me stopped laughing at my expression. “Sorry.” He said, clearly not. I just looked at him, waiting for an explanation.
“Oh sorry this is my friend, Markin, Markin, this is Anna. He’s quite the mischief maker.” I just kept looking at him.
“What?” he said. I raised my eyebrows, waiting.
“Ok, I’m sorry he made you trip it was not a nice thing to do, Markin, say sorry.” He looked at him and waited. I turned to Markin.
“Ok. Sorry for making you trip and fall into the hedge.” He said, amusement glittering in his eyes. I turned and stalked away. I heard Faelyn sigh and start after me, whispering to Markin,
“Great now you made her mad at me to, smooth move Elvis.”
Markin whispered back “Well I said I was sorry didn’t I? It’s not my fault that she’s being a moody-”
“You guys do know I can hear every word you’re saying right?” I called over my shoulder, cutting him off.
Then Faelyn pulled up beside me and took my hand. I didn’t pull away like I wanted to. “We know that we shouldn’t have done that, but he convinced me and it kind of was funny, you have to admit it.” I turned to look up at him and gave him a basilisk glare. He looked down at me with a calm gaze; my gaze flickered to his head as the wind blew his hair around his face and framed his golden eyes that I love so much. I looked at Markin, standing there, acting like he wasn’t there. I looked back up at Faelyn; he wasn’t looking me in the eyes anymore. His gaze had switched to my lips. Before I had time to say anything, he was leaning towards me. I stretched up on my tiptoes and then I was home. I felt the cool miracle of his lips on mine, I didn’t care that he was a lot taller than me; but he seemed to notice this and leaned down even farther. I pressed my lips against his and then I sighed, lips still on his. I heard someone clear their throat behind him. I opened my eyes and looked at him. We broke apart and stepped away from each other, still holding hands, me breathing hard. I looked at Markin and felt my cheeks flush red as I saw the amusement in his eyes. I looked up at Faelyn and saw triumph glittering in his eyes. I looked at the leaf covered ground. My first kiss and it was broken apart by a mischievous kid. I looked at Markin with a defiant look in my eyes and said,
“You got a problem with it? Then don’t watch.” I turned back to Faelyn and wrapped my arms around his neck. He smiled and leaned down. I kissed him again until we were both breathless, then I heard someone laugh. I thought it was Markin until I heard more than one person laughing. I broke away to see Markin and Jared standing there, clutching their sides pretty much rolling in the ground. I snorted and said to Faelyn in a whisper so that only he could hear me, “Can we go somewhere that these two little kids won’t be?” he nodded, grinning, and then I looked at the two behind us and said
“Well, it was so nice to meet you but, we’ve got to run.” And we took off like lightning.
“Hey…” that’s all I had time to hear from the two behind us until we were too far away to hear them anymore. I heard the two behind us, footsteps drumming the ground and I pulled Faelyn to the side and we quickly climbed a tree. We sat there and waited for a second before we saw Markin and Jared run by still thinking they were following us. I laughed silently and leaned back against Faelyn, sighing with contentment. I heard him chuckle and shift to get comfortable. I leaned forward until he pulled me back against him again. I leaned back into him and closed my eyes, loving the feeling of him brushing butterfly kisses along my neck. I smiled and said all of a sudden,
“Do you love me?” he stopped kissing my neck and leaned back against the tree. I instantly felt awkward. “I mean you don’t have to answer me.” I said quickly.
“No, no, it’s a good question.” He said “I think that I do.” He said finally. I sighed with relief, and then I thought, he hadn’t really said the words. So I decided that I would. “Faelyn, can I tell you something?”
“I love you.” I said it. Bracing myself for rejection. I could hear the smile in his voice as he said,
“I’m glad to hear it.” Then he turned me around and sat me back on his lap and rested his forehead against mine and looked deeply into my eyes with his amazing gold ones. We sat like that for a while. I smile as he leaned forwards. I leaned towards him and we met in the middle. I felt the soft shape of his lips brush against mine, his lips parted and I tasted his breath. He tasted like toothpaste. I felt him shift closer to me and I ran my hands through his hair, feeling the softness of it. I grabbed a handful of it and pulled his head closer. I felt him smile against my lips and then he started to pull away. I wrapped my hands around his neck but let him pull away a little bit. He looked at me with love in his eyes, so fierce that I knew he had meant it when he said that he loves me. He took one look at my pouting face and laughed. I looked at him and asked,
“Why did you stop?” in a voice of a child not getting candy before dinner. He looked pointedly at the sky, and I looked up. It was dark. We had sat there for a long time apparently. I smiled and gave him a quick peck on the lips and jumped off his lap onto the ground. He laughed and jumped down beside me. He took my hand and started towards the camp. When we got to camp, my weariness fell on me all at once. I crawled under the blankets and sighed, waiting for Faelyn to come lay down beside me but he didn’t. I looked up and instantly looked away. He was changing right there! Still looking at the wall I said in an uneasy voice
“What are you doing?” I heard him chuckle, “Getting dressed. What did you think I was doing?”
I frowned “Well I’m sorry but I don’t quite appreciate it when someone doesn’t give me, I don’t know, any warning when they are going to change right in front of me.”
I heard him chuckle again, “It’s my tent remember, and I trust you enough not to look.” I smiled in spite of myself and my situation.
“Alright you’re safe now.” He said, thinking he was funny. I growled at him, but turned over. He was standing there grinning my favorite lopsided grin. I smiled and waved him over. He walked over to me and lay down on top of the blankets. I looked at him puzzled. “I’m too hot right now; I’ll get under them later.” He explained as he pulled me towards him. I nodded sleepily; he smiled and laid his chin on my shoulder, so that we are cheek-to-cheek. I smiled and thought that before I went to sleep I had to do one thing. I sat there for a second until he sounded almost asleep then rolled over and pushed. He toppled over the edge of the bed with a cry of surprise. Me? Well, I couldn’t stop laughing. His head popped up over the edge of the bed. He looked at me with a look that said it all. When I stopped laughing he got back on the bed and scooted over so that he wasn’t near the edge anymore. “What was that for?” he asked me angrily.
“Earlier.” I said simply. He shot me a look of disbelief, “Really? I thought that we cleared that up?”
I laughed and said “Not even close buddy. You’re not getting off that easily.” He frowned and said “well what if I…”
I cut him off. “Oh no you are just going to have to wait it out, now I want to go to sleep please, I’m tired.” He frowned but leaned in and gave me a kiss goodnight. I laughed “Thank you.” I said.
He smiled and said with a slightly persuasive voice, “You’re welcome to ask for more.” With a raised eyebrow.
I narrowed my eyes at him, “I would but I have to get some sleep.” Then turned over, away from him. I heard him sigh with disappointment then he reached over and pulled me to him. I smiled and closed my eyes.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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