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Saving Tinsley

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Hate What You Love

It’d had only been a day since I went to school, and being kicked out already wasn’t really my thing. My dad decided if I could get kicked out for sexual harassment I could be harassed. That turned into a very bad argument between him and mom after he got physical. The thing about me getting kicked out, I’ve “harassed” her for so long and now she decides that I’m causing her all kinds of problems. Some stuff like bulimia, I make her suicidal, and a bunch of other boo-hoo
The first look into Rhyker's destroyed home life, the main cause of his anger.
bull crap. If you wanna ask me, I say she’s just an attention seeking b***h and deserves anything Carla throws at her.
“Rhyker Khane! Get down here right now!” My mom’s voice from smoking almost thirty years makes her sound like she’s about to die or something.
“I’m busy so just wait a minute!” I lay on my bed a minute longer, not wanting to look at my worthless father anymore then I really have to.
“Boy, you have ten seconds to get down those stairs or I’ll drag you down them by your mouth!” I’d rather not have to hear him either, but he always has something to say.
I get up and trudge down the stairs towards the living room. Mom and dad are sitting in their chairs watching the television. They both look up at me when I come in and plop down on the couch with all of my weight. I look at mom, she looks exhausted for a woman whose only 33. Dark circles under her eyes and her hair in a big mess, she never bothers with it anymore. Dad just looks like the usual, a big piece of s**t drunk who amounted to nothing in his 38 years of living and never will.
“When you go back to school tomorrow, your to write that girl an apology letter then leave her alone. Do I make myself clear boy? Cause if I have to leave work to come find out you picked on some girl again, there is gonna be h*ll to pay for you. You understand me?” It wasn’t even 7:30 and he was already slurring his words.
“Gary stop threatening him for christs sake! That doesn’t do any good. Rhyker honey just don’t-“ Dad hauled himself out of his chair and grabbed mom by the back of her neck, jerking her up.
“Don’t you tell me how to talk to that boy Janelle! He’s trash and I’ll talk to garbage as I see d**n well fit! Now go and make my dinner or get out and take the trash with you!” He growled in her face spitting and slobbering like a disgusting mutt with rabies. I watched tears roll down my mom’s face and I just lost it.
I bolted off the couch and shoved him, he let go of mom and stumbled falling into his chair sideways. “I’m trash? You just put your hands on the only woman who would ever put up with how disgusting you are, you’re worthless and a pig! Don’t you ever put your hands on my mother again or your gonna regret ever waking up the day you do it!” I flipped his portable tray table onto his lap and then walked to the door. “I’ll be home soon mom, I love you.” She nodded her head and wiped her face.
I walked around my neighborhood for a while. Just thinking and trying to clear my head, which didn’t really mix very well together. I walked past a house with music blaring and a light on in the top window, Tinsley Ryan lived in that house. This is all her fault, if she had just kept her mouth shut this would have never happened. I would have never been suspended from school. I glared up at her window, a shadow fell across the curtain and she looked outside. I didn’t care if she saw me, I just kept glaring at her.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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