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She Susan java mask Begs

Author's note: I was inspired to write this book because I wanted teenagers to know that they can still be a...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this book because I wanted teenagers to know that they can still be a Christian amongst all society. This describes how you can be true to yourself and true to God wherever you go.  « Hide author's note
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~Mickie Mansonberg~

I hated getting in those little arguments with Stella. They happened too frequently. All I had to do is ask my mom if I can go with Stella right after school. Is that even argument material?
When lunch ended, all of the juniors piled into the hallway. Everyone didn't want to be late for their next class, so a lot of people were shoving. I stepped out of the rush when I was getting near my locker. Stella's locker was just a couple lockers down from mine. I saw her grab her phone and send a quick message to somebody before anyone saw her. She was probably texting Olivia. My mom never let's me turn my phone on in school. I could turn it on without her knowing, but then on second thought, I wouldn't disobey her like that.

I cleared my throat so I would sound like a teacher, "Stella, what do you think your doing?" She looked up with innocent eyes as if it really was a teacher talking to her.
When she saw that it was just me smiling back at her, she sighed, "Very funny Mickie. I scared Olivia like that earlier today, too."
"What's your next class?" I asked.
"English, you?"
"Math. Wish me luck."
"I will." Stella replied, as I headed towards Mrs. Glandoph's classroom.

Mrs. Glandoph has been the advanced math teacher for juniors for six years. She was tall and skinny. Her style was completely original. She wore a light purple sweater with a yellow, stylish tank top underneath. The jeans that she wore were a little tight in the thighs, but had flare at the bottom. She was wearing black flats with a black plastic bow on the toe. She had gorgeous, natural, light brown hair. Many of the girls were jealous of her appearance. I know that I want to have her style when I grow up.

The bell had rung, and Mrs. Glandoph walked into the classroom, shutting the door behind her. All of we, students, quieted down as soon as we saw her.
"Go ahead and get out your notes now." Miss Glandoph declared.Still, no one said any thing. The sound of people rustling through binders and notebooks filled the room. It was an awkward silence, but we were all used to it. I was nervous because we would be getting our tests back today, and I'm not so sure I did that well.
"We are going to look at your tests before digging into the lesson for today." Miss Glandoph said, as she started to pass back a thick set of tests.
I could feel beads of perspiration starting to form on my forehead. When she laid my test upside down on my desk, I flipped it over expecting the worst. My eyes saw a big ninety-four percent written in big red marker across the top. I can't believe I passed!

When we were done looking over our tests, she collected them and set them on her desk in the corner of the room. The subject we were learning today is about trigonometry. I love learning new things like that.
"Mickie, can you tell us the definition of 'trigonometry'? We learned that yesterday, remember?" Miss Glandoph asked.
"Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with the relations between the angle and sides of spherical triangles or planes, and the calculations based on them." I replied.
"Very nice," she replied.

When math was over, I headed for my study hall classroom. Mrs. Benson was at her desk sipping her cup of coffee. She was my favorite teacher out of all the teachers I had. Not only is she my study hall teacher, but she is also my English teacher. The other boys in my class started to pile in the room, one by one. Olivia walked in after them, and was followed in by some other girls. She sat down at the table next to mine. Mrs. Benson says only one person per table, even though the tables seat two.
"I have nothing to do, because I already got my homework done." I said.
"Lucky! I have have science and math homework." Olivia complained.
We sat down and started working on our homework. Since I didn't have any homework, I just decided to read. Mrs. Benson was already taking attendance as soon as the bell rang.
"Alright, welcome to my study hall. As you all know, it must remain silent in here. Study hall will be changing as of now. We, teachers, are not allowed to let you put your stuff away in your locker before the bell. Also, if you are going to a teacher, you must have your planner signed when you leave the classroom and when you come back to the classroom. And no more going to your locker five times to get things. Bathrooms will also not be allowed. The rules are being set because students tend to wander in the hallway for no reason, and then more and more students join them." Mrs. Benson declared.
I raised my hand, "So, does this mean that we can't go to the bathroom at all? Or can we still go if we have to."
"Um... I will only let you guys go to the bathroom if you have to go really bad." Mrs. Benson replied. With that being said, she went to go sit back down at her desk.
"OMG, who does that?" Olivia whispered to me.
I shrugged my shoulders trying not to get in trouble by talking. My hand quickly grabbed my water bottle, and I took a big gulp. Olivia went up to Mrs. Benson's desk with her planner all filled out, so all Mrs. Benson had to do was sign it.
"May I go to the bathroom?" I heard Olivia ask. I looked over my shoulder to see our teacher hand over the planner to Olivia in response.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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