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She Susan java mask Begs

Author's note: I was inspired to write this book because I wanted teenagers to know that they can still be a...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this book because I wanted teenagers to know that they can still be a Christian amongst all society. This describes how you can be true to yourself and true to God wherever you go.  « Hide author's note
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~Stella Smith~

"Ding! Dong!" The bell rang, as I was just getting out of my boring social studies class. The hallway was full of students talking to their friends.
"It's only 9:40 a.m. and I already want to get out of this dirty place." I thought to myself. It was her junior year at Brooklyn High School. Getting away from the odd smells and dorks was something she looked forward to.

As she walked to her math class, she stopped at her best friend's locker. Olivia Olsen quickly hit 'send' then hid her phone into her boot as she noticed a teacher walking by.
I pointed to her backpack as I got closer and said, "Busted!"
Her face grew red as she looked up to see that it was just me, "Oh, hey Stella! What's up?"
I replied, "Nothing. Your coming to my sleepover tonight, aren't you?"
"Yeah. We'll talk later. GTG," she answered.
I watched her head for the Science classroom as I turned to get to Math. The bell rang as soon as I walked in the doorway.
"Put your planner on my desk then take your seat, Stella," Mr. Winston declared.
"Ugh." I sighed.
In math, I couldn't help but daydream about tonight. My mom had taken me to the store earlier this week to pick out snacks for tonight. This is why Fridays are my favorite day of the week. The best part about my sleepovers is when we get to play a prank on the one who falls asleep first.
"Stella," Mr. Winston said. My sister was kind enough to let me use her karaoke machine for tonight.
"Stella," Mr. Winston said again. Reality brought me back to life.
"Huh." I said.
I assumed he was asking me for an answer on our homework.
Mr. Winston said, "What is the answer to number nineteen?"
"Um..." I said quickly as I dug through my notebook trying to find the right assignment.
When I found the answer written at the bottom of the page, I blurted out, "Three elevenths."
He asked, "How did you get that?"
"I took twenty-four over eighty-eight divided by eight and got three over eleven." I answered.
"Very nice, Stella. Jack, what is the answer to number twenty?

By the time I got out of math and second block was over, I felt drained. I walked over to Bethany Brown's locker. We had been best friends ever since fourth grade.
She said, "Hey girlie!"
I smiled back and asked, "Do you want to go to gym together?"
She nodded as she shut her locker.
Bethany asked, "How is your day going so far?"
I replied, "Terrible. I just can wait for tonight. "
"Me neither," she replied. On the way into the locker room we were hit with a terrible stench.
I whined, "OMG, you've got to be kidding me! It's like they never clean these locker rooms!" Bethany plugged her nose.

After changing into my gym clothes, I headed for the gym. Bethany also went to the other gym where her class was meeting. I wish I was in the same class as her. Tons of people were high-fiving me. I guess it didn't really seem odd to me, considering the fact that I am always used to getting attention.

My gym teacher stood by her cart taking attendance. Her name was Miss Chatelle. She wore dorky, all-white tennis shoes with sweat pants that went up to her ankles. The shirt that she wore was obviously too small for her. I think she must have gotten that t-shirt when she has in high school. Miss Chatelle had red wire-rimmed glasses. Her hair was a dirty blond color that went down to her lower back. It looked like she had a greasy tint on her hair. She must have tried to look like a teenager since she put her hair in a really high ponytail. My guess is that she is probably in her mid forties.

When the bell rang, she hollered, "Alright class, why don't you run three warm-up laps. Then, sit back in your spots. Go! Go! Go!" I groaned as I stood up to run.
When all of the students were done running, Miss Chatelle said, "Nice job guys. Go get a drink to cool off." The water fountain was in the corner of the gym, so that didn't take long.
The teacher declared, "Today we'll be doing circuits. Everyone will need to get in groups of five. The first person will run three and a half laps. The next person will do abdominal exercises. The third person will lift the dumbbells on the floor by each mat. Then the fourth person will jump rope. Now, last but not least, the fifth person will do push-ups. Understood?"
Everyone nodded their heads, and got into groups of five.

"Uh...huh...uh...huh...uh...huh." I panted, as I lingered to the locker room after gym.
Bethany came in shortly after I did. She was all happy and cheery, but I was really exhausted and crabby. She could tell by the expression on my face, that it was not the time to start up a conversation.
I complained, "OMG! Does anybody wear deodorant these days?"
Bethany gasped, "Guess not! Ew!" We both plugged our noses as we walked past the rows of lockers, and out into the hallway.

I couldn't contain my excitement. It was already lunch time, which meant I would get to see my friends. My other best friend, Mickie Mansonberg was waiting for me at the lunch table. I assumed Olivia and Bethany would be joining us shortly. The lunch line was very short, which meant I didn't have to wait long.

"Hey, girl! How's your day so far? Are you excited for tonight?" I asked, sitting down at the table.
Mickie said, "Totally! I never thought it would be so hard trying to bottle up my excitement! It could probably burst out of me if I didn't hold it in!" We laughed at that.
"What's so funny?" Bethany and Olivia asked at the same time. They jinxed each other before I could answer.
"Oh nothing," Mickie and I said at the same time, with a smirk towards each other. We too, jinxed each other.

"So, about the sleepover tonight, why don't you guys just come straight home with me after school. My mom won't care. You guys are like her other daughters." I said.
"I will just text my mom after school. She won't mind." Olivia replied.
"Yeah, I'll just text my mom, too." Bethany declared.
"I will have to call my mom and ask her." Mickie said in a soft voice.
"Aw, c'mon Mickie. Just text her, she'll understand." I said.
"No, I'm pretty sure I will have to call her. Otherwise she might get worried." Mickie answered.
"Okay, whatever you say." I said with a ring to it.
"OMG! Did you see Tony's new haircut?" Bethany asked, trying to change the subject.
"No! Is it bad!?" Olivia exclaimed.
"Yes! It makes him look totally bald." Bethany replied.
"Oh my goodness! A junior in high school is not supposed to look bald!" Mickie said, trying to join in on the conversation.
"Did any of you hear about the little incident during first period?" I asked.
"No, what happened?" Olivia responded.
"Well, rumor has it, that three dorky girls were sent home because of their wardrobe." I replied.
"What do you mean by 'wardrobe'?" Bethany asked.
"Their outfits were too revealing. How's that for stepping out of your comfort zone?" I said.
"You know, I probably have some clothes that would be considered inappropriate at school. I wear them in the summer, but not at school when teachers are around me! Our school dress code is way to strict. How can carrying a purse around in school be harmful? I mean it's not like we would hide a pistol in it!" Olivia said.
"I know what it's like, girlie." Mickie replied.
"Me too." Bethany and I said at the same time.
"Jinx!" Bethany exclaimed, before I found the right word to say.
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