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It was most likely to have been a boy and his family. Yes, a young boy who was about my age but I was too chicken to actually go and find out.
My mother said that we had new neighbours but I never guessed it was him. I knocked on the door kind of wishing I wasn't here.
What should I say to them? HI? That is it. What would they be like? Who were they? Okay the door's opening, just say something.
It was the guy I saw.
"Hi, I live next door and my mother asked if you would like
to come to dinner at our house on Friday "I said
"You or your mother?” He asked
"Um, my mother wanted you to come to dinner."I said
"That means you didn't beg her to invite me for dinner?” Asked the guy
"No, she told me to invite you and I have nothing to do about it."I said
"Oh that means your mother asked me to come to dinner. “ Said the guy
"Yes, why do you think it was me?"I asked
"I'm sorry it's just that a lot of girls like me. “ Said the guy
"Well, I don't think you'll have to worry about me liking you because you just blew your first impression."I said walking away with a smile
"By the way I'm Kyle. “ Said the guy
"Stella!"I said walking away
"Thanks for the invitation." said Kyle
"No prob!”I said waving still walking towards my house.
I went to my room and opened my window. Fresh air would be the best thing right now. I look at the road and how still it was today.
"Oh hi.” Said a voice from outside.
I looked front. It was Kyle.
"Will I ever be able to have some peace?"I thought but I said "Hi to you too."
"I really want to be alone so can you go please?"I asked
"Let's see“. Said Kyle "No."
"I came here first."I said
"I came to my window first. “ Said Kyle
I laughed.
"You can't be beaten in an argument can you?" I asked
"Yeah quite used to it now.” said Kyle "So what time do you go to school?"
"I really want to have some peace. If you won't go then I will."I said getting ready to walk away.
"You look cute when you're angry. “ Said Kyle
"Thanks but I'm still going."I said closing the window with a smile
I went to my laptop and started to write a story.
I don't know how the ideas came and where from but they came from somewhere and my fingers typed the words that flowed into my mind like a river.
I walked to school alone that day. At least that's what I wanted to do but Kyle had been keeping a watch out for me and he joined me right in time.
"Going to school?” He asked
"No I'm going shopping."I said quite annoyed
"Really, shall I join?” Asked Kyle
"No objection."I said with a smile
It was nice to have company but the company of a friend was the best company to have.
"So how does it feel to go shopping with me?” Asked Kyle
"Very funny, Kyle."I say annoyed again.
"I love to see you annoyed. You look so cute. “Said Kyle
"Really?"I asked
"Mhhm.” Said Kyle with a smile
"Well that won't make me like you but thanks."I said with a laugh
Kyle makes me laugh, annoys me and makes me shout at him all the way to school.
"I have to go now."I said to Kyle.
"Wait a sec.I is new here. Can’t you show me around?” Asked Kyle
"Sure, what are your classes?"I asked
"Biology,Physics,Chemistry,Literature,Maths,Music,Social studies,Human Biology,English,Art,French.” Said Kyle
"Great! I do those subjects too but I do Drama instead of Social Studies."I said
"Then I'll switch to Drama. That would be nice wouldn't it?” Asked Kyle
"Okay then you can come to Drama with me and tell Mr.Bayhard that you're not going to stay for social studies."I said
"Great then let's go!” Said Kyle
We sat together in all the classes. Kyle wouldn't budge an inch from my side.
In the break we go and sit in the cafeteria to eat our lunch.
"So what's next?” Asked Kyle after we finished eating our lunch and walk in the school garden.
"Um, according to my schedule, we have Maths next. That means we have Mr. Brandon."I said
"Does your schedule have a time which tells when we can have a chat together?” Asked Kyle
I laughed."Yes and it says now is a good time."I said
"Well, my schedule asks if we can talk after school while walking home. “ Said Kyle with a silly smile
"Silly."I said
"Does that mean yes?” Asked Kyle
"Yeah sure."I said
The bell rang. "Come on. We’ll be late for maths and you don't want that!" I said holding Kyle's hand and running to the next class.
Being in year ten wasn't something easy to do. Twelve subjects to study. Eight subjects to choose to do for the final exams and all the studying needs a lot of hard work.
"Today we're going to learn Graphs and their equations“. Said Mr Brandon
"Great! I have no idea on how to write the equations. They’re super hard."I said looking helplessly at Kyle
"I'll teach you. “ Said Kyle
"Really? Great!"I said happily
"Great? Miss Stella?” Asked Mr. Brandon
"Um.” I said
"You can write I will never speak to myself in class fifty times while you sit in detention. “ Said Mr. Brandon
"But.” I started
"No buts."Said Mr. Brandon
"Great!"I said
"Indeed it is, Miss Stella. Indeed it is. “Said Mr. Brandon
"Don't worry.” whispered Kyle
"Yes, Mr. Kyle she doesn't have to worry cause you're going to accompany her in detention and detention will go on for two hours.” said Mr. Brandon and he looked around.
"Does anyone else want detention?"Asked Mr. Brandon
No one said a word. "Good. Let’s get back to the lesson now.” said Mr. Brandon
The lesson went on and detention came.
I went to detention a little annoyed with myself for shouting in class and getting into detention.
Kyle joined me in about five minutes.
"You had to say something to get yourself into detention, didn’t you?"I asked
"Yeah, I did that on purpose.” said Kyle
"You're stupid, you know. Very stupid."I said laughing
"I told you I won't leave your side.” said Kyle with a smile
Detention seemed to drag on for hours and my hand ached with pain.
"Don't your hands ache?"I asked Kyle
"Yeah but I guess friends should be there for each other in pain and in joy.” said Kyle with a comforting smile
"Thanks."I said.
I felt like hugging him right there and then but that would have been inappropriate.
We finished detention and started to take our bags to go home.
"Where do you two think you're going?"Asked Mr. Brandon
"Um, home sir."I said
"Yes, sir Home.” said Kyle
"Home indeed. Hope you two will remember not to talk in my class next time.” said Mr. Brandon
"My Golden Rule, sir."Said Kyle
"Good bye and have a good day, sir."I said with a smile
"Hurry home now, silly kids. “Said Mr. Brandon
"Mr. Brandon’s a great guy, you know?"Asked Kyle
"Yeah, he just gets pissed when someone interrupts him."I said in agreement.
"Destination Home?” Asked Kyle
"Where else?"I asked
"Home it is then. “Said Kyle
Then I remembered that Kyle said he had to tell me something.
"Didn't you ask me for an appointment after school?"I asked him
"For what?” He asked
"To talk, remember? About something."I said
"Oh yeah.Ready to listen?” He asked
"If it won't hurt my ears, sure."I said
"Well I wanted to say that you were the best girl and friend I met since I got here and I hope that you will be with me forever as a very best friend.” said Kyle
"Oh that's so sweet."I said
"Really?” Asked Kyle
"Absolutely!"I said
"Hug?” Asked Kyle
"NO WAY!"I said pushing him aside
We laughed all the way home and I was really happy today.
"So this is where I say goodbye and goodnight to you and go into my house."I said when we reached my house.
"Yeah and in movies, if the boy can keep staring at the girl for just enough time, he gets a kiss. “Said Kyle
"Dream on, Kyle. Dream on.” I said with a smile
"You know I'm joking right?"Asked Kyle
"Yes but I hope you really are."I said
"Don't worry I'm totally joking.” said Kyle
"Sure I know. Good night."I said closing the door laughing.
"Good night, Stella."Said Kyle with a smile
"Late today?” Asked my mother
"Yes mother had to stay for detention because I said 'Great' in Mr.Brandons class."I said to my mother
"Detention? What in the world did you do?"Asked my mother
"Said Great in class."I said
"Why did you say great?"Asked my mother
"Because Kyle said he would teach me graph equations."I said
"Oh Stella, you get yourself into all kinds of silly troubles. “Said my mother
"I know."I said with a silly smile
"Go get a wash, finish your homework and come down for dinner. “Said my mother
"Yes madam."I said marching to my room.
When I finished my wash and homework, I went down to have dinner.
"What's on the menu today?"I asked since I saw a wonderful dinner table.
"Whoa, is the king coming to dinner today?"I asked
"No, our neighbours are coming for dinner. “Said my mother
"What Kyle's coming for dinner?"I asked
"Yes, you invited them yourself, remember?"Asked my mother
"I told them to come today didn't I? Oh dear, I’ve got to get ready."I said
I rushed upstairs to get ready for dinner. I was already ready but when Kyle and his parents were going to come for dinner, I had to be extra ready.
I got into my beautiful cream colour t-shirt with care bears printed on it and my beautiful blue jeans.
My mother knocked on my door and I opened the door.
"Is my little princess ready?"She asked
"Yes mother."I said getting up
"Wow, you look amazing!"Said my mother
"Thanks."I said
I when downstairs and opened the door. I saw Kyle in an, well really nice outfit. He looked like a baby.
"Thanks for coming. “Said my mother.
"Thanks for inviting us. “Said Kyle's mother
Everyone smiled with each other.
"You look, um, Great!"Said Kyle
"Thanks. You’re not bad yourself."I said
"Now you're lying. “Said Kyle
"Honestly Kyle, you look great too. I mean you look cute. Kind of like a little baby."I said
"Thanks. “He said
"For saying you're cute?"I asked
"No, for saying I look like a baby. “Said Kyle
We laughed.
Dinner was wonderful and our stomachs were full once dinner was finished.
"See you tomorrow then. “Said Kyle when they got ready to go.
"See you."I said closing the door halfway and watching them turn and go into their house. Kyle waved when he saw I and I waved back then I closed the door.
"Seems like some ones heart has been stolen“. Said my elder brother
"Steve just keeps quiet, there’s nothing like that!” I said to my brother
Steve gave a sly smile. I snarled.
"If you say so, sis.If you say so. “ Said Steve walking away.
"Well I am telling the truth."I shouted
"Sure, you are. “ Said Steve
I sighed. It was no good talking with my brother. He thought what he wanted to think, and did what he wanted to do. Never listened to anyone.
I as a matter of a fact couldn't do that.
That's one thing I like about Steve.
I go to my room and lie on the bed to sleep. I wish I could fall asleep as soon as I lie on the bed but I can't.
Somehow, I can't understand how I'm going to keep my friendship with Kyle just a friendship because I think I'm starting to feel I love him.
What can I ever do?
"So are you ready for another day of work?” Asked Kyle when he came to our house that day to walk with me to school.
"Hmm, I think I'm ready but I don't really like to have a lot of work. “ Said Stella
"Who does like work, Stella? Who does?” asked Kyle
"I guess no one likes work, Kyle.” said Stella
"That's what. “ Said Kyle
"The world would be so easy if we had no work, wouldn’t it?” Asked Stella
"But there would be no use in that kind of a life, would it?” asked Kyle
"Yes and the world are oh so wonderful but some people mess it all up and even the good ones can't enjoy it." I said
"Well if everyone was alike then the world would be boring wouldn't it?” Asked Kyle
"Can anyone win an argument with you?"I asked
"No, it’s a talent I have. “ Said Kyle
I laughed. "I can't understand why I even talk to you."I said
"Probably because I'm the most handsome guy you ever met. “ Said Kyle putting a hand on his head and pretending to faint with pride.
"Oh please."I said "As if there weren't any other men in the world!"
"What's that supposed to mean?” Asked Kyle
"You would be handsome if there were no more men on earth!"I said laughing
"Am I that bad looking?” Asked Kyle
"No I was just joking but you're not amazingly handsome, either.” I said
"So that's why you don't like me. “ Said Kyle in disappointment
"Don't be silly, Kyle.If I didn't like you, would I ever talk with you?” I asked
"That means you like me?” Asked Kyle
"Yes, you don't have to be handsome or rich for me to like you. I like you for who you are inside not what you look like."I said
"That means you will always be my freind?” Asked Kyle
"Of course.” I said
"What made you think I won't?"I asked
"I thought I annoyed you and so you didn't like me. “ Said Kyle
"Are you nuts?"I asked "I like you just the way you are even if you're annoying at times."
"Nuts? Where?” asked Kyle looking left and right
"Silly!"I said shaking my head.
Kyle laughed. I laughed too. Somehow Kyle made me feel happy and I liked him just the way he was.
Kyle promised to take me to the carnival and then he's going to walk me home.
"So what do you say? Yes?” asked Kyle
"Hmm, sure.” I said

"Mom, I’m going out with Kyle on Saturday."I said
"Where are you two going?” Asked my mother
"We're going to go to the carnival and then Kyle's going to walk me back home."I said
"So you two are getting along well now, huh?” asked my mother
"Yes, quite well.” I said "Can we go on saturday, mother?"
"Yes. As long as you come home before 10.” said my mother
"I promise."I said with a smile
So that Saturday, Kyle and I went to the carnival and had loads of fun.
Kyle walked me all the way home.
"I had a great time today, Kyle.Thanks.” I said trying to break the silence we had maintained since the beginning of our walk home.
"Thanks. I had a great time too. “Said Kyle but he was still silent
"What is wrong with you, Kyle?"I asked "You've been quiet since the time we started to walk home!"
"I... I.. just. “Started Kyle
"You just what?” I asked
"I can't bear the fact that this night has to end. “ Said Kyle
"Oh Kyle now you're being a baby. You know everything has to end at some point in life."I said
"Yes but you don't understand. “ Said Kyle
"Of course I don’t understand. How can me when you don't tell me. Is anything bothering you?"I asked
"Except for the fact that my parents and I are moving, no, there’s nothing bothering me. “ said Kyle
At first I didn't understand what he said and I almost asked "Well then why are you so glum?" but then his words hit me.
"You're moving?"I asked
Kyle nodded.
"You didn't even tell me."I said
"Well I told you now.” said Kyle
"So was this trip to the carnival something like a farewell party?” I asked "Really Kyle, you should have told me earlier."
"No this isn't because I'm moving. I really wanted to do something big to make you happy. I wanted to see your smile as much as I could before I left.” said Kyle
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