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It's October

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Chapter 7

"How good are you with voices?"
They were sitting on a deserted children's playground, Ollisa swinging slowly. Maxi had told her plan to the other two and was clarifying the details.
"You mean impressions?"
"Yeah, impressions."
"Wait." Tom interjected. "Ollisa can do impressions?"
"Yeah. Watch this." Ollisa cleared her throat. "Hi. I'm Maxi. I have a fiancé named Tom and we are a close couple." She cleared her throat again as her voice changed. "Yup." Tom's hand flew to his mouth. "We are very close." She cleared her throat, returning to her normal voice. "Well, what do you think?" Tom and Maxi looked at Ollisa, speechless. She had just talked to them in their own voices.
"Okay, that'll work." Maxi handed Ollisa her cell phone. "Okay. You dial my home phone and make sure you're talking to my mom. Now my home phone doesn't have caller ID so this will be easy if we be quiet, and Ollisa does her stuff."
"Gotcha. Now… everyone be quiet. It's ringing." The phone buzzed and a voice sounded on the other line.
"Hello?" Clara had picked up the phone. A relieved face swept over Ollisa.
"Clara, darling. This is your mother."
"Mom?" Clara stuttered. She sounded shocked hearing her mom's voice on the other line. "How are you calling us? Who's phone are you using?"
Ollisa paused and looked over to Maxi. "I'm using the neighbor's phone. They are out of town, an asked us to watch over their cat, Bubbles while they were away. Their phone is actually quite useful… I think I might be buying one myself." Ollisa covered the receiver with her hand and sighed at her close save. She slowly raised it to continue the conversation. "Anyway, me and your father miss you. Please. Can you come and visit us? Please?"
Clara looked guilty. She nodded and said yes, "I'll come and visit. Right now! See you soon!" The dial tone sounded and Ollisa confidently hung up and slowly transformed into Clara. Her hair slithered into her head a full 5 inches, and darkened into a clean mahogany. Her body smoothed out and grew a full foot. Her clothes lightened to a faint blue: an office look.
"Now, let's break the spell."

A half hour later, Maxi, Tom and Ollisa were outside Maxi's house. Ollisa bit her lip.
"I don't know about this," Ollisa stated. "It seems wrong in every way."
"You're his wife." Tom reminded.
"Yeah. His wife that's supposedly dead."
"Good point." Maxi put her hand on Ollisa's shoulder.
"That's why she made herself look like Clara. And sound like her."
"Fine. I'll go with it. Only because I don't want to be 'dead' anymore." She sighed, and put on her best "Carla Voice". "Well, here goes nothing," and she slipped out the window, and down the emergency ladder to the door.
At the front door, Ollisa searched for the key underneath the welcome mat, took a deep breath, and went inside.
"It's just the strangest thing. I get a call from my mom, saying that she missed me and wanted me to come over, and she's left and when I call her to say I'm on my way, she says that they went to Vegas for the weekend." Sevrell popped his head around the corner from the living room.
"What did you say, Cream Cake?"
"My parents said they wanted me to visit, and it turns out that they went to Vegas."
"Did you miss them, Ollisa?" She gasped.
"How did you know?"
"Thin walls, remember? Anyway, did you miss me?" Tears welled in Ollisa's eyes as she changed back. She nodded.
"Yes. Yes. Oh Sevrell. I missed you so much." Ollisa flew into his arms and they kissed. Suddenly, Ollisa fell limp in his arms, and a ripple of air swept between the two of them, sweeping her into nothingness as Maxi and Tom stumbled down the stairs, bewildered.
"Dad?" Maxi disappeared, leaving Tom staring at the spot where Maxi once stood.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 6 7 8 9 10 11 Next »

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