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It's October

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Chapter 4

The party was nice, but not as nice as Maxi looked in a cream colored dress and curled hair. Tom held her arm proudly, waltzing her around the room just for the awe from the other patrons. Some people – including boys and teachers – almost fainted. Soft music had been turned on to accent the dress's mood, which made Maxi even prouder than before.
The perfect time for a kiss, Maxi thought. So why doesn't he?
I can wait for just the right moment. Tom thought. Just the right moment.
"Is… something wrong?"
"No, nothing's wrong, just follow me."
"Okay." They wandered for a while until they came to one classroom in particular where Tom had been waiting to come to

All night they had been at the dance. "16B?" Maxi asked. "What's so special about 16B?"
"You'll see, Morsure." Maxi giggled at Tom's accent. Tom took out a key and unlocked the door. "'Got this from the janitor." The door slid open and revealed a small table covered with a white cloth and a dim candlelight glowed all around the room. The table was set with beautiful china dishes and there was a small dinner cart next to the table, also covered with a cloth, and something smelled really good. "It's a good thing we're in the Life Skills room, or the principal would have had my head." He walked to the table and pulled out a chair. Maxi took it and Tom pushed the chair in.
"Classic cliché there, Tom."
"Really? I call it a young man making a gentleman gesture to his lady."
"I meant the restaurant setting in the class room."
"It's a cliché? I thought it was a pretty nice idea. So did the janitor and the principal. And my parents." He sighed. "I even gave it a name."
"What did you name it?"

"All For Maxi." He pulled out the dinner dishes and started to serve. "I actually named it after you instead of naming it after me or a sports craze. Cool, huh?" Maxi giggled, and Tom pulled out a small box.
"What is it?" He handed her the box.
"Open it and you'll see." Maxi opened the box and gasped. "Will you Marry Me?" Was written in the topside of the box and there was a glistening peach-colored diamond ring settled in a silk pillow. Maxi gasped.
"Tom, why are you proposing now? We only just started our senior year!"
"I had the money, so why not?" He took the box and put the ring on her finger. "Maxine Aalen Yansly, will you be my bride?"
"Oh, Tom, yes! Yes!" Maxi practically jumped off the chair into Tom's arms.
"Come, My Bride, or we'll be late for the ball." Maxi giggled at the comment. "You know, you do look like Cinderella." Maxi jumped onto Tom and he immediately got the message. They were in that position for several seconds before they retracted.
"Let's go back to the dance before we're missed." Tom nodded, and they got back to the cafeteria just when Monique and Oleo arrived.
"Hi!" Monique shouted across the room.
"Hey!" The couples were pulled to each other to be introduced. "You look great, Monique!"
"Yeah," Monique gasped. "You look almost better than me in that cream-colored dress!"
"Of course, you saw me try it on!" The two girls started laughing which got quite a lot of attention.
The boys said together.
"It's a long story." Maxi and Monique said in unison. The announcer's microphone buzzed.
"Okay all you sweet couples. The time of your life' by Manu biota I playing, so get your girls on the dance floor, guys, because we're turning it down now." Oleo took Monique's arm and guided her out to the floor. Maxi and Tom followed. Maxi sighed.
"Tom?" The dance floor glittered and swayed.
"I was thinking…"
"Thinking about what?" Her stomach jumped.
"Well, about life, really. I mean, what should we do with our-" Tom put a finger to her lips. He pulled her close and whispered in her ear.

"Don't worry about tomorrow. Think about life today." He pulled her upward and gave her a long, passionate kiss and held her tightly as if she would fly away if he let her go as they swayed to the music.

After the party, Maxi was plain exhausted. She went up to her room, and changed to a large shirt that her mother loaned to her a year ago, carefully stumbling down the stairs and sat on the couch, and fell asleep on contact. When her parents came home, they discovered her on the couch, but decided to leave her on the couch, tiptoeing up the carpeted stairs to fall asleep.
Maxi dreamed she was dancing with Tom again, and she was leaning against him, humming. Then, they were separated by another couple and we switched. The glittering sequins and pearls on her dress and the ceiling started screaming as she struggled to get back to Tom, yet her legs wanted to continue to dance with the stranger who was pulling her closer and kissing her and laughing, while tom started to present a kiss to the girl he thought was Maxi as the real Maxi tried and tried to get to Tom, tried to scream to him, but no words came… the décor screaming and screaming… no one was trying to help… and Maxi was trying so desperately… and…

And she woke up, sweating and breathing hard. She had felt she had been suffocated. She glanced at the green glow underneath the television.
"12:00 midnight?" She pondered this while the clock stirred to twelve-thirty. Maxi went to the kitchen for a glass of water, but when she saw the wall-length window, she stopped in the door way. Two milky white eyes stared blankly at the doorway…or, straight at Maxi. "Odd…" she gasped."Oh… Oh no… history… it's not a myth? That was on the news, and… Oh god. No, not this!!!" She ran from the doorway as soon as the zombie broke the glass.
Maxi ran to barricade herself into her room for she knew the thick oak door could not withstand the strength of the creature that was stumbling down the stairs had. His…err… her claws were razor sharp, and the door must not have held very well for an escape, for Ollisa did not make that much protection on that day, 10 years ago. Suddenly, the door blew of the hinges with an earsplitting crack like thunder. The furniture that was against the door went flying across the room. Maxi groped for the phone.
"No!" a voice called from the window.
"Tom?" Maxi ran to the window and peered out.
"Doth Rapine send down a rope of escape?" The zombie loomed behind her.

"Uh… no time for that, Tom. I kind of have a hobo back from the dead trying to EAT me, if you don't mind." Do I dare look back? She thought. She did and saw the nightmare behind her. She turned back to Tom.
"Maxi! Jump!" he was motioning toward a dark circle underneath her window box.
"Are you crazy?" she screeched.
"Just jump! I'll catch you!" his voice held an edge of pleading. Of praying. She glanced at the Zombie one last time, looked down, and did what she had to. She jumped.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 11 Next »

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