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It's October

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Prologue: 10 years ago

Ollisa sat down after the party. All the soda, music and dancing must have gotten to her head. Her parents' were out late, so she had plopped down to watch late cartoons. As soon as she had turned on the T.V., Bugs Bunny was reasoning with a hunter and a duck while nibbling on a carrot, as always.
"Looney tunes, "She pointed to her throat and made a gagging noise."Next."
She clicked the remote, and the screen changed to a black and white Disney Movie. "Old news." She clicked the remote again. "ICarly! Now here is something I can watch."
"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"
"Ahhhhh!" Ollisa sat up on the couch, the T.V. screen showing the SpongeBob theme. She glanced at the clock that was on the cable box. "12:00?! I'm late for school!" she flew past the Kitchen, snatching a quick glance out the wall-sized window in the small kitchen on her way past. She stopped and went back to the dark window. Two pairs of milky, off-white, almost gauzy eyes were staring, simply staring at the inside of the dark kitchen, and the girl who was standing just out of his reach on the other side of the glass. Ollisa got at least an inch closer and the creature broke the window into tiny splintery glass shards. The creature stepped into the dimly lit kitchen where Ollisa sat on pieces of broken glass, and a cold hand sent frozen fingernails grazing up and down her already chilled spine as she stared at the jagged-clawed figure. It's long, matted hair fell, tumbling down its knotted, moldy shoulders. His teeth were either gone or broken in a chapped, crooked, evil smile. One of his eyes started to fall out on a very thin and rotting cerebral cord. His other eye was as white as a chalky snow day. No pupil or iris either eye. The nose was nothing but a gaping hole in the middle of his face and a little bit of cracked bone peeked out from behind filthy, rotting skin. You could see nothing but darkness on the creature's mildew covered face. He lifted a pale, greenish-pink hand to pop the unsecure eyeball back in place, smiling and never taking his eyes off his soon to be snack.

"Hi." Ollisa mumbled. The creature grunted something in human and closed his gaping smile. When he opened his mouth again, his yellow and green teeth had been replaced with two full rows of large, thick, sharp and shiny fangs that made Ollisa think of garden scythes. Only these were thicker. "Uuuuuhhhh…nice monster zombie. Be a good boy now, don't make me phone up your mommy!" The zombie roared and Ollisa backed out of the kitchen and sprinted up the stairs, desperate to get away from the zombie that was screaming with bloodlust. She sprinted into her room, slammed and locked the door, and backed into the corner. She could hear the ungraceful zombie creature stumbling up the stairs with two intact limbs and two decapitated limbs. She almost felt sorry for the creature and wondered who he was when he was alive, when she remembered his bloodlust was directed at her, his claws ripped through the thick, heavy oak door, sending cracks from right to left, horizontally and vertically on both sides. The sharp nails started to rip the door as they crept downward through until the door was ripped in half. Ollisa knew what the Zombie was going to do to her next to useless door. The claws unsheathed from the door and began ripping the door from its hinges, leaving Ollisa exposed, helpless and without a weapon. She sunk to

the floor and as soon as the terror-wreaking creature was finished ripping the door apart, he helped himself to a flawless, raw dinner.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 11 Next »

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