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Author's note: This is my virson when Alice left wonderland. I never was a fan of Alice in wonderland now im...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is my virson when Alice left wonderland. I never was a fan of Alice in wonderland now im likeing it alot. Every person who have my story have liked it. I hope who ever reads it like it. give me feed back. ENJOY:)  « Hide author's note
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Just a Dream?

When you think you have the world in your hands but, then it’s taken away from you in a blink of an eye. My mom use to tell me that when she was sixteen she had fallen into a hole. Just beyond that hole was a world beyond her imagination. She told me of nice men, strange animals, the land was different and that she had to destroy it. The stories were wonderful and were beyond my imagination. My dad had written a book about her called Wonderland.
My mom is the legendary Alice in his story but, most say she was crazy and was delusional. Now my mom never mentions Wonderland to me nor does my dad. “Arrow! We’re going to be late now hurry,” my mom yelled up the stairs.
“All right all righty no need to get your tentacles in a knot!” I yelled down at her. I am going to a party my dad’s friend is hosting and insists we come over. So I tie the dress up from behind my back.
“Here let me help you,” my sister said taking the fabric in her hands. She is more eliciting than I could be my whole life. “There you go.”
“Thank you Angel,” I said to her. I look through the mirror another perfect bow. She really is like an angel, with long blond hair touched by the gods, skin so smooth it could be transparent and it’s so tan from the touch of the honey bees and her eyes the color of the sea. She is truly an angel. As it goes for me I’m a failure with looks no one would take a first glance at. I have short brown hair that can’t be styled, deep blue eyes and I am too tan. We walk down the stairs and outside where mom and dad are waiting for us. We hop in on either side of the car me behind mom and Angel behind dad.
“Arrow, behave yourself and act ladylike not like a boy. And don’t forget you must remember not to wonder off with strange people. You always had a habit of wondering around like that when you were little,” mom said in a bit of a harsh tone. She never talks to Angel like that, so what’s the big idea with me for? My mom always told me not to wonder off without her because people would be after me for some reason and it freaked her out. She still treats me like that and I’m sixteen years old. She never treated Angel like this and I don’t get it at all. While I was still in thought, the car moved infront of a house. It’s a huge house with a white picket fence, the house was an old red brick but sill looks nice, the yard green and lush and in the middle was a weeping willow with pinkish flowers in bloom. Man it was a sight to see and it was something. I’m not a serious house person but this is well beautiful. I looked over at mom and she did not admire it instead she quivered a bit in fear I think. What would she be so afraid of? It's dad’s friend, right? Mom whispered something to dad and dad said something back. Mom stopped quivering and nodded her head. “Are you kids ready to go in for the party?” she said with a more happier tone.
“Yeah we are mom, can’t wait to meet dad’s new coworker,” Angel said. I just stood their not saying a word to them. Something’s up and I don’t like that mom and dad are hiding it from us. We walked up the perfectly paved side walk. We all had stopped at the front of the house and I felt like I was in a movie. You know when a kid looks up at the house and it seems real big, I had that kind of feeling. My mom reached up at the door bell, but the slightest, unnoticeable thing happened. Before reaching to ringing it she was shaking but then ever so quickly recovered to her normal position. The bell rang and there was no going back. We waited a few moments then a man had answered the door. To my surprise he was well young. I know it sounds insulting, but he was. I’m guessing about twenty-five at least or twenty-one. He smiled
“Andrew! Nice you could make it,” the man said. He didn’t have a deep voice or a soft voice but, rather a smooth calming one and it was nice. He had beautiful medium hair which was black as night and styled ever so slightly, his skin not too pail and not too tan like a male model’s skin, and his eyes were a cool gray like I could be swallowed up in them. He’s what you would call a woman’s dream man, heck, even a teen’s dream man. He looked over at my mom, then Angel, and finally me.
My dad cleared his throat and said “This is my family, my wife and my two daughters.” My mom doesn’t seem to like him it’s almost as if she knows him. It’s probably part of my imagination.
“Well Andrew you’re a lucky man. Your wife is beautiful and you have two lovely daughters”, and when he said that he looked at me. His eyes moved up, at me then down, then up again. It was kind of strange that a man would do that. “Well enjoy the party and refreshments are over in the kitchen,” he said pointing over at the white door. Mom and dad went in the kitchen and Angel went to talk to other people. I went to sit on the sofa which was soft and nice. This house is so fancy compared to our house. If we lived next door we would look like peasants to him but, something’s off about him. He doesn’t seem normal somehow. There is something mom and dad aren’t telling us and they think they can keep it a secret forever. Not anymore, I will find out what they are keeping from us and put a stop to it. Angel is probably clueless of mom’s body language. I have been around mom more than she has and this is not her normal body language. She is all fidgety, stiff, and tense. I realize I’m biting my fingernails meaning I’m getting nervous. I get up and go outside and get some fresh air. I need to calm down and relax before mom and dad find out I’m out side. Then someone comes out and stands by me. I look up and see its dad’s friend from work. I take a deep sigh and look back at his yard so I don’t have to see how he is looking at me.
“Henry is my name,” he said looking at me. It takes me a second that his hand is raised out to me.
“Oh, sorry nice to meat you I’m Arrow” I said shaking his hand. It was a nice firm grip and was smooth but, my blood increased quickly, and my heart quickened. I jerk my hand back quickly and hastily I know it’s rude but it felt funny. He cocked his head to one side as if he was in thought. A grin had formed while he was looking at me. “Sir if I may ask what are you smiling at?” I had asked in a proper manner.
“Well Arrow you don’t need to worry about being proper around me, and to answer your very difficult question, you just look like someone I knew when I was younger. Sadly she left the town I lived in,” he said still looking at me. For some reason it was funny. I began to laugh and I hardly laugh in front of adults but I couldn’t stop. When I had calmed down he looked at me in a different intensity.
“What is it?” I asked him.
“Your smile it’s different from hers but…. I liked it more than I like hers, yours is more….. Cuter than hers was,” he said. Then his hand had touched my face his thumb smoothing my skin down. I couldn’t move at first I was so shocked I couldn’t remember to breathe. Then I came back to reality and said
“What the… what are you doing?” I asked jumping back away from him.
“I really don’t know I guess I thought I knew what I came here for but now I’m not so sure,” he said looking at me so confused. I just looked at him just then the door opened and there stood Angel before me.
“You guys look so lonely out hear so do you guys mind if I join you?” she asked with a smile.
“I was just leaving,” I said going through the door. I shut the sliding glass door and then I looked back at Henry and Angel. Angel likes Henry just the way she looks at him gives it all away. Just then Henry looked at me then smiled at me and then went back to the conversation he was having with Angel. Something’s up with Henry, he’s wearied and strange. If Henry wasn’t so weird, Angel and he would make a fine couple but, when he said “I really don’t know I guess I thought I knew what I came here for but now I’m not so sure.’ What did he mean by that? Is he really who he says he is? I will find the answers to my questions and for some reason I have a feeling I will find them here soon. I just sat on the couch the rest of the party with people trying to make small talk. Whenever I look up I find Henry looking at me and he would just smile and go back to talking. So time passed slowly and I find myself being shook awake, and it was mom’s voice.
“Row… Arrow wake up sweetie it’s time to go home,” I opened my eyes and rub them. I stand up stretching my back. I looked around and found we were the last ones hear. This always happens to us mom and dad ends up talking too much and we wind up being the last ones to leave. We walk towards the door and before leaving mom nudged me and I knew she didn’t want to talk to Henry so I did. They all went to the car and I am once again alone with him.
“Thank you for inviting us we all had a great time. Thank you very much,” I said to him.
“Yeah no problem,” he said. Then he leaned in near me and whispered in my ear “I hope you enjoyed yourself because I know I did and I want to get to know you a little more. You seem like a nice girl. Come back and visit, you are welcome to come by anytime you would like.”
I looked here and there and I said “Thank you for the offer but I get real busy with school and helping my parents.” I backed away from him and I begin to walk down towards my parent’s car. He is kind of scary when he puts things the way he does. I get into the car and mom looked back at me.
“What did he say?”
“Well he told me that Angel and I could come over whenever we want. And that’s all really.” Mom nodded her head as if she had approved and we both know she doesn’t. We all rode in silence on the way home. So I went out to go and look out at the dark night, watching the dark, shaded trees pass by and the houses pass by. We pull up into our driveway and rocks are hitting the car from underneath us. When I got out of the car I went into the kitchen and got a glass of water. I glanced over at the clock. 10:01pm gosh it’s late and I have school tomorrow, what a pain. When I got to my room I got my pajamas on and went into the bathroom. Should I confront mom and dad that they can tell me anything? But then they would say, they know and say nothing’s wrong. It’s probably typical for an adult not to tell their kids anything because they don’t want them to worry. In away I feel like I’m the parent and they are the troubled child that won’t speak. I walk into mom and dad’s room and dad is on the bed.
“Um…. Dad I have a question,” He looked out from his glasses and said
“Um… can I go to work with you some time?” He straightened and looked surprised.
“Yeah, I don’t care it would be nice. But I can’t watch you. Oh maybe, just maybe, Henry could show you around or Peta could do it, all he does is sit around. Yes you can,” he said surprised and delighted. I walked out and go into my bed. I close my eyes and I begin my dream. Henry is there and he’s yelling something at me but I can’t understand any of it. He comes running at me and then …. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. I open my eyes and shut off my alarm clock. I get up and do my normal, everyday things and go out to wait on the bus. I could see the bus coming down the road and in front of it was a nice black car. Just then the car stopped, and I saw Henry in it, oh god help me.
“Hey you should ditch the bus and hitch a ride with me,” he said smiling that perfect smile.
“I’m sorry but I ride the bus.”
“Okay suet yourself.” He got out of the car and stopped by me and looked at me. “Oh did your dad tell you I’m going to your school today to talk about writing?” I looked at him appalled and in disbelief.
“N..no he didn’t tell me that.”
“Well I am, so another thought of saying no to me.”
“Fine I will ride with you but only for today,” I said pointing my finger at him. He raised his hands and said
“Okay fine by me as long you at lest ride once with me.” I rolled my eyes at him. Just then the school bus honked its horn. So I walked around to the car and got in. Then he got in the car.
“Why would you get out of the car if you were just going to be going right back in?” he just shrugged and began to go down the road. I couldn’t help it but I had to ask this question to him. “Do you know my mother somehow? Please answer my question truthfully.”
He was hesitant at first then answered my question “No I only know your dad and starting to get to know you.” He better not is lying to me. “What do you like to do on your free time?” he asked me.
“Sleep outside.”
“You ask too many questions man. Because I like the sun on my face it feels so worm. That’s why I’m so tan.”
“You’re not confident about your self. Why?” I looked at him appalled like how would he know?
“I..I am confident about myself.”
“No you’re not, you think your sister’s prettier than you but, really you’re prettier than her. Just have more confidence about yourself.” He said stopping the car. I got out of the car and slammed the door shut. He is unbelievable. I walked towards the school building and went straight to my class. I dropped my stuff and sat by May, my best friend.
She looked over at me and asked, “What’s wrong?”
“Men is what’s wrong you will see this guy and his name is Henry. Let’s just say looks can be deceiving. He’s the one who will be talking to us.”
“What’s so deceiving about an…” before she could say old man she sees him in the doorway. “Do we have a sub?”
“No that’s Henry the guy I rode to school today.”
“No way he’s totally hot. I can thank of some jobs he could do for me, and me alone,” she said wiggling her eyebrows. Then Henry looked at me and smiled and walked over towards me.
“Well I guess you’re in my first class. You didn’t have to storm off like that you know. See you when class starts Arrow.” He always has to smile like that its kind of strange.
“OH MY GOD! He’s so into you and he’s a grown man and hot too you’re so lucky.”
I looked over at her “Not really I think he’s more curious than you know. Plus like I said, looks can be deceiving.” Just then the bell rang and we all went to our seats. Mrs. Star came in a joy, and it’s kind of scary. She must not be happy with her marriage. Then following her like a duckling is of course, Henry. I looked around the room to see how the other girls are taking him in. Their mouths were all dropped open. I couldn’t believe it, I swore they’re all blind.
“This is Mr. Henry he is our gust speaker today, make him feel welcome, okay?”
“Thank you Mrs. Star for having me”, after that I just blocked him out. I can’t stand him, he’s annoying.
Just then I got a weird knotting feeling in my stomach. I felt like someone was tying my stomach into knots over and over again. It must have been real noticeable because Mrs. Star came and asked “Are you alright sweetheart, you don’t look so well? Do you want to go to the office and call your mom and dad?” I shook my head no; she just shrugged and went back to her desk. The whole class period I just laid my head down. Something bad is going to happen and it’s not good at all.
Then I heard “Arrow please come to the main office.” I got up and grabbed my stuff and walked out. These halls are so familiar to my family; they all stayed in this town and never moved at all. Same lockers, same floor just different teachers and staff.
I walk in and I see a man I have never seen. “You’re going home sweetheart.” The man was tall and had a purple, button up shirt just unbuttoned a little, and a neck tie around his neck. He had short brown hair and had earrings in his ears and three on his cartilage.
I was about to say, “I don’t know this man”, but he said “Thank you” and drug me out. What is he thinking? “Where’s your dad at?” he demanded.
“At home he took a day off. Why? Who are you?”
“Not good, not good. Get in now” I was hesitant “Now!” I jumped then I got in the car. It’s purple; he must like the color or something. I took a deep breath and got in. Then out of nowhere he just went high speed down the road.
“WHAT THE….. What are you doing! You’re going to kill someone or something!” I yelled.
“Just SHUT UP!” he yelled at me. Just then, I thought, oh no what if he’s going to hold me ransom, and I willingly got in the car trusting him. I began to panic
“LET ME OUT, LET ME OUT!” I screamed at him.
“Oh shut up I’m not going to do anything to you,” he yelled at me. Then he parked and I got out and ran up to my house. ”Da….” The house was a mess. It was completely destroyed. The man came in quickly behind me. “Dimmit, they beat me to it. Dimmit, I didn’t get to warn him and Alice. S***!” I was in shook, so confused and what is he talking about?
“What are you talking about?” he looked over at me.
“Your dad, mom, and sister have been kidnapped by the Queen of Hearts. I can’t let them have you, that is probably what they want. I’m going to protect you from them. They can’t have you, you’re what they want.” Just then somebody came from upstairs.
“Oh hey Chris, what’s up, long times no see. I see you have the mouse the queen wants. I was told to get her when she came back. You make my jobs easier sometimes little kitty. But you know what curiosity did to the cat. Right?”
“Ace of course I know what it did, but I’m more of what you would call...” he looked down at me then said “A protector than curious you know.”
“Then you will die in her honor, eh.”
“Yes but I’m not ready to die. Clear your mind girl now”
“What, why!?” I asked.
“Just clear it if you want to live! Think of something. Trust me”
“I can’t, too much is happening right now, I just can’t.” Just then Ace swings at Chris. Then Chris grabs a gun from his sleeve and shoots. He came over to me an out of nowhere and kisses me. Then we are falling through a black hole. What’s happing? Why did Chris kiss me? Then I see a little bit of light, then the ground, oh no, I’m going to die. Then everything went black. I get up and I’m in a bed and I have a thumping headache. The room has exquisite taste and it’s well fancy. The currents have the hearts, spades, diamonds and the clubs and it was fancy. The carpet was blue and the walls just a little lighter than the carpet. Then I heard yelling two men’s voices were the problem. They sounded familiar. Then I see the curtains move. “Who is their?” I asked. A boy a year or so older than I came out.
“My brother and I were just curious of what a girl would be doing in the Hatters Minchin for.” he was tall, no doubt cute. He too had black as night hair, wore a striped blue and white shirt, blue eyes like the sky and the curiosity of a child.
“Where’s your brother?”
“Oh he’s working right now it’s just me.” He came near me and then touched my hair. I moved back and he smiled and said “Sorry, I just never saw somebody from the outside world like the boss had and Chris had. Are the entire girls as pretty as you?” he asked jumping on the bed. What he heck is wrong with this boy?
“Dee! Why aren’t you with Dum for? I told you to leave Arrow alone.” That voice, it’s… I turned around and it was Henry. What’s Henry doing here?
“But, she looks almost like Alice and Alice was nice as to parish us and our world. She’s just a little cuter than she was.” I am confused right now how does this boy know my mom?
“I thought I told you not to mention any thing ‘till I explained everything you dimwit.” Henry said angry.
“Where am I?” I asked.
Henry took a deep sigh “you’re in Wonderland Arrow.” He’s lying, he’s got to be lying, and it’s a fake world, not a real one, a fake one. Were my mom’s stories true? Who are my mom and dad? Is this why she was scared? Is it because she knew I would find out some time or another? Were their lives just all a lie? Most of all, was my life just all a lie? “I know this is confusing to you right now but, lesson, okay.” “How did I get hear I was home. After that Chris guy… kissed me I ended up in this bed.” Henry took a deep breath and side “yes the stories your mom told were true she extended them a bit but for the most part they were true. Yes I know your mom so dose Dee, Dum, Chris and everyone else in this world. Your mom was the girl I had talked about when we first met. You parents hid the way to Wonderland from Violet but, she just found it and that’s why your families gone. She was so desperate to get you she left that fool of ace to get you. Most of the time he forgets what he’s doing and wonders off and tries’s to make friends with people. That knucklehead is pretty dense but, he’s real fast. Any way you’re in Wonderland and you cant leave because Violet had locked the exit.” “Then tell me why that man kissed me?” I said pointing at Chris. “You need to clear your mind to get to wonderland that’s why most people can’t find it. I figured you never had your first kiss so I used that and it worked. I’m sorry about that no meaning behind it,” he said laying back in a Lazy Boy. I rolled my eyes I don’t like cocky people like this I’m in this room with. Just then I heard “I wana try, I wana try!” I heard Dee said coming after me. “No you’re not trying anything. Now go guard the gates with your brother.” “Awww” Dee said moping to the door. Deftly, a child. Just as Dee was leaving and exact replica of Dee came bursting in. My mind has been blown. “Boss….heart….soldiers….coming….her,” he said panting and pointing at me. I’m just too stun two of them. Instead of blue and white stripes its red and white stripes and he has a hat on. I snap back to reality by Henry staring at me and a loud crashing sound. “We know your hiding the girl Hatter! Hand her over and no one gets arrested!” “Dee, Dum, Chris get her out of here now! I will distract them for a few seconds,” he said. Then he left the room and then we followed him and went the opposite direction. Just then I stopped and looked behind me to see Henry grabbing his hat. What’s that going to do? Just then his hat turned into a gun. What just happened his hat turned into a gun?! Then I felt someone grabbed my arm. “Dimmit, come on we have to go!” Chris yelled. Just then Henry put his hands up. “HENRY!” I yelled. He turned around “WHAT THE HELL!? RUN!” he yelled at me. Now guards came running down the hallway. Henry managed to trip two or three then, they knocked him out. Then began to run down the hallway. “Dam your slow!” Chris yelled grabbing my hand. He pulled me along the hallway down a spiral stair case and we hit the ground outside. I wanted to stop and rest but Chris kept pulling me along with him. Just ten something came whizzing by my ear Chris must have heard it too. “Dam they got guns! Dee, Dum use your guns!” they looked at one another and said “Sure thing.” “Get behind this tree,” he said pushing me lightly behind it. I looked out and saw Dee and Dum’s scythe turn into two mashie guns. Chris earring turned into a shot gun. They began to shoot solders’ dropped like dead flees some cowered behinds trees. So raped up in the action and scared they might die I didn’t hear someone come behind me. They put their hand over my mouth and my arms were pined down to my sides. I began to wiggle and fight then the man said “I GOT HER! LET’S GO!” “You may have her but your dead now.” Chris had shot the man square in the head. “Thank you, thank you I thought I was going to die.” “That’s why I’m your protectorate,” he said with a smile a big as a child’s. I looked down to see the man who attracted me but he was gone only ashes were left. “Wares the man who attracted me?” “Turned into ashes that’s what happens when you die hear. You die, become ashes and then become one with the soil. Its just how it goes around hear.” This world keeps getting weirder and weirder nothing like my world. If I die will I turn into ashes? Just the thought of it sends chills down my spine. “Let’s keep walking.” He said. Dee and Dum’s guns turned back into a scythe and Chris’s into his earring. We all began to walk down the path in silence. The trees hear are different to different collared trunks and leaves. Not brown and green. Just then with out warning it became night time. Chris looked up then turned and said “let’s make camp hear for tonight.” It took a while to get a fire started but we got it started. So Dee and Dum are on one side of me and Chris is on the other side of the fire. “You were right she is cute,” Dum said. Eager to change the subject I asked “Where the Hearts Cassel?” “oh it’s the opposite direction were going,” Dum said. “Were going to turn around and head back that direction,” I said. Just then Chris jumped up and said “we what?” “We are going to the Hearts castle to save my family and Henry.” Chris’s mouth was wide open in disbelief. I wouldn’t blame him but Henry risked his life for us and my family was taken from me. The twins looked at one another and then smiled and said simultaneously “We know just the right person.”
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Bookworm1 said...
May 30, 2013 at 1:36 pm
This is super good! Write faster, please! :)
KAITO101 replied...
Jun. 25, 2013 at 9:28 am
Okay i will try thanks for the comments i have other books too:)
Neko101 said...
Feb. 28, 2013 at 12:35 pm
please if you read my book tell me how it is and what to improve on. thanks the auther jazmine r.
Barnowl14 replied...
May 3, 2013 at 12:51 pm
I can't read farther than the first chapter right now, but It looks good so far!
Neko101 replied...
May 3, 2013 at 1:01 pm
thanks so much your the only one to respond so i will write chapter 2

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