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Author's note: If you love horror, you'll love this.
Author's note: If you love horror, you'll love this.  « Hide author's note
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My name is Eliza. As much as I wish that this was not so, there was no denying it. I am Eliza James, the girl who killed her family. As I sat in my room with my tear stained face cupped in my blood soaked hands I couldn’t help but wonder how it came to this, how I became a murderer. I looked up at the broken mirror that sat before me, cutting my pale dirty face into thirds with a piece of my cheek missing, and then it slowly came back to me.
It all started one month ago when I was walking home from school with a group of friends, as I always did when I didn’t have after-school activities. It was Friday and the air was cold and sharp. The sky was gray with clouds which gave the impression of future snow, yet we were in no rush to get to the warmth of our homes. We were eager to sit and gossip at the Starbucks around the corner from our high school.
As much as I would like to believe that I did not gossip as much as the rest of them did, I knew that I did. We did not stay there long. After I bought a regular coffee and a brownie and paid the cashier $7.55, I sat at the circle table in the corner facing the main entrance. After the cashier had handed Sydney her drink and pastry she came and sat across from me. That would have been fine any other day. But I had a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was off in the universe today, way off.
“Sydney,” I called, bringing her attention away from the steaming hot chocolate that sat in front of her, I waited for her to look at me to continue, “Can you scoot just a little to the left for me? Please?”
She rolled her dark blue eyes. “Your’ left or my left?” she asked with fake enthusiasm.
“Since when do you own a direction?” I asked with a serious tone.
“You know what Liz, I’m not moving.” She said as she stubbornly crossed her arms and looked away.
“Fine, I’ll just move.” I moved my chair to my right and sat down again just as Rebecca and Brianna chose seats and sat down at the table. As usual, we each had one drink and one pastry. It had been this way since last year, when they built the Strarbucks where an old witchcraft shop used to be. When it opened we started going there regularly to relax and enjoy not being with our families.
“So what is the talk on the talk of the town this week ladies?” Rebecca asked. Rebecca was the more social one of our group. She always knew the goings on of high school and the latest trends on anything there was to be trendy these days.
“Have you seen Jade’s new hair cut?” said Mykayla, just throwing a random topic out there as she usually did when there was no major event to discuss. “She got it done on Wednesday, it looks horrible” she said disgusted.
“I think it looks pretty hot on her,” Mumbled Brianna as she ate her cinnamon roll.
“Well maybe to a lesbian it’s attractive. But not a heterosexual such as myself,” replied Mykayla as she finished taking a gulp of her hot chocolate as Rebecca watched. If Rebecca was thinking what I was thinking, it was how Mykayla didn’t flinch taking in the steaming substance so fast.
“Hey! I’m not gay!” Brianna yelled as she furiously rose out of her chair creating a scene, intentionally for the whole café to here and see.
“Yeah you are,” Mykayla said.
“Yeah I know.” Brianna sat back down in her seat and poked her fruitcake. “But you like it when I hit on you. You blush every time.”
“Do not!” Mykayla proclaimed with failure to hide the fact that she was lying.
“Really?” Brianna moved her chair closer to Mykayla and wrapped her arm around her. “Hey there beautiful, you have the most amazing eyes in the world.” It had always amazed the group how good of an actress Brianna was. “HAH! You’re blushing right now!” yelled Brianna in triumph, as we all looked at Mykayla’s rosy red cheeks and laughed.
I glanced at the door as a man with a thick black coat walked in. He was tall and looked like he was thin under the coat. He had a clean shaved beard and tan skin. His nose was pointed but not too noticeably protruding, he had beady eyes and detached ears which were red from the cold of outside. He wore lose blue jeans and black sneakers with sloppily tied laces that hang over the sides of the shoe. As he walked towards our table he stared at me with deep dark eyes which looked black from my point of view. I tried my best not to stare back but my will power just wasn’t enough.
A shock of chills went through me as I realized that he was only a few meters away from me and was walking my way. He didn’t look like very friendly, as if he was sent here to murder me. “But why?” I had asked myself as the strange beady eyed man continued to shrink the space between us. “Why here? Why now?” He was only about four feet away when his gaze suddenly broke from me to something behind me. “He has a partner?” I thought “Does it really take a whole team to kill an untrained teenage girl? A blonde one at that? He walked right by me.I looked behind me to see where he was going. As he opened a smooth wooden door I looked at the sign beside it and read “Restroom” aloud. “Oh”.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 Next »

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