January 31, 2013
By OneBarProductions PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
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OneBarProductions PLATINUM, Union, Missouri
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(COREY SIMMONS steps into a spotlight center stage at his high school. He looks out at the empty crowd and sighs.)
COREY-(Voiceover) My name, is Corey Simmons. What you’re looking at is my last stand. A few days from now, I will perform on this stage one last time before I graduate.
(DREW DEEDS sits into frame. He is sitting in an office chair. He has headphones on while bobbing his head. He pulls two pencils from a cup on a desk in front of him and begins to tap the surface of the table to create a rhythm.)
DREW-I’m Drew Deeds, a Junior in High School. There’s nothing too special about me. I like music, like…a lot. It’s my life. I’m actually showcasing my talents in the music world in a few days at the talent show.
COREY-I did what I could in high school, but my heart was set in the theatre. I did every show I could and belted every song I sang. I preferred comedies over any type of tragedies.
DREW-Hip hop’s where it’s at. Songs that pounded my heart with bass and lyrics that made me think, that’s the kind of music I live and love.
COREY-I’m gonna miss it. The laughter, the eyes, the support…
DREW-I’ll take it to my grave. I am nothing without my music…
BOTH-Nothing will stop me from doing my best!

(COREY is signing a piece of paper propped on a callboard for the school’s talent show. A football player walks by.)
MIKE-Have fun doing your ballet routine, faggot. (He laughs and walks away.)
COREY-(Ignoring him and talking to himself.) You do a few shows and suddenly people question your sexuality. (His girlfriend BRIT approaches him. He turns to her.) But I know better.
BRIT-Hey you.
BRIT-Signing us up?
BRIT-Relax, I’m just kidding. I can’t sing nearly as well as you can, plus I get stage fright.
COREY-Well, I must admit I AM pretty good.
BRIT-Careful Jack, you’ll fall over with that big head. (Camera pans over. DREW and his friend TED are waiting aside to also sign up.)
TED-We’re gonna kill it this Friday! God, I can’t wait!
DREW-Don’t get over hasty. We have three days to make it pitch perfect. (Looks over at COREY and BRIT.) What’s taking them so long?
TED-Why do you look so nervous?
DREW-Nervous? I’m not nervous.
TED-Bro, we’re gonna bring the frickin house down! Don’t sweat it. Beside we can beat someone like him. I hear he wears like tuxes to school and stuff.
DREW-A tux? Really…?
TED-Theatre kids… (COREY and BRIT walk off.)
DREW-Finally! (They both go and sign their names.)
TED-There! We’re set! (They high five a choreographed slap fest.) Friday is ours man! (They start to leave. BRIT comes back and accidentally runs into TED.)
BRIT-Oh-whoops. Sorry.
TED-Oh-uh…no problem. (They both share a stare before walking away.)
DREW-What was that all about?
TED-(Looking back.) Huh? Oh-I don’t know. She ran into me…
DREW-Come on, let’s go.

(COREY is now at a quick stop standing in front of a glass door, separating him from a large selection of beverages.)
COREY-So many choices, so little time. (He goes to open the door, but retracts and repeats this numerous times. MATT HAMPTON, the store manager peers around the corner. He sees COREY and sighs. He looks up to the ceiling.)
MATT-God, why do you send him here? Every Monday! (Looks down at COREY.) Have you decided yet?
COREY-Hi Matt! Uhm-not yet. Still trying to figure that out.
MATT-It’s just soda, pick one.
COREY-There’s so many! I mean why does Mountain Dew always make a new flavor every few years ? It gets confusing!
MATT-I don’t know. You know what, I know the soda corporate owner. How ‘bout you leave and go talk to him about it? (Rolls eyes and scoffs)
COREY-No, that’s ridiculous.
MATT-…of course it is-
COREY-We both know you don’t know the soda corporate owner.
MATT-(Sighs) Whatever…(Turns away.) Why do I even try?
COREY-(Yelling towards MATT.) You know what, I think I’ll just go with a bottle water. (MATT looks at his watch.)
MATT-So you spent a good thirty minutes just to decide on buying water? Something you could get for free at home.
COREY-Pfft! Water’s not free. (COREY meets MATT at the counter.)
MATT-That’ll be one nineteen.
COREY-One nineteen for a water? (He looks at the water then back at the sodas with conflict.)
MATT-Oh no…
COREY-I need a few more minutes. (COREY walks off as MATT slams his head down on the counter. DREW enters the store shortly after.)
DREW-I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be sleeping on the job Matt.
MATT-No, I’m not! Why don’t you call my boss and get me fired!? PLEASE!
DREW-(Thinks) Hmmmm, nah I’m too busy. I have a lot to work on for the talent show this Friday. You going?
MATT-I HAVE TO WORK!!!! (Starts to pout.)
DREW-I don’t know why you don’t just quit. It’s easier that way.
MATT-Not with morals like me. My parents would kill me! I’d rather suffer here instead of hearing dad say “You know your brother went to college-BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!”
DREW-Haha-your parents sound fun.
MATT-Trust me, they’re not…You wouldn’t believe-
DREW-Hey, I’d love to chat, but remember? BUSY!!!! (He goes to fetch himself a drink when he notices COREY round the corner towards him.) Oh….it’s you.
COREY-Look, if you’re gonna call me a faggot or anything that is supposed to bash my sexuality, just save it.
DREW-Oh-no…I don’t do that. It’s immature.
COREY-THANK YOU!!! I always tell myself, “The guys who supposedly get all the action in school, LOVE to make fun of ‘gay’ things”. And a little too much in that case.
DREW-Haha! I know right? Ridiculous! (They both laugh when it then becomes awkwardly silent.)
DREW-Soooo…we’re competing against each other in the talent show this Friday.
COREY-Oh yeah? No kidding. What are you doing?
DREW-My buddy Ted and I are doing an acapella layout of different rythms…with our mouths.
COREY-(Looking at DREW with almost fear of what he was talking about.) Your…mouths…?
DREW-Yeah, like this. (DREW begins to beat box. COREY looks at him still with confusion. DREW stops.) Awesome, right?
COREY-………(Snaps out of it.) Huh? Oh-uh…yeah (Starts to clap) Cool cool!
DREW-(Irritated) Yeah…well, good luck to you on Friday…(Walks away.)
COREY-(Still confused) Uh-yeah…you too? (Turns away.) He didn’t even ask what I was doing.
MATT-(Looks at COREY) You pick something yet?
COREY-(Looks at his empty hands) Oh yeah. Thanks for the reminder!
MATT-Oh my god……(Slams his head down on the countertop once again.)

(DREW is driving alone in his car. It’s silent before he pushes a mixed tape into the cassette player. A beat begins to pick up as DREW then begins to spit beats with his mouth. Soon after, he passes by a group of school girls. He is distracted by looking at them as he passes by. While distracted, DREW manages to look back to the road just in time to see he has veered off onto the curb, he tries to swirl to the left, but is unfortunate when he hits someone walking.)
DREW-OH MY GOD! (He gets out of his car and rushes to the person. COREY is laying on the ground before rolling over and groaning.) Oh god! Are you alright?
COREY-(Groans) Oh…Oooooooh yeah (He sits up as several popping noises project from him.) Yeah…yeah I’m-(He pops his neck) Yep, I’m alright. I’ll be okay. (He sighs and looks over at the car.) Damn that was a good hit…
DREW-Please don’t sue me.
COREY-(Looks up.) Sue? Yeah right…I don’t like messing with the government.
DREW-Okay…okay, good good! That’s good! Oh god I cant believe I just hit you. Youre sure you’re okay?
COREY-Yeah, I’m okay. Maybe a bruise here and there, but overall okay. (He gets to his feet.) Didn’t we just talk back at that gas station?
DREW-Uhm…yeah, that would be me…
COREY-Well, if you wanted to kill the competition you should’ve been more secretive about it. (He laughs.)
DREW-It’s not…like that…
COREY-…you just spend your free time running people over?...MORBID…
DREW-Look, I’m sorry. (He pulls out his wallet.)
COREY-Whoa! What are you doing?
DREW-Look, all I have is fifty.
COREY-I’m not gonna take your money…well, maybe not-how much you got?
DREW-Just don’t spread this around school.
COREY-Yeah yeah, how much?
DREW-I mean it. (He hands COREY the money.) Hey, why are you walking? It’s like a thousand degrees out here.
COREY-Thank the lord it’s not. I don’t have a car obviously.
DREW-How come?
COREY-Just don’t. I don’t have the money.
DREW-Well…could I give you a ride home? After all it’s the least I can do after…you know-
COREY-Tee-boning me?
DREW-…yeah, that… (COREY goes to the passenger door.)
COREY-I need to make a few pit stops before I get home.
DREW-Oh…okay. Where do you need to go?
COREY-Well, I was gonna stop by starbucks to get an ice frappe. I need to go to the drug store and pick up my grandmas ointment, go see Jasper the dog, say hi to mister Hawkins, pick up Miss Landing’s mail-
DREW-ANYthing else?
COREY-(Pauses to think)Uh…that should be it…oh wait, actually-
DREW-Let’s get going!

(COREY and DREW are now awkwardly sitting amongst each other in DREW’s car.)
DREW-So…what do you do?
DREW-Do you have a job? Do you…kill people, I don’t know, do you do something to pass the time?
COREY-I accidentally killed a cat before. (DREW looks over at him with shock.) What, it kept scratching me, so I threw it off me…the poor thing snapped in two on the side of a tree.
DREW-Oh my god…!
COREY-I know…nine lives my butt.
DREW-…(Begins to laugh)
COREY-(Pauses.Confused.) What? What’s so funny?
COREY-Yeah, I said butt…so what?
DREW-But it’s…BUTT!
COREY-Yes, the two cheeks that help push poop out of your belt.
DREW-You don’t say s***?
COREY-(Scoffs) WHOA! Don’t! Just! Don’t!
DREW-Oh wow…you don’t cuss…?
DREW-Oh…(He keeps looking back and forth between the road and COREY.)
COREY-Don’t look at me! You’re gonna hit someone else. (They both grow quiet. COREY keeps looking down at the radio before finally turning it on. He jumps for joy when he realizes the song playing on the radio.) BOMB!
COREY-It’s slang. Come on “BRO”. That’s slang too, “BRO”.
DREW-Yeah, I get bro. I mean, why bomb?
COREY-Bomb, something that explodes into a huge fiery cloud.
COREY-Well…don’t you like watching things get blown up?
DREW-Yeah, I suppose so.
COREY-YEAH-it’s awesome!!!
DREW-…I still don’t follow why “bomb” is slang.
DREW-I’m a junior?
COREY-(Looks closely at DREW)…yeah, we’ll go with that. (Soon COREY begins to bob his head and starts to sing to the song. Surprised, DREW turns over to COREY.)
DREW-You sing…?
COREY-Huh? Yeah a little.
DREW-A little? That sounded pretty damn-
DREW-Darn…uh-d-darn…(Shakes it off.) You’re good.
COREY-(He shrugs and gives a big toothy smile while.) Yeaaaaaaaaah…
DREW-Are you singing for the talent show?
COREY-(Worried) Uh-uhm…no-of course not.
DREW-You are!
COREY-NO! I’m doing-I’m doing…I’m doing a magic trick.
DREW-A magic trick, huh?
DREW-(pauses)…show me.
DREW-The magic trick, show me.
COREY-Show you? Like…right now? I-I-I-uh…I don’t have…cards.
DREW-Oh…(He pauses before finally thinking of something. He pulls down his glove box and removes a pack of cards from it.) Here
COREY-…you have a deck of cards in your car…
DREW-One weekend in Vegas with a cousin. Crazy time, you know? (COREY looks hopelessly up at DREW.) Okay, maybe you don’t know, regardless here’s your cards. Do the trick.
COREY-I-I…I-uh…I can’t.
COREY-Ya see…(Looks around and then whispers.) Magic isn’t real.
DREW-(Sarcastically) Nah.
COREY-Yeah, it’s true! I have to use my “special” cards, my rigged cards.
DREW-Oh, yeah, right…
COREY-I’d show you, but you know…magician’s oath.
DREW-An oath? What’s the oath?
DREW-The oath, what’s the magician’s oath?
COREY-Uh…uhm…the oath…well…the oath is…(Takes a deep breath.) Rabbits live in hats…?
DREW-(Pauses)…you’re unbelievable.
COREY-What, you don’t believe me?
DREW-You’re not doing a magic trick for the talent show-
COREY-I know….!!!!
DREW-Why did you say you were?! Are.you.singing.in.the.talent.show!?
COREY-Why do you care if I do or not? Is it because you and that ginger kid of yours is doing something musically inclined as well?
DREW-(Goes to speak, but retracts.)Uuuhm…(Laughs)…no?
COREY-I know you are! My girlfriend told me! You’re intimidated by me and what I’m doing at the talent show! (He opens his door.)
DREW-What are you doing?
COREY-I’m getting out of here. You, my good sir are not a friendly person.
DREW-I’m still driving!!!
COREY-Can’t you just do what you want to without feeling like someone else is better than you?
DREW-That’s the whole point, it’s a competition.
COREY-A competition, not war!
DREW-Okay…look, I’m sorry. (He pulls over and parks his car.)
COREY-Why’d you stop?
DREW-If you wanna leave, that’s fine, but I just wanna apologize…I think you have a great voice and…I wish you the best of luck at the talent show. (COREY just stares at him. Both are now sitting in silence.)
COREY-…this is getting a little weird…
DREW-…yeah, just a little…
COREY-I accept your apology and I have heard your mouth skills.
DREW-Please don’t say that again.
COREY-Sorry…good luck to you as well. (He gets out of the car.)
DREW-Wait, where are you going?
COREY-I’m walking home.
DREW-You don’t want a ride?
COREY-Are you serious? After that intimate of a conversation? We’re not even friends, barely acquaintances. I don’t even have your name on my phone. We’re not friends on facebook!!!
DREW-What’s your point?
COREY-It’ll be awkward. You don’t see it, but it will be.
DREW-You’re so full of it, just get in.
DREW-Just, come in. Get in!
DREW-GET IN!!! (COREY scoffs and then looks both ways from the car and the long road ahead. He sighs.)
(They are now both sitting in the car again in complete silence for a few seconds.)
COREY……….told you it would be awkward-
DREW-I know

(The next morning. DREW is sitting at his dinner table eating cereal. He’s casually watching television when his dad enters the room. He by chance looks out the window at DREW’s car. His eyes bug and he stops.)
PAUL-Andrew, what happened to your car?
PAUL-Why is there a huge dent in your car? (DREW stops and nearly chokes.)
PAUL-Did someone attack your car while we were sleeping last night?
DREW-(Smiles at his opportunity.) Oh my-I would guess so!
PAUL-No, that couldn’t have happened. I would’ve heard it.
DREW-(Sighs)Uhm…maybe a branch fell off one of the trees.
PAUL-You’re not parked anywhere near a tree. (Turns to the other room and yells.) Rhonda, honey, can you come in here.
DREW-(Quietly) Oh s***…
RHONDA-(Fixing her hair.) What is it? Cant you see Im trying to get ready!?
PAUL-Did you hear anything last night while you were sleeping?
RHONDA-I don’t know, why?
PAUL-Andrew has a dent in his car. I wonder if someone vandalized it while we were sleeping.
RHONDA-Well, I didn’t hear anything. (She goes back to her room.)
PAUL-I’m gonna ask Tom next door if he heard anything.
DREW-Dad, it’s alright. I’m not upset.
PAUL-Well, you should be. You could get a nice chunk of cash if we find out who did this. (He grabs his coat and leaves as DREW sighs.)
(COREY wakes up from sleep, we do not see his face. He goes over to a mirror on a wall in his room and is taken back when we finally see that he has a large, dark, black eye.)
COREY-Whoa! (He winces as he taps it with his finger. He then speaks in a British accent.) That’s one nice shiner you have there ol’ chap. (He laughs as he exits the frame.)

(COREY is sitting in class. He tries to hide his black eye from BRIT. COREY tries to look at her to find she isn’t paying any attention to him.)
BRIT-(Caught off guard.) Huh? Oh-uh. Hey. (Notices his eye.) What happened to your eye?
COREY-You know that Drew kid?
BRIT-The one who’s friends with Teddy Montgomery?
BRIT-Oh-his friend, Ted?
COREY-Never heard of him. Anyway, I was walking home the other day-(She looks past COREY as she watches TED walk into the class room.)…isn’t that crazy?
BRIT-huh? What?
COREY-…you’re acting really weird today. Is everything alright?
BRIT-Yeah, hun Im fine.
COREY-Okay, if you insist. (TED comes up to COREY and BRIT.)
TED-Yo, bro.(COREY doesn’t respond at first.)
COREY-…(Realizing) Oh, you’re talking to me…?
TED-I heard my bro D-Rizzy hit you with his car yesterday.
BRIT-(Shocked.) You got hit by a car?
COREY-(unemotional)…really? I just told you that.
BRIT-(Distracted) Yeah, I know you did. (COREY looks around in confusion as if he is the only one who can hear himself.) Is he okay?
TED-Uhm, why don’t you ask him yourself.
BRIT-Ask who?
TED-Dude, your boyfriend?
COREY-Who’s sitting right beside you?
BRIT-(Turns to COREY) Baby, are you okay? (COREY just sits there with frustration on his face.)
COREY-Yeah…I’m fine…
BRIT-Jeez, you don’t have to be so hostile about it. (To TED.Sweetly) Thank you!
TED-Yeah yeah, no prob. What I really came over here was to talk to you.(To COREY)
COREY-Me? Why me?
TED-You got Rizzy to tell you what we’re doing at the talent show.
COREY-What kind of name is “Rizzy?”
TED-Didn’t you?
COREY-No, I mean not entirely. You guys are always mouth music-ing around the school. I only assumed. He told ME!
TED-(Pauses)…aight, that’s cool. He told me you were singing anyway…
TED-Let the best win…and trust me, we will. (Leaves.)
COREY-Jeez what an arrogant b-hole.
BRIT-(Taken back) B-hole…?

(DREW walks into the theatre. A few different groups are practicing their performances. He spots TED and approaches him.) TED-Finally, you’re here! Making out with your boyfriend? DREW-Who? TED-That damn Corey kid. DREW-You have serious problems you know that? TED-YOU have the problems. Talking with the enemy? DREW-Look, I hit the damn kid with my car the other day so I felt sorry and gave him a ride home. TED-Regardless, road kill is meant for the road. Shouldve done a hit and run. DREW-NO! Why would I do that?! (COREY walks out on stage humming to himself.) TED-Go to him, lover boy. DREW-You say one more thing and I’ll punch your f*ing face in. knock it off. Youre being childish! TED-Look who’s blushing. Someone have a crush? DREW-Stop it… TED=What’s wrong? DREW-I mean it… TED-Go get him (DREW reaches up and grabs ahold of TED’s shirt collar.) DREW-Shut up! (The theatre gets quiet as they turn towards them. DREW removes himself from TED.) Sorry everyone…I’m sorry. TED-(Laughs) You’re defending him…that’s hilarious. DREW-Get out of my way. (He goes on stage to talk to COREY.) TED-(Outloud) Better wear protection!! (COREY turns as DREW stops halfway and sighs, but then continues.) DREW-Uhm…hey… COREY-Hey, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to talk to me. It’s fine. DREW-Just stop…please? COREY-Look, I appreciate the ride the other day, but I don’t see it as you needing to have any sympathy for me. DREW-I DO feel bad about the other day, but that’s not why I’m here. (He looks back at TED who gives two thumbs up and laughs and then back at COREY.) Come here…(He pulls COREY off stage.) I just wanted to let you know if anything happens…(Sighs)…to let me know… COREY-Okay…? DREW-I see how things are with you in school and I think it’s bullshit. The way people push you around for what you like to do. What’s the fun in fearing something you like to do JUST because everyone gives you s*** about it? COREY-…why are you doing this? I mean, now…why? DREW-(pauses)…I don’t really know- COREY-Then stop. I appreciate the help, but I’m a senior getting ready to graduate. I don’t need personal help from a Junior. (He steps aside and starts to leave.) Good bye. (leaves. DREW goes back to TED.) TED-That looked promising! How’d it go? DREW-…I told him to get loss… TED-That’s more like it! Now, let’s move past this and practice. (DREW looks back off stage with confusion.)

(RYAN BRIANS, a record producer spins around into view while sitting in a spinning chair. He has a cell phone to his head.)
RYAN-Seriously?! Unavailable!? That’s bullshit! You hear me, bullshit! Are you sure he isn’t available?
I need a client by NEXT MONDAY!!! What am I going to do now?
Don’t talk to me that way! I know what I’m doing.
I’ll have someone by next week, bye! (He hangs up his cell phone and lays his head on his desk before quickly sitting up.) PHOEBE! (His secretary PHEOBE enters the room.) Is my flight ready for this Friday?
PHOEBE-Yes sir, it is. Visiting your sister?
RYAN-Family, but Im staying at my sister’s. (He sighs)
PHOEBE-I overheard your phone call…
PHOEBE-I’m sorry I was just curious….
RYAN-(Sighs) Don’t be so apologetic. It’s my fault regardless. I need to show Mr.Holiday a new client and paper work by next week and I don’t have a single lead as to who Im going to show him. If I don’t find one, you and I are out of a job.
PHOEBE-Maybe you could scout the area where you’re staying?
(RYAN stops to think.)
RYAN-That’s not too bad of an idea. Good work Phoebe. (He winks as she blushes.)
PHOEBE-Anytime sir. (RYAN picks up his brief case and begins to leave.)
RYAN-Please, remember it’s Ryan…just call me Ryan. (He goes and kisses her on the cheek.) Thanks for the flight reservations. Youre a life saver. (Leaves. PHOEBE stays with a goofy smile on her blushed face.)

(RYAN is sitting in his plane seat while listening to music. He closes his eyes and sits back to sleep.)
(A few hours pass as RYAN now steps out of the plane into St.Louis. He approaches his sister with a hug and peck on the cheek. They get into her car and drive away.)
LAURA-So, are you in the big business yet?
RYAN-Still working on that actually. I cant seem to find someone who pops with Mr.Holiday yet. I always seem to disappoint him.
LAURA-you’ll find a way. You always do. Somehow you do.
RYAN-(Sighs) im just worried about losing my job.
LAURA-You know you’re always welcome at the house with Jeff, me and the kids.
RYAN-How is my favorite little niece by the way?
LAURA-you know you have two others as well? Natalie isn’t my only child.
RYAN-(Laughs) I know. I have forgotten about Logan or Trevor either. I just feel since she is the only girl amongst two boys, she should get a little more attention from the best uncle in the world.
LAURA-Good thing neither of them heard you say that. They’d have you sleeping outside all weekend. You better become better friends with Twinkles if that should be the case.
RYAN-I wouldn’t worry about that.
LAURA-Speaking of Trevor actually, he has a talent show this Friday at his high school if you’re interested in going. I know you’ll have work to do, but it would mean a lot to him if you went.
RYAN-(Thinking) I may go. Don’t take my word for it yet, but I may…

(COREY is standing in front of his mirror with a shocked look on his face.)
COREY-It’s just pre-show jitters. Nothing to worry about…(He begins to shake himself of his worries. He turns to the other performers in the room. ) Can someone slap me?
TED-Love to. (DREW nudges him as he laughs. TED looks at his phone.) Oh, bro I gotta take this real quick.
DREW-Hurry back, the show starts in thirty minutes. I want to practice a little bit more before we go out there.
TED-No prob man. (He leaves. DREW goes to COREY at the mirror.)
COREY-I don’t want a pity party.
DREW-No pity here, trust me. (He holds out his hand.) Good luck out there.
COREY-I cant shake your hand.
COREY-Not after that.
DREW-Are you serious? It’s just common courtesy.
COREY-No no, not that. I meant the warm regards.
DREW-What about them…?
COREY-Before any performance, it’s best to say break a leg.
DREW-What’s the difference?
COREY-Break a leg is just as bad as saying…(Looks around and then whispers) Macbeth.
DREW-(Confused) Who’s Macbeth?
COREY-SHUSH! Don’t say that!
DREW-You just did though-
COREY-Yeah, quietly enough. Saying…you know, the “M” word or break a leg is bad luck karma for theatre…(He looks down at DREW’s hand and grabs it.) BREAK.A.LEG…(He leaves to go to the dressing room.)
DREW-(Pauses. Dumb founded) What a weird kid…(He then goes to his lyric sheet. HILLARY KIP, a blonde who goes to school with him meets him at the mirror.)
HILLARY-Uhm-excuse me?
DREW-Huh? Oh-uh sorry (Moves)
HILLARY-(Snotty) Thanks…(She starts to gauck at herself in the mirror.)
DREW-Good lu-I mean…break a leg out there tonight. I’m sure you’ll do great.
HILLARY-I know. (She turns to him and smiles.) I’m gonna win that trophy money and after that, it’s Cancun for this lil lady.
DREW-Cancun huh?
HILLARY-Right after I get myself that sexy two piece at Victoria’s Secret. (She kisses the mirror)
DREW-Sounds very…sexy. (He looks her up and down.)
HILLARY-Youre damn right it is. Brian’s gonna love it.
DREW-….Brian…your boyfriend.
HILLARY-Ha! Yeah, right…
DREW-No? But I thought I’ve seen you two around school holding hands and what not?
HILLARY-Get real. Brian’s a sweet guy, but not official boyfriend material.
DREW-Havent you two had sex already?
HILLARY-Of course! That’s how I know if he’s good boyfriend material or not. Now, you’re boring me. I need to talk to Brian… (Leaves.)
DREW-(To himself) Wow… (His cell begins to ring. He answers as he goes off into one of the dressing rooms. TED enters still on his phone.)
TED-Naw, babe. Everything will be just fine. Let me take care of everything.
Now? You’re such a bad girl.
Who cares if he’s mad? Don’t you care about me?
Come on, he’ll be fine.
Yeah, I’m here.
I’ll meet you in the lobby. (He hangs up and jumps around. He goes to use his phone again when he finds that the battery is dead.) Dammit…screw it. (He then rushes out of the room.)

(RYAN steps into the theatre with his sister.)
RYAN-I happen to recall this place looking a whole lot bigger last time.
LAURA-You’ve seen bigger stages since then.
RYAN-The kids didn’t wanna come?
LAURA-Friday night, they’re all at friends houses.
RYAN-Ah, the teenage life…I don’t miss it. (They both laugh. RYAN then runs into a fellow friend.) Paul?! Paul Deeds, is that you?
RYAN-It’s me Paul, Ryan! From high school? We graduated together.
PAUL-(Thinks) Ryan Brians! How the heck have you been!?
RYAN-Keeping busy. I assume the same for you?
PAUL-I would say so I guess.
RYAN-What are you doing with yourself now-a-days?
PAUL-I own my own tire shop now.
RYAN-(Stops) That’s…great Paul…
PAUL-What about you?
RYAN-I’m…I’m uh…well I’m a record producer.
PAUL-No fricking kidding?! That’s amazing! What are you doing here then?
PAUL-Well, it was great to see you. We should catch up sometime before you go back.
RYAN-I’d like that. I’ll call you.

(DREW exits the dressing room when the stage manager comes in.)
STELLA-Show starts in ten minutes.
DREW-(To himself.) Ten minutes? (He starts to look around for where TED is at.) Ted, where the hell are you?

(COREY peers through the curtain to see the audience.) COREY-Oh wow… (DREW comes up to him.) DREW-Have you seen Ted? COREY-Why would I care where he’s at? DREW-I don’t know? I was just on the phone with my grandma. When I got off the phone he was gone. COREY-Well I don’t know where he went. DREW-Could you at least help me find him? (STELLA approaches them) STELLA-Drew, you and Ted are our opening act. DREW-What?! Wait, what happened to Jerry and his puppet? STELLA-Apparently the puppet caught a cold… DREW-F***! (To COREY) Come on! (They both burst out the front door of the school yelling for TED.) DREW-Where in the world is he?! COREY-Did you try to call him? DREW-CALL! Of course (He gets his phone out and dials it only to find out his phone is either disconnected or dead.) No f*ing answer!! COREY-Shoot…! DREW-This cant be happening… COREY-It’s going to be okay. DREW-No it’s not. My partner bailed, I’m gonna look like a dumbass and especially Im gonna lose to YOU! (He scoffs and goes inside.)

(COREY strolls back towards the green room with his head pointed at the ground. STELLA stops him.)
STELLA-Corey, you’re up next after Drew. (COREY looks in to see DREW waiting to go out on stage. DREW looks back and then reluctantly looks away.) Are you ready?
COREY-yeah, I just need-(Touches his neck.) Oh wait, I don’t have my tie. I’ll be right back! (He goes into the green room.)

(DREW looks out into the audience and winces to himself. He nods and swallows hard before STELLA gives the okay and he heads out on stage alone. The audience grows silent as DREW slowly gets into position for his performance. He starts to beat-box, but alone looks completely lost and confused. The audience starts to smirk amongst each other soon growing into laughter and yells. COREY slowly walks into offstage to see DREW standing on stage alone. He sighs and goes to join him.)
COREY-Stop it…(The audience grows silent as does DREW who looks over at him.) Do you really think this is his performance? (Laughs) You’re crazy! (He goes to DREW) Do you know the beat to Stereo Hearts?
DREW-Maroon 5?
COREY-Well, Gym Class Heroes mainly, but Adam Levine too, yeah.
DREW-What about it?
COREY-Just lay down the beat and sing the rap part. (DREW nods and starts to beat box as COREY begins to sing.)


(The song ends as the audience stands in an uproar. COREY and DREW stand in awe. They high five and then bow before leaving stage.)
DREW-What just happened?
COREY-I’m sorry.
COREY-For earlier. I know you were just trying to help I just felt like I needed some pride. (COREY goes to hug, but is stopped by DREW.)
DREW-Whoa-whoa…WHAT-are you doing?
COREY-I was gonna hug you.
DREW-No hug! (They both stay put in silence.)
COREY-Just a quick one?
DREW-Yeah-(They lean in and quickly slap each others back with a hug.) No more.
COREY-Ah…that was nice.

(COREY and DREW walk away from the stage with a large check in their arms. RYAN stops them.)
RYAN-Congrats boys! You two were amazing.
COREY-Thank you?
DREW-Do we know you?
RYAN-Ryan Brians, I’m a record producer.
COREY-A r-r-r-r-record-r-r-record…
DREW-You’re a –
RYAN-Uhm-yeah…Onebar productions.
DREW-What a pleasure to meet you.
RYAN-Likewise. You two have some very promising talent.
COREY-I never break my promise.
DREW-Ignore him. My name’s Drew Deeds. This bumbling fool over here is Corey S-Uh-Sim…Sim
RYAN-Well Drew, Corey, I’m in town till Monday, if you want to come by my sister’s house, which I am staying at for now, I would love to set up an appointment with you two.
DREW-Uhm-yeah-yeah, that would be great!!!
RYAN-(Pulls out his card.) Here is my card and information. My cell is the second number on there so call me whenever. (Holds out his hand.) I hope to hear from you?
DREW-You definitely will! (Shakes his hand)
RYAN-Goodnight you two. (Leaves)
COREY-What…what just…happened?
DREW-I think we just got a record deal?
COREY-Could we hug now?
DREW-We just hugged!
COREY-Like, for real now…
DREW-HELL YEAH!!!! (They hug and hop around before realizing what they look like and retract from one another. COREY then sees BRIT and collects himself.)
BRIT-Baby, you were great!
COREY-I’m breaking up with you…
BRIT-What? (COREY starts walking past her and exits. She turns around and starts to cry. TED enters to room to see DREW who just looks at him and walks away.)

(RYAN gets into his car and calls MR.HOLIDAY.)
RYAN-Roger, it’s Ryan. Give me a call when you can. I think I found you new talent. (He hangs up as they drive off.)

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