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(DREW is driving alone in his car. It’s silent before he pushes a mixed tape into the cassette player. A beat begins to pick up as DREW then begins to spit beats with his mouth. Soon after, he passes by a group of school girls. He is distracted by looking at them as he passes by. While distracted, DREW manages to look back to the road just in time to see he has veered off onto the curb, he tries to swirl to the left, but is unfortunate when he hits someone walking.)
DREW-OH MY GOD! (He gets out of his car and rushes to the person. COREY is laying on the ground before rolling over and groaning.) Oh god! Are you alright?
COREY-(Groans) Oh…Oooooooh yeah (He sits up as several popping noises project from him.) Yeah…yeah I’m-(He pops his neck) Yep, I’m alright. I’ll be okay. (He sighs and looks over at the car.) Damn that was a good hit…
DREW-Please don’t sue me.
COREY-(Looks up.) Sue? Yeah right…I don’t like messing with the government.
DREW-Okay…okay, good good! That’s good! Oh god I cant believe I just hit you. Youre sure you’re okay?
COREY-Yeah, I’m okay. Maybe a bruise here and there, but overall okay. (He gets to his feet.) Didn’t we just talk back at that gas station?
DREW-Uhm…yeah, that would be me…
COREY-Well, if you wanted to kill the competition you should’ve been more secretive about it. (He laughs.)
DREW-It’s not…like that…
COREY-…you just spend your free time running people over?...MORBID…
DREW-Look, I’m sorry. (He pulls out his wallet.)
COREY-Whoa! What are you doing?
DREW-Look, all I have is fifty.
COREY-I’m not gonna take your money…well, maybe not-how much you got?
DREW-Just don’t spread this around school.
COREY-Yeah yeah, how much?
DREW-I mean it. (He hands COREY the money.) Hey, why are you walking? It’s like a thousand degrees out here.
COREY-Thank the lord it’s not. I don’t have a car obviously.
DREW-How come?
COREY-Just don’t. I don’t have the money.
DREW-Well…could I give you a ride home? After all it’s the least I can do after…you know-
COREY-Tee-boning me?
DREW-…yeah, that… (COREY goes to the passenger door.)
COREY-I need to make a few pit stops before I get home.
DREW-Oh…okay. Where do you need to go?
COREY-Well, I was gonna stop by starbucks to get an ice frappe. I need to go to the drug store and pick up my grandmas ointment, go see Jasper the dog, say hi to mister Hawkins, pick up Miss Landing’s mail-
DREW-ANYthing else?
COREY-(Pauses to think)Uh…that should be it…oh wait, actually-
DREW-Let’s get going!
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 18 Next »

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