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(COREY is now at a quick stop standing in front of a glass door, separating him from a large selection of beverages.)
COREY-So many choices, so little time. (He goes to open the door, but retracts and repeats this numerous times. MATT HAMPTON, the store manager peers around the corner. He sees COREY and sighs. He looks up to the ceiling.)
MATT-God, why do you send him here? Every Monday! (Looks down at COREY.) Have you decided yet?
COREY-Hi Matt! Uhm-not yet. Still trying to figure that out.
MATT-It’s just soda, pick one.
COREY-There’s so many! I mean why does Mountain Dew always make a new flavor every few years ? It gets confusing!
MATT-I don’t know. You know what, I know the soda corporate owner. How ‘bout you leave and go talk to him about it? (Rolls eyes and scoffs)
COREY-No, that’s ridiculous.
MATT-…of course it is-
COREY-We both know you don’t know the soda corporate owner.
MATT-(Sighs) Whatever…(Turns away.) Why do I even try?
COREY-(Yelling towards MATT.) You know what, I think I’ll just go with a bottle water. (MATT looks at his watch.)
MATT-So you spent a good thirty minutes just to decide on buying water? Something you could get for free at home.
COREY-Pfft! Water’s not free. (COREY meets MATT at the counter.)
MATT-That’ll be one nineteen.
COREY-One nineteen for a water? (He looks at the water then back at the sodas with conflict.)
MATT-Oh no…
COREY-I need a few more minutes. (COREY walks off as MATT slams his head down on the counter. DREW enters the store shortly after.)
DREW-I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be sleeping on the job Matt.
MATT-No, I’m not! Why don’t you call my boss and get me fired!? PLEASE!
DREW-(Thinks) Hmmmm, nah I’m too busy. I have a lot to work on for the talent show this Friday. You going?
MATT-I HAVE TO WORK!!!! (Starts to pout.)
DREW-I don’t know why you don’t just quit. It’s easier that way.
MATT-Not with morals like me. My parents would kill me! I’d rather suffer here instead of hearing dad say “You know your brother went to college-BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!”
DREW-Haha-your parents sound fun.
MATT-Trust me, they’re not…You wouldn’t believe-
DREW-Hey, I’d love to chat, but remember? BUSY!!!! (He goes to fetch himself a drink when he notices COREY round the corner towards him.) Oh….it’s you.
COREY-Look, if you’re gonna call me a faggot or anything that is supposed to bash my sexuality, just save it.
DREW-Oh-no…I don’t do that. It’s immature.
COREY-THANK YOU!!! I always tell myself, “The guys who supposedly get all the action in school, LOVE to make fun of ‘gay’ things”. And a little too much in that case.
DREW-Haha! I know right? Ridiculous! (They both laugh when it then becomes awkwardly silent.)
DREW-Soooo…we’re competing against each other in the talent show this Friday.
COREY-Oh yeah? No kidding. What are you doing?
DREW-My buddy Ted and I are doing an acapella layout of different rythms…with our mouths.
COREY-(Looking at DREW with almost fear of what he was talking about.) Your…mouths…?
DREW-Yeah, like this. (DREW begins to beat box. COREY looks at him still with confusion. DREW stops.) Awesome, right?
COREY-………(Snaps out of it.) Huh? Oh-uh…yeah (Starts to clap) Cool cool!
DREW-(Irritated) Yeah…well, good luck to you on Friday…(Walks away.)
COREY-(Still confused) Uh-yeah…you too? (Turns away.) He didn’t even ask what I was doing.
MATT-(Looks at COREY) You pick something yet?
COREY-(Looks at his empty hands) Oh yeah. Thanks for the reminder!
MATT-Oh my god……(Slams his head down on the countertop once again.)
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 18 Next »

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