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Author's note: I wrote this for a school project and tweaked the last three scenes. I'm not a screenwriter in...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this for a school project and tweaked the last three scenes. I'm not a screenwriter in the slightest, but this story hits close to home for me and I know some of the things in it will for others.  « Hide author's note
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Scene 1

Background Information: Kathy is a 15 year old girl who has a small group of close friends, gets through school with A's and B'sand keeps a job at the local bakery. But she has become more reclusive since her parent's divorce and death of her ten year old brother that occurred one year ago. She has lost all interest in going out with friends and locks herself in her room whenever at home, rarely eating. Kathy almost never talks to her father, whom she lives with. Jake is a new student to McKinley
I didn't study before-hand all the terminology associated with screenplays and camera angles so...I'm sorry if it's inadequate.
High School, he plays soccer and lives with his grandparents.

Scene 1

The camera is following a young girl, she is running around taking orders from hungry customers. She's wearing a dark purple, long sleeve shirt and black denim shorts. A splotch covered apron is worn over her attire. Four people are lined up requesting their orders and pre-ordered cakes. Camera pans around the counter showing that she is working alone and its near closing time. Camera turns to ,once again, follow the girl. Her once tight bun has fallen slightly, light brown angel hairs flailing around in the stir of her rush. Close-in on her face. Her face has light streaks of flour and her fingers are several different shades of blue and red, from edible dyes. A man with designer glasses and a dark grey tailored-suit steps to the front of the line.

MAN (Impatiently)
I need my cake!

YOUNG GIRL (Exhausted)
I'll be with you as soon as I get to the lady in front of you, sir.

MAN (Impatiently)
I'm going to miss my appointment!

YOUNG GIRL (Sincere)
I'm sorry, you'll just have to wait.

The impatient man crosses his arms and taps the tip of his shined, leather shoes on the tile floor. The young girl is shown rushing to get the woman her order and ring her up with one hand and giving two other customers their cake with the other. The camera spins to show the two people with the cake leave and the lady is heading towards the door. The young girl closes the cash register and turns towards the man standing alone and extremely impatient at the very edge of the display case.

YOUNG GIRL (Politely)
What'll you have, sir?

MAN (Unamused and angry)
I'll have a bakers dozen (points to several chocolate covered delights) of those.

YOUNG GIRL (Slightly Impatient)
Ok and is that all?

The young girl has the mark of many sleepless nights and sorrow written all over her face. She is clearly exhausted and is constantly looking at the clock across the room, on top of the entrance door. The camera zooms in slightly and reads two minutes before 5. The feeling of anticipation is flooding from the young girl's face.

MAN (Angry):
Did I say I wanted anything else?

YOUNG GIRL (Half-Hearted)

MAN (Angry):
Exactly, so shut up and get me what I ordered!

The young girl is stunned by what the man says and quickly produces his order. The camera follows her around and you can hear the man calling her incompetent and rude under his breath. Tears start to fill her eyes as she turns around and heads to the cash register. The camera zooms in to see her hide her face from the man who is now standing in front of the register. Tears are shown, fighting not to fall.

YOUNG GIRL (Struggling):
That'll be $10.56, please.

MAN (Irritated):
I should get a discount for the poor service you've given me! Unbelievable…

The man pulls out a ten dollar bill and the exact change. He picks up his box of treats and slams the money down on the counter, turns around and walks away. The bill flies under the register and the coins ping and pang all over the floor. Several are followed, by camera, as they roll in opposite direction.

MAN (Sarcastically)
Have a nice evening!

The man leaves chuckling. The camera 360s to the young girl, who is on her hands and knees picking up the sprawled pennies and dimes on the floor. We can see several tears falling to the ground, leaving little puddles as she crawls on the floor. As the man is leaving a young boy enters the bakery. He is 16 with blonde hair and soft blue eyes. He is wearing a dark grey blouse and dark blue, old jeans. The young boy walks up to the counter and sees that no one is there. He quizzically looks around and sees an opening where he can get behind the display case and counter. The camera trails behind him as he cautiously walks behind the counter. There in front of him, on the floor, is a girl looking underneath the display case. She has her arm out-stretched.

YOUNG BOY (Confused)

The young girl bangs the side her arm hard against the display case at the sound of his voice. She slowly removes her arm from underneath, showing a handful of coins. She looks up to see a handsome guy about her age staring down at her concerned. He bends down and helps her up.

YOUNG BOY (Concerned)
Are you ok? How's your arm?

He reaches to pull up her sleeve, but she pulls away.

YOUNG BOY (Concerned, Confused)
Wait, no, let me see.

YOUNG GIRL (Assertively)
I'm ok, it's fine.

The boy looks at her, discouraged.

YOUNG BOY (Sincere)
Look I'm really sorry I scared you, I saw the door open and I didn't see anyone at the counter…i'm really sorry.

The young girl looks at him closely, studying his facial features as he talks. He's extremely good looking and well dressed, he has a smile that could light up a room and eyes that could tame the harshest of beasts. She quickly takes down her messy bun and smooths out her hair.

YOUNG GIRL (Cool-headed)
No worries, I understand. I'm alright.

YOUNG BOY (Confused)
If you say so. Well, uh, what's your name?

The young girl hesitates a moment and questions whether to answer. The young boy stands there waiting patiently for her answer.

YOUNG GIRL (Plainly)

The young boy extends his hand.

YOUNG BOY (Cheerily)
Nice to meet you, Kathy. I'm Jake.

Kathy looks down at his hand blankly. A nervous feeling wells in her stomach.

JAKE (Jokingly)
Look…I'm not gonna bite, honest.

He looks, in urgency, from her to his hand, gesturing to shake it. Kathy hesitantly shakes his hand, slowly.
He smiles at her sweetly. She smiles back half-heartedly and walks to the cash register and places the coins in their correct slots. She hides her face from him and contemplates her feelings.

JAKE (Concerned)
Are you ok? Did something happen?

Kathy looks back at Jake confused and he points to her face. She picks up her hand and brushes it against her face. The camera zooms in as she looks at her hand. Nearly dried tears wet her hand and she quickly looks up at jake, embarressed.

JAKE: (repeats)
Did something happen?

KATHY (Nervous/Embarressed)
Oh…it's nothing. Just some guy came in and said a few things that got to me.

Jake shakes his head in understanding. He walks up to her and hugs her.

JAKE (Understandingly)
I understand, but don't let whatever he said get you down. He's not worth it.

Kathy is stunned at his touch and a little apprehensive of him. Her facial expression is of shock and confusion. Not sure if she can handle these conflicting emotions. And we can see that she has not had close interaction with anyone in a while. She pulls away slowly.

KATHY (Confused)
Um, thanks

JAKE (Happy)
Anytime. I gotta get going, but it was nice talking to you.

The camera zooms in on jake as he takes out a small slip of paper from his back pocket and a pen from the counter and jots down a phone number. He hands it to Kathy. The camera moves from Jake to kathy. Kathy looks down at the paper in her hand as the camera zooms in for a close-up.

JAKE (Happy)
I'm new to McKinley High…So text me sometime, ok?

KATHY (Slightly dazed)

He smiles at Kathy and walks towards the door, the clock reads 5:26. He waves good-bye to her as he walks through the door. As the door closes the came spins around to view Kathy staring at the door. She watches him leave and stands there for a moment, obviously stunned by his beauty and of the events that just took place. She recovers from her daze and picks up her school bag and grabs a set of keys. She locks the register and walks to the door, there is a set of light switches that she switches off before walking out the door. The sun is close to setting and the air around her is cool. The hustle and bustle of the 4 o'clock rush hour has now diminished to a few stray people walking down the street. Kathy heads in the opposite direction of Jake, back home.

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