January 17, 2013
By Midnight1028 PLATINUM, SOUTH BELOIT, Illinois
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Midnight1028 PLATINUM, SOUTH BELOIT, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Seek the non-see-ken and follow your own path for the right life."

Author's note: This is unfinished story. I want to know if people would exactly read this if I should ever finish the book and get it published. Please leave a comment Thank you.

I run, but have nowhere to go. I run and run, then one day, one sunny day I stop and asked myself
“Why am I running? Where am I going?" I stop at the corner of James Street and Night Road.
I saw an old, torn up, and creepy house that was a banded almost 100 years. I looked up at one of the windows and swore I saw a 15 year-old boy in the window.
"Lucy, hey!" a girl said walking towards me. "Hey Lucy, where were you? Why didn't you go to the party?" she said.
"I got grounded, Jessica. My mom said I should stop yelling at her, but that will never change.'' I said to Jessica.
"Well, you miss a heck of a party, in till the cops came and told everyone to go home," she said looking down, "Hey! Are you listening? Hello, Earth to Lucy," waving her hand in my face, but I was staring at the boy in the window.
He looked like one of those farmer boys back when the Civil War had just starting. The boy had brown eyes and jet black hair that was up to his shoulders.
"Lucy, what are you looking at?" she said looking at the window I was looking at," Nothing is there. Are you drunk? Hello?"
“I’m... I'm fine. Don't worry."I said as I looked at her, then back at the window, but the boy wasn't there anymore.
"Hey, you should ask if you can come over to my house.'' she said looking at me.
"Sure. Hey, what's the story of that house?" I asked pointing at the old house.
“The story, why do want to know that?" she asked me.
“Just wondering" I said to her.
"Oh well, my grandma Lisa says that there was a family that lived there and the youngest son, he was 15, had supposedly been murdered by his father, Devon Lee Turner. After, he killed his son the family moved out and none saw them ever again. My grandma says it's haunted and I believe her. If it wasn't someone would have lived there, right?" she said as I looked back at the house
“I guess your grandmother is right." I said.
Jessica's phone began to ring and she pulled it and said “Hello? Oh hi Miss. Robinson. Yes, Lucy's here. Sure you can talk to her," she handed me the phone “It’s your mom."
I grabbed the phone “Thanks,” I said “Hi mom.''
'' Lucy where are you? I was worried sick.'' she yelled into the phone.
“I’m at the corner of James Street and Night road. Hey, can I spend the night at Jessica's house today. "
“Fine, but be home at 3 and no later than that.''
“Thanks, mom, bye “I said while almost jumping and hanging up.
“What she say?" Jessica said looking curiously at me.
“She said yes." I said proudly.
'' O.K, let's go. We have a long walk." Jessica and I walked almost a mile to her house. "Mom, I 'm home." she called through the house. "Hi, Jessica. Hi, Lucy.''
"Lucy's mom said she can spend the night." Jessica said to her mother.
“Oh. O.K." her mother said.
"Hi, Mrs. James, how are you today?" I said to Jessica's mother.
"Fine and thank you, Lucy." she said with a smile.
Jessica grabbed my hand and said “Come on, Lucy.”
I followed her to her room.
“Hey, Jessica, I was wondering can we go to that old house and go inside tonight." I said with an evil smile.
“Sneaking out?" she said almost as if she was saying "Are you nuts?!?"
"Please." I begged.
“Fine, let me get a few things and we can go." she said, while grabbing her backpack, some flashlights, glow sticks, pepper spray and her cell phone.
“O.k. let’s go." she said.
We climbed out the window and started walking to the old house. We reached the house at 9:00.
“Oh my, why did I let you talk me into this?" Jessica said a little scared.
“Because you’re my best friend and you won't let me go alone." I said as I climbed over the gate and then helped Jessica climb over the gate.
“I want to say here." she said shaking.
“Fine, stay here, I am going inside," I said as a walk in the house. “Hello, anyone here?" I asked walking around with my blond hair getting in my blue eyes. I walked upstairs to a room.
“This must be the youngest son's room.” I thought to myself.
I knocked three times and said “Hello, anyone in there? Can I come in? I'm not going to hurt you."
Then the door open and I walked in. I saw the teenage son on the window sill.
“Hi, my name is Lucy Robinson. What's your name? "
He was silent for awhile, then he finally said " Nice to me you, Lucy Robinson. My name is Lance Turner," He looked at me for a moment then turned back to the window," Your pretty, Lucy."
I blushed and said "Thank you, Lance."
He signaled me to sit beside him.
"So, what beings you here, Lucy? " he said with a lonesome smile.
I just stared into his eyes. “What’s going on with me?” I said to myself.
“You O.K, Lucy?" he asked a little confused. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just got lost in.... the town, “I shouted.
I can't believe I was going to say "I got lost in your eyes."
''Oh, you need help getting home?" he said with his eyes glittering from the moonlight. "No. I know where to go, but thanks."
''Ok. Is that your friend by the gate? ''
"Yes. That's Jessica. She was too scared to come in the house. ''
Lance chuckled “Why is she scared?”
“I really don't know why." I answered.
“Hey, Lucy Robinson...."
I interrupted “Please just call me Lucy."
"Ok. Lucy would you like to come over tomorrow night? '' I blushed redder than a rose.
“Sure. I'd love to, Lance."
He smiled at me and said "Cool. I can’t wait to see you again."
I looked at him and said "Really? You can't wait to see me again?"
“Yes. Is something wrong with that? “He laughed.
"No. It's just... none has ever said that to me. “He looked at me confused “Really? Well those boys are dumb to not to talk to you and I think your coolest person I ever met. "
I blushed again and said “Thanks.”
Lance scathed the back of his head and said "You’re welcome.”
''Lucy, come on. Hurry up. It's cold out here and scary.'' Jessica shouted from the door.
'' Coming,'' I shouted,'' I have to go, sorry.''
'' It's ok, Lucy. See you tomorrow at midnight. “He said as I ran for the door.
“Midnight?" I looked at him with a confused look,'' Why midnight?"
“Because then I can show you something. Why? Don't you trust me? "
I was so confused and was thinking what was he planning and what his intentions were.
“Yes, I trust you, but I don't think it's safe for a 15 year-old girl to be running around the street at night by herself is all.”
“Yeah, I guess you right. “He said with a disappointment tone," I could get you, Lucy? “He said pointing it out like writing in a book.
”He likes me." I thought," He really likes me!''
“Ok, but do you know where I live? '' I asked him.
“Yes, I do." He said with a smile.
"How do you know?" I said.
''I just saw you come here from your house." he said with a smile.
"Lucy, come on let's go now." Jessica said shaking in fear.
"I'm coming! Just wait!" I yelled back, “I live at 1020 West Wills street. The house you saw me at is Jessica's house. Well I got to go. Good-night, Lance. I will see you tomorrow at mid-night."
"Good-night, Lucy. I will be at your house around mid-night." he said blowing me a kiss, as I walked out the door

I woke up and rose from my sleeping bag trying to figure out if my night at the Turner's house was a dream or was real. It had to be real. I mean I was covered in mud, but I don't remember how.
"Ewe, how did I get mud in my hair?!?" Jessica said in the bathroom looking in the mirror.
"I don't know. Maybe you fell in the mud on the way home." I laugh.
"Shut up, Lucy! My mom is going to freak if I don't take a shower before she comes to bring our breakfast." she said shutting the door and turned on the shower.
"Hurry up, ok? I have to take one too." I told through the door.
I got on the computer to check my e-mails and I got one from a boy I like. It said: Hey Lucy, its Jake. I was wondering if you want to go to the mid-night movie today. Well, let me know bye

Sincerely, Jake Davis
"Lucy, shower's opens for you." she said all dressed and ready to go.
"Oh, thanks." I said as I logout out of my Yahoo account.
I jumped in the shower and almost took me an hour to get all the mud out of my hair, but I manage to get it out. I put on my "Nightmare before Christmas" t-shirt and my "Apple Bottoms" shorts, and then put on some black eye make -up.
"Someone looks dark today," Jessica said," Why are you wearing that? I thought you like bright colors."
“I do. I'm trying something new today." I flashed a smile.
“Morning, girls, how did you sleep?" Mrs. James said as we walked downstairs.
"Hi." Jessica and I said and the phone begun to ring, "Hello. Yes? Oh, o.k. I will tell her."
Mrs. James said, and then hung up the phone.
"Your mom wants you home in an hour."
"Ok. I better pack up my stuff." I said as I ran upstairs to Jessica's room.
I grabbed my clothes and my personal care things in my bag. I found a piece of paper in my pants from last night. I started read it: Lucy, I hope I see you at your house, love Lance Turner.
"Who should I keep seeing Lance or Jake? Great, now I have to pick who I want. Great, not really!" I said to myself.
I threw the note in my bag.
"I'm going to go now so I'm early. Is that ok?" I said looking at Jessica.
"Yeah, bye Lucy,” she said giving me a hug as I was at the door.
"Bye" I walked out the door and grabbed my bike and started ridding home.
I road by the Turner's house and didn't see Lance. "Maybe he was sleeping?" I thought to myself. I still waved at his window and I felt like he was waving back, but I didn't see nothing in that window. I road my bike really fast and I made on time.
"Lucy! Hurry! Get in the house! I have to go to work!" my mom yelled, carrying her purse, keys, and law books, “Okay, Lucy, I will be home at 6:00 am tomorrow. Mrs. James will check on you every two hours. Bye sweetheart.”
She kissed my head and she was gone on the street. Few hours later I was sitting on the couch watching TV and all of a sudden the begun to ring. I answer the phone and said “Hello?” but there was no a sound on the over line. I hung up the phone and went back to watching TV and the phone rang again and. I answered it and not a sound on the other line.

“Okay, if this is a prank it’s not funny.” I yelled on the phone, and hung it up.
I got up from the couch and walked to the kitchen. I saw my mother’s note she’d always leave if something would happen or if I need something there was a phone number there for me to reach her or the police. I made myself a sandwich and sat at the table to eat. I heard the phone ring again. I answered it again, but this someone was there.

“Hello, Miss Jane Robison?”
“No, this is her daughter, Lucy. Why?”
“Lucy, is that really you?”
“Okay, who are you and why are you calling here?”
“It’s your father.”
I froze and dropped the phone. I could hear her father calls my name and if I was there. Then I picked the phone and hung it up.
“After all these years of not knowing who my father was, he just calls my house and thinks he can be my friend? No, he shouldn’t have abandoned my mother and my mouth old self. What he did was wrong.” I thought.
I sat back down and went on my laptop. I saw the time 7:00 P.M. in the corner.
“5 hours left. YAY!”
The phone begun to ring.
“Hello, who is this?”
“This is Jake. Umm… I was wondering you want to come to that mid-night movie with me.”
“I’m sorry. I can’t my mom left.”
“Oh, okay.” He said with a sad tone.
“Hey, why all of a sudden you want to know me?”
“Because I have always liked you, but I didn’t know if you liked me back.”
I smiled in till my cheeks turned to a blood red.
“Well, I can’t.” I said.
“Maybe next time,” he said with sad tone.
“I don’t think so.” I said
“But why Lucy?” he said
I hung up the phone as soon as he said that and he kept calling over and over again.
As I looked at the clock, I saw it 11:30pm and then I heard and big bang in my room. I ran up the stairs and open the door with a bat in hand expecting an intruder, but there on the ground lay my prince, Lance.
“Ouch,” he said getting up,” you really should move that desk to the other side of the room. That way I won’t have to almost have to kill myself to see you.”
“I’m sorry, Lance. Are you okay?” I said helping him up.
“I’m fine now that you are here with me,” he said with his eyes glinting into mine.
I just blushed and I saw his eyes look down to the bat.
“Why do you have a bat in your hand? Were you going to hit me with that thing?” he said with his eyes wide open. When I realized what he was talking about, and I throw the bat off to the wall.
“No. Why would I hit you?” I said with a cheesy smile.
“Ha ha, you’re so funny.” He laughed.
“So, how are you?” I said with red cheeks.
“I’m great now because I see the most beautiful girl alive or undead.” He winked at me and I started to feel like I was melting inside. He’s eyes dark eyes looked right through me like I couldn’t hide anything even if I wanted to.
“So, what do you want to do, Lucy?” he asked sitting on my bed.
“I don’t know. What do you want to do? I mean you’re the guest.” I said sitting beside him and wondering what I was thinking having a cute boy over. He looked at me than at the small TV on the stand.
“What is that box with a screen?” he questioned. I thought he was joking around, but he’s eyes said otherwise.
“That is T.V. Have you ever seen a T.V before?” I asked with a giggle.
“No. I have not. I was born all the back before the Civil War, remember?”

“Oh yeah,” I said with a smile, “I keep forgetting. Sorry.” You know that feeling when you said something wrong and you feel weird out, well that’s the feeling I get when I’m a round Lance.
“So. . . what’s new in the word of Miss. Lucy today,” he said noticing I was spacing out again.
“Um, nothing really, but my dad called me today. It was a really bad call,” I sighed.
“Why’s that? I mean your father might not be as bad as you think. My father locked me in my room everyday with no food or water. Has he ever done that to you?”
“He’s questioning me! Really? Not cool. Stay calm through Lucy. He doesn’t mean it.”
“No, but he left before he could. I bet he would lock me in my room because he is a big jerk.”
“Lucy, how can you judge him, if you don’t even know him,” he said frustrated.
“I don’t know. How come you talk like I do? I mean didn’t your family and you have a weird tone to your voice or something.”
“Well, there is this thing called a book. You should know what a book is. You dropped this book the day after you came into my house,” he smiled, “Here’s it back.”

I smiled, as he handed me my History book, “Thanks I will need that later. So, what did you learn out of this book?”

He sat there quiet, like he was in a deep thought. Most teens would say they didn’t learn anything, but he actually took the time to think. It was weird because the simple fact we don’t think about what we learned until a test pops in our face, all we do is look at like we don’t really care. I know I thought that, but I guess Lance has to think about the wars and stuff like that.

“I don’t like that fact that we enslaved people, um, the wars I guess are kind of off in the book, and this book smells like it’s older than.” He smiled. I couldn’t help but laugh at the last one.

“Why are you laughing? Was it something I said?” he looked at me confused.

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This book has 4 comments.

on Mar. 1 2014 at 7:57 pm
Midnight1028 PLATINUM, SOUTH BELOIT, Illinois
23 articles 0 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Seek the non-see-ken and follow your own path for the right life."

I will write more when I have the time. Thank you! :)

FLAME said...
on Dec. 6 2013 at 11:55 am
I like it but i want to read more

on Aug. 31 2013 at 8:43 pm
Midnight1028 PLATINUM, SOUTH BELOIT, Illinois
23 articles 0 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Seek the non-see-ken and follow your own path for the right life."

Thank you! :) 

Curlyque12 said...
on Aug. 17 2013 at 12:25 am
Curlyque12, SLC, Other
0 articles 0 photos 8 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Nice work! I liked this very much.


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