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Beginning New

Author's note: My best friend wrote a book called, The Lovely Puppet. It was TREMENDOUS! It was so realistic and...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My best friend wrote a book called, The Lovely Puppet. It was TREMENDOUS! It was so realistic and related to hidden people. Him and I decided to write a sequel to it in which I wrote the first chapter.  « Hide author's note

Seeing IT

Her face soaked up the sun as it glistened through the glass window of the new found house. Smiling as bright as the room had become, Saphira slowly opened her eyes to simply hello the morning that had come, only to look over and see her beloved Sean by her side.
So many memories had been left behind, and yet so many made, and so many to make: her once called “mother”, Rachael, Sean, her brother Jason, the dad she never knew, her dog Terra, ex-boyfriend Jake, her bird Willow, all memories. Deep down inside she knew they were apart of her and she can never escape the past.

Saphira went over to Jake’s house. He hadn’t talked to her all day, and she hadn’t seen him. She walked up the porch and nervously knocked on the door, hoping HE would answer, but it was his mother.
“Oh, Saphira. What a pleasant surprise. Um...Jakes kind of busy right now.” Her face was half surprised; half worried, guessing that Saphira never came over to Jake’s house.
“Oh what’s he doing?”
“Upstairs doing homework, sweetheart. I’m afraid he has a lot of it.”
“I’m willing to wait if you don’t mind. It’s just I haven’t seen him all day; he hasn’t tried to contact me in any way or even helloed me at school. I’d just like to know why that’s all. I mean, if he’s avoiding me on purpose I’d at least like to know what I did. Wouldn’t you?” Her face turned slightly stern. She shook her head then waved her hand slightly, welcoming Saphira in.
“I was just fixing to head to the store, do you mind being here alone? You can always come back later.”
“Oh no, I’ll be just fine I promise.”
“Alright, here…” She cleaned off the couch. There were a few pieces of scattered clothing on the floor, but it was overcastted by the lighting in the room. It was so clean and sparkly. “I’m sorry my house is such a mess”
“It’s fine, don’t worry”
“You can sit here until Jake comes down. He should be done in about half an hour, but will come down early if he’s hungry. I’ll be back soon.” She began to walk out the door, but stopped and glanced at Saphira. “Saphira?”
“Never mind, I hope you and Jake work things out, after all you two have been together for a little while now.”
“Thank you.” She walked out and Saphira waited for ten minutes, but Jake never came down. She was beginning to believe that he wasn’t even home. Maybe he snuck out, or maybe he was sleeping. Just to make sure, Saphira went upstairs. There was a slightly opened door on the right and she automatically knew it was Jake’s. She went over and looked inside only to find him on top of another girl. Saphira quickly covered her mouth trying to hold back tears, and ran home.

She wasn’t playing in Jason’s old sandbox, Saphira didn’t see her sleeping in her dog house, and she wasn’t sneaking up on her at the side of the house. Saphira was officially worried. Then, Willow showed up. It wasn’t hard spotting a red bird not too high up in the blue sky.
“Willow, did you find her?” She flew in one direction. Saphira followed Willow to a tree that had the tree house she used to always go up in. Saphira used to always read or draw up there, but that was before her mom made it so she couldn’t go up anymore. That would be the only reason why she hated combination locks. Her favorite books were still up there, but for all she knew her brothers had already destroyed them. Saphira looked around and spotted Terra sleeping behind the tree.
“There you are. What are you doing over…” Her voice trailed off. Terra was lying on her side against the tree. Saphira had seen that too many times on TV to know what was wrong.
“Terra!” Saphira ran over to her, she wasn’t breathing. “Terra, wake up. Please.” She ran her hand through Terra’s fur. She felt a long gash in her neck. It looked like someone stabbed her. “Who could have done this to you?” Saphira knew the answer, but cried anyway with Willow on her shoulder.

"Ouch! Okay, I'll tell you!” Saphira’s heartbeat thumped loudly and she was almost choking on her words. “I was at the homecoming dance with Rachael and Sean..."
"You what!?!" Right away, she started beating her. Saphira didn't have to see a bottle to know she was drunk. It was all in how she was hitting her. It's happening again. "Again, you go behind my back you ungrateful little-"
"Aah!" It was almost a repeat of last time. The only difference was Saphira’s mom wasn't scratching her up. When she stopped, she pulled Saphira off of the bed and dragged her downstairs. At that point, she wasn’t scared anymore, she was terrified. Laying there on the cold kitchen floor, Saphira was too stunned to try and run away.
"This will happen to you next time you either go behind my back or lie to me." She pulled a knife out of one of the drawers, looked at Saphira, and then drew the knife through her dress, ripping it enough to never be worn again. No! Saphira wanted to stop her, but she was afraid she would draw the knife through her. "This will teach you a lesson.” Her mom stood there, staring at Saphira. Holding back tears even though it wasn’t easy to breathe right, Saphira managed to get up and walk away, but a forceful hand turned her around to look at her mother and another cut Saphira’s arm with the knife. The pain took its time getting to Saphira, covering the absolute shock she was in. When it did get to her, Saphira burst into tears, but her mother didn’t care. She knocked Saphira down and slammed her foot on her chest, making it even harder for Saphira to breathe. Saphira was still in terrible pain when she was finally able to walk out the door

As Saphira glanced at Sean’s face, she knew she was safe and escape was actually possible. Being with him was like a dream come true and she never thought of anything in her past life. Although, there was one particular memory she never wanted to forget. It was the day that forever planned her future, the hill.

A place so beautiful, that beautiful was the only way, the only word for a start of a description. Soft clouds caressing your chilled cheek with a bright, wondrous sun making everything it touched gleam. Looking down upon mazes of forest trees all combined to look like a whole new world; Fresh air clogging your nose and a gentle wind flowing through the silky strands of your hair. It’s just beauty itself blinding your eyes, filling them with tears due to over dramatizing such beauty with waves of grass all throughout the land soaking in the setting suns rays. You reach down and each blade’s dew softens your skin as warmth runs through your bloodstream to your heart and you just feel, at home, at ease. There’s no tension, worries, or problems, just you. Blossoming flowers in reds, blues and greens, surround your feet as though you are their queen. There are shining, glorious rainbows in the distance, but you know that you’re already at the end of one; you, yourself has found your pot of gold. Who knew that Mother Nature itself could create something so marvelous, so divine. It’s an unforgettable, perfect scene stretching as far as the eyes can see; so continuous, it’s unbearable. A place only meant for a princess or maybe that of a richer status. This was Saphira and Sean’s place of engagement.
She jumped, startled by the awakening of her beloved Sean. Gazing at his dashing face and strong arms, she knew she was safe. He wasn’t another Jake, even though they’ve had their predicaments. When she looked at Sean she didn’t see just a future, a heartbreak, or even just love. When she looked at him she didn’t even see just perfect; she saw, and knew she would always see, her guardian angel. He protected her with all his might, and loved her for who she was, despite her past. His wings weren’t visible, his glow dimmed down, and had no halo, but he was her Bonillo and that’s all she could ever ask for.
“S…Saphira?” Sean’s eyes tightened, as if the sun shined into his eyes. Saphira gently touched his cheek with her soft fingertips.
“I’m here darling.” He held her hand against his face.
“I love you’re touch Saphira. It’s always so powerful. It’s like I can feel you’re love run through my body, making me stronger.” He slowly opened his eyes to see Saphira’s beautiful face above his. He reached his head up and softly kissed her.
“Even in the morning you still look like my goddess.” Saphira then began to blush, her cheeks turning redder then a rose.
“Thank you darling.” Sean reached his head up and softly kissed her again.
“You’re so cute when you’re blushing.” This only made Saphira blush even more.
“Come Saphira, I want to show you something.” Sean got out of bed and went into their yard. The garden slightly right of the house had just begun to blossom with little green buds, trees forming the perfect background, and of course their favorite swing Sean just put in last week. All white with blue chains and a delicate rose in the center.
Saphira followed Sean, very excited and curious. (Sean never “showed” Saphira anything, it was always a surprise gift that he either made, or bought for her.) But, when she got to the yard, Sean was gone. She looked around, but there was no sign of him.
“Sean?” He poked his head out from the side of the house.
“Close your eyes and sit on the swing.” She went over to the swing, sat down and closed her eyes tight, only to be suddenly startled by two small, soft objects licking and jumping on her lap.
“PUPPIES!” She pet them, hugged them, kissed them, everything she could to give them all her love in those few minutes and Sean came around with a bright smile on his face. Saphira looked up at him with a sparkle in her eyes, looking like she was about to cry.
“Thank you so much. I love them, a Chihuahua and a Siberian husky, just what I wanted.” She kissed the puppies again, then got up and hugged Sean tightly. His usually tense arms had softened around her.
“You spoil me too much.” She giggled then looked deep into Sean’s eyes. He just smiled then touched her cheek.
“No I don’t, baby. It’s just you know not to say ‘I want’ around me.” Saphira smiled, even more beautiful then usual, and took the puppies inside. But, Sean stayed outside looking into the trees, as if he was searching for something. He suddenly became fixated on something deep in the forest, just watching it’s every move. His eyes widened a bit and clenched his fists together, like he was about to defend himself. Sean didn’t move. He was so stiff it was like he was frozen in the warm weather. Saphira looked out the kitchen window and saw Sean’s discomfort. She came back out and cautiously touched his shoulder.
“Darling?” He jumped sort of startled, quickly looked at Saphira, then back at the forest. He kind of searched around a bit, as if the object he was so focused on before had disappeared. Saphira, very confused and concerned, took his chin and slowly turned his face towards hers.
“Darling, are you alright? Did you see something?” He wrapped his arms around Saphira’s waist and turned them to where his back was towards the forest.
“N...No hunny. I’m fine. Just…let’s…” Sean took a deep breath. “I think its time for lunch. What do you say?” There was fear in Sean’s eyes, but covered it with his charming smile.
“Alright darling. Come on in and I’ll make your favorite.” Saphira walked in the house to the kitchen and began making homemade chicken Alfredo. Sean looked back at the forest trying to see IT again. He knew it was there. But, he didn’t see IT and walked in the house, looking back every two steps. When he got inside the house he locked the door, and went into the kitchen with Saphira. Life as they knew it, was about to change.

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