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Frostbitten love

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Frostbitten love

"Sky! Wake up! Wake up!" shouted my younger sister. I groaned and rolled over. "Come one Sky! It's snowing!" She shouted again. My eyes flew open and I threw off the covers to go run over to my window. I smiled as I saw the two feet of snow that laid on the ground.

"No school?" I asked.

"Nnnnnooooo school!" my sister sang happily.

"Yes! Let me get dressed!" I said as I ushered my six year old sister out of my room. I changed quickly and bolted down the stairs. "Morning Mom" I said, grabbing a cereal bar and getting my snow gear on.

"Morning dear! Make sure your back home for lunch, or even at least snack" Mom said cleaning some dishes.

"K, bye Mom" I said kissing her on the cheek and I ran out the door. I grabbed my snowboard and walked up the street to the huge hill that was there. I walked up and got to the top. I looked out and saw groups of kids walking towards the hill. I clipped my board onto my feet and leaned forward. I went down the hill. I cried out in pure delight until someone whizzed past me. He turned back to me and I caught him smiling. His hood was up and covering most of his face. I saw that he was only wearing a hoodie and some pants that came to just a little above his ankles. He also has no shoes on. "No one's going to beat me" I grumbled and leaned forward more. We raced down the hill and made it to the bottom. I laughed in triumph; when I turned to tell him he did a good job, he wasn't there. My eyes searched for him, but I couldn't find him. "That's strange" I said thoughtfully. I continued to snowboard for the next hour or so. I made it down to the bottom and got hit with a snowball. The teen from before, that I raced down the hill earlier, was standing there throwing a snowball up into the air and catching it. I gathered up some snow and chucked it at him. He caught it, my eyes widened in surprise, and threw it back at me. I dodged it, I had my years of getting hit in the face with something and learning how to dodge effectively under my belt. We soon had an all out war. We kept throwing and dodging. Soon he pegged me in the back and I surrendered. After I did that he was gone. I shook my head and decided to go home. I picked up my board and walked home.

"Did you have fun?" asked Mom as I walked in.

"Yeah, I did" I said with a smile as I peeled off the layers of snow gear I had on.

"That's good, your father wanted to see you, he's downstairs in his study" Mom said, I nodded and walked down the stairs.

"You wanted me Dad?" I asked.

"Yes, come here" he said, motioning for me to come over. "I want you to give me your opinion on this" he said motioning to what he was working on the computer. I was the one who go him into digital art since I'm a prodigy online. I've been teaching him some new stuff and he's always been asking me for advice.

"Move" I said and he got out of his seat. I sat down and looked closely at the image on the screen. I looked at all the little details he did as well as the big details. "I think the one thing that's throwing me off is the fact that I have no idea where your light source is coming from 'cause it looks like it's coming from all over the place" I explained, he nodded. "Other than that it's fine, so just fix the lighting" I said and got up.

"Okay, thanks boo" he said, using my nickname. I nodded and left the room. The day passed by pretty quickly. I soon got ready to go to bed after dinner. I looked out my window and saw the hoodie boy from this morning. He stood on a branch, looking at me, his hood was still up, but he had a shepherds crooked staff in his hand. He had it resting lazily on his shoulder. I blinked a couple times and rubbed my eyes. I looked back and saw he was gone. I shook my head, convincing myself that it was just my mind playing tricks. I got into my bed and pulled the covers up over me. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I dreampt that I was in a tunnel system. You don't ever wanna race a rabbit echoed a voice. I looked around the tunnel system. I saw nothing.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that echoed a Russian voice as the scene changed to a winter landscape.

Memory is the diary we all carry about with us said a strong, happy voice as the scene changed to a mountaintop with a temple on it.

Go to sleep echoed a dark, evil voice as my dream went pitch black.
Chapters:   1 2 3 Next »

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