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True Spirit

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Serina's POV

I stood close to Oceleez latching my arm around his; its weird how he makes me feel so safe. I watched the limo pull up and the driver open my grandfather’s door, everyone rushed to his side, but I stayed at the top of he stairs and grabbed my left arm with my right hand as I always did as a little girl.
He looked up to me with pleading eyes and I smiled weakly, “Hey Pops,” I smiled weakly as a tear fell from my cheek.
He smiled at the old nickname I gave him when he was alive, “Girl you know you’re the only one for me.” I slowly made my way down the steps toward him and then sped into his arms. His boa- like arms squeezed me tight as I heard him whisper a thank you.
I pulled away and looked at him making sure it was truly real, “You’re really here. Oh Pawpa how I’ve missed you so much I was so lost after you left me. I did horrible things to myself and others, mostly mom, but I just didn’t know how to let my anger out. I never want you to go anywhere.”
Oceleez held his hand out for my grandfather to shake, “Hello Alpha Mohegan, I am Oceleez your head of guards and daughter’s gua…”
I snapped at Oceleez, “You call yourself my guardian I say my best friend.”
I heard my grandfather chuckle at my comment, “Still the same little girl I remember, just even more beautiful. Now Anni if you please let Serina talk freely.”
I nodded my head in obedience and soon my eyes became Serina’s pale, crystal blue eyes and her voice came out soft, “You called Father?”
“Yeah I wanted you both to receive this present from Alpha Rosenberg’s son,” he handed us the diamond necklace and our jaw hit the ground; I heard a growl erupt from Oceleez’s chest. What followed this growl were the intense stares and nods that went on between my grandfather and Oceleez, Pops must’ve blocked the pack’s mind link so no one could hear their conversation.
I did the only thing I knew how to do, “Hello? Anyone in there?” I said as I waved my hand in front of Oceleez’s face, “You said we were going to show him the aboveground palace.”
“Yeah sure in an hour or two, I think the Alpha wants to spend time with his family,” Oceleez said, my grandfather nodding to him in an appreciative way.
I couldn’t help but feel saddened by this remark, so I walked to the tree that lined the very end of the pack’s territory to a place I found to be very calming. The Alpha that controlled the other side was always aware of me being there and sometimes sat on the other side of the tree and we’d talk for hours on end.
“Hey Serina, what are you doing over here?” Oceleez asked, he sat next to me and put an arm over my shoulder. If only he knew that those simple touches drove me insanely in love with him.
I know it’s insane to think like this especially since I haven’t gotten my full wolf powers, therefore I can’t sense my mate yet, but I have this pull to Oceleez that makes me want to be near him more and more everyday.
“I was just thinking about how long it’s been since I’ve seen him and now that I have, it feels like I have nothing to look forward to anymore. I want to feel wanted, correction, I NEED to feel wanted, there’s no air in the palace,” I said dramatically, throwing my hands up in the air.
Oceleez looked at me with a grin, “What are you smiling about?” I was getting agitated, yet I couldn’t help but let out a small giggle in between words.
“I was just thinking that you have a butterfly in your hair and it hasn’t moved for the whole time I’ve been here,” he laughed hysterically, reaching his hand out to the butterfly. It flew onto his finger and placed it in my hand, “You will always be wanted, by everyon…”
“Don’t say it! I don’t need to hear that! You think I don’t know that I am responsible for everyone in these walls and all wolves around the globe! I just can’t deal with all this put on me… it’s too hard on me alone. I just want to find my mate so he can help me through this, if he’s as strong as the prophecy says he will be my only reason to live,”
I calmed down a bit and softly added, leaning into this burley figure next to me, “I wish he could find me and take me away from this.”
He brought his face just inches from mine, “As I was saying… there will never be anyone who wants you more than I do right now.” With those words I just couldn’t help myself, I grasped the back of his neck and pulled him into a kiss that felt more than right, it felt perfect.
“Serina you have to know I love you, I have since the very first day, if only you saw it too,” he said breathlessly. I looked up to him in confusion, “I have always felt that you weren’t going to accept my feeling for you just because I was the deity or princess or Alpha Female.”
For a few more minutes we just made out and enjoyed each other’s company, then we were ripped apart and Oceleez was knocked out. Someone had put a cloth bag over my face and picked me up, for some reason I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t even shift! Then everything went black.
I woke up in a small room with concrete walls, a steel door, and someone sitting in the corner. “Hello princess, welcome to your personal hell,” the deep voice said, while golden eyes peered from the darkness of the rest of the room.
“W-Who are you? What do y-you want from me?” I asked my heart pounding rapidly, my voice raspy from its dryness.
Lights flickered on and I saw my capture, “My name is Luke, I am king of the Phoenix Wings tribe, my question is, do you know who you are?”
My face was teeming with confusion, “Of course I know who I am! I am Serina Charice Mohegan, Princess of the Blue Crescent Moon, deity of werewo…”
“That’s where you lose me, you’re not just the deity of werewolves but all shifters, I can’t believe no one ever told you,” Luke stood in front of me now, his golden eyes still glowing with intensity.
“I can’t be its not possible… is it?” I couldn’t believe my ears, and now I’m slightly confused, “If I’m your deity then why have you bonded my wrists?” Luke laughed boldly, walking closer to me with great intimidation. I didn’t show him my fear instead I just held my chin high as I was taught to and even when I was fearful I held a smirk on my face.

“Because I didn’t want you to use your powers on me,” Luke stated simply, he thought I was mated! “Sir please your sadly mistaken I am not mated, I haven’t even found my mate,” I pleaded, wondering how he got the idea.

“Well then, sorry for the mix up but one thing bothers me, I thought it was against regulation for a princess to date warriors,” he chuckled, “I thought that it wasn’t allowed, how you could even be sad on the day you finally saw your grandfat- I mean father again.”

I shook my head confused,” How do you know the regulations? How do you know about my grandfather?” I paused, “Who are you truly?”
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