The Voices

October 1, 2012
By saumyadeepa PLATINUM, kandy, Other
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A mother's love is like the ocean it's pure and wide.
Life is like a painting one wrong move and it's hard to bring it back to normal.
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The author's comments:
This is the first chapter.

"Hello?"said Anita
"Is Anita there?"asked the person on the other end.
"Yes Daniel tell me what is it?"asked Anita
"How do you know it's me?"asked Daniel
"I recognised your voice and the other thing is that I have your number saved in my phonebook."said Anita
"So I'm in your phonebook as well?"asked Daniel
"Yes Daniel.Now tell me why you called"said Anita
"um,yes.I was wondering if we had to bring our books tommorow."said Daniel
"Books?Seriously Daniel?"asked Anita
"Yes since it's the sportmeet days,I was wondering whether we needed to bring books."said Daniel who was finding it hard to maintain his very stupid answer.
"I guess we have to."said Anita "I mean we always do."
"Okay,thanks Anita."said Daniel.
"Okay,so shall I hang up?"asked Anita
"No don't."said Daniel
"Why?"asked Anita
"um,I need to know if we had any homeowork."said Daniel
"Daniel,we didn't remember?we were in the grounds!"said Anita
"Oh."said Daniel
"Yes."said Anita
"um,good night then,Anita." said Daniel
"Good night Daniel."said Anita
Anita and Daniel kept the phone.
"What is wrong with him?"Anita asked herself
"Oh her voice is like the singing of mermaids.Oh how I adore her!"Daniel said to himself
"What did I just say?Where did all these words come from? Dude get real,you're no poet so cut the poetic parts!" said Daniel unable to understand where his words came from.
"I said those words and You asked for it.You have to have poetry to describe her but I can't imagine why you like her."said his inner self.
"Okay who just said that?"asked Daniel
"Me,you dumhead!"said the inner voice
"Me,who?Come out where I can see you.No one calls me a dumhead."said Daniel very angrily.
He was not ready to be insulted by anyone. Especially not when he was thinking about Anita!
"If I could come out,why wouldn't I? I'm trapped inside you and I can't get out.I'm a part of you."said the inner voice
"You're kiding.Okay if you are me then tell me what I'm thinking of right now."said Daniel
"uh,you're thinking of how beautiful Anita is.Really why do you like her so much?"asked the voice
"Okay you're right.So I believe you.What is your name?"asked Daniel
"Name?"asked the voice
"Surely you can't be called the voice,can you?"asked Daniel
"I like that.Call me VOICE.'"said the voice
Daniel nodded.
"How will I talk with you?I can't talk out loud.People will think I'm crazy."said Daniel
"Well,don't talk out loud just think of what you want to say and you know I can read your thoughts right?"asked the voice
"Yeah! That's cool,how did you learn that?"asked Daniel
"Instinct!"said the voice very proudly
"Oh is that what you call it?"asked Daniel with a smile
"Yes and I suggest you listen to me when you do something cause at times you do the most stupidest things!"said the Voice
"How did you get inside me anyway?"asked Daniel
"I was always there,I just kept quiet but I decided that I shouldn't anymore."said the Voice
"And you had to speak out when I was thinking about Anita didn't you?"asked Daniel
"Well you needed a little back up."said the Voice
"Back up?"asked Daniel
"Well that is what I call it."said the voice
"Whatever.Good night cause I'm really tired."said Daniel as he got into his bed and went to sleep.
"Good morning.Wake up lazy head and open your eyes!"said the voice
"Okay,Okay I'm awake."said Daniel half awake
"No you're not.You're still having the dream about Anita.WAKE UP!"said the Voice very loudly and Daniel woke up.
"You're starting to annoy me,you know."said Daniel
"Too bad you can't get rid of me."said the voice with a strange smile
Daniel was standing in front of his mirror and saw this smile.
Whenever Daniel stood in front of the mirror,he could see Voice's actions.
"Cut that out."He said "Just help me get ready."
"And where do you think you're going?"asked the voice
"To,Library,yeah that's right.I'm going to the library."replied Daniel
"Yes but you're not going because you like to read.You're going because you want to see Anita .She'll be annoyed and that's for sure.I'm you, remember?You can't fool me."said the Voice
"I just want to see her."said Daniel "I miss her."
"Listen pal.If you want her then you've got to do somethings to get her and not annoy her."said the Voice
"Hurry up Anita.You'll be late."said Anita's inner voice,Dila
"Okay Dila just another brush on my hair and we're out of here."said Anita "What's the time anyway?"
"7:30.What would you do without me?"asked Dila
"I don't know but I don't need to know now that you're with me,do I?"asked Anita
"Yes but I may go away someday and then you will have to manage on your own."said the Voice
"That will never happen.I don't want you to leave."said Anita
"As you wish,Anita.As you wish."said Dila
"Thank you."said Anita
"Um Anita shall I ask you something ?"asked Dila
"Ask me.It's been a long time since you asked me about anything anyway."said Anita
"What do you think about that boy,um,who is it now?Oh yes,Daniel.What do you think about Daniel?"asked Dila
"Oh he's so sweet.Isn't he Dila?"asked Anita
"He calls me and then doesn't have reason as to why he really did and he's very sweet to me too."said Anita with a smile
"Yes,he is sweet but I think he has feelings for you."said Dila
"Feelings?"asked Anita
"Let me put it this way.Let's just say that he likes you."said Dila
"Likes me?Oh my gosh,Do you really think so?"asked Anita in amazement
"Yes I think he does."said Dila "And don't you be too happy about it."
"Why?"asked Anita
"Well he just has a inner voice and......."
"What an inner voice? How great! That means we're so alike."said Anita
"No it doesn't.You are forbidden to talk with that boy until I say so."said Dila
"Why Dila?Why?Don't try to be my mother.You're still me and I say we talk to him."said Anita
"No!"said Dila
"Why?"asked Anita
"Because the inner voice is one of the people,I don't want to meet."said Dila
"Don't want to meet?Why is that Dila?"asked Anita
"He.....He....I used to have a crush on him."said Dila
"Oh so what happened?"asked Anita in a very interested tone
"Nothing.I couldn't tell him,he couldn't tell me and things went wrong.We had a small fight and that was the end of it."said Dila
"What was the fight about?"asked Anita
"Well,he started to talk to me in a very harsh way.Some guy said he liked me and Voice got angry.He started to scold that guy,I stopped the fight.Then he started to scold me,I scolded him and we never talked to eachother since then."said Dila
"That seems to be a very silly reason to fight about."said Anita
" I know."said Dila "I didn't want to fight with him either.I feel very sorry now that I did."said Dila
"Why don't you talk with him?"asked Anita
"I can't."said Dila feeling very shy
"Give it a try."said Anita
"I don't know."said Dila turning her head away.
Anita was standing near the mirror and she saw Dila
Whenever Anita stood in front of the mirror,she could see Dila and everything that Dila did.
"Turn around Dila.You know that I'm there for you.I'll help you to talk with Voice again."said Anita
Dila nodded and Anita smiled.
Anita went out of her house and into the road.
"You know that we're going to meet Daniel at the library don't you?"asked Dila
"Yes but I have to go to the library.He's so sweet,he joined the library just because of me."said Anita "But I wish he just tells me he likes me."
"Well if it's okay with you then that's it."said Dila
They went to the library and started to look for a book.
Daniel saw Anita searching for a book and went over to the shelf that was in front of her and started to look for a book.
Anita touched a book and Daniel saw it.He also touched the book and he took it before Anita.
"Hey."said Anita when she saw that someone had taken the book she wanted.
"Oh,I'm sorry.Did you want this book?"asked Daniel
"Hi Daniel.Yes,I did want this book."said Anita
"Hi Anita.You can have it then."said Daniel giving her the book
"Oh seriously."said Dila
"Hey who said that?"asked Voice
"I'm Dila.Anita's inner voice.You remember Dila Florence from High school,don't you?"asked Dila
"Yes,I do."said Voice kind of ignoring Dila
"Daniel,we have a situation here.Anita also has a inner voice and she is getting on my nerves."said Voice
"Does she now?Don't let her get on your nerves,Voice.Try to handle it."said Daniel in his thoughts
Daniel and Anita always talk to their inner voices through thoughts when they are outside.
"Let them be,Voice.We shouldn't interfere."said Dila
Since the inner voices were talking to eachother,neither Daniel or Anita could hear them.When Anita and Dila talk,Voice and Daniel can't hear them and when Daniel and Voice talk,Anita and Dila can't hear them.
"So shall we borrow our books?"asked Daniel
"Yeah sure."said Anita
They borrowed their books and went out of the library.
"Shall we go over there and talk for a minute?"asked Daniel pointing to a table with two chairs at it's sides under a blossom tree.
Anita nodded and they sat down.
"So you also have an inner voice?"asked Daniel
"Dila did you talk to Voice?"asked Anita
"Yes."said Dila "Daniel knows."
"Yes,I do have an inner voice."said Anita "I know that you also have one."
"I told you."said Voice
"Shut up!"said Daniel
" Leave them alone Voice."said Dila
"I have no talk with you,Florence."said Voice
"Very well."said Dila
Anita and Daniel talked and talked and talked and after sometime they both went home.
"You have to stop talking with Anita."said Voice
"Why?"asked Daniel
"Her inner voice is someone I don't want to meet."said Voice
"Why is that?"asked Daniel
Voice told him everything.
"Well that's not a good reason to be angry with her for.I mean,you love her.So tell her that."said Daniel
"Love her?Yes,I used to love her but what happened?My love lost,yes it lost.Why?Because she had to go with someone else! For four years I knew her ,Four years I tell you! But could she wait?OH no! She couldn't wait,She couldn't wait for me to tell her about my love."Shouted Voice
"But she never knew and she might of had a reason.If you really love her then you wouldn't be so angry."said Daniel
"What you know about Love?"asked Voice
"Uhhum,let me just remind you that I too am in love."said Daniel
"Well,yes and what about this Anita?Tell me about her."said Voice changing the subject when he got the chance.
Daniel started to tell Voice everything about Anita,at least everything he knew.
The day finished and Daniel and Anita both went to sleep very happilly.
"Tommorow is going to be great!"They thought
The voices were awake.They were thinking about what was about to happen.
The world of Inner-Voices was something completely different to ours.
They had a place where they would meet every night and there they would talk.
Voices had no parents and they were born whenever a special human is born,since every special human must have a inner voice.
Only two special people are born per country and if they marry a common human then they may or may not have a special human child but their grandchildren may be a special human later on.
So Dila and Voice met in the world of Inner-voices when Anita and Daniel where born.
Even before Anita and Daniel knew eachother,Dila and Voice knew eachother.
You know the rest,so I'll stop here.
So Dila and Voice went to the world Of Inner-voices that night.
Dila saw Voice by the fountain and walked over to him.
"Hi Voice."she said
Voice looked up at her and just scowled.
"Come on,Voice.You can't be angry with me forever."she said sitting down
"Maybe but I can try."he said
"Oh Voice,why are you so angry with me?"asked Dila
"Angry?I liked you Dila.Loved you with all my heart.But you went away with someone else."said Voice
"You never told me."said Dila in defence of herself
"But I tried to and I showed you signs.Isn't that good enough?"asked Voice
"No it isn't.When you don't tell me wether you like me or not,I can take my own decision."said Dila
"Take it without asking me?Without asking your best-freind?That's what hurts me most."said Voice
"I had my reasons."said Dila looking forward
"Reasons?"asked Voice and he moved closer to Dila.
He wanted to know what had caused her to move away from him and he missed his dear loving best freind and the girl he loved.
"What reasons Dila?"Voice asked again
Dila turned to face him. Her face wet with tears. Her eyes full of sorrow.
"I always loved you,Voice.I didn't go with anyone else.He was one of my cousins,just a cousin."said Dila
"Then why did you go to the dance with him and what was that letter he gave you?What about all the things that my freinds said?"asked Voice
"Silly,I went to the dance with him so that I could introduce him to you but you were late and he asked me to dance.
Then some other day he gave me a letter asking me to be his best freind's girlfreind .............."
"And you said Yes."said Voice
"NO!"shouted Dila "I refused."
"Your freinds were talking about that incident and I was so troubled by the incident that I came to my only freind and you jump on me and start to scold me. I also got angry and said some things.I'm sorry for that."said Dila

The author's comments:
Will Daniel and Anita be able to save the world of voices without using weapons?

"I'm sorry too but then why did he come to pick you up after school?"asked Voice
"When you became angry with me,I knew that you would never walk me home.So I asked him to pick me up.He was only my cousin anyway."said Dila
"So you never loved anyone else?"he asked
"No."said Dila
Voice glanced into Dila's eyes for about 5 minutes and then looked away.
"I never knew that you liked me."said Voice
"You never asked."said Dila "It was always about you.Everything that you said had to be right.No one could argue with you."
"I'm so sorry."said Voice
"I know you are but I have to go now. Anita's is waking up.There comes my door.Bye Voice."said Dila as she dissapeared through the doorway that always appears when the owner of the voice awakes and calls for his/her voice.
Soon Voice also went to his doorway.
"So how is my buddy doing today?"asked Daniel
"Good,Fine,um,nothing special."said Voice in a very dreamy tone
"You don't sound fine to me."said Daniel "What's the problem?"
"I talked to Dila yesterday."said Voice and he was cutshort
"And what did she say?"asked Daniel intrested to know about a real love experience.
"I told her about my feelings for her and she said that she always loved me and that everything that had happened was a big missunderstanding."Replied Voice
"See?I told you."said Daniel happily as he knew he was right all along and finally got the chance to proove it.
"So?What next?Go on,tell me more."said Daniel
"Well I couldn't say anything more cause Anita woke up and searched for Dila."said Voice very dissapointed
"So my man,couldn't say it.Could he?That's what he's upset about isn't it?"asked Daniel
"That's it."said Voice
"Well is there anyother way for you to enter T.W.O.V (The world of voices) without us sleeping?"asked Daniel
"Not that I can think of........but ....or maybe that's's"Voice was struggling
"Is there or is there not a way for you to go there?"asked Daniel
"Yes,there is a way but it's risky."said Voice
"I'm all ears."said Daniel
"Well Dila and I can sneak you into T.W.O.V and then we can all talk there."said Voice
"Cool! I always wanted to know what it was like in there!"said Daniel "Let's go tell Anita and Dila."
"I'm Dead."thought Voice who knew Dila may not approve
And she didn't.
"Are yo crazy Voice?From the day we were Born,we were told that T.W.O.V was only meant for Voices and not humans.Bringing in a human would mean that we broke a law.Besides it's too risky."said Dila
"But can't we do it for love? You can do anything in the name of love,remember?"asked Voice
"Even risk the lives of other people?asked Dila
Voice didn't say anything for awhile.
"If that's what you think then let's stay."he said at last
"Thank you."said Dila
"Why can't we go?"asked Anita when Dila told her the decision.
"Yeah,why can't we?"asked Daniel who had also been informed about it.
"It's too risky."Dila said to Anita
"Dila,sometimes you have to risk something to gain something worth even more than that.All you need is 5 minutes of courage and the determination to do it."Anita said to Dila
Dila could not say more.
"Very well."said Dila
"Yes! I got permission."said Anita giving Daniel an high five
"Thank you."Voice said to Dila
"If something goes wrong, you're responsible."said Dila
Anita and Daniel first went to Anita's house where she took her bracelet with a gem attached to it
and then they went into Daniel's garage.
Daniel took out a ring with a gem in the middle out of his closet.
"Okay now.Hold your hands and say 'With all the power invested in me,I want to travel to the world of voices which is unknown to all beings.'then tap your gem four times for the four of us and aim it at the wall.Then when the doorway appears,go through it."said Dila and Voice
They did that and the door way appeared in front of them.
"One,Two,Go!"said Daniel
"What happened to three?"asked Anita and Daniel pulled her in after him.
"Three my dear,is not needed in this case."said Daniel
"Ohhh."said Anita as she walked after Dnaiel
"So now where are we going?"asked Daniel walking up to Voice who was walking in front of them.
Since they were in the world of voices,voices become just like people and people remain people.
"The garden."said Voice turning to face Daniel with a smile on his face. "It's the most calm and quiet place I know.Perfect for what I want to do."
"Great.Then let's go."said Daniel and he signaled Anita to come faster.
"Can't you slow down a bit?"asked Anita
"Oh Gosh,I can't believe I gave in to this.Why did I?"asked Dila as she walked behind Anita who was trying to keep up with Daniel and Voice
"Are we there yet?"asked Anita who was very tired after about 20 minutes of walking.
"Just shut up and walk.We'll be there in a few minutes and then you can rest.Try not to get anyones attention and act like a Voice."said Dila who was very annoyed.
By the time they reached the garden,Anita was worn out,Dila very annoyed and angry for coming on the journey,Daniel was more excited than ever and Voice was releaved and nervous since he did not know how to start what he came there for.
"So shall we get on with what we came here for?"asked Dila
"Dila are you angry?"asked Daniel who had not noticed a change in her till then
"Yes I am angry.Thank you very much for noticing."replied Dila
"You're welcome."said Daniel and he walked to see whether Anita was alright
"Dila you're not angry with me,are you?"asked Voice
"I am."replied Dila
"After we did all this to bring you here just so that you and I could talk?"asked Voice
"Is that why we came here?"asked Dila
"Yes and I thought you had guessed it by now."said Voice amazed that Dila still hadn't figured out why they came to T.W.O.V.
"So what do you want to talk about?"asked Dila sitting down on a bench nearby.
Voice sat down.
"Dila it's been 8 years since we met eachother.We met eachother when we were 14 in easthigh and we were best freinds from that day on."
"I know."said Dila trying to look away from Voice
"So time past by and I started to like you.You know like more than a freind."said Voice
"Please don't Voice.I can't bear it."said Dila
Dila looked away.Her eyes started to fill with tears.She knew what Voice was going to say.
She couldn't bear to listen to his kind words after she was very mean to him.
"Dila,please look at me.I won't hurt your feelings.I promise that I won't hurt you again."said Voice
Dila looked at Voice and smiled.
"I know you love me but it's hard when you talk so nicely after I was so mean to you."said Dila
"I don't mean to make you uncomfortable but I have to tell you how I feel."said Voice
"I know."said Dila
Her heart was beating fast and she feeling very nervous unlike when she talked to Voice before.
It had to be about 4 years since they stopped talking to eachother.
"Please tell me if you love me,Dila. I want to know."said Voice
But before Dila could answer, two soldiers came into the garden with Anita and Daniel.
"So you two are the ones that brought these things in."said a soldier shaking Anita by the hand.
"Eh Watch it Steel head! That's my girlfreind you're shaking there."said Daniel
"I'll punch your teeth out if you don't shut your mouth."said the soldier in reply
"Okay,easy big boy.I didn't say anything wrong.I mean she really is,my girlfreind."said Daniel
The soldier glared at Daniel and shot a fist at him.
Daniel ducked.
"Oweeeee!"said the second soldier who had been holding Daniel and recieved the blow. The soldier began to jump up and down letting go of Daniel.
"Oh Stop it you idiot.You let the creature escape! Now look what he did! He's hit me head!"said the other soldier
"what hit me head?"asked the soldier falling down.
"Captain!"said the injured soldier.
Dila shook her head and escaped with the others.
"Our soldiers are pathetic,a disgrace."thought Dila
She was right.The soldiers of T.W.O.V were useless,untrained voices that knew nothing about being a soldier.
The four escaped but they couldn't run far.
"Stop right there.You think you can escape from us that easily?"asked a tall man dressed in a black cloak and long hat.
"Your majesty."said Voice and Dila bowing down to the man.
Although Daniel and Anita knew nothing about the man,they bowed too.
"Rise,my children."said the king
Dila,Voice,Daniel and Anita lifted their heads.
"Who are these children?"asked the king
Dila looked at Voice and Voice looked at Daniel and Anita.
"These children are...,my lord the children,How shall I say it?Um,we are their voices."said Voice after a period of struggling to find words.
"Oh no my child,tell me this is not true.Tell me that you did not dare go against the council."begged the king in a very innocent tone.
"I.....Forgive me,your majesty."said Voice looking down.
The kings face saddend. He loved his people but he himself could not go against the council.
He walked back and forth thinking of what to do.
He didn't know what to do.
"I am sorry my children.But I can do nothing for you now.You shouldn't have brought them here,you know well that it's against the law."said the king
"But your majesty,does the council not listen to you and the people of your world?"asked Daniel
The king shaked his head and sighed.
"No my child,they don't.They took over us a long time ago when we knew so little of your world and what it was like.The council came and told us that they have been to your world and could fill our heads with more knowledge then we could ever imagine.We agreed.They tricked us.We used to be a colony that lived freely in this world and do whatever we pleased but the council destroyed that freedom.
We were given laws and regulations to follow.We cannot dance and sing like we used to,we can't eat what we want,we can't sleep on a bed.
We can't ever love someone or have a freind.Tis dreadful my child,plain dreadful. But what can we poor souls do?We have no army and the army that the council gave us from their men is completely stupid and don't even know how to tie a knot. Ay,if someone would help us,by the hairs on me head,I swear that I would help them with anything."said the king throwing his hands up with a bright smile.
Then he turned away in saddness again. "But would any creature ever want to save us?That is the question and the answer lies in themselves,my child.Ay themselves.I cannot say if or if they will not save us cause we see what they decieded to do."
A gush of saddness pierced Anita's heart.Such pain and saddness.She had never such saddness.
"You feel our pain,don't you my child?"asked the king looking at Anita
Anita nodded in surprise at how the king knew what she felt.
"Ay,tis the gift of understanding.And my boy,you have the gift of love and tenderness."said the king looking from Anita to Daniel "A perfect match.I guess the gods have done their part.Now it's time to do yours."
"What should we do to help you,your majesty?"asked Daniel
"My boy,to help us you must first learn more about your powers,what to do with them and how to control them.Then you may save us."said the king with a smile so full of kindness that Anita hugged him and cried with happiness,the king hugged her too.
"There my child.Let us not cry and ruin our mood.You will be back here again when you are ready.So go on now."he said
Anita,Daniel,Dila and Voice left T.W.O.V and returned home.
"So I never got a chance to tell what I wanted to say did I ?"Voice asked Dila
They were back inside Anita and Daniel
"No but now we are the voices of the two deliverers of T.W.O.V ! Wouldn't this be great fun! "
"Yeah sure,with all the training we have to give them.Oh yeah,whooopeeee!"said Voice with a groan at the thought of having to work hard.
"Oh you lazy just get your mind thinking of something to teach them."said Dila
"Seriously Dila we're voices not teachers!"said Voice "How do you expect to teach them?"he asked
"Well just like we learned,step by step."said Dila "Just start and I'll lead you"
Voice smiled and they began to give instructions to Anita and Daniel on what to do.
Anita,Daniel,Voice and Dila return to T.W.O.V and meet with the king.
"So are you now masters of your powers?"asked the king
"He's asking if you remember everything we taught you."Voice explained to Anita and Daniel from behind them softly so that the king won't hear.
"Oh yes,your majesty.Every word that Dila and Voice said is in my head."said Daniel
"Really?What did they say?"asked the king
"ummm,they said that the old man in the old house should get a haircut,we should learn everything they say....and..."
"Enough! I'm asking you whether you remember what they taught you about your powers."explained the king
"All they said was that our powers were very powerful."said Daniel
"What?That is all you taught them for one whole hour?I thought you had tought them everything when you returned!"said the king in rage.
"Your majesty,we taught them everything that we know about their powers.No one except for your majesty knows anymore than we do."said Voice
"How do you suppose I know?"asked the king still angry
"Your majesty has the sacred book of secrets and the sacred book of secrets has everything that any man would want to know about the world.It has details of every nook and corner in the world,universe to be exact."said Dila
"I do now,don't I ?Well why didn't you say so earlier?Come along now."said the king with a cheerful smile and going in front of them.
They walked and walked and at last they came to an old castle.
"This is your castle?"asked Anita
"Shabby isn't it?It's been this way eversince the council took over."said the king
"I'm so sorry."said Anita
"Don't be,you never harmed us."said the king "Come along this way."
They went through a corridor and into a room full of candles. Some candles were long with a small flame on them at the very top,some canldes were short and stout like a teapot,some candles were shaped like gargoyles and so on.
"This is the sacred book of secrets.Open it and read the section on the special humans and the deliverers of T.W.O.V and then you'll know everything."said the king holding a big book in front of Daniel and Anita
Danie took the book with both his hands showing a lot of respect to the book.
They turned the old pages very carefully to find the section on special humans and deliverers of T.W.O.V .
"The special humans are humans that have a voice and they are the people who have to work hard to keep this world in balance.
Only two special humans are born in every country.If a special human marries a normal human then they may or may not have special human children but their grand children may be special humans.If a special human marries a special human which is very rare then two or one of their children will be a special human.In some rare cases,all the children of a couple of special humans will be special humans.Special humans will recieve a gift which helps them to fight evil."Anita read out loud.
"Whoa,so that means either our parents or grandparents must have been a special human.I've got to find out!"said Daniel
"Okay now let's read about the deliverers of T.W.O.V and who they are."said Dila
"sure."said Daniel
"The deliverers of The world of voices would be the first humans to come to the world of voices."Daniel read out loud.
"That means it's you two!"said the king very happily.
"Yes I can see that."said Anita
Anita and Daniel followed Dila,Voice and the king to the royal courtyard.
They practiced and practiced until they were able to fight very well.
"Your majesty may I present to you with honor,Anita and Daniel the deliverers of the world of voices."said Voice
"Come forward deliverers."said the king
Anita and Daniel went forward.
"I hereby present you with this magical sword and shield,deliverer Daniel and may you protect us now and always."said the king giving Daniel a sword and shield.
"Deliverer Anita,I hereby present you with this magical purse and dagger.Ask for anything from the purse and it will give it to you.May you bring peace and joy to our land once again."said the king giving a red purse and dagger to Anita.
"Thank you your majesty."said Anita and Daniel bowing their heads.
They took their gifts and went out to meet Dila and Voice.
"So Anita how do you feel about being a deliverer of T.W.O.V ?"asked Voice talking with Anita with a smile on his face for the first time since they met.
"Well how I feel hasn't changed that much.I just feel a bit more happier."said Anita with a smile.
"What about you Daniel?Any change?"asked Dila
"Nope,just a lot more happier."said Daniel
"Good then let's go back home.Your mothers are searching for you."said Voice
"Really?Oh no,I forgot to clean my room! She's going to be really angry now!"said Anita jumping into the doorway opened to go home.
"And I thought boys were untidy."said Voice looking at Dila
"Oh shut up!"said Dila
"What?What did I say?"asked Voice
They arrived home and Anita ran to her house.
"See you tommorow."she said while she ran.
"Slow down!"said Dila from inside of Anita
"Sorry but if I don't go quickly and clean my room then my mom would be really angry."said Anita
"Yeah,yeah sure sure."said Dila "Let's go and clean your room quick."
Anita ran into the house and into her room.She began to start cleaning her room.
"Anita is that you up there?"asked her mother coming upstairs.
"Yes mother."said Anita
Anita's mother came to her room. "So you finally decided to clean your room,didn't you?"asked her mother
Anita smiled at her mother. "Sorry mother."she said
"Well clean your room and come down to eat."said her mother
Anita nodded.
"Anita clean your room quickly,eat and sleep.I need to go to T.W.O.V to finish off some work." said Dila
"Hold your horses,cleaning a room isn't that easy you know."said Anita
"Yeah yeah just do it."said Dila
Anita cleaned her room,when to eat and after she slept,Dila went to T.W.O.V to finish her work.
Dila was happy with what had happened in T.W.O.V but not the bad things,just the part where Daniel and Anita were told that they were the deliverers of T.W.O.V . Dila had waited all her life for the deliverers.
Later that night Dila went back to Anita and spoke to her.
"Anita wake up my dear.Wake up."she said
"Why what is it?" asked Anita sleepily
"Quick child.We have to go to the world of voices.It's time."answered Dila
"IT'S TIME?I'm not even pretty yet! Gosh,Daniel can't see me like this ! Not even my enemies should see me like this! "shouted Anita full awake
"Oh child it's a war not a fashion show or a date !"said Dila very annoyed at the delay
"No buts.Your armour will cover your clothes anyway."said Dila trying to convince Anita
"Ok then let's go."Anita said at last
Dila let out a sigh of relief.
"Now activate your bracelet and whisper to it where you want to go." said Dila
"Where do I want to go?"asked Anita very puzzled.
"To Daniel's room! "said Dila
"Shee,isn't it bad manners to go to someone else's room without their permission?"asked Anita
"Okay.Quiet down!Good thing you were inside of me.Otherwise my mother would come running here because of the terrible noise you're making!" said Anita
"Just shut up and do it !"said Dila a bit softly
Anita followed the instructions and went into Daniel's room.
"Daniel wake up.Daniel."said Anita shaking Daniel's shoulder
Daniel woke up.
"Anita what are you doing?How did you come into my room?"asked Daniel going to his window and looking down and even checking if his door was locked.
"This bracelet is amazing...You tell it where you wan...."
"We'll do the explaining later.Get ready to go now.Ask Daniel if Voice has come yet."said Dila
Anita asked him.
"Let me check." Daniel called for Voice "You're right.He isn't. How'd you do that?"
"He's in T.W.O.V getting ready for the war.Quick! We need to go." said Dila
"She says we need to go."said Anita "Activate your ring and whisper to it what we said before but now only tap it three times for the three of us."
Daniel and Anita did it together and they were in the world of voices.
"There you are.Quick put on this armour and go sit on those chairs."said Voice coming towards Anita and Daniel and helping them get into their armour.
"Why are we sitting if we're going to fight?"asked Daniel
"We fight in a different way here."said Voice
"Really?How?"asked Daniel as Voice arranged his chair.
"We fight with words."said Voice "Get ready.You're going to be sent to the battle zone."
"You ready?"asked Dila
Anita and Daniel nodded.
When they were at the battle zone,Anita and Daniel saw the council for the very first time.
"My fellow competitors.I welcome you to the battle zone. Bring your issue forward."said the lady in the council who had a pointy nose,thin lips,long face and small eyes.
"Um yes my lady."said Daniel starting the conversation "We would like to ask you to release the world of voices and retreat to your mother land."
"And why should we do that?"asked a fat big bellied man who was also in the council.
"Because these voices want their freedom."said Anita
"Who says they have no freedom right now?"asked the lady
"Well it is very ironic to ask such a question is it not?"asked Anita
"Why so?"asked the man
"Well you can clearly see that these voices have chains on them even when they sleep So they really need to have their freedom ! " said Dila
The man and lady ignored the answer and went to the next question.
"So why do you think that these voices should be free?"asked the man
"Because they want to be able to do what they please when they please."said Daniel
"Do what they please?Why would anyone want to do such a useless thing when they can work the way we please?"asked the lady
Anita laughed,she was begining to get very annoyed. She felt like giving the man and lady a big punch in the face.
Anita began to talk.
The man and lady were dumb.They didn't know what to say. No one had ever shouted to them like that !
The lady finally came to her senses and whispered something to the man who in turn whispered something to the little man in the court.
"Are you sure my lady?"asked the man
The lady nodded.

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Hi, i think you should have writen a summary it encourages the reader to read the story more, anyway, I LOVED THE IDEA! PLEASE, read my book, "a new era" and give me your feedbacks, thanks! :D


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