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The Voices

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The Begining

"Hello?"said Anita
"Is Anita there?"asked the person on the other end.
"Yes Daniel tell me what is it?"asked Anita
"How do you know it's me?"asked Daniel
"I recognised your voice and the other thing is that I have your number saved in my phonebook."said Anita
"So I'm in your phonebook as well?"asked Daniel
"Yes Daniel.Now tell me why you called"said Anita
"um,yes.I was wondering if we had to bring our books tommorow."said Daniel
"Books?Seriously Daniel?"asked
This is the first chapter.
"Yes since it's the sportmeet days,I was wondering whether we needed to bring books."said Daniel who was finding it hard to maintain his very stupid answer.
"I guess we have to."said Anita "I mean we always do."
"Okay,thanks Anita."said Daniel.
"Okay,so shall I hang up?"asked Anita
"No don't."said Daniel
"Why?"asked Anita
"um,I need to know if we had any homeowork."said Daniel
"Daniel,we didn't remember?we were in the grounds!"said Anita
"Oh."said Daniel
"Yes."said Anita
"um,good night then,Anita." said Daniel
"Good night Daniel."said Anita
Anita and Daniel kept the phone.
"What is wrong with him?"Anita asked herself
"Oh her voice is like the singing of mermaids.Oh how I adore her!"Daniel said to himself
"What did I just say?Where did all these words come from? Dude get real,you're no poet so cut the poetic parts!" said Daniel unable to understand where his words came from.
"I said those words and You asked for it.You have to have poetry to describe her but I can't imagine why you like her."said his inner self.
"Okay who just said that?"asked Daniel
"Me,you dumhead!"said the inner voice
"Me,who?Come out where I can see you.No one calls me a dumhead."said Daniel very angrily.
He was not ready to be insulted by anyone. Especially not when he was thinking about Anita!
"If I could come out,why wouldn't I? I'm trapped inside you and I can't get out.I'm a part of you."said the inner voice
"You're kiding.Okay if you are me then tell me what I'm thinking of right now."said Daniel
"uh,you're thinking of how beautiful Anita is.Really why do you like her so much?"asked the voice
"Okay you're right.So I believe you.What is your name?"asked Daniel
"Name?"asked the voice
"Surely you can't be called the voice,can you?"asked Daniel
"I like that.Call me VOICE.'"said the voice
Daniel nodded.
"How will I talk with you?I can't talk out loud.People will think I'm crazy."said Daniel
"Well,don't talk out loud just think of what you want to say and you know I can read your thoughts right?"asked the voice
"Yeah! That's cool,how did you learn that?"asked Daniel
"Instinct!"said the voice very proudly
"Oh is that what you call it?"asked Daniel with a smile
"Yes and I suggest you listen to me when you do something cause at times you do the most stupidest things!"said the Voice
"How did you get inside me anyway?"asked Daniel
"I was always there,I just kept quiet but I decided that I shouldn't anymore."said the Voice
"And you had to speak out when I was thinking about Anita didn't you?"asked Daniel
"Well you needed a little back up."said the Voice
"Back up?"asked Daniel
"Well that is what I call it."said the voice
"Whatever.Good night cause I'm really tired."said Daniel as he got into his bed and went to sleep.
"Good morning.Wake up lazy head and open your eyes!"said the voice
"Okay,Okay I'm awake."said Daniel half awake
"No you're not.You're still having the dream about Anita.WAKE UP!"said the Voice very loudly and Daniel woke up.
"You're starting to annoy me,you know."said Daniel
"Too bad you can't get rid of me."said the voice with a strange smile
Daniel was standing in front of his mirror and saw this smile.
Whenever Daniel stood in front of the mirror,he could see Voice's actions.
"Cut that out."He said "Just help me get ready."
"And where do you think you're going?"asked the voice
"To the.....um,Library,yeah that's right.I'm going to the library."replied Daniel
"Yes but you're not going because you like to read.You're going because you want to see Anita .She'll be annoyed and that's for sure.I'm you, remember?You can't fool me."said the Voice
"I just want to see her."said Daniel "I miss her."
"Listen pal.If you want her then you've got to do somethings to get her and not annoy her."said the Voice
"Hurry up Anita.You'll be late."said Anita's inner voice,Dila
"Okay Dila just another brush on my hair and we're out of here."said Anita "What's the time anyway?"
"7:30.What would you do without me?"asked Dila
"I don't know but I don't need to know now that you're with me,do I?"asked Anita
"Yes but I may go away someday and then you will have to manage on your own."said the Voice
"That will never happen.I don't want you to leave."said Anita
"As you wish,Anita.As you wish."said Dila
"Thank you."said Anita
"Um Anita shall I ask you something ?"asked Dila
"Ask me.It's been a long time since you asked me about anything anyway."said Anita
"What do you think about that boy,um,who is it now?Oh yes,Daniel.What do you think about Daniel?"asked Dila
"Oh he's so sweet.Isn't he Dila?"asked Anita
"He calls me and then doesn't have reason as to why he really did and he's very sweet to me too."said Anita with a smile
"Yes,he is sweet but I think he has feelings for you."said Dila
"Feelings?"asked Anita
"Let me put it this way.Let's just say that he likes you."said Dila
"Likes me?Oh my gosh,Do you really think so?"asked Anita in amazement
"Yes I think he does."said Dila "And don't you be too happy about it."
"Why?"asked Anita
"Well he just has a inner voice and......."
"What an inner voice? How great! That means we're so alike."said Anita
"No it doesn't.You are forbidden to talk with that boy until I say so."said Dila
"Why Dila?Why?Don't try to be my mother.You're still me and I say we talk to him."said Anita
"No!"said Dila
"Why?"asked Anita
"Because the inner voice is one of the people,I don't want to meet."said Dila
"Don't want to meet?Why is that Dila?"asked Anita
"He.....He....I used to have a crush on him."said Dila
"Oh so what happened?"asked Anita in a very interested tone
"Nothing.I couldn't tell him,he couldn't tell me and things went wrong.We had a small fight and that was the end of it."said Dila
"What was the fight about?"asked Anita
"Well,he started to talk to me in a very harsh way.Some guy said he liked me and Voice got angry.He started to scold that guy,I stopped the fight.Then he started to scold me,I scolded him and we never talked to eachother since then."said Dila
"That seems to be a very silly reason to fight about."said Anita
" I know."said Dila "I didn't want to fight with him either.I feel very sorry now that I did."said Dila
"Why don't you talk with him?"asked Anita
"I can't."said Dila feeling very shy
"Give it a try."said Anita
"I don't know."said Dila turning her head away.
Anita was standing near the mirror and she saw Dila
Whenever Anita stood in front of the mirror,she could see Dila and everything that Dila did.
"Turn around Dila.You know that I'm there for you.I'll help you to talk with Voice again."said Anita
Dila nodded and Anita smiled.
Anita went out of her house and into the road.
"You know that we're going to meet Daniel at the library don't you?"asked Dila
"Yes but I have to go to the library.He's so sweet,he joined the library just because of me."said Anita "But I wish he just tells me he likes me."
"Well if it's okay with you then that's it."said Dila
They went to the library and started to look for a book.
Daniel saw Anita searching for a book and went over to the shelf that was in front of her and started to look for a book.
Anita touched a book and Daniel saw it.He also touched the book and he took it before Anita.
"Hey."said Anita when she saw that someone had taken the book she wanted.
"Oh,I'm sorry.Did you want this book?"asked Daniel
"Hi Daniel.Yes,I did want this book."said Anita
"Hi Anita.You can have it then."said Daniel giving her the book
"Oh seriously."said Dila
"Hey who said that?"asked Voice
"I'm Dila.Anita's inner voice.You remember Dila Florence from High school,don't you?"asked Dila
"Yes,I do."said Voice kind of ignoring Dila
"Daniel,we have a situation here.Anita also has a inner voice and she is getting on my nerves."said Voice
"Does she now?Don't let her get on your nerves,Voice.Try to handle it."said Daniel in his thoughts
Daniel and Anita always talk to their inner voices through thoughts when they are outside.
"Let them be,Voice.We shouldn't interfere."said Dila
Since the inner voices were talking to eachother,neither Daniel or Anita could hear them.When Anita and Dila talk,Voice and Daniel can't hear them and when Daniel and Voice talk,Anita and Dila can't hear them.
"So shall we borrow our books?"asked Daniel
"Yeah sure."said Anita
They borrowed their books and went out of the library.
"Shall we go over there and talk for a minute?"asked Daniel pointing to a table with two chairs at it's sides under a blossom tree.
Anita nodded and they sat down.
"So you also have an inner voice?"asked Daniel
"Dila did you talk to Voice?"asked Anita
"Yes."said Dila "Daniel knows."
"Yes,I do have an inner voice."said Anita "I know that you also have one."
"I told you."said Voice
"Shut up!"said Daniel
" Leave them alone Voice."said Dila
"I have no talk with you,Florence."said Voice
"Very well."said Dila
Anita and Daniel talked and talked and talked and after sometime they both went home.
"You have to stop talking with Anita."said Voice
"Why?"asked Daniel
"Her inner voice is someone I don't want to meet."said Voice
"Why is that?"asked Daniel
Voice told him everything.
"Well that's not a good reason to be angry with her for.I mean,you love her.So tell her that."said Daniel
"Love her?Yes,I used to love her but what happened?My love lost,yes it lost.Why?Because she had to go with someone else! For four years I knew her ,Four years I tell you! But could she wait?OH no! She couldn't wait,She couldn't wait for me to tell her about my love."Shouted Voice
"But she never knew and she might of had a reason.If you really love her then you wouldn't be so angry."said Daniel
"What you know about Love?"asked Voice
"Uhhum,let me just remind you that I too am in love."said Daniel
"Well,yes and what about this Anita?Tell me about her."said Voice changing the subject when he got the chance.
Daniel started to tell Voice everything about Anita,at least everything he knew.
The day finished and Daniel and Anita both went to sleep very happilly.
"Tommorow is going to be great!"They thought
The voices were awake.They were thinking about what was about to happen.
The world of Inner-Voices was something completely different to ours.
They had a place where they would meet every night and there they would talk.
Voices had no parents and they were born whenever a special human is born,since every special human must have a inner voice.
Only two special people are born per country and if they marry a common human then they may or may not have a special human child but their grandchildren may be a special human later on.
So Dila and Voice met in the world of Inner-voices when Anita and Daniel where born.
Even before Anita and Daniel knew eachother,Dila and Voice knew eachother.
You know the rest,so I'll stop here.
So Dila and Voice went to the world Of Inner-voices that night.
Dila saw Voice by the fountain and walked over to him.
"Hi Voice."she said
Voice looked up at her and just scowled.
"Come on,Voice.You can't be angry with me forever."she said sitting down
"Maybe but I can try."he said
"Oh Voice,why are you so angry with me?"asked Dila
"Angry?I liked you Dila.Loved you with all my heart.But you went away with someone else."said Voice
"You never told me."said Dila in defence of herself
"But I tried to and I showed you signs.Isn't that good enough?"asked Voice
"No it isn't.When you don't tell me wether you like me or not,I can take my own decision."said Dila
"Take it without asking me?Without asking your best-freind?That's what hurts me most."said Voice
"I had my reasons."said Dila looking forward
"Reasons?"asked Voice and he moved closer to Dila.
He wanted to know what had caused her to move away from him and he missed his dear loving best freind and the girl he loved.
"What reasons Dila?"Voice asked again
Dila turned to face him. Her face wet with tears. Her eyes full of sorrow.
"I always loved you,Voice.I didn't go with anyone else.He was one of my cousins,just a cousin."said Dila
"Then why did you go to the dance with him and what was that letter he gave you?What about all the things that my freinds said?"asked Voice
"Silly,I went to the dance with him so that I could introduce him to you but you were late and he asked me to dance.
Then some other day he gave me a letter asking me to be his best freind's girlfreind .............."
"And you said Yes."said Voice
"NO!"shouted Dila "I refused."
"Your freinds were talking about that incident and I was so troubled by the incident that I came to my only freind and you jump on me and start to scold me. I also got angry and said some things.I'm sorry for that."said Dila
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Vagabond said...
Oct. 14, 2012 at 4:07 am
Hi, i think you should have writen a summary it encourages the reader to read the story more, anyway, I LOVED THE IDEA! PLEASE, read my book, "a new era" and give me your feedbacks, thanks! :D

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