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Here is the most recent historical fiction:

The House on Muller Road
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The House on Muller Road follows the life of Donnie Yorks, a young man from Florida, as he works to make a life for himself around his home, mostly surrounding the his life alongside of the 1950s and 1960s.

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By , middleton, NY
It was said, or rather, unsaid, that admitting one’s illness, even to oneself, would drive you to irredeemable insanity. You will soon be dead. For you see, this is a disease of the mind. (more »)
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Brothers of Battle
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This is a historical fiction piece of two brothers that are not only torn apart by war but also by their differences and hurt from the past. (more »)
Letters From The Front
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This is a short story about a World War 2 soldier fighting in France just after D-day. The story includes his fight as his Regiment nears St. Lo and the struggles of his love at home as seen in their letters. (more »)
Voice of the Angels
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This is a recount of a woman's life in the one of the world wars. Having a neglectful mother and a dead father her only constant in her life is her brother. When he dies her world spins out of control as it is doing now. History is repeating itself. (more »)
Stuck in the 1800's
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a girl has recently experienced her grandmothers death. What happens when she has to start living with her father and his newly wed wife. She gets so sick of them she travels to the 1800 (more »)
Life of a Pirate
Wade Jewell was a Crew member who became friends with Captain Kidd until a tragedy occured now the lone man is on his own! What will happen to this lone man who was once a pirate! (more »)
Because of Rosemary
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The story of a young boy who is hurt mentally by his first love. (more »)
Path of the Waves: The Tale of Caleb Morrings
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In the tumultuous years preceding the War of 1812, Caleb Morrings is an American Navy-man who is pressed into service under the British Flag. Follow his journey to the USS Chesapeake as the seas erupt in some of the most important battles of the war. (more »)
Red Winter
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The Cold War has been imprinted in our brains since the day we step into a World History class. But what if the Russians got the upper hand and things turned violent? (more »)
Wars and Hope
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This is about a young girl who goes through the struggles of a war ripping apart her town and her life. (more »)
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The Violinist Boy
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An impoverished and abused boy of 19th century Virginia finally finds his muse when he takes up the violin. (more »)
rosa parks and the bus boycott
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this is about rosa parks life during and after the boycott. (more »)
The Forgotten Past
1976: The Grey Jungles of Vietnam
Steve Thomas is your average 24-year-old. Or at least he tries to be after Vietnam. How can he escape his war demons? (more »)
The Girl who could Sink Fish
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Xi Shi is a legend passed down through millennia. She used and was used to topple a kingdom. This is her story. (more »)

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