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Escape... From the Plague

Author's note: My teacher assigned this Historical fiction novella, and I wanted to include a crazy made up...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My teacher assigned this Historical fiction novella, and I wanted to include a crazy made up twist that was not historic at all, so enjoy.  « Hide author's note
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A long time ago, on an island in the center of the Equator and the Prime Meridian, on an island of legend, Fate and Destiny had two kids, twins in fact. Born on midnight of the New year 1000 AD. And once they were born, Fate and Destiny left to explore the island where God had put them to stay. They found the island full of joy, so they named it Joyous Island. The island was full of caves and temples, and one mountain that sprayed joy from a geyser on top, which they named Mount Joy. But once they left, the Devil came and took hold of their two babies. Looking at them both, he chose which of the souls he would take. He took the soul of the child first born and was about to take the second child's soul, but before he could, God appeared and saved the the other baby from the hands of the Devil. The Devil flew away, frightened by God's sudden and all powerful appearance. God tried to chase down the demon to get the soul back, but He was unable to do so, and decided to give the second child amazing intelligence and strength, so he could study and protect the island when it was his time. Once He did so, He took off.
Soon after the deed was done, Fate and Destiny arrived to check on their kids. They were both sleeping in their cribs, but Fate and Destiny immediately knew what happened. They knew that one of their kids had no soul, but they still loved them both, and did not have the heart to get rid of him, so they left the babies be. They named them Hope and Plague. Hope because he has given them hope to save Plague. And Plague, because he was plagued by the Devil to have no soul.
They each grew up on the island together, and apart. Hope studied the island for rare species of plants and wildlife, while Plague, on the other hand, grew up secretly developing poisons and testing it on different species of animals. Each one had a different effect, but still killing the animal in the end. All together he had created three different potions. One that created swollen buboes, one that caused pneumonia, and one that went right into the blood stream and killed the animals in hours. Each caused the troubled Plague a little joy in watching the animals die. His parents were terrified when he came home with a devilish grin on his face, but said nothing.
Each month, Destiny and Fate brought them to the top of Mount Joy, that blew joy towards China and then towards Europe, and then on to the rest of the world. The mountain brought Destiny, Fate, and Hope joy, but strangely, it made Plague angry. He thought when comes joy comes life. He didn't like life. He enjoyed watching animals suffer in pain and death. In the year 1310, Plague plotted to bring his poisons with him to the top of the mountain in thirty years when his poisons were perfected. He knew that when he perfected the poisons, and them put into the geyser at the top of the mountain, it would release a toxic gas that would spread his poisons through microscopic particles that could attach themselves to fleas and flow through the air. That would bring him joy. Hope found out his wicked brother's plan and knew a plant that would counteract the poison when eaten, he called it the Curia flower. The leaves were for preventing, the center of the flower was for curing, and the petals of the flower made it so the leaves and center would taste good. He made his family a salad using the parts of the curia flower and other various plants from the island that he collected on his studies that enhanced health. Destiny and Fate enjoyed having a nice meal and complemented Hope on his kindness and skill. But the meal only made Plague angry and jealous.
On New Years Day of the year 1340, Destiny and Fate took Hope and Plague to the top of the Mountain to enjoy another year. Once they made it to the top of the mountain, they all sat down to rest on a special rock by the geyser, except Plague. He stood up, in front of his parents and walked up to the geyser.
He announced that “Today will be the end of this Joyful Geyser and the beginning of an era of suffering and death.” He reached into his bag and pulled out three vials, each a different shade of black. “Once I pour these vials into the geyser, the plague will spread throughout the world and the Devil will have his souls to himself, and maybe then he would accept me to rule the underworld with him. And might I just add that what good is joy without suffering?” He laughed to himself. As he opened up the vials, Hope tried to stop him, but it was too late. He poured the poisons into the geyser. Immediately it started to spew a black cloud of toxic. “Witness your own demise, Fate, Destiny, and Hope! You will all perish!” Howled Plague.
“That's what you think Plague! That salad that we ate a while ago had the cure for your poison in it! We are safe! You will not destroy us with your poison!” Called out Hope. “How could you even try to do this to your own family, and the world? What have we or them ever done to you?”
“Do you see how Fate and Destiny look at me? They know that I am evil! They know, and you know. All this time, you have been their favorite, the one with the soul, making them food, making them happy. They hate me!” Shouted Plague.
“No, we don't Plague, we love you. That is why-” said Destiny softly.
“SILENCE!” Commanded Plague. “I summon forth the power of the Devil to protect me!”
Instantly, a flame lit up in front of Plague, and in a moment, as the flames died down, the Devil appeared.
“You have done the first step well, now, you must protect what you have created! Do not fail me!” Hissed the Devil to Plague.
And, with a roar of thunder, and a flash of lightning storming from the Heavens, God himself appeared and floated over to Hope.
“I beg of you, Hope. I cannot stop him now. I will only make things worse. But you can stop this. Put this star key into it's place at the side of the geyser. It will destroy the poison, and I will bring you all to safety.” In God's almighty hands, a beautiful and large star shaped diamond appeared and sparkled in Hope's eyes. Hope took the key from his hands.
“My dear Hope, because of your ability to take this responsibility over your brother, I give you the ability to command all the good on this island to do your bidding, good luck, an no matter what happens, I will be with you.”
At the same time, the Devil was speaking with Plague, “I knew from the beginning that you would be the right choice. That is why I chose you over your brother. You have done well. I will now give you power to control all the evil on this island.”
Simultaneously, God and the Devil gave them abilities to do as they were told, and God took Fate and Destiny, to protect them from the upcoming battle.
“I will stop you Plague! You will not kill the world with your toxin! If you stop, I will do what you ask of me. If you don't, it will be your demise!” Commanded Hope. He used his ability to trap Plague in a stone dome formed from the ground beneath his feet.
“That's what you think! I will never give in. In fact...” Hissed Plague. He broke the dome with his bare hands and stomped his feet, which made the mountain tremble. Hope tried to put the Star key onto it's holder, but Plague kicked the Star key out of his hand and created big boulders to destroy the once safe path to the top of the mountain, replacing it with jagged terrain and sharp points on the mountain. Hope fought back with a splash of water, momentarily blinding Plague as he tried to push him off the mountain. But, he reconciled with himself and remembered that Plague was his brother, and he could not bring himself to killing his brother, just like his parents, no matter how evil he may be. Hope stopped, which gave Plague enough time to see again. He immediately knocked Hope unconscious with a boulder to his head and pushed him off the mountain.
As Hope was unconscious, Plague took the star shaped key from the ground and took it to the Temple of Sacrifice where he locked it in a chamber that could only be opened by the sacrifice of eight lives. Then he flew back to where Hope lay unconscious and stood over him and said to him,
“You will never be able to put the Star key in to stop the poison. I also curse you with taking away your power and feeding myself with more, turning the island evil. I am turning you into a bird, where you will spend your days flying above, waiting for no one to come. You are lucky I don't kill you.” As he spoke Hope got smaller and smaller. White feathers grew from his arms. He awoke with a jolt because the transformation was unbearably painful. As his feet turned into claws, he screamed in agony. Feathers started to grow on his face, and as his lips turned harder, forming a beak. It was too much to bear, he tried to say stop, but at this point, all that came out was a small chirp. The slow and agonizing process was done. Hope was transformed into a dove. His only chance at being in human form was for somebody to come... somehow.
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