January 30, 2012
By EvonkaH BRONZE, Lakeland, Georgia
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EvonkaH BRONZE, Lakeland, Georgia
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"Amor no es Amor"
Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Author's note: I attract to myself, whatever I give my focus, attention, or energy to; whether wanted or unwanted. ♥_ The Law of Attraction_♥

The author's comments:
the words that are foregin look them up in google translate under indoneisian later i will have a glossary. :)

I attract to myself, whatever I give my focus, attention, or energy to; whether wanted or unwanted.
♥_ The Law of Attraction_♥
From the moment I woke up, the beast woke up within me. In my dark room I turn and look at the rainbow numbers on my alarm clock. Three o' two in the morning, I thought to myself, and then I felt that sick anxious feeling in my stomach again. It’s the weirdest feeling ever. You know that feeling you get when you see someone you like and the one you get when you're so anxious for something? This is how that feeling is and it's so aggravating.
These feelings are getting stronger now. Last night they made me cry out a blood curdling scream. My foster mom thinks I’m insane, cracking up. Except I can't stop it, the beast comes and leaves when it pleases. Tonight, it made me sit straight up.
I searched around my room frantically and saw nothing; the only thing I noticed was an eerie feeling in the air. I turned towards my window pane and it's open. My lavender curtains that look silver under the moonlight are moving in and out, like they were breathing. Instantly before I could blink, I saw something rush by my window.
Trying hard to stifle the scream that was slithering up my throat, I got up to go towards the window. By getting up I mean I felt an urge, a pull, beckoning me to come towards the open window. Without choice I snatched off my soft, warm, and comfortable comforter and walked to this insane pulsing sensation. The night breeze gave me Goosebumps. I tried to stop my legs from moving, but the beast within urged my legs to continue, so they did.
I grabbed the footboard of my bed, only to miss it by an inch. Tears were now running down my face because I could no longer control myself. Then this silver mist with the most mouthwatering scent encircled me.
"Come closer Allura," it seemed to whisper.
The silver mist moved towards the window with that in descriptive scent. I couldn't help but follow. I had to get closer. Immediately found the comfort of the mysterious silver mist near the open window. It’s so warm. I nuzzled for the mist's embrace. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.
The moment I opened my eyes, my eyes were met with a pair of brownish reddish eyes staring back at me. On the inside I was screaming until my lungs popped, but on the outside I was composed. It almost felt natural.
"Vashti," said the mysterious voice.
It sounded like a guy. I couldn't make out the figure, but those eyes, oh those eyes made me breathless and my knees weak.
"Vashti?" the mist asked.
"Yes," I automatically answered.
I took the figure's hand as he took me outside my room onto the window sill. It felt so natural to have him around me, whoever he is. On the inside I was wondering: who is he? Why does he call me Vashti? Where is he taking me?
The next thing I know that he's behind me with my waist in his arms. I’m praying on the inside that he doesn't push me off or let me go. Except the beast on the outside, Vashti, trust him. I didn't even say yes, Vashti did. I listened from the outside as this stranger and Vashti had their conversation.

"Come with me Vashti."
"I shall," Vashti or me answered.
"When?" the figured ask.
Vashti or I gave no answer.
"Join me."

He let his arm go from around our waist. I turned around and the figure is gone. The only proof that he was here was his body heat, which is slowly disappearing. I look at the ground and he is standing there with his arms out. Before I could stop me or Vashti, the beast took a jump. My room is two stories up! I released a scream as I saw the ground rushing towards my face. All I could see was the figure's body with is arms outstretched for me then pure darkness.
My body hurt with excruciating pain. I could only move my hand as I scrapped nothing but mother earth. I thought he was supposed to catch us, me, or Vashti? The only question processing through my head is Am I dead? If my skull isn’t cracked. I tried to call for help, but I only tasted the iron in my mouth, the taste of blood. I tried to get a deep grasp of air, I cried out in pain. My ribs were shattered all of them.

Why? Why me?
Why did Vashti jump for that guy?
"I didn't jump, you did Allura."
"Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
"I am you."
"No! I am Allura. You are Vashti!"
"Same thing."
"Am I dead?"
"Not if you're having this conversation."
"Where are you?"
"Look in front of you."
I slowly lifted my head and pried my eyes opened. I saw a pair of bronze feet with anklets shining in front of my face.
"Itulah saya."

I didn't know what language she was speaking, but I understood what she was saying.
"Who was that guy?"
Vashti slowly lifted me to my feet and we were in a new land, I think.
"Where are we?"
"Bali, Indonesia."

Maybe I’m cracking up for real.
Indonesia, ohmygawd, my foster mom is going to ground me or send me back to foster care, i thought.

"How did we get to Indonesia?"

"When you jumped for Rusanti, he sent you to your past."

"My past is back in Florida!"

"You are the reincarnation of me."

"I don't believe you."

"You don't have to; all you have to do is look at me."

I looked at Vashti and she was right. She had a long mane of the blackest hair it looked blue. Her eyes were the same light brown shade as mine. Skin kissed by the sun it was so bronze, just like mine.

"How did you know where to find me? If I am a reincarnation of you, you should be dead!"

"I've always been inside of you all along. It was Rusanti who came seeking for my or our soul. That’s when he found you. He summoned the inner soul of me. There is a lot of history I’d like to explain to you Allura."

"I'd love to hear it, except the fact I’m slowly dying here."

Vashti pulled out this powdered substance and put it in my mouth. It had a citrusy flavor to it. Instantly I felt my bones heal and my health restored. I stood up and finally saw Vashti clearly for the first time. Yeah, I’m exactly her reincarnation all right.

"What was that you gave me?"


I looked around and we were standing on top of this giant rock in the middle of the ocean surrounded by blue skies. I watched the sea crash against the rock. I was in awe. Vashti pointed behind us, so I turned around. I saw this temple that looked like it was carved out the rock itself. The temple was perfectly hidden by the trees.

"Where are we?"

"The Sea Temple Of Pura."

"It's so beautiful, but why?"

"This is the last place where we stood."

I watched Vashti's facial expression go from happy to sad.

"What do you mean?"

"We lived during the time period of the Kingdom of Majapahit. Jayanegara was the raja at the time. Let's just say I wouldn't be his nyonya. Jayanegara had his guards seize me. I ran all the way from the palace to the Sea Temple. I thought I’d be safe from the guards. Until one shot a bow and it pierced me through my heart and I lied here, in this exact spot and bled to death."
I sat there mystified. Here I am standing in the same spot where I... I mean Vashti was murdered.

"Where was Rusanti?"

Vashti sighed.

"Rusanti was too late he found me later when I was dead."

"Is that why he summoned your soul?"

"Ya, we have so much unfinished business to take care of."

Suddenly I had an epiphany. Vashti and Rusanti are lovers, well used to be. Who was the guy for me in my future if Rusanti was for Vashti?

"Is there a Rusanti in my future?"


"Huh! Why?"

"His soul was never at rest and he wouldn't move on until he found me. Rusanti has been searching for centuries."

Awe! Poor Rusanti, his soul never rested. Some love stories are so tragic. The wind picked up and the sky turned a violent shade of grayish purple. The waves grew higher and higher. Bright blue lightning surged through the sky disturbing the peaceful quiet that was upon us. The serenity of this place no longer seemed peaceful. I don't know much about Hinduism, but Nataraj was going to destroy the Sea Temple along with Vashti and me with it.

I turned and looked at Vashti and she was gone. By gone, I mean no longer there beside me.

"Vashti!" I screamed.

I got no answer.

The only answer I got was the raging Nataraj. The waves rose higher and higher and the sky quickly engulfing everything around it. The lightning was striking everything around it. i was alone, scared, and terrified. I started crying and screaming. Hastily, the lightning struck the rock that was keeping the whole Sea Temple up. The rock all at once began to crumble away into the chaotic sea. Everything was carried away by a funnel sent down on the sky causing rubble to fly all around. The funnel lowered quickly from the sky to the spot where I was standing. Like any other human, I started running. Where? I don't know. I'll take my chances in the boisterous sea. I started running towards the end of the rock. I was dodging flying rocks and rubble. Suddenly, I tripped over this rock and a tree fell on top of my leg.

"Aghhhhh!" I cried out in pain.

The funnel still didn't diverge from its original plan, me. I squeezed my eyes closed as it grew closer to me. I surely thought this was going to be the end of me for sure. Maybe Vashti wasn't who she said she was. She could've been some psycho that just simply kidnapped me and left me here in this berserk storm to die. As the death funnel drew closer I heard a chant:

" saat ini Akan berhenti

masa lalu Akan mengontrol

memperbaiki kesalahan dan menyelamatkan jiwa Anda.

sehingga masa depan Anda akan dibuat secara keseluruhan ."

The funnel fully encircled me and the chant grew louder, then nothing. The world and everything I knew doesn't make sense as of this moment. The world around me was dark as night. I felt around for the tree that was on my leg and I touched nothing. Suddenly I was free falling. The blackness was now a swirling rage of fiery red, oranges, and yellows. Then there was this feminine voice.

"You have been given a second chance to correct your past Vashti."

Then the world around me swirled until my eyes could no longer follow. All I know is that when the world stopped twirling I was in a palace beside Jayanegara and Rusanti.
"Berdiri semua!" shouted the announcer.

All the subjects rose before Prince Jayanegara and Rusanti. i was frightened because there was no place to run. The guards had the palace, guarded.


Rusanti stepped forward.

"Yes, my lord?"

"Please explain to the Kingdom of Majapahit what we have before us today?"

Rusanti took one look at me and smiled, then faced the Kingdom of Majapahit.

"Before us we have a tukang sihir wanita. She can tell the future of all whom she touches."

The crowd cooed and awed.

"A pa namanya?"

"N amanya adalah Vashti."

Rusanti extended his hand and I accepted his offer. The moment my hand touched his, my stomach dropped. i stepped forward walking with one foot in front of the other. The room was so still and silent you could hear my gold anklets knock against each other.

"Vashti was "saved" from the other land."

By saved Prince Jayanegara meant traded. They traded one ship load of gold and different kinds of spices to "save" me. Apparently, I was rare enough to be adorned in the finest silk garments. My forehead was wrapped with a yellow head charm. My stomach was allowed to show and my skirt had a slit on one side showing the mark of the Rudraksha tree. Prince Jayanegara proceeded to speak. "Vashti isn't allowed to be touched, touching her means instant death. She isn't to be coveted in any man's eyes accept mine."

I scanned the room and everyman quickly diverted their gazes from me. I now belonged to Prince Jayanegara and nobody else. I’m his nyonya and nothing more.

“Vashti datang!"

I turned and faced my prince, my owner, my enslaver. I stepped up and stood with my face held high beside the prince's chair. Jayanegara's gaze fell onto me and I held my breath. He made it quite clear that if I disappointed him in any way he would have me killed right on the spot.
Escorted to my chambers by the palace guards I slowly wondered how I ended up in this situation. I climbed into my bed as the palace guard bid me goodnight. I was tired from giving fortunes all day long. My powers needed to be recharged and there is no better way to relax than with the petals of the cinnamon flowers.
"Babu Kamar!" I yelled clapping my hands.
"Ya?" she answered.
"Prepare my bath water hot with cinnamon flower petals please."
"Ya dewi Vashti." she answered bowing low in my presence.
"Please do not bow. I am only human myself. Please saya babu kamar, call me Vashti."
She lifted her head with a smile and went to prepare my bath.

I stretched on my bed thinking of Rusanti. I have no clue why, but he makes me nervous in a good way. While Jayanegara is very wealthy and attractive, he is corrupt in many ways. Sometimes I hear the maids whisper in the hallways about him and his nyonya, multiples of them, and how he sneaks them in and out of his bed chamber at all times of night. He thinks he can have anyone he pleases. I scoffed to myself. Never will Prince Jayanegara keep me in this way. Then I remember that I have no choice.

Back at the ceremony they held for me when he said I was allowed to choose, it was a lie. It was just so that the people wouldn't think otherwise. Every morning my skin is rub down in this veil of shimmering liquid that if touched will leave a finger print of hand print on my skin; therefore, letting Prince Jayanegara know I've been touched. That in itself will lead to my ultimate demise. Truly the only person I am allowed to be touched by is the Prince and he is the only one that I can love without dying.

My babu kamar entered into my chamber once more.
"Vashti, your bath is ready."
"Thank you."
I rose from my bed and lightly stood on my feet letting the cold anklets hit my skin. I followed my babu kamar into my royal bath chamber behind to double doors. My bath chamber was adorned with the sweetest smell of exotic spices, fruits, and flowers. The smell of cinnamon gently grazed my nose instantly reenergizing me. Two of my other babu kamar came and undressed me as I took my place in my bath. I took the steps that took me deeper into the pool of hot water.
The hot water wasn't too hot, but it was just right. Being pampered isn't half bad. Prince Jayanegara has recommended only the best services for me. When I am tired, I am given the best baths and fabrics for my bedding. When I am sore, I receive the best massages in the kingdom. I relaxed in the tub until the water was cold and I stepped out. My babu kamar handed me a white plush handuk and I dried off. I slipped on my other silk dress and climbed into her bed chamber.
As soon as the hallway was quite and clear, I quietly-crept from my bed and out of my bed chamber. The guards were tired and nodding off. I decided to go through my bathing chamber and into the royal garden. I took off my gold anklets, so that I can remain unseen and unheard. If Prince Jayanegara thought I was gonna sit around and be his pretty little doll he can just play with when he needed to, he had another thing coming.
The royal garden was just outside on the far east side of the palace. My room is on the west side, so I have a great deal of sneaking to do. I opened my window to my bed chamber and closed my room door. After I come back from my late night adventure, I have a way to sneak back into the palace without any guards noticing me missing. Carefully sliding by the two sleeping guards outside my bed chamber, I headed directly for the ceremonial dining area. This is where Prince Jayanegara host his extravagant parties. It's called the Pihak Kamar.
I couldn't see that well in the dark, so I stayed against the wall keeping my steps and weight light so that if I did bump into something, it wouldn't knock the item down. This palace holds many rare and priceless items, it's not even funny. Even though I doubt I'd be the one getting blame for the broken rare items, I don't want those poor slaves being accused and executed for something I did.
I am a fortune teller not a see er of what is in the dark. Guards were guarding the door into the Pihak Kamar. I could get away because the law states simply that I cannot be touched, unless I am doing things I have no business doing. One guard, with a spear on hand, turned and approached me.
"Peramal Vashti , what are doing out of your bed chambers."
"I had a vision urging me to go to the royal garden, so that I may ask Nataraj what I may do to prevent a tragedy heading for the Kingdom of Majaphit."
"As you wish Peramal Vashti. Need we escort you?"
"Tidak ada."
"It is for your safety that we assist you," the guard said no more being passive.
I held up my hand.
"Nataraj is with me, so it is safe that you not need assist me in this task. I am Peramal Vashti, I see all."
" Ketika Anda ingin," he said letting me pass into the Pihak Kamar.
I entered into the Pihak Kamar and I felt this strange sensation. Instantly I turned around in the dark and found Rusanti through the glass window. He was standing in the royal garden.
I carefully peered outside the window gazing at Rusanti. His back was facing me, but under the moonlight, I could see his silky shoulder length hair clearly. I never seen his eyes before because it is required that I bow before him and he bow to me.

My heart was literally jumping outside my chest. I couldn't breathe. Hiding behind the satin curtains, I quickly turned around to catch my breath. I couldn't stop my heart from surging. Then, a spirit seemed to cajole me to enter among the garden. I combined my most alluring pose to match my seductive glance and proceeded outside into the royal garden.

The smell of the cradling night consoled me. Rusanti cautiously turned his head facing my figure.

"Peramal Vashti, it is...nice to see you here," he said bowing in my presence.

"Konsultant," I replied bowing in return.

Rusanti slowly walked a little circle around me and a purple orchid. I wanted to believe he was checking out the orchid, but I know that Rusanti eyes were fixated on me. My face began to warm up and a coy smile slipped on my face. I couldn't overrule this feeling. Even deep down, the heel of my foot knew that these feelings for Rusanti were dangerous. It would get Rusanti and me executed by the royal guards. I continued to stare straight ahead looking at how the moon reflected so beautifully on top of the ocean. The midnight blue sky seemed ebony with that white flawless diamond in this mist. The flowers shadows climbed eerily against the night. I could slowly hear my heart beat racing to a familiar tune I knew deep down in my spirits, my very essence. Recalling it was very difficult at the time. My body felt weak. This black mental block popped up sending me crashing straight for the ground.

Rusanti came to my aid. His arms lifted me up by the waist.

"Are you okay Vashti?'

"I'm not sure. Every time I over use my powers, I fall out.”
Then almost instinctively he jerked his arms away from me. I looked up into his horror striken eyes.
“Are you okay Konsultant?” I asked with whole hearted concern.
“I touched you,” Rusanti stammered, “which is punishable by death!”

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