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A Bit Blunt, eh?

She wasn’t beautiful. There was nothing beautiful about her. Caroline stared into the mirror, observing the stretch marks, the double chin, the bulges that settled comfortably into the creases of her long-sleeved shirt. She glanced down quickly, directing her attention to the thin strand of cold water running through her stumpy fingers. Every day at precisely 11:35, Caroline hid out in the bathroom to avoid her fourth period Chemistry class. Listening to Professor Fitzgerald’s nasally, scratchy voice for thirty minutes straight was enough, let alone an entire hour. Pressing the water tap off, she heard the click clack of high-heeled shoes echo off the tiled floor. Caroline lifted her head as a girl dressed in a silky crimson blouse and a sleek dusky skirt strode in. Her lithe figure moved past Caroline to the next sink over. She leaned in closer to the mirror to check her mascara, the shadow from the overhead lights highlighting her defined cheekbones. Caroline turned her head away, ashamed and embarrassed. She continued rubbing the peach-scented liquid soap between her hands, bubbles resting upon her porcelain skin. Yanking paper towels from the dispenser, Caroline could feel a pair of eyes piercing holes into her back. When she slowly turned around, she saw an expression of repulsion plastered across the girl’s pretty face.
“Can I help you?” Caroline inquired impatiently, frowning in annoyance.
“Oh, it’s nothing,” she replied nonchalantly, redirecting her attention to the mirror.
“No, no. Something is obviously bothering you. So, just spill the beans. Just say whatever the hell is on your mind,” Caroline fumed, a crinkle forming between her eyebrows.
“Fine. You asked for it,” her confident, mature voice rang within the walls. The girl’s wide eyes flashed as she flipped the black curtain of hair over her narrow shoulders. “Now, I’m only saying this as a fellow girl. Word of advice. Get rid of the gut. It’s not attractive at all. No one should have that much fat just sitting there. It’s not healthy. And you would look a thousand times better if you were like sixty pounds lighter. So, do you, me, and everybody else a favor and lose a few pounds.”
Caroline glowered at her, tight-lipped, as the girl swung back around to face the mirror, rechecking her reflection. Blood pulsed rapidly throughout Caroline’s entire body creating a tingle sensation that traveled from the tips of her fingers all the way down to her toes. A flush crawled from the base of her chubby neck upward, reddening her bulging cheeks. Her fists clenched and jaw tensed as her heart began pounding, ears seemingly throbbing. Caroline had had enough. She was sick and tired of people telling her what was wrong with her. Sick and tired of people throwing adverse glances at her. Sick and tired of people saying that she needs to lose weight. Sick and tired of people not worrying about their own damn selves.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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