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The Sweetest Rum

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Chapter 13

I woke very early the day of the wedding, I had not been able to sleep the night before in anticipation but my adrenaline and energy would be keeping me awake for a intolerably long time. I took the dress box from under my bed and laid the perfect dress on my bed. The tailor had done a magnificent job in the stitching. I marveled over it before undressing from my night clothes and putting on the accompanying petticoat the tailor had made. The petticoat was very lacy and itched but I found it too beautiful to complain. I then called

Lily to help button my dress and smooth it. I was determined that mother was not to see it until I was fully dressed. I sat in front of my mirror to study my hair. Lily decided for me to pull it all up under a lacy cap. I was not of a mind to make decisions so I let her do as she wanted. She brought out a new cap I had not seen before and I hugged her when she said she had made it special for me. She arranged it gently on my head letting a few dirty blonde curls fall out the edges in a most perfect way. She hung the rose necklace around my neck. Its dull gray a satisfactory contrast to my white dress. It matched the metal ring that had been present on my finger for nearly a month. I smiled at myself and saw the person in the mirror grinning back ecstatically.
I had taken a bath the night before and was crystal clean. Lily had followed suit and was also clean, and dressed in a lavender colored dress very similar in style to my own. Her hair was done up in a matching way a straw hat with a violet ribbon and flower perched on her head.
We were both very jittery as we walked down the stairs to where mother was waiting. We had borrowed a covered carriage to keep us all from getting dirty or dusty on the way to the church. Mother was more controlled and not smiling excitedly she was tapping her feet in anticipation as we rode to the church. She complemented my beauty but I suspected from her responses that she had peeked at the dress during its hiding. Eli was already dressed at at the front of church with his backed turned to the doorway so as not to see me when I walked in. I saw the back of his suit and felt like somersaulting down the aisle in excitement. I

reprimanded my nerves and the organist waited for my mother to be seated before playing the notes of my march down the aisle. I was being escorted by my cousin, Leo, Matthias and Hannah’s father. It saddened me that my own father could not give me away but I knew if he had been giving me away it would not be to Eli, the love of my life. I reached the front and Eli finally turned and caught my eye. I reached for his sweaty palm, both of our eyes popping at the sight of the other. Eli looked more handsome and charming and wonderful than I could ever picture. I tried to concentrate on the sermon and the words of the pastor but all I kept seeing was Eli’s dark drown eyes and shaggy light brown hair. Finally the pastor stepped towards us and we turned to face each other. My hands were shaking as ELi held them. My mouth was forced into a grin that had been there so long my mouth was getting sore from being a constant upturned position, but yet it refused to turn down. The pastor turned to me, it was time for me to tell Eli sensibly how much I loved him. I squeezed his hand, and he returned it.
The minister began. “Do you Trinity Smith promise to give the best of yourself to Elijah Commondew?”
“I do” “For better or for worse?” “Yes.” “For richer or for poorer?” “Yes.” “In sickness and in health?” “Yes.” “Until Death do you part?” “Yes.” I ended my limbs becoming jittery in all

the excitement. The minister asked Eli the same questions
and with each yes my already impossible large grin grew until my entire body was smiling.
The minister finished and Eli echoed his final
“By the power bestowed in me from our loving God, I now pronounce you man and wife.”
Eli was leaning into my face almost before the pastor finished the words his lips melting mine as he kissed me. I had never kissed Eli before our wedding day and I was glad I had waited it made the emotion so much more meaningful.
A short dinner with drinks followed the celebration and true to his word Eli drank more than he had with his uncle the night of our engagement.
The trivial enjoyment of children no longer fascinates me, I would much rather prefer to be celebrating my wedding.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 11 12 13

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