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Author's note: Please take a look! i wrote this for all audiences and i plan to add action sequences but it is...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Please take a look! i wrote this for all audiences and i plan to add action sequences but it is unfinished so please wait!  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1: First Light September 30th 1942

I awoke to the sound of a P-51 jet roaring overhead. There had been more and more of them lately, waking me up earlier and earlier each time. Although the P-51 jets were among the most advanced and popular aircraft today, I was already sick of them. I looked out of the small window in my bedroom with the warped glass and peeling white painted, wooden frame, and pressed my cheek up against the glass.
I desperately tried to get a good view of the sky, but with my room being in the basement of our humble abode, it was downright impossible to see up there, into the heavens. I caught a warped glimpse of the blood-orange and salmon pink rays of sun streaming in though my window and dancing around my room, hitting the exact spot on the window I had intended them to.
When I woke up early due to the sound of the P-5 jets for the first few times about a month or two ago, I realized that sleep was impossible after the first jet took off at first light. I didn’t like getting up every day at daybreak, but I didn’t really have a choice.
I lived in Frankfurt, Germany. Living in the capital city of Germany, and Frankfurt, lying in the American Occupation Zone, and being the headquarters city of the U.S. Army in Germany, the talk of war being inevitable filled every newspaper, billboard, flyer, and mind. I was tired of feeling helpless and dejected and seeing nothing but new weapons, new jets, and new ways to kill people wherever I looked.
I watched the rainbow colors stream through my window and project themselves on my wall, looking as beautiful and crystalline as they had the first time. I focused my gaze on the exact pinpointed place I had determined the sun’s rays would hit at daybreak.
With my ivory and Japanese still knife I got from my father for my birthday last year, I had carved and shaved away some of the glass in about the middle of the window. I had cared a somewhat flat version of a large diamond into the glass, and when the sun hit it just right, at daybreak, it sent thousands of vivid rainbows and little rainbow shards like beams into my room, bathing my ceiling and walls in to their breathtaking luminescence and feeling of utter warmth sent to me by the rays of the sun itself.
My mother didn’t believe in using “ersatz sun” so we didn’t have a single light bulb in our five room house. Ersatz means false, or artificial, and my mother does not believe in using anything that is not “natural.” We still cook our meals over our small kitchen stove, but no light bulbs are allowed…anywhere.
This results in my broom-closet of a room being rather dark most of the time, except at daybreak, which is why my friend Nadine bought me a small portable book-light that I keep hidden under my bed. Her father is an inventor and told me that this is the latest small portable light he has made. I thanked him probably a million times, and I am very grateful, but I hardly ever get to use it with my parents around.
I propped myself up on one arm and tried to see the sun again, but to no avail. The sun eluded me and my room below the earth most of the time, so I wasn’t unaccustomed to the sparse amount of light in my room. I placed my precious knife on the window sill once more and sighed. Today was going to be a melancholy day. I could always tell, depending on how long my crystalline rainbow room stayed ablaze with the colors of the rainbow. I get of my warm, single bed with the quilt my mother made for me lying at the foot of it. The small fireplace in the corner of my room usually keeps me warm enough, so I often kick my quilt down to my feet to avoid being roasted to a golden brown.
I took in one last view of my rainbow room; waiting until the sun rose too high and the salmon rays of sunshine no longer hit my large glass diamond, passing above it, turning my room back to its former pale yellow-gray pallor.
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Kbuschan said...
Dec. 12, 2010 at 3:52 pm
good story so far:) im on the 3rd chapter but i dont get how you say your going to meet anastasia at the markt place when you also said that anastasia was your real mother you hadnt heard from?

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