Adventure in Trenton

December 7, 2017
By SuYuuCynthia, SHenzhen, New York
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SuYuuCynthia, SHenzhen, New York
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For CRW lesson

The night is extremely cold, so cold that people seldom comes out in that chilly weather. However, there was two young children trembling in the air. They were in two down jackets. The boy was in blue while the girl was in white. The children didn’t have complicated collars on their coats as usual people and they are in light sport shoes instead of stogies.
  “Actually, where are we?” The boy asked with fear. Everything is dark and faded. “Oh my god…I don’t know…” The girl was even younger and can’t help crying out. “There was no river near our house… That’s strange and so…? Where are we?”
  There was a wide river laid before them.

  “Why are you kids here?!” Suddenly a crude voice burst out. The kids were shocked and headed back. “Are you from the opposite bank? Umm…What are these strange clothes??” The voice came from a strong man in old-fashioned clothes and his hairstyle was like those in 18th century. “Are you cosplaying?” The girl asked in an excited voice. However, the boy denied quickly. “Oh my you are crazy Margaret! No one will cosplay in the chilly weather!”
  “What is cosplay! Why are you keeping murmuring these incomprehensible words? Go back with me!” The man seems very confused and decided to bring the kids back to their camps first.
  “OK! OK! Can you tell us where we are and what day is it first?” The boy was struggling with the man’s constraint raised his doubt.
  “Oh that’s a strange question! You two seems so suspicious! Tell you it is Christmas Eve and the river is called Delaware!”
  “Oh!! Christmas Eve and Delaware!! I think I know something about this!!” Shouted the boy, searching for his memory. “So… why don’t celebrate your Christmas?” The innocent young girl raised her confusion.
  The kids and the strong soldiers stumbled back to their strongpoint. “You are preparing wars!!” Shouted the boy. “And you planned to pass the Delaware River! Oh my god, I have read about you on the history book…”
  The strong man was not so delightful, he grimaced, he was confused. “How can you know all our plan??” He asked worriedly, suspecting if the boy is a spy.
  Okay, okay, it is 1776. “We are back to history…” Murmured the boy.
  His sister knew nothing about history, she frowned because the men weren’t celebrating Christmas on the Eve.
  “May you wait for a little moment for our leader? Here is some hot food for you.” Said the old woman who was in charge of supplying goods at this camping site.
  The children thanked the old granny and sat there quietly. There were so many soldiers there in the camps. The atmosphere was tight. They are waiting, waiting quietly for their leader. The boy was a little excited and nervous.
  “Sir, it seems that you want to meet us?” The boy stood up when he saw the man coming along. “OH!!” Shouted the young girl. She knew nothing about the war, the planner and their motivation…but she recognized the man.
  The girl inhaled, “I know you, you are George Washington!!”
  “How can you know our leader?” Another soldier asked curiously and grimaced
  “It will be dangerous for you kids to stay here.” Said George Washington, after putting a glimpse on the children. “It is a war, not a joke.”
  “I don’t know where you come from and what clothes are you wearing. I hope you aren’t spies. AND… I hope you stay away from our war so that you won’t disturb us or get hurt.”
  “Can we go across river with you? We don’t know where to go…” The girl murmured sadly. Sure if they didn’t follow the army, they couldn’t hardly find any shelter and they didn’t know how to get back home
  “OK, maybe you can follow him, at the back of the boat. I hope you are wise children.” Mr. Washington smiled to the young girl.
  “Of course, we won’t!” Answered the boy, they are from the future!
  McCaskey Ferry. A small ferry near Trenton.
  Twenty-four hundred people were waiting for instructions. They are waiting quietly, listening to the chat made by George Washington and another man – the host of the small ferry.
  “However, I don’t think making an attack now is a good idea. But if you resisted, so Mr. Washington, I agree to carry you across but maybe it is so dangerous to pass in the chilly weather.
  “Never mind, we will succeed…” George Washington hesitated for a little while.
  “Well, Mr. Washington! I hope you can have a try. You are ought to win. You will found USA!!”
  “Oh my god, what are you saying ??” Shouted the boy excitedly. The girl is telling about the future.
  “Thanks for your pray. I hope so, you are a young girl but I am glad you know a lot about the news.”
  “We are across now. Okay you kids, find your way home and celebrate your Christmas!”
  It was another kind of forest near. The boy recognized, similar to the forest near their home. Then they wandered through the dark forest with high spirit. Just a little while, they saw their house. The lights were hung and Christmas trees are before their house.
  “We are back to USA.” The boy laughed.
  “I pray for Mr. Washington.” The girl seemed worriedly.
  “Of course he will win, or we won't live in this country now.”


  Thanks to the Magic Tree House. I got my inspiration and some similar settings from it

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