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Waves in the River

Author's note:

I really hope that people will understand child struggles in the Great Depression

Author's note:

I really hope that people will understand child struggles in the Great Depression

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New York City, New York: November 25, 1932

That morning, Margaret woke up and shook me awake.
“Edward. I think there is something you need to see.” she whispered frantically in my ear.
“What is it? I’m sleeping!” I whisper-shout like a big brother would.
“Look at Abigail in the entryway.” she pointed down the stairs to…
“She is talking to the mayor! Why would she be doing that?” I half shout.
“I do not know but I have a feeling that it is not good.” Margaret whispers back.
We head down the stairs very silently and listen to Abigail’s conversation with the Mayor. I look closer and realize the police are there too! I have absolutely no clue what is going on but I have a feeling it has to do with us.
“Edward,” Margaret whispers.
“Shh,” I whisper back, “I’m listening.”
“Edward,” Margaret whispers again, “Do not look behind you.”
I take the chance and look behind me. All I see before I grab Margaret and run are 3 big men that do not look friendly.
“Margaret! Run!” I scream.
We run down the stairs, not even bothering to grab our bags that have all of our clothes and our paper and pens to write to Mother and Father. We run out the door, past Abigail, past the mayor, past the police and run to a dark alley.
“Who were those people?” Margaret asks me, gasping for air.
“Shh. Do not talk. It will take all of your breath away.” I calm her.
We sit in silence for a little while. Then we both realize that not everything in the world can be solved by sitting in an alley.
“We have to go to work.” I demand. “We need to be there for payday. I think we should have $20 combined. That should be enough to make Mother and Father proud if we leave today.”
“Edward. I can not go back to that filthy place!” Margaret yells at me.
“Go. Do it for Mother and Father and Joseph.” I demand again.
We both head our separate ways, agreeing to meet back in this alley after work.

5:00 pm
“Margaret?” I yell into the vanishing sun. I told her to meet in the alley after work but she has not shown up even though she should have been here an hour ago. I got done only a half an hour ago so Margaret should have been looking for me, not the other way around.
I go to the factory, wondering if she was told to finish something before she was able to leave. I have never been inside because they only allow women inside. I think that I would be able to pass as her Father though.
“Name. Age. Person you are here to see.” the person at the door says before I am even able to walk in.
I hesitate for just a moment. “William,” I say, using my father’s name, “age 39. I am here for Margaret Jones.”
“You sure?” the man asks.
“Yes.” I answer confidently.
“Tell Margaret Jones to come down here.” he tells the lady just inside of the door.
I wait a couple minutes and then Margaret walks out the door.
“Margaret! Where have you been?” I half yell.
“Shhh. My head really hurts. They did not like my work today.” she whispered, “Let’s go home to Mother and Father and Joseph. I have money but not as much as promised.”
“Come on then.” I pull at her.
“Can I leave? My wife will be expecting us.” I say to the man.
“Yes. Go home.” he demands.
We walk away from the factory in silence. I look at Margaret a couple times and she looks very weak. She has to stop a couple times on the way back to the alley.
“Are you okay, Margaret?” I ask her every time she has to stop.
“Yes. I’m fine.” she says every time.
We get on a bus back to Ohio with Margaret breathing very hard and almost all of our money spent.
“Margaret. Are you sure that you are fine?” I ask her for the seventh time.
“No. I am not fine. I can hardly breathe and I am constantly tired and I am cold all the time and it hurts to talk so please leave me alone.”

Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 Next »

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