Lies Of The Battle

March 31, 2017
By GwenVelazquez, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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GwenVelazquez, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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In the beginning of January 1781, General Daniel Morgan was preparing for the battle. He had 16 days left until The Battle of Cowpens began. Daniel Morgan prepared all of the materials he needed in order to be successful. He prepared his Provisional Rifle Corps with a talk about the plan that they were going to use. Captain Hawkins Boon and Captain James Knox lived in the same hut area. Daniel Morgan made sure that he had enough gunpowder, had all of his corps ready to battle, and everyone knew the plan. Captain Hawkins Boon sat in his hut everyday and always made sure that he had enough materials to survive in the battle. Captain Hawkins Boon was nervous but knew he was ready. He had faith in himself and all of the corps that they could win the battle. On the other hand, Captain James Knox was not nervous at all. He knew that he, the Corps, and General Daniel Morgan had enough materials to survive in the battle, but they also knew that they are most likely going to lose at least 15-30 men. Daniel Morgan wants the best out of his Corps in the battle.

A few days later, General Daniel Morgan is outside of the huts and he sees a woman. He walks over to her and she turns around and it’s a huge surprise that he doesn't know how to react to it. He is so shocked to see that the woman is his sister, Paige Morgan. He starts asking her a lot of questions. He asks her why she is here, and she says “ I am a soldier in the battle.” Now he is furious because he does not want his 25 year old sister in the battle fighting. She then goes on to say that she is well prepared and she can handle herself in the battle. Daniel then says “ Paige I do not want you in this battle, you have a large potential of losing your life.” Paige continues to say that she is capable of fighting in the battle. Paige walks away and Daniel is standing there devastated. He goes back to his hut and tries to not worry about it. Daniel falls asleep and wakes up the next morning to loud gunshots, and a lot of rumbling. He walks outside of his hut and a lot of soldiers are barreling through with guns. Daniel asks a soldier what is happening and he says that it is the day before the battle. He is so shocked because he had no idea that it was already this close to the day of the battle. Daniel runs back to his hut and gathers all his materials that he needs in order to be able to fight and win.

The next day everyone is running around like crazy. It is very early in the morning and everyone has all of their materials for the battle against the British. It is now a few hours later and the battle has begun. On the Continental army side, 2 soldiers are injured and 1 is dead. All of General Daniel Morgan’s Corps know the plan and are fighting to win the battle. The British army have reported that they have 4 injured soldiers and 2 soldiers are dead. As the battle is going on General Daniel Morgan looks everywhere to see if any British soldiers are nearby. But he doesn't see a soldier he notices a woman, he walks closer and closer to the woman and he takes a close look at her. Daniel Morgan notices that it is his younger sister Paige Morgan. He then remembers what she told him,and she told him that she is fighting in the British army because she had no choice. Paige lied to him. She is not fighting as a soldier in the British army, she is a slave held captured. She is getting beaten in many ways no one could handle. She is being hanged by a noose, getting whipped by a rope, and she is being burned with very, very hot metal. Daniel Morgan is furious and frightened because he doesn't want his little sister to die and he also is very mad that she lied to him about being a soldier. He wants to help her very bad but he can not because he is the general in the battle. Daniel is trying to focus on the battle while trying to help his sister. Daniel runs over towards one of his Corps, Captain Hawkins Boon, and says “help my sister is a slave and is getting tortured.” Captain Hawkins Boon says “ what can I do to save her?” Daniel Morgan says “ take all of your battle materials, run over to where she is and take the noose around her neck off.” Captain Hawkins Boon then runs over to the slave quarters and takes the rope from around her neck off. He then hits the slave abuser in the head with his gun. He falls to the ground and then Captain Hawkins Boon grabs Paige, lifts her up then runs with her all the way to the huts. He puts her in his hut and then covers her up with whatever he had in his hut. Captain Hawkins Boon tells Paige that whatever she does do NOT walk outside of the hut and do not go anywhere near the slave quarters or anywhere near the battlefield. She said “ why can’t I go outside of the hut?” He answers with “ because you can possibly get captured again and your brother and I do not want you getting beaten again by the slave abuser.” Paige can’t even explain how grateful and thankful she is that Captain Hawkins Boon saved her from the torturous abuse.

Captain Hawkins Boon said to Paige “I did this for you and your brothers own good, now stay in here and do not leave this hut, DO NOT LEAVE.” After Captain Hawkins Boon saved General Daniel Morgan’s sister from the abuse he had to run back to the battle without getting caught that he left. When he got back to the battlefield, Daniel asked him a bunch of questions. He had no time to waste so he got right back into the battle. He fired his gun at a soldier that was coming near. That's one more British soldier down he said. Then a few minutes later all you could hear was gun shots. The British lost 70 soldiers and the Continental army lost 10 soldiers at that time. The battle went on for another 20 minutes. In the end the British lost 110 soldiers, 229 were wounded, and 839 were captured or went missing. The Continental army lost 25 soldiers and 124 were wounded. The Continental Army had won The Battle of Cowpens. The battle had lasted about an hour. But in the end General Daniel Morgan and his Provisional Rifle Corps were tremendously proud. The battle was over and everyone that survived was extremely lucky. Everyone went back to their huts and Daniel Morgan comforted his sister.

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