Tailor's Son

September 16, 2015
By SLkassie BRONZE, Fresno, California
SLkassie BRONZE, Fresno, California
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After Carsten Schröder, an ambitious German soldier during the WWII era, experiences a debilitating injury, he finds himself a guard at Strutthof Concentration camp. The officer rises through the ranks groping for the next rung on the ladder of success. However, it’s not long before the gentle bravery of a young Jewish woman side tracks him completely. 
As his ties to this prisoner deepen, Carsten must choose love or duty, ambition or selflessness. Yet the battle is not easy and the greatest enemy is within.
All the while he struggles with the past in which he cannot escape and with the future in which he cannot fathom. He settles for complacency, determined to watch events unfold naturally. However when the young woman’s life is jeopardized, Carsten is the only one who holds the power to save her. Will he die for a near stranger or will he live for himself? The tailor’s son is unsure. 

Skyler L.

Tailor's Son

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