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rosa parks and the bus boycott

Author's note: my insparation was my ela teacheer ms.aschliman
Author's note: my insparation was my ela teacheer ms.aschliman  « Hide author's note
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the ending of day

I will go see my mama someday when I have really done something good in this world. I might even go see her in a month. I dont have to do anything good to please her she is pleased by me for being who I am and that is all she wants from me. All I want from her is for her to be happy with the great life she has and is still living. Who care about all my work I am well known by the most important person in my life which is my mother. I can’t go see her now because I am too busy with all my work.
Dear Day, how are you doing I really hope you are feeling okay. I heard you were sick and I did not know if you wanted to be around me since the bus boycott. I am very sorry for what I did that day but we all have our own beliefs and rights and that was one of my beliefs. I hope you will live longer so I can take you to eat out I really do feel bad and it is all hurting me.Can you also tell Mixon I said “Hello” I haven’t seen him in a while. I really hope you do not pass away from the disease. Wish you the best. sincerely, Rosa Parks
I can stop working but this is important what I am working on also means a lot to me. I love helping others out so much it is just a hobbie of mine I do it too much sometimes well all the time. I will go on my mamas birthday as a surprise tell her “ I can’t make it this year I am too busy helping Martin with his work sorry “ then I will go to see her and she will be so happy to see me. She will just love the gift I will soon give her but you have to wait till next month. You have to wait and see what happens. I wonder will she be surprised or will she be very happy and have a heart attack I don't want that to happen.
(1 month later)
I had got the box wrapped and ready to send to my mothers house. I went to the train station and show the conductor where the box is going he told me he would take it right away. I had asked him if I could ride along because the gift inside is fragile and he let me have a ride so I went in the box and hid. When the train had stopped the conductor had wondered where I went he Gave the package to my mother and said” special delivery” my mother wondered what it was and she read the name of who sent it and it had said “ Rosa Parks.” I had heard my mother say “oh how sweet of her I wish she was here to see me open my gift.” My mother opened her gift and I had popped out she was so happy to see me I gave her a big hug and said “happy Birthday mama.” I got out of the box and told my mom that I will make dinner today and bake a cake for her. I had made a salad, croissants, chicken, and we drank that all with some green tea. It was very delicious and I was so happy to see my mom so surprised that I had cooked. The cake I made was super delicious and it was red velvet, with white icing and cherries on top. I also wrote “happy birthday mama” I also told her how much I love her and why I love her. the main reason is she has done so much for me and will do the same for her. My mama always told me treat people the way you want to be treated so I did I treat everyone I know with respect even the unkind. When my mama ran out of eggs to make for breakfast I had left to go buy some eggs. Then all of the sudden I see people run up to me and give me a hug and they are all the african americans they were so happy to see me they told me how much they miss me and I found out I was being learned about at school. The reason I was being learned about was because of the bus boycott. I was happy to hear that I am known by all the people I love. I went to the store and got eggs ernie let me have the eggs for free for what I had done. I was so happy that I had some royalty not as much as the whites do but I still have a little. I now know why the whites love their life and that is because royalty is great.
(one week later )
I now know why whites don’t really like their life after a while. If you have too much royalty you start to get over it because it is just the same each and everyday. I wanted to live the way the whites did but now i want to leave but also don’t want to leave home. The reason i want to leave is because I have too much attention , and the reason I don’t want to leave is because I just got here a week ago and I want to stay with my mama for as long as I have been gone. The only thing that is stopping me from staying is the attention I have caught. I dont even know why I liked it in the first place. I probably liked it because it seemed so fun and easy to live but once you live it it ain’t all that fun after all.I just wish my life would go back to its original way. that is the better way to live yeah you should live the way you want but you should also live the way you have to. The way you have to live is the ordinary you and family no attention just a little from your parents that is all the attention you need. You do not need the “whole world’s” attention because then that will be too much to deal with. you will have to help others in different ways and some people may be very picky on the way they want to live. If you need help in your life just ask a parent or if it is a small problem you can deal with it all by yourself. You are not a baby no more grow up that i show I learned what to do. All I need to do to make my life better is to grow up and face the facts that I have done something good and I am being notice which is just what I wanted. I am “mother of the civil rights movement” I will learn to deal my problems. I had heard that Day was sick and had smallpox. I did not know if I should visit so Instead I wrote a letter to him about how sorry I am for him and he is so old poor guy his time is running out he is 95 years old.
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