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Trail of Blood and Tears

Author's note: I was inspired to write this because of a project we had to do in history, a project of our...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this because of a project we had to do in history, a project of our choice. I decided to write this story and show my class that the Oregon Trail wasn't just a plain old trail, but a trail of hardship and sorrow. Also I thought I'd let people see how adding excitement to a historical fiction book can make it way more interesting.  « Hide author's note
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Part 5: When You Lose Someone You Tend To Lose Another

The wind brushed against my hair, getting it all entangled. Tears dripped down my face, and I did my best to quiet my sobbing. Julius pulled me into an embrace and held me tightly. My tears stained his shirt, and I couldn’t quite my sobs anymore. He lifted my chin with his hand and attempted a smile, though I could tell he was just as upset as me.
“Julian, it’ll be okay.” He tousled my hair with his hand, then slipped something into my pocket. I tried to look down to see what it was but Julius wouldn’t let me. “Look at it when you get to the final destination.” I nodded my head, but couldn’t figure out why he said you, instead of us. I looked towards our make-shift grave we made for Gideon. It wasn’t like Gideon’s body was there, but I still felt like it wouldn’t be right to not give him one. We also went and picked some wildflowers to put on it. They were quite easy to find since we were in a open area.
“Julian how old are you now?” Julius asked as he turned around. I thought for a moment before replying.
“I am eight now, my birthday is in a couple of days...” I paused, “Why?” I turned around to see that he was already walking away. “Wait up!” I shouted after him. I caught up to him and grabbed the back of his shirt. He looked down at me and shrugged.
“I just wanted to know. I was pretty sure that the last time I saw you, you were about seven. So I just wanted to make sure.” He frowned, “I wish you weren’t forced to grow up so fast. Lately you’ve been acting like your almost an adult, and considering the things you’ve been put through I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t act like a kid anymore.” He grabbed my hand that was holding his shirt and held it. “Promise me something. When you get to your destination forget all of this, and start acting your age.” Julius smirked. I just stared at him. He didn’t include himself in his sentence again. Was he gonna leave me...just like Gideon. Julius started coughing and he fell to the ground. I dropped to my knees so I could see what was wrong.
“Julius, what’s wrong?” I asked him, but he didn’t answer he just kept coughing. “I know I’ll get you some water!” I ran over the hole he dug earlier to get some water. A bit of water sat in the bottom, I went to scoop it up with my hands when Julius yelled.
“Don’t touch that! Hurry...get away from it!” His violent hacking continued. I ran over to him, what was I supposed to do? I thought about it when I remembered what Gideon did for me when I was thirsty.
“Wait a second Julius! I’ll get you some water.” I ran over to one of the trees by the woods and searched for a green twig. Near the bottom of the trunk there was one. I grabbed it and pulled it with all my might, but it wouldn’t budge. How did Gideon get it so easily? I looked over to where Julius was but I couldn’t see him. Where was he?
“Julius!” I shouted as I ran back. By Gideon’s grave Julius was lying on the ground, not moving. “JULIUS!!” I fell to the ground and checked for his pulse. “C’mon Julius! Get up!” My voice quivered as I tried to wake him. My eyes started leaking and my breathing became heavy. “Please...get up!” I screamed up to the up the sky, hoping that for once something good would happen. It may seem selfish but I didn’t want to lose him, not after everything we were put through. No...he had to get up. 
“Please...please...please get up! Brother don’t leave me!” I didn’t know what to do. What could I possibly do to help him, I am just an insignificant child! I looked up to the sky and shouted, “I don’t know if anyone is there or not, but please save my brother!” My voice was hoarse and the pain was unbearable, but I had to try something even if it was said to be impossible. “Just save him! Take my heart! Take my legs or arms you can have them! Just save him! He’s my older brother and he’s all I have left!!” I fell forward and my head landed on Julius’s chest. There wasn’t a sign of life, he was dead still. I buried my face into his shirt and sobbed. There wasn’t anything I could do to help him! Darkness swept over the land vanquishing the light. It came over me and soon I was pulled into a slumber filled with death, forcing me to relive each event once again.

*     *     *

I woke up covered in a blanket, sweating and gasping for air. A hand was stroking my hair, as though trying to calm me down. Who was this? Julius already had passed on, so it couldn’t be...
“Insignificant child huh?” A chuckle escaped the mouth that owned the hand. It was a man’s voice. “I’d say you’re a significant child. Someone who deserves some happiness in their life.” The man planted a kiss on my forehead, “Your the best sister anyone could ask for...So thanks, somehow you saved me!” It was Julius! He was alive! 
“...” I opened my mouth to speak but no sound would come out. My voice...was gone. If this was my price I had to pay then fine with me, as long as I still had my brother I didn’t need to talk. I heard footsteps behind me, turning I gasped at who I saw.
“Too bad you couldn’t save me dear Julian..” It was Gideon. What was going on! I thought he passed away. “Hmm...seems to me you don’t care about me anymore.” He approached me and laughed, “So what are you gonna sacrifice to get me back?” Soon my arms and legs started disappearing. I couldn’t move, I was only able to slowly watch my body disappear, after the arms and legs was my torso. Then my head, until I was gone...forever.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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jennielikeduh said...
Jan. 15, 2013 at 9:41 pm
Omg this book is absolutely amazing. I was literally reading it with tears in my eyes. Great wording:) you so have the talent to become a famous author
FawnTLost replied...
Jan. 16, 2013 at 4:48 pm
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
FawnTLost said...
Dec. 9, 2012 at 12:08 pm
I would like to apologize for the misuse of some words such as your, and you're. I wanted to upload this and leave it as it was typed a while ago (such as a couple years). Again my apologies.

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