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First Girl

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Chapter 2


I woke up laying in a bush. As I got up I noticed my strange surroundings, it looked as though I was still in China but everything was different. I could faintly hear a small ringing sensation in my head as I leaned upon my elbow to brace myself upwards. In the distance I noticed a small group of men behind a forest of trees. I couldn't see all that well but it looked as though they were carrying weapons. I bravely decided to inch forward, still hiding behind a dozen bushes, in order to see better. There in the distance stood a man; roughly 6 foot with long dark brown hair and a chiseled face that would've passed for a models. He wore a long red tunic that left his bare chest open just enough to see his broad and well muscled chest. He leaned over a pond of water and looked as though he was en-canting some sort of spell. Just as he was about to lift up his head I noticed that the men in the trees were making a run towards him, weapons high in the air ready to strike. My body moved on its own, not even giving me time to think as I threw myself in front of the strange, beautiful man with my arms stretched out wide showing my defensive stance. One man who had nearly punctured the beautiful man with a dagger stopped in his tracks right near my heart.

"Wah? Hey girl you better move before I have to kill-"

The beautiful man in the breathtaking red tunic was now stained in more red. A deep red that dripped down his face and clothes, and seemed to give him a more evil aura around himself.

"Ha. You're a pretty low assassin if you can't even kill a prince right before your eyes."

The blood stained man stood there with a grin on his face as he licked the sharp edge of the dagger that he had pulled from inside his tunic.

"How shall I deal with the rest of you insolent brats then hmm?"

The man stood there dagger in hand as he portrayed a lunge-like stance. He put his free hand on my shoulder and whisked me behind his back, as though he was going to protect me. Me. How could such a dangerous man possibly want to protect me from any harm? He probably just enjoys watching my reactions to all his blood lust.

"Stand back. You are the maiden who saved my life, in return I shall grant you the highest privilege a woman could earn. You shall be my wife."

The man pounced on the remaining four assassins. He took them all out with ease. Puncturing one to his right, then swirling in a semi-circle to get the one on his left. Jumping in the air as two of the men collided and then kicking their heads together. This beautiful man no longer looked like a man, but a beast urging for more blood; for more battles. His bare chest was now covered in the other men's blood and dripped down on to his tunic.

"Ah damn. Look what you stupid people did. You made me ruin my new shirt that I was suppose to wear to the coronation. How do you suppose I fix this mess?"

As he looked down he noticed that although he didn't kill anyone, they were all dripping in blood and passed out. At this realization he sighed and turned his attention to me, he gave me the biggest smile I've ever seen.

"So pretty lady, you ready to give me an heir?" He said with a sarcastic tone.

I was flabbergasted. Not only because of how devious and sexy this man looked while smirking with blood stains across his body, but how in this situation he could even fathom sex. I could feel my mouth begin to gape at him and my cheeks begin to flush; it was the only response my body could manage.

"Are you kidding me! You were almost killed, you beat up some men to a bloody pulp, and you wanna go do it?!"

"Yes?" The man said while cocking his head slightly to the right with an even more mocking tone.

I gaped at him again.

"I'm leaving." I said as I turned and began to walk away.

"Wait!" The man uttered while grabbing on to my sleeve. "Hey I'm sorry, I didn't mean it ." He gave me another one of his huge smiles. "At least let me thank you by taking you to the palace. I mean what girl doesn't want to visit the palace?"

Palace? I thought to myself. Exactly what time and day an age am I in right now? Well that's beside the point, if I want to survive and find a way back home I should probably steer clear of this man.... Home. I felt the tears begin to well-up inside my eyes. I really didn't want to cry in front of this man but I couldn't stop myself. I felt a tear roll down my cheek, but I quickly wiped it away hoping he wouldn't see it.

The man had a confused face but then it began to brighten, "If you really wanted to visit the palace that bad that it brought tears to your eyes I'm very happy. Maybe I could convince you to work as a-"

I couldn't control my sobbing as I fell to the ground covering my eyes with my hands. I have no idea what this strange man is talking about, nor do I care. However, the thought of returning home is scary. Why? Why do I need to return home. There's nobody waiting for me there. Yui has a girlfriend, Shino hates my guts, my mother rather date her boyfriend then pay any attention to me, and my dad. My dad is gone forever; he left me without even so much as a note. My mother told me that she told him it would be better for me if he just left from my life; but I can't believe he would just leave me. Dad. I sobbed even harder; I've never cried so much in my life. Suddenly I felt something warm wrap around my whole body. It felt like I was floating on clouds and that it could whisk me away at anytime.

"I'm here, so don't worry. I'll protect you from any danger out there so don't worry, just cry as much as you want. It's only the two of us right now."

He hugged me tighter allowing my head to go on his shoulder as I cried. First I cried for my old life, then I cried knowing that I'd have to start a new one. A new life in this new world.
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