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First Girl

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The Beginning

Chapter 1

The Beginning

It was a particular cold day today. As I woke up I outstretched my arms, almost like a cat. I looked into the mirror on my left to see that my shaggy brown hair was in knots. I didn't have time in the morning to do my hair so I took my hair tie off my worst and tied it around my hair into a ponytail. I turned to my right to find my clothes laying on my chair from the night before. As I dragged myself out of bed I pulled off my huge t-shirt and baggy shorts and replaced it with my school uniform. I don't know why it's school policy to have to wear a skirt that doesn't even cover your thighs, but of course my mom forced me to go to private school. The only good thing about this school is Yui. Yui was one of the most popular boys in school, but he had been my childhood friend since we were six. My mom and his had worked in St. John's Hospital together and every since then we were close. As I walked down the spiral staircase with only Yui filling my head i bumped into my step-brother. Yes I have a step-brother. My mom and dad were recently divorced and after my mom kicked my dad out of the house she brought in her new boyfriend who had a son my age. He was really spiteful and I don't think we'll ever get along.

"Hey stupid watch were you're walking. You could have damaged my beautiful body. You realize what that means right? You know I have to look good for those poor women at Cravington High who lust for me every day."

As I stood there, completely ignoring all of my obnoxious step-brother's comments I saw Yui out the window. I decided to make a dash for the door before my mom caught me; of course i was sure to leave one last retort to bother my step-brother for the rest of the day."

"Hey, Shino, you might want to fix up your hair a little. I heard Misa was so grossed out by it that she cheated on you behind your back."

I had a small grin of victory as I rounded the corner and found Yui. I asked him if I could accompany him to school, and of course like a gentleman he said yes in the friendliness tone he could manage. As we walked together to school we bumped into the queen of the I hate Anna fanclub at our school, Tsubasa. She was tall and blonde, and always had a smile on her face even when she was disgusted. The exact opposite of me. She always had the biggest smile when she saw me with Yui, only to hide her real self. I thought Yui hated the girl, which I guess made me a bit too proud of myself whenever I saw her. However, today was different.

"Hi cutie," Tsubasa said towards Yui as she moved in between us and wrapped her arm into his. "How about from now on you and me walk to school together. I mean why do you walk with that poor ugly girl to school everyday anyway?"

I was appalled. How dare she call me ugly, especially in front of Yui. As I went to pull her off of him, probably in an attempt to start a fight I felt a stinging sensation on my cheek. It hurt. My cheek turned a deep crimson red color as I turned towards Yui, only to see his hand still raised and a slight reddish color.


I felt drops of water rolling down my cheek. I couldn't believe what just happened. It wasn't true. Maybe it was an accident. There was no way Yui would ever hit me. Nonetheless hit a girl. He had an evil smirk on his face and began to let out a low cackle.

"You really think I cared for you? huh? Why the hell would I give a damn about such an ugly girl? Hell, the only reason I even bothered being nice to you was because your dad was rich. But I guess now that your parents are divorced it really doesn't matter. You can't get daddy's money anymore, poor baby."

Tears continued to roll down my face like a rainstorm. I couldn't face him anymore and I turned and ran as fast as me feet could carry me. I didn't know where I was running too, but any place was better then here. A world were I lost my real father, my mother was not the same woman, my step-brother harasses me, and the only man i trusted betrays me. I couldn't stand it anymore. What was the point in living? I had to have been running for at least a mile and a half till I came upon a cliff. As I looked down into the huge pit of darkness, it seemed to swallow up all of my fears. I thought to myself if I couldn't be happy, then what was the point in living? That's when I jumped; into the huge pit that would change my life
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