The Tears of Demons

June 16, 2012
By RavenWolf96 BRONZE, Townsville, Other
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RavenWolf96 BRONZE, Townsville, Other
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Author's note: Naruto Shippuden inspired me to write this and the only think I want to get from this piece is for the readers to enjoy it!

The author's comments:
Yeah, sorry I didn't tell you guys earlier she was half wolf... Part of the surprise I guess!

My name is Komari and I am seventeen. I have no family; I do not know my last name. All I know is that I have been an assassin for as long as I can remember.

I woke to the warm sunshine hitting my window. I crawled out of bed and opened the curtains to let the soft dawn light flood into my room. I threw a loose shirt on, made my bed and slipped my hair into a loose ponytail. Walking down the hall, I rubbed my arm. I had pretty vicious training yesterday afternoon and was cut and bruised all over. I staggered into the kitchen and started making an omelet for breakfast. When I had finished I washed up and got dressed in my proper clothes for the day.

Opening the door, I stretched and I found Neji Hyuuga, a seventeen year old boy I had known since I had came here, at my front door. His long, straight brown hair blowing gently in the morning breeze. He smiled slightly and stepped aside to let me out into the morning air.

“Good morning, Komari.” He said in his soft voice.

“Morning,” I replied. “I have bruises all over thanks to you,” I laughed gently punching him in the arm.

Neji laughed, “Sorry about that.”

“I'm going to go find the others if you want to come.” I told him.

“I know where they are, so I'll show you.” Neji replied. He then told me to grab a towel and sunscreen. I
ran upstairs happily grabbing my swim gear.

We walked to where the rest of the teen-ninjas were. We talked a bit on the way but not much. The morning air was cool and I knew that it would warm up later like it usually did in summer. We soon reached the Konohagakure Pool. It was a massive complex with spas and a few water slides. It also had cafeteria, a lounge, and the best part, hot showers! I had only been here once and that was at midnight when I couldn't sleep.

Neji and I got dressed and I think I caught him blushing as I came out in my black and dark purple bikini, my dark hair out of its ponytail. I followed Neji to the spot where everyone else was. Once we were there all the boys turned around and Neji nodded. I smirked at this and dived into the warmish water. I rose from the watery depths quickly after finding the bottom and pushing up with my feet. When I surfaced, I gasped for air and quickly blushed. As I was just centimeters away from Kiba, and seeing that he was shirtless made it worse. Kiba Inuzuka was the only person who seemed to understand me. He had short spiky, brown hair and a protective attitude towards everyone that mattered to him. I sometimes thought I was falling for him. I smiled softly as he blushed deeply. I looked around to see who was here. Hinata Hyuuga; Neji's younger cousin, Shino Aburame; a boy with an obsession with bugs, Shikamaru Nara - a lazy boy who was quite smart, with black hair always tied back in a high, spiky ponytail -, Sakura Haruno - and annoying but strong girl with horrible pink hair - and Ino Yamanaka. I won't even comment about her at this point in time.

Kiba was trying to dunk me but was failing horribly. But he got me eventually, diving down after me while I was trying to free myself from is tight grip. Kiba and I surfaced after he had forced me into sitting on his shoulders. I was giggling hysterically when I slid off his shoulders and fell into the water again. He just gave me a look and he, Shikamaru, Shino and Neji were all coming after me. I swam away as fast I could, splashing as much as I could to buy me some time. I reached the other end of the pool and rested for a bit. The boys were only meters away. I turned left and tried to swim away but one of them had grabbed my ankle. I turned to see who it was. It was Shikamaru looking pleased with himself. After about half-an-hour, Sasuke Uchiha - black spiky hair and onyx eyes, quiet and keeps to himself – arrived with Naruto Uzamaki – the complete opposite of Sasuke, Naruto had blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and a hyperactive ego – and decided to join us for a while. In my opinion, both boys were great friends, but not everyone understood why I was one of the few people Sasuke talked to. Ino and Sakura was constantly jealous of mine and Sasuke's friendship. It was funny to see their reactions sometimes.


It was the ninth anniversary since my village was destroyed, but I pushed the thought aside and tried to look for something to take my mind off it. I soon found myself walking towards the entrance gate for the village. As I came to the gate I made a sharp right turn and headed for the gate-keepers post. When I got there, my two close friends were complaining about how they never got to go on proper missions. They seemed to lighten up when I walked into view, and waved at me. I waved back and went over to them.

Kotetsu and Izumo were the only few people I could talk to about anything. The pair were inseparable and had also grown up together, but they could keep a secret and treated me fairly. When I was a little girl I had it pretty rough. I was only six when I wandered into the village and I was scared. Kotetsu and Izumo were the ones who guided me to the Hokage's office, even though I already knew my way around and I had told them that but they wanted to give me a tour and wouldn't stop nagging me until I said yes.

I was regarded a demon from my appearance. Black wolf ears and tail, long black hair, torn and blood stained clothed and always had a kunai in my hand. They thought I was sent to bring chaos to the village until I beat a high leveled jonin with ease. They then thought differently of me after then. But they didn't really understand how a nine year old girl was winning against such highly skilled ninja. One of the boys, Shino, walked up to me one day and asked. I looked at him for a moment, studying his appearance. Short brown hair which was covered with a black hood, waist length jacket with a high collar, dark tinted sunglasses and brown shorts. I shrugged my shoulders and walked off, but as I did, someone threw a shuriken at me. I turned sharply and faced my attacker. It was the Hyuuga boy. Neji.

I laughed at him as I grabbed the collar of his shirt at threw him to the ground. I place a kunai at his throat and told him to try harder next time. He just glared at me with his pearl white eyes, angry I got the best of him.

But that was ages ago. I had gotten over most of that stuff. Kotetsu was running his hand through his long, spiky black hair, Izumo sitting beside him enjoying the warm breeze. We were sitting on top of the small column that supported the gate. Nobody could see us but we could see them. It was fun to jump down and scare the life out of the villagers. These older teens were really awesome to hang out with, even if they were two years older than I was.

Kotetsu and Izumo had gone back down to their post but I had chosen to stay. I loved it up here and a strong breeze was whipping through my waist length hair. I grew bored and jumped down. I wandered around the village for a bit, and then decided to go for a walk through the forest. My other friends asked if they could come, but I turned them down, saying that where I was going was a secret only I could know. They all nodded and when back to their own business. As I wandered out the gate, Kotetsu and Izumo yelled out to me.

“Hey, Komari!” Kotetsu yelled to me.

“Hi,” I said walking over to them.

“You shouldn't really be going into the forest now,” Izumo said, “It's getting dark.”

“I can take care of myself, Izumo.” I snapped, “Anyway, I won't be gone long. I'll be gone twenty minutes at the most.”

“And if you’re not back by then, we're coming to look for you.” Kotetsu said, rubbing his eye.

“That's fine by me,” I said, turning and waving to my friends as I left the village. But if I had known what was going to happen, I would have listened to Izumo and stayed in the village.

The author's comments:
Ooo! What's going on between those two?

The forest was really quite. The only noise I heard the birds singing softly in the trees. I continued on, knowing that where I was going I had to because I needed something there.

I was sitting on the old, broken beam of my old home. I walked up and down the burnt cobblestone paths, running my fingers along the burnt house beams, remembering what happened eleven years ago. It still sent shivers down my spine. Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can still hear my father's terrifying laugh. I walked back to my old home, wondering if anything, apart from me, had survived the scorching fire that had ripped through the village.

I walked up the half-broken stairs to where my bedroom was. While I was dusting the ash of one of my favorite painting that had survived the blaze, I noticed my trinket box on my desk. I moved what was left of my old novels and grabbed the old box. Memories fluttered back to me like butterflies. My mother had given it to me for a birthday present when I five. As I open the box, I ran my fingers along the soft, red silk. I remembered there being a secret draw around the back of the box. Turning the box upside down carefully – I didn't know how fragile it would be after all it's been through -, I plucked the key for the music from the base; flipped the box back over then turned the box so the back was facing me again.

The draw opened with a soft 'click'. I grabbed a small, gold ring with three light blue topaz encrusted in it and a pair of dark amethyst studs. All of them were my mothers. I leaped out the window ledge with my mother's possessions and my painting in my small knapsack and ran. Not wanting to go down those old stairs again.

I was just about back to the village when someone, or something, grabbed me from behind. I tried to kick them and wiggle my arm free so I could grab my dagger out of its halter, but they just laughed at me. It was a deep laugh, most likely a guy in his early thirties or so. I didn't know what he looked like as he had grabbed me from behind. He seemed tall and his hands were showing through his coat sleeves. They were an odd blue color.

“Keep still,” He ordered.

“Make me!” I spat.

That’s when he covered my mouth and nose with a dark, damp cloth.

“Quiet, girl.” He snapped coldly.

That’s also when I just realized that there was ammonia on the cloth. I blacked out after about two minutes of inhaling it.

When I was conscious again, I found myself in a dimly lit room. I tried moving but I was bound at my hand and feet. My mouth had been gagged. As I looked around, I found a fairly large desk with a few good sized piles of documents, a small lamp and a desk chair. That’s all I could see from the floor in the corner. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, it was going to be a long night.

“This is just great!” I muttered, closing my eyes.

“Glad you find this entertaining”, Said a deep voice. “Now get up!”

As I stood, I glanced at the man that had entered the room. He was a bit taller than me, dark hair and red eyes. 'They must be the Sharingan. If he gets close enough, I'll copy them.' I thought to myself. He didn't come any closer; it was like he was wary of me. I didn't know why though.

The raven haired man led me out to a room. It looked like a lounge room. It was quite posh. Leather chairs, posters and paintings up on the walls. There were some odd characters here, and they all looked like they were wearing the same thing. Black coats with red and white clouds. Then it came to me who had kidnapped me, The Akatsuki, I thought, remembering an article on the front of a newspaper I saw.

An man with red-orange hair raised his hand and everyone fell silent. I took in his features. Thick, black piercings, Rain Village headband that had been scratched out (this meant he had abandoned his village), and some of the most unusual eyes I had ever seen. They where gray and got darker as the color got closer to his pupils with bands of black that looked oddly familiar. Then he spoke, his voice incredibly deep but calm.

“We have another member here with us and I will expect you to welcome her as best you can,” He said looking around the room, then he looked straight at me. “My name is Pein, but you will address to me as Pein-sama or Leader-sama.”

As we went around the room, I saw the man who led me out to the lounge room. As I glared at him it looked as if he flinched before stating his name.

“Itachi Uchiha,” He said flatly.

The introduction session had nearly finished when someone laughed and it was the same laugh of the man that had grabbed me. I glared at him, taking in his features the same way I did to Pein. It was a habit I had when I was meeting new people. He was quite tall, unusual light blue skin, facial features almost like a shark and an over sized bandaged sword. Then I stood and walked calmly over to him. He just stood and looked down at me, seeing that my head only reached the middle of his chest.

“You’re the one who grabbed me in the forest,” I said looking up at him.

“Good observation, girl.” He laughed. “How did you know though? I grabbed you from behind, unless you used your heightened sense of smell to pick me from the group. ”

“Your laugh. I remembered it and when you laughed before I knew it was you.” I said just as calm as I was before. “And how did you know about my heightened senses?”

“This youngster is quite the smart one.” He said to Pein, patting my head slightly. I growled and he jumped in surprise. “I know because I read your ID folder.” The shark man said, pointing to a folder on the table.

“My name's Kisame Hoshigaki, by the way!” He said with a sharp smile (he did have shark teeth after all).

Kisame sat down on the couch, and the final introductions where continued. I was sitting next to Konan and Pein, who were trying to make me feel welcome as best they could. Konan was a twenty-two year old who loved origami. She had blue hair tied up in a bun with a white rose on the side. Hidan, a foul-mouthed twenty-four year old, walked up to me and a nasty grin appeared on his face.

“What do you want, Hidan?” I snarled, noticing he had a kunai in his right hand.

“Snappy b****.” He said still smirking.

“Why shouldn't I be? You’re the one with a kunai in your hand.” I calmly stated.

“The assassin is so calm. Is this how you treat all your victims?” Hidan said, questioningly. “Is this how you killed your mother, sister and father?”

“Shut up!” I yelled.

My eyes watered and ran up the stairs. I ran to the room that Konan had told me was mine and slammed the door. I sat on the floor next to my bed and cried the hardest I ever had in my life. When I think I stopped crying and calmed myself down, I heard a knock at my door. I got up and opened it a crack, just enough to see who it was. Deidara, a nineteen year old male with long blonde hair and incredible blue eyes, was standing there, looking quite worried.

“Hey, could I come in?” He said.

“Sure.” I replied shakily, still wiping the last of my tears off my face.

As he came in I quietly shut the door. I then walked back to my spot on the floor and sat down once again. He sat next to me, but not too close.

“Are you alright, yeah?” He said, worry seething in his voice.

“I think so, but I swear when I train later, I'm gonna knock Hidan's teeth out!” I said, angry.

Deidara laughed, “Thank god he's immortal or he would be signing his death wish!” He laughed again. “But seriously, are you alright?” Concern wavering in his voice once more. The blonde was the first person that made me feel welcome and he seemed to be my only friend in this 'organization' so far.

“Yes, I'm fine.” I said.

Deidara stood to leave but I grabbed his arm. I wanted to thank him and ask him if he wanted to help me blow Hidan sky high later, but when I grabbed his arm, I got nervous.

“What?” Deidara said, quite confused.

“Um...Thank you Deidara...” I said, feeling my face go hot and my wolf ears wilt slightly.

“Welcome,” He said with a grin, brushing his hand on my ears. Then he walked out and gently shut the door, and once again, I was left alone in the dark room.

I decided to go for a walk but I didn't want them to see me. I thought of climbing through the window, but then again, if they found my room empty, they would surely track me down. So, I decided to go through the house (which more likes a mansion) and go to the garden and just relax.

As I walked down the hallway to the stairs, I saw Hidan at the top of them. He didn't have his coat on, so he was only dressed in black shorts. He was quite toned, but I growled and he must have heard me because he turned around and looked at me. I stared at him for a while, and then I walked up to him.

“Oh great,” Hidan said sarcastically. “It's the newbie.”

I just glared at him and pushed past him so I could walk down the stairs, when I felt hands firmly push on my back. Hidan was pushing me over the railing of the stairs. Luckily, I hadn't lost my footing and jumped up on the stair rail – one good thing about being half-wolf, excellent balance - but before I could react, he was behind me and had one of the tips of his scythe in my hand, pinning me to the railing. It was quiet painful but I didn't want to show pain to Hidan, I could only pray that he didn't push me again and have me dangling by my stabbed hand. After all, it was about a five or six meter fall. My heart sank as he gave me a gentle push, and to my horror, he had his scythe out of my hand. I thought I was going to die then and there, but I saw shadowy tendrils around my waist. I didn't scream as I was thankful I was given a second chance. Once I had my feet firmly on the ground, the tendrils released their hold of me and I saw them disappear behind me. I turned to see none other than Kakuzu, I didn't know how old he was but he looked young, smiling at me. Kakuzu usually wore a mask over his mouth, but he didn't wear it at all when he was in the hideout, nor his coat. But then again, no one wore their coats while at the hideout.

“That was quite a fall there, Komari. You’re lucky I was here.” Kakuzu stated.

“Thanks Kakuzu,” I said, smiling up at him.

Hidan then jumped down and glared at me. I just glared back at him but with an evil intent in my eyes. That caused him to shutter and then he walked away. I found Pein in the kitchen, and by the smell of it, getting a coffee. He turned when he heard me.

“Are you feeling any better?” He asked me while pressing buttons on the coffee maker.

“Yeah. I'm angry at Hidan though.” I replied.

“Oh, why?” He asked, seeming concerned. He was now looking at me, coffee cup in hand.

That’s when I told him what just happened on my way down from the stairs a moment ago. When I had finished, he looked like he was boiling with anger. He told me where the training room was and said that he would 'deal' with Hidan, personally, and that it would be best if I weren't around. I thanked him and made my way to the training ground. As I walked in, the walls were covered in weapons, poisons and any other pain inflicting device you could ever think of. I turned the corner and found Kisame. I never realized how much of a muscular build he had. He must have been here for a while and training pretty hard because he was out of breath.

“Come to train have you?” He said, still trying to get his breath back.

“Yeah. Gonna pretend I'm beating the living s*** out of Hidan!” I joked, laughing.

Kisame chuckled, “That’s something I would pay to see,” He laughed once again.

I turned to find Deidara grinning widely at patting a small pouch on his hip. It was made of worn brown leather and had a zipper on the top. It was so worn that I could see it starting to tear from where I was standing about five meters away.

“Need to repair your pouch there Deidara?” I said cheekily.

“Yeah. I'm trying to get the most wear out of it as I can before it's beyond repairable, hmm.” Deidara said, slightly amused and smirking.

All of a sudden, Deidara started throwing some gray mud at me and Kisame. That's when I realized that it was actually clay. Deidara muttered, “Katsu” and all the sculptures blew up.

“As beautiful as that was,” Deidara began, “It still wasn't my finest works of art, yeah!”

As he continued to hurl bombs at us, Kisame jumped and drained all the charkra out of the little birds and when Deidara said 'katsu' they didn't explode.

“Do you have a name for your sword, Kisame?” I asked, still looking up at him.

“Of course. Samehada.” He said proudly. While we were dodging attacks, he explained that it meant 'Shark Skin'.

When we had finished training, Deidara left to get a drink. Just as he was leaving, Hidan walked in and gave me a dirty look. I glared daggers at him and the funny thing was, he actually flinched.

Hidan walked up to me and started talking to me but I wasn't really paying attention. I was too busy staring at his rosary, trying to work out what, or who, it stood for. Trying to piece together all I had learned about Hidan, I worked it out. He worshiped Jashin. A power, blood and sacrifice hungry God. I had met him before, in a dream. Even now, after not seeing him for about a year, I still hated him. But the weird thing is, he talked to me as if I was of a higher ranking than him. It was weird. I still don't know why the Akatsuki have brought me here, but now would be a good time to ask seeing that Kisame and Hidan were here and I'm sure Pein wouldn't mind.

“May I ask one question before we start training again?” I asked calmer than I felt.

“I guess so, but only if it has nothing to do with any of the members,” Kisame said.

“Well, I guarantee you that it doesn't.” I promised.

“Alright then. Ask your question Komari,” Kisame said.

“Why did the Akatsuki want me to join? I mean, you’re pretty strong as it is already.” I asked calmly.

They paused for a moment and looked at each other. It looked as if they were trying to decide between themselves silently. Then, Hidan spoke.

“That's something you’re going to have to ask Pein-sama. We actually can't say much cause that secret-loving bastard told us not to tell anyone.” Hidan said, in his usual cocky tone.

I just sighed and Kisame showed me my section of the weapons. To my surprise, all of my weapons, even my beloved katana and silver dagger, were hanging rather neatly on holders. I looked in a hidden draw and found all my silver kunai, black steel kunai and shuriken all in separate compartments. I smiled when I found my black and gold katana polished and hanging on the highest holder. I took it down and unsheathed it. It was so shiny; I could see my face clearly in its blade. Deidara was standing behind me and he snickered slightly. Before he could say anything, I had my hand to his throat and pinned against the wall. He gave a sharp prod in the ribs and I released my hold. Just enough time for him to escape and retreat a slight distance, before starting the fireworks again.

After about three solid hours of training, we stopped and I was shocked, because Deidara, Hidan and Kisame were nearly collapsing from exhaustion while I was sweating freely, but not collapsing. I laughed at them and they glared at me.

“Ooh, so scary!” I said, sarcastically.

“Shut up,” Kisame snapped.

I glared at him and walked off. I walked upstairs towards my room, went in, grabbed a change of clothes and walked into the bathroom. As I got ready for my shower, I heard yelling. It sounded like Pein-sama and Deidara. I poked my head out to hear what they were saying, but I saw Pein walking up the stairs. I quickly had a shower and dried my hair. I still might be able to catch Pein-sama before he goes back downstairs, I thought to myself. I quickly went and hung my towel up, and made for Pein-sama's room.

I knocked on the door and hoped that he would still be there. I heard his music playing to he must be. He didn't answer for a while so I knocked again. This time I knocked a bit harder, and the door opened a crack. When he saw me he opened the door a bit more and turned his music down so I could hear him talking. “Yes, Komari?” Pein said, raising an eyebrow. “I wanted to ask you something...” I began. “Well in that case, come in.” He said. As I went in I was surprised of how clean it was. Everything was black, red or white. “So,” Pein began, “What did you what to ask me?” “I wanted to know why you wanted me in the Akatsuki.” I said. Pein paused, “Well, to be honest with you, you could beat Kisame or even me with ease.” He said. I was stunned and my eyes went wide with shock. “Did you just say that I could possibly be stronger than even you, Pein-sama?” I stuttered. “Yes that I did.” He said, “And if you do beat me in a fight, I would have to resign as leader, but I would not hesitate to hand it over to you.” He seemed a bit sad as he told me this. I looked at him with disbelief as he told me my true origins. I didn't belief him at first when he told me I was a moon goddess and ruler of the darkness, but then it seemed like he was telling me the truth so I gave in and accepted it. I was quiet relieved when I heard that I hadn't reached my full potential, but that relief disappeared when Pein told me that the true goddess was sealed inside my necklace. I was scared but he reassured me and told me that the Akatsuki would release her soon. Now I know why Jashin and most of the Akatsuki were slightly afraid of me. I hated that feeling. I was sitting on the lounge waiting for dinner when Hidan sat next to me. I caught him staring at me and as soon as I turned my head he looked away quickly. I was curious with what was on his mind, so me being me, I asked him. “What's on your mind, Hidan?” I asked. “Nothing, don't bloody worry abo-” Hidan was cut off by me. “No, something is wrong. You’re fidgeting, looking at me constantly. So, what's wrong?” I said, for once a bit concerned. “OK, fine. I'll tell you. I feel guilty about how I treated you before.” Hidan confessed. He looked away and flinched a bit, as if I was just about to hit him. He then looked surprised when I didn't. “Why didn't you hit me? I deserve it!” He said loudly. “Maybe I didn't want to! Maybe I forgive you!” I yelled back a Hidan. “Whatever,” He said walking off, “You know where I am if you want me!” I felt really guilty. I had only wanted to try to get along with these people. I ran upstairs and ran into Hidan. He swore when I did and was about to yell when he saw me. I pushed past him and walked to Deidara's room. As I approached Deidara's room, Hidan grabbed my arm. “If you’re f*ing angry at me then just say so.” He told me. “I'm not angry at you,” I said coldly. “I just wish you, and everyone else, would stop looking so afraid of me. That's all.” I shook his hand free of my arm. Hidan looked at me and walked away, swearing while he went. I sighed and was about to knock on Deidara's door when it flew open. He looked annoyed and had his music blasting. It seemed as if he relaxed a bit when he saw me. I must have got him in the middle of him experimenting with his clay because he was shirtless and had clay in his hands and a bit on his face. I felt my cheeks grow hot. “What did Hidan want with you?” He asked me sternly. “He wanted to apologize for how he treated me. Hidan is just pissing me off, and overall I'm just bloody confused! I'm not sure whether to believe Pein-sama or not, I feel like putting Hidan's head five feet under and I feel like punching something.” I looked at my feet after I said that. I felt bad again. I just yelled at the only friend I have in this place, and Deidara looked at me annoyed still. I wanted to cry again, but I didn't really want to in front of Deidara either. I felt stupid just standing there in front of Deidara. He dragged me in and sat me on his bed. He tilted my head up and looked me in the eyes. “I don't care if you cry in front of me or not, but you look really upset. And if you want to cry like there's no tomorrow then I don't blame you. I know how you feel. I had my whole village destroyed, I was dragged into this hell hole just the same as you were.” He sounded really worried about me. He was still holding my shoulders firmly as I started to cry. I wrapped my arms around him and cried. He was shocked at first and was tense but relaxed and hugged me back. I loved the feeling that someone cared for me and relished it. He pulled me off him and looked at me again. Grabbed me a tissue and himself one as he wiped the tears off of his shoulder. “Thanks,” I muttered. “Welcome.” He replied smiling at me, brushing the tip of my right ear again. Just at that moment, Itachi knocked on the door saying that dinner was ready. After dinner I went out to the garden. I saw the outline of Zetsu in the greenhouse from the light and walked in. Zetsu was quiet and we rarely heard him speak let alone see him. Zetsu was about twenty-three years old and about the same height as Kisame Hoshigaki. Half of Zetsu's body was white on his left, and black on his right giving him a 'split personality'. I wanted to get to know him, as he didn't scare me and was a bit too quiet for comfort. Dragging my feet I wandered over to him. He turned as he heard me. “Hi Zetsu,” I said cheerfully. “Hello, Komari.” Zetsu replied in a tired sort of way like he usually does. “How are you tonight?” I asked trying to get a conversation going. “I'm good thank you, and yourself?” “I could be better, Zetsu.” “Oh. Why is that?” “One word Zestu. Hidan.” “I see. Care to take a walk through the garden, Komari?” Zetsu asked, and very politely at that too. “I would love to Zetsu.” I said, hinting the sadness in his voice. As we exited the greenhouse, he closed the door and we walked along the cobblestone path through the garden. I wanted to know what was wrong with Zetsu because he was always so quiet and sad. Never really interested in anything apart from maintaining the garden and keeping to himself. “Is everything alright Zetsu? You’re always so quiet and I couldn't help myself but ask. I'm sorry if I'm intruding on your personal business.” I say, a bit worried he'll hurt me as he was known to, literally, eat people. “I'm just a bit worried that someone in the Akatsuki, for example, Itachi or Sasori, will bring harm to you,” Zetsu admitted, “I just want someone to talk to and it seems that your the only one who will listen, and if you die then I will be alone all over again.” I was tearing up when Zetsu said this, it made me want to hug him and tell him everything will be OK. I was really touched when he said this, because it made me rethink the life I have. I thought that life meant nothing and was nothing. I have rethought that theory completely and decided that I should love life as these Akatsuki people do. “I'm not going anywhere Zetsu,” I said, trying to reassure him. “That's good. Thanks Komari,” Zetsu said. As I walk inside, I remembered that Zetsu has his own room in the Akatsuki hideout as well. I turned around to face him and I ask if he would like to come inside for the night, and he accepted happily and followed me inside.

I wake up to the sounds of explosions, they would've been quite faint for the normal human, but I had heard then with my heightened hearing. Deidara must be training outside, I thought to myself. I got up, got dressed and had breakfast. As I walked outside, it wasn't hard to find where he had gone. I could see his foot prints in the dew on the grass, but there were three tracks. Some bigger than the others. As I followed the foot prints, I found not only Deidara, but Pein and Sasori as well. Bonus! More of a competition for me, I thought. Sasori spotted me and turned around to face me.

“So I finally get to talk to the infamous Sasori,” I said.

“Very funny, Komari,” He sneered.

“That's enough you two,” Pein interrupted.

“Aww, your no fun Pein-sama!” I whined.

The whole time Deidara was quietly laughing to himself. I heard him and ran towards him, pinning him tightly to a tree with several kunai. I gave him a cocky smirk and took the kunai out of his shirt.

“Now who's laughing, Deidara?” I mocked.

All he did was raise an eyebrow at me, and I just laughed.

“I reckon I could take all of you at the same time,” I sneered.

“You're on, yeah!” Deidara said, seeming quiet happy.

“Fine with me. I will finally see how you fight.” Sasori grinned.

“I won't be having any intentions to kill so you won't be seeing how I really fight, but I will push your limits.” I mentioned, “And I just thought I should tell you that I beat Kisame while only breaking a heavy sweat, while he was nearly collapsing with exhaustion.”

“Very well,” Pein said, “But just remember what I told you Komari.”

As we started, Deidara and Pein were in shock as I had managed to grab Sasori by his neck and had him pinned up against a tree. Sasori had his feet dangling because I had him lifted that high. He managed to loosen my grip and escape my reach. He then stood there, grinning.

“You have gotten very good, Komari,” Sasori started, “But not good enough!” He said, lunging at me with a puppet of his.

I got a bit curious when Sasori said this. Had he or someone else, been watching me train with the Konoha ninja? With one simple hand sign, I had thick vines of shadow crushing the puppet with ease. Pein smirked, seeming entertained and looked on. Deidara was looking at me with disbelief, and then snapped out of it quickly, sending fifty or more birds hurtling towards me. With another hand movement, Deidara's hands were behind his back, tied tightly with vines, restricting him from activating the little bombs. Even though they were only weak explosives, it would have caused great damage to him and Pein, and I didn't really feel like sitting up all night, bandaging burn wounds.

“Want to know why I look so confident, Pein-sama?” I questioned, smirking mischievously at Pein.

“Enlighten me, Komari,” He snapped, irritated that I had nearly worn Sasori out already.

“I have accepted what you told me, Pein,” I began, “And the gods spoke to me in my dream last night. (lame, I know...) They said they were going to start reviving my goddess-like self. Whatever that meant, but I finally understand it now. They are slowly returning my powers to me, and soon, I will have all my powers back.” I finished, throwing Sasori to the ground, pinning him once again in a very tight grip of my vines.

“Don't tell me I'm not good enough again, Sasori, or I will rip that 'heart' of yours out!” I snapped at Sasori. I walked angrily towards Deidara. “Come on Deidara,” I cooed, “I promise I won't harm you.”

Deidara walked up to me, probably twice as mad as I was, and punched me to the ground. I pulled myself up and wiped the blood off my lip. I stared into his gorgeous blue eyes, silently begging him to hit me again. I sneered at him and knocked both Pein and Sasori out at the same time. That's when he snapped. He stared daggers at me as I watched him crack his knuckles.

“Go on,” I sneered, “Hit me again!”

“Fine, I will. If that's what you want I will, yeah!” Deidara yelled.

I haven't ever seen him this mad since I had met the Akatsuki. He hit me over and over again. I thought he was just waiting for me to cry or give in, but I didn't. Couldn't. Wouldn't. Never, ever give up. He was the one to give in though. He stopped, and looked at me. I gingerly lifted my head, wondering why he had ceased to hit me.

“Are you OK, yeah?” Deidara asked.

“Why should you care!?” I screamed, “You’re the one who was just hitting me!”

“Yeah, you’re right...” He trailed off.

I walked off. Not wanting to meet his glare. Tears started to form in my eyes, and I tried to hold them back but the pain from the bruises was too intense. I ran back and burst through the door. Kakuzu and Tobi looked over and Hidan gave me a look. Konan watched me as I ran through the hallway and collapsed. Crying as Konan held me in her arms, trying to get me to calm down. Hidan walked in to see if I was OK. He knelt down and picked me up. Carrying me to my bedroom where I could talk things out with Konan. Hidan put me on my bed and walked out, pausing for a moment before leaving, giving me a pitiful, but worried, look. Konan sat next to me and spoke to me for the first time. I was surprised at how soft her voice was. I now knew why they called her 'the angel of Rain'.

“Hey, what happened?” She said, seeming worried.

“Nothing. Don-” I was cut off.

“No. Tell me. If you don't then you will just end up crying again anyway.” Konan said.

“Deidara hit me,” I said, she instantly looked worried, “But that's not why I'm crying. It's the pain...” I said. Konan's worried look quickly changed to curiosity, so I told her everything that happened this morning.

Taking my black tank top off so I was only wearing my short fishnet singlet, I revealed all of my black bruises. Konan ran the tips of her soft fingers gently over the bruises. They were all over my arms, chest and back. Konan walked to the bathroom where she got something out of the medical cabinet, but on her way, I heard her yelling at someone.

“You bastard! Don't you respect anyone!? She's in agony thanks to you!” I heard Konan yell. She sounded really pissed.

“What do you know!? You don't know what happened so you can't say anything!” He retorted.

“Well maybe, just maybe, she told me everything! Maybe she trusts me more than you, even though we have only known her for three weeks, and you talk to her more than I do so you should know her better!” Konan snapped back with venom in her voice.

I opened my door and walked out. Standing there, not really wanting to but, for some reason, had to. Must. It was a weird feeling. Wanting to be somewhere else. Anywhere but here, and having a strong feeling that I must stay.

“I actually wanted to see her! If that's alright with you!” I heard Deidara continue.

“Well here I am,” I whispered. Standing behind him.

He turned around and faced me. Looking angry, upset and sorry all at the same time. He fell to his knees, begging for forgiveness. I just turned my back and walked away from him, while I felt the strong waves of agonizing pain from the bruising. Walking back to my room, I closed the door and slept.


I woke to see Pein standing at my door. He smiled slightly as he looked at me, sitting up in my bed I gave him the same look.

“It's time,” He murmured, looking at me as he flicked a kunai around in his hand.

I knew that he would have to release at least two portions out of the six soon. I looked at him with a knowing look, like I knew what he was thinking. But instead, he handed me a small piece of folded paper. As I opened it, it read:

After breakfast, meet me and the
others in the training room.
Bring your silver dagger with

I understood the message completely and as a walked down the stairs, everyone was quiet. Itachi handed me a plate with my breakfast, I thanked him and ate. After I had finished, I went and got changed out of my bedclothes and brushed my teeth. I walked into my room once more and grabbed my silver dagger and put my silver moon rosary around my neck. I walked across the hall and into the training room. Everyone was there, and seemed quite calm.

Pein instructed me to lay on the ground with my arms beside me and breath easy. Hidan squatted beside me and made sure I was OK and asked if I fainted at the sight of blood. I shook my head and he nodded. Zetsu went around the room and lit all the torches so we would have light to see, he then returned to his spot in the circle surrounding me.

“We will now begin releasing Komari's goddess form,” Pein began, “Zetsu, Kisame, Konan, Kakuzu hold her down. Hidan you know what to do.” He ordered.

I winced with pain as Hidan gently pressed my dagger into the muscle just above the hollow of my collar bone. He then soaked my moon pendent in the blood that was seeping out. I lay there for a while, staring up at the rocky ceiling. Then my vision started to go blurry, I thought my eyes were watering, but I knew they weren't. Then, all at once, everything went black. I freaked out and started struggling against their strong grip. I was still conscious and could hear Pein yelling at the others to hold me down. I could hear the flames flickering contently in the gloomy room. My eyes snapped open, and an intense pain rippled through my whole body. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. I started to float slightly, rising gently as if gravity had switched off for a while. Then a black mist surrounded me, but I wasn't scared of it at all. It was slightly soothing, calming my tense muscles. I looked at the mist more closely. It was as black as the midnight sky and had these ripples of color flowing through them. The colors sparkled slightly, turning purple, blue, and silver. All the ripples slowly covered my body, wrapping around me like a boa constrictor does to its unlucky prey. They weren't tight though, just covering me in a cocoon like fashion.

After about, maybe, eight or so minutes, I slowly drifted back to the ground. The mist disappearing, fading away so I was back with the Akatsuki again. I blinked a few times, as if I had something in my eyes and looked around the room. Everyone looked frightened slightly. Pein walked up to me and smiled, happy to see I was alright. I got up and Konan rushed to my side in case I fell. I looked at my hands. They were covered in blood that had seeped onto the cold, stone flooring that was in the training room. The top of my net shirt was soaked with the bright red, sticky liquid. I walked out the room with Konan and Kisame at my heels, as if they were scared something would happen.

I walked into the bathroom to clean the blood of my face and hands, but as I looked in the mirror to see how bad it was, I was I little stunned. As I looked in the mirror I saw that I was soaked in blood. I had never seen so much in my whole life, not even when I killed my father or all the assassinations I had done. I had to sit down. I was in shock, and I was loosing my breath. Konan put her soft hand on my face gently and told Kisame to get a cold face cloth. He ran to the linen cupboard and got one, then returned to the bathroom. He turned the tap on and soaked the cloth with the water, handing it to Konan. She dabbed my face with the cloth and looked at me hopefully. Once I was calm again, they let me go back into my room to sort out my thoughts. Konan told me to just ask her if there was anything I needed.

I walked to my room. Trying to take in what had just happened. I was part wolf now more than ever. My hearing was as strong as a wolf's and so was my other senses, my tail and ears were also blacker and bushier. I lifted the lip just above where my canines were situated and they had grown slightly and were quite sharp – I cut my tongue when I gently stroked them. Pein never told me this would happen, but then again, how would he know what would happen? I wondered what it would be like to be full wolf though. I started to mutter the good things about being full wolf. Wondering if I would be able to turn into a wolf fully now. I was deep in thought when there was a knock at my door, just a single tap, like they didn't really know weather to knock or not.

But I heard it, and I remembered that wolves have an amazing sense of hearing, sight and smell. I grinned at this. I told the person to come in and the door opened slightly. I saw a lock of blonde hair. Instantly I knew it was Deidara. I closed my eyes and tried to memorize his scent. He smelt like ash and clay. He slowly walked in, seeming cautious. I just stood there, feeling calm and ready for anything he said to me. He stood at the door, staring at me with shock.

“What happened to you!?” He yelled, slightly startled at all the blood that had drenched my body.

“Some of my goddess was released. Didn't you know?” I said back to him calmly.

“You’re still drenched with blood and you nearly died and you’re looking at me like nothing happened! You should be panicking!” He yelled.

“I just had a panic attack about five minutes ago.” I snapped, “Didn’t you hear Kisame running down the hall? Or where you too involved in your clay to care?” I said questioningly.

“Really?” He said, kind of shocked. “Well I didn't hear anything. I was in the kitchen the whole time. Pein-sama didn't want me in there. For some reason.”

“There was enough help as it was. I guess he felt you weren't needed.” I shrugged.

Deidara walked over and looked at me more closely. He was inches away from my face, and I blushed lightly and my heart was going a million beats an hour.

“Go and have a shower. You’re covered with blood.” He said.

“Yes mother!” I snapped, giving him a look. I folded my ears back and bared my canine teeth to show I was annoyed.

I grabbed my towel. I wandered into the bathroom, not really caring if I was covered in blood or not. I had a shower anyway. I washed my hair and then got out. Dried it, and went back to my room to get changed. I found that Deidara was still in my room, sitting on my bed. I told him to get out and he did. I slept after that, completely exhausted after that day.

I woke and rolled over in my bed. I had been in this place for over two months now and it was getting boring. I walked into the lounge room at 4:30am, unable to sleep any longer. Itachi was sitting on one of the recliners with a cup of coffee, reading one of his many novels.

“Good morning, Komari-chan,” He said calmly.

“Morning,” I said as he got up to get another coffee. “Would you like one, Komari-chan?” He offered.

“Yes please, Itachi-san,” I politely replied.

“Couldn't sleep, hm?” He said, while making the coffees.

“Not really,” I replied.

He finished making the coffees and brought them over. Looking at me before going back to his book, I had a peek at the title and decided it was a horror. I walked back upstairs to my room and grabbed the MP3 player Pein had given me when I first come here, went back downstairs and sprawled out on the lounge and relaxed.

I looked over at the clock on the wall, '6:40'. I was surprised when I heard the front door open. A young girl, about my age, walked in. Her blond hair cut short at her shoulders, whipped around as the cold morning breeze swept through the house. Her eyes were crystal blue, a bit like Naruto's but more blue. She looked at me, then walked into the kitchen. The Uchiha looked up from his book and watched her walk into the kitchen.

“Welcome back, Kushi-chan,” He said to the blonde girl.

“Hey, Itachi,” She said wearily, rubbing one of her arms.

She walked up to me and smiled, “I'm Kushi. You must be the new girl, Komari?”

“Nice to meet you, Kushi,” I smiled, “And, yes, I am Komari.”

“Good to meet you as well.” She said.

The house (or mansion I still didn't know which) was starting to stir around seven o'clock. Deidara staggered downstairs after his shower, his hair still wet. Walking into the kitchen, he started to make himself coffee and toast. He wandered out to lounge room after he finished breakfast and slumped into the chair. Soon after the others came downstairs, all exchanging 'good morning' to each other. At this stage, everyone was downstairs apart from Pein, but just as I was about to say something he came, half awake, down the stairs and slumped on the couch.

He waved a hand at Kushi, “Coffee,” He ordered.

“Whatever,” Kushi snapped, stomping her feet heavily over the wooden floors.

She slammed the coffee down on the side table and stormed upstairs. I went up after her, Deidara trying to convince me not to talk to her as she was really angry. I ignored him and continued upstairs. Deidara showed me where her room was and I knocked on the door. She didn't answer at first, but I told her I wasn't leaving until she opened the door. When she opened the door, I saw her face was covered in tears. Her red shirt ripped and torn in places where she was cut badly, bleeding and bruised. Blood was pouring from the cuts. I hadn't seen this before because her coat was covering them.

Deidara sat her on the bed and she sat there, crying silently, wanting no one to hear her sobs of pain. I sat on the bed next to her, looking at her wounds. I explained to her that, now I have these new 'powers', I would be able to heal her. Kushi laughed at me through her tears and pain, wincing every now and again. Leaning up against the wall because her wounds bled heavier as she scrunched her body up. I pulled myself up from the bed and told Deidara to stay with her. I walked into the bathroom and opened the cabinet above the sink, and grabbed the small wooden box for medial stuff. As I undid the clasps on the front holding the lid shut, I heard someone scream. Running into Kushi's room, I saw Deidara sitting on the floor, trying to stop Kushi from moving. Deidara explained to me that she wanted to walk around and he had told her that she couldn't while she had wounds this bad. Kushi had collapsed from the pain when she stood and had hit her wounds on the side of the bed.

I helped her get back up on the bed and told her not to move this time. I want back to the bathroom and opened the wooden box. I was surprised of how organised it actually was. I took three bandages, a small bottle of anaesthetic, a hand full of cotton balls and a roll of tape. I walked back in and smiled when I saw that Kushi hadn't moved. Deidara looked and me with a worry stricken face, and I reassured him with a smile. As I cleaned Kushi's wounds she told us about what had happened on the mission she was on. She was spying on a village, trying to get valuable information. I told Kushi how I was going since I had been taken by Kisame. She was in shock and told me that not very many people can recognise Kisame's laugh and often confuse his with Hidan's or Itachi's.

“I thought it was the Uchiha at first, but then I heard him laugh and told him. He was quite surprised and told me I was a 'smart one'!” I laughed.
“But he didn't tell you is that he felt bad because he had bruised your arm badly, yeah.” Deidara said.
“He has a soft side too you know!” Kushi laughed.

After I had finished healing and cleaning Kushi's wounds, she had told me that would like to learn medical jutsu as well. I accepted but I warned her that it would be harsh. She nodded in agreement and walked downstairs again with me following her close behind.

The author's comments:
Sorry it's so short....

It was late afternoon and I had been here for about three months. I was itching for a mission so I could prove myself. I wanted to go for a walk in the forest but Pein wouldn't let me, I had no one to train with and Tobi was singing the 'Barney' theme song while running around in circles. I simply walked up to him and knocked him out. Told Pein to shut up his winging and get over life, Hidan to go annoy someone else and Sasori to take his dolls somewhere else other than the lounge room. Zetsu looked at me like, “your game”. I just gave him a glare that would make puppies cry. Pein was still complaining so I grabbed the collar of his shirt and dragged him to the training room. The whole time my ears were folded back angrily.

“What's your problem?!” He yelled.
“People do weird things when they are bored, and sick to death of people like you complaining every second of the day!” I spat, baring my sharp teeth.

He looked me shocked of my choice of words that I had said, especially to him, the leader. I shrugged my shoulders and told him it was true though. He looked really pissed, and came running at me full speed. I simply stood there and watched while he ran at me. I drew my katana and waited for the right moment. Usually I would be the one to attack first and probably be scared. But I was unusually calm and relaxed, like I knew what I was doing. As soon as he was close enough, I swung my katana with ease and cut his cheek. He jumped back, slightly startled and attacked me again, but this time with a kunai and it ended up hitting my thigh as I tried jumping over it. I fell in agony from the deep cut and moaned in pain, blood pouring into my hands from the cut. Pein stood over me, looking happy he cut me. I glared up at him, covering the cut with my hands, trying to stop some of the bleeding. I stood on shaky legs and tried to put the pain behind me.

He played with me for a bit. Stabbing my hands, feet and waist shallowly. I rolled out of the way from most the attacks but some struck me.

I lay on the cold stone in agony, blood flowing freely from my cuts. I wanted to give up. I thought I was going to die. It was hard to breath and my lungs were burning. I stood, wincing in pain. I saw Pein-sama grinning with an evil intent as he ran at me. The other members were looking on with worry. I rolled onto my stomach and slowly pulled myself to my knees, blood flowing faster than before when I was laying down on my side. Pein-sama was only meters away from me, but it seemed like it would take forever. I decided to make an attack of my own. Summoning my vines once more, I wrapped them tightly around his wrists and feet, making him unable to move for a while. I made good use of this extra time and quickly started to heal myself knowing that it wouldn't be long before he broke free. When I was done he was already out of the grip from the vines. I felt a new source of strength flowing in me. I had my final attack, and if it didn't work I would die trying.

Lunging at him, katana unsheathed, I screamed with agony as he cut me again. I didn't care though. I still wouldn't give up this fight over a few deep cuts. I swung my unwounded leg around in midair and kicked him in the back of the neck. Before he could block the second attack, I grabbed his shirt and sent him flying into the back wall. I sprinted towards him, remembering the techniques the Hyuuga taught me; I focused all my charkra into my right hand getting ready to stab him. Avoiding his eyes so I didn't fall victim to his gen-jutsu, I plunged my hand into the middle of his chest.

“Well done, Komari,” He murmured, coughing up blood. “You have won.”

I nodded in acknowledgment and smiled, exhausted.

The author's comments:
Oh no! What just happened here!? Will Komari be alright?

I was kneeling beside Pein when I didn't see him breathing. I tried feeling for a pulse but there was none. At a last resort, I put my ear to his chest, hoping to hear some sort of pulse. That didn't happen. A part of me knew that it was the end of Pein, but another part of me knew that it wasn't the end just yet.

Some sort of strange mist flowed around my hands. Charkra was usually blue with darker blue ripples through it, but mine was different. It was the same as the black mist that was surrounding me when my goddess self was being released. That same black fog that lifted me up, calmed me down. I soon came to realize that it wasn't mist, it was my charkra.

I slowly started to 'heal' Pein, but as soon as my hands touched his chest, he started gasping for breath, then stopped. I slowly moved my hands to the wound, and it was healed a lot faster than it usually did. I was stunned, but happy all the same. I then placed my hands on Pein's heart. Hoping this strange, new charkra would revive him. I closed my eyes and concentrated. For a moment I was listening to all of Pein's thoughts before I killed him. It was an immense amount of information and I struggled to take it all in. I felt my eyes water from the pain it was causing to my hands, but I pushed on, hoping he would breathe again soon. My arms were shaking, and my vision started to blur.

The rest of the Akatsuki were crowding around me. Konan would usually be yelling at either me or the others to back off but she wasn't. My eyes snapped open and I gasped, not from the fact that Pein was breathing again but the sheer agony and the energy drain of the revival. I lay on my back, worn out. I closed my eyes, they were so sore. Someone was couching beside me. I made good use of my heightened sense of smell to try and guess who it was. They smelt like wood, I guessed that was Sasori because he was always working with wood. But there was another smell as well. I picked it up straight away. Deidara.

Opening my eyes gingerly, I saw the puppet master and bomber kneeling beside me. They looked a bit blurry because my eyes were watering from the pain.

“Are you OK?” Sasori asked, sounding a bit worried.
“I think so, I'm just a bit sore,” I muttered.
“Well, if you'll let me,” Sasori started, “I'll help you to your room”
“Yeah, if I'm a bit shaky you can,” I agreed.
“Thank you, Leader-sama,” He said.

I froze. Leader-sama?!?

Then I remembered what Pein had told me. “If you fight against me, and win, you will be the new leader of Akatsuki.”

I dipped my head as a welcome and started to get my feet. I felt myself starting to collapse but Sasori had grabbed me. I thanked him and he helped me to my room, Deidara close behind us. He exited quietly and gently closed the door. Deidara stayed for a few seconds to make sure I was really alright, then left quietly. I stretched out on my bed and grabbed my MP3. Switching it on, I closed my eyes and listened my music. I didn't want to sleep. I wanted to stretch my legs. They were really cramped after kneeling for over an hour. I was about to get up when there was a knock at my door.

“Come in,” I called, not knowing who would want to see me at the moment. But I knew who it was from the all too familiar stench of dried blood. It was Hidan.
“Just seein' if you need anything!” He said, suspiciously chirpy.
“No. My legs are just cramped, that's all,” I murmured.
“Well go for a walk, bloody hell girl,” He said, cursing a few times after that.
“Do you forget whom you’re talking to, Hidan?”
“Oh, sorry Leader-sama!” He said, bowing for forgiveness. I could get used to him sucking up.
“Better, but you could get me a drink.” I grinned.

“What would you like?” He said, cursing under his breath. I heard it but just ignored it.

I thought for a moment. “An iced chocolate would be nice,” I decided.

He nodded and rushed out the room. Muttering something about better not be changing my mind when he got back. I snickered at this and continued listening to my music.

The door knocked again, but this time I got up off my bed to see who it was. Pein, with Itachi close behind. Pein and I exchanged grins, and Itachi looked relieved to see I was walking around again. I asked them what they wanted. Pein wanted to thank me and tell me a few things, and Itachi was bringing my drink to me. I invited them both in and we talked for awhile. Until something Pein said sparked my interest.

“I had a top secret mission to Konohagakure,” Pein whispered to Itachi, “But I never got a chance to send anyone on it.”
“What's this about a secret mission, Pein?” I questioned.
“Oh nothing,” He said very quickly. “It's not really important.”
“Then why did you say it was 'top secret', hmm?” I was picking that up from Deidara, the “hmm” thing I mean, who says it all the time.
“Uh, I have to do something,” Pein stuttered, quickly exiting the room.

One of the new members, Kaida Aburame, a highly-ranked ANBU officer and a widely respected ninja. I trusted this girl with my life. She landed on the window ledge and handed me a small blue scroll. I took it and read it quickly as I knew it would be important. My eyes skimmed down the page. The message was from Sunagakure, and it was quiet worrying. One of my best friends, Kankuro, was poisoned by someone wearing a black cloak. I instantly knew who it was, Sasori. He had wanted to get back at Kankuro for slapping me across the face. He had always hated him and would to anything in his power to kill him or something along those lines. By this time, Kaida was standing in my room, her black cloak hood slipped off her head. She was a pretty young girl, my age. Blonde hair with black streaks through it and emerald green eyes, but no-one really sees her eyes as she wears dark glasses constantly. I knew that she was being trained by Shikaku Nara, Shikamaru's father. I never really met her while I was at Konohagakure though because she was undergoing difficult training with Shikaku. For what I had heard, she was close friends with Sasuke Uchiha, Hinata Hyuuga and Naruto Uzamaki.

I turned and looked at Itachi. He was very nervous looking, and seemed to avoid eye contact with me. Getting up off the bed, I walked over to where he was sitting on my desk chair. I had requested one when I had no where to draw or do my other stuff. He had swiveled the chair so it was facing away from me. I placed my hand on the back of the chair and spun it back around so he was facing me again. Just by looking into the blood red sharingan that Itachi possessed, not really caring if he caught me in a gen-jutsu or not, I could tell that he was pretty mad at either me or one of the other members.

“Seeing that Pein was too scared to tell me about this mission,” I said, “Why don't you tell me instead?”

Itachi grunted, “Must I?”

I nodded and he told me all about it, explaining that the reason Pein didn't want to tell me was actually because he was slightly worried I would stuff it up. Itachi also handed me a scroll explaining the mission. I nodded thanks and put it in the top, right draw of my dresser. I stood, ran my fingers through my long, dark hair and asked Itachi to leave. When he did leave, I turned to my wardrobe. Pulling out the wide bottom draw I took a long wooden box and placed it on my bed. The box was one of a kind and was made of dark polished wood. It also had beautifully hand painted cherry blossoms, stars and a moon. The Akatsuki said that they all had the exact same dream on the same night as each other and had woken up with the box on my bed. That's when they had decided to kidnap me and bring me to the Akatsuki.

I gently took the lid off the box and threw it aside. I took the garment out of the box and put it on. It was a battle kimono and had folded cloth sleeves with dark purple, white and black trimmings. On the waist it had a black and purple band, and was quite wide. The band had enough room to slip the sheath of my katana into. It was very light weight, and I enjoyed that because I could move faster. I happily wandered downstairs and slipped into the training room. When I got there, I saw Deidara and Kakuzu trying to kill each other. I stepped in quickly to prevent me staying up all night healing.

“What did you say about Komari-chan you prick!?” Deidara yelled.

“You heard me. I said that she is a danger to this group and I don't like her. I should have let her fall and die when Hidan threw her off the stairs. Even if she is our leader now, I won't let her cause harm to anyone else. If necessary, I will kill her.” Kakuzu said formally.
“Oh,” I said, “Is that so? Well, if that's the case, try and kill me now then.” The look on Kakuzu's face was priceless. Shinai, my large black wolf with crystal blue eyes, wandered around behind my back and growled low. Itachi and Pein came in to see what was going on.

“Leader-sama. We have to go now.” Pein said. I knew what he was talking about because just last night I wanted to go back to Konoha, and Pein and Itachi wanted to go with me. Deidara and Hidan weren’t happy about it but they said they would go anyway.

I bolted upstairs and flung open the door to my room. I frantically searched for my small bag and shoved a few essentials in. I then quickly checked my first aid kit and then my weapon case, everything was there. Then a thought ran through my head. Where was my prized katana? I practically ran to the training arena and flung open the case for my katana. Not there, I panicked. A sharp jolt of pressure dug into my shoulder. Fear seeped into my heart, and I collapsed onto the ground, fear blocking my thoughts. I heard someone run into the arena, running over to me. They knelt in front of me and the look of worry plastered onto their face. I could hear them calling my name, and my head cleared a bit. Sasori was kneeling in front of me looking very concerned. He saw blood on my shoulder and cursed loudly and Pein came running into the room. Pein picked me up and ran into the medical room – it looked like a frickin' hospital room – and placed me on the bed. My shoulder numbed and I closed my eyes and blacked out.

For a moment before I woke I thought I saw my attacker and tensed, but it was only the gentle face of Konan and I relaxed my tense muscles. Even though I had no pain in my shoulder and I was safe, I still felt stiff. I sat up and looked at my shoulder. It was bandaged up tight but I could still move it and it was soaked with blood. Konan had a wide bandage in her left hand and was already removing the bloodied one. I winced a bit when she ripped it off, but after that it was fine. Konan replaced the fresh one in a few minutes like she had done it millions of times before. I saw my pouches and clothes stacked neatly in a corner on top of a small bedside table.

“Are you OK, hun?” Konan said gently.

“Yeah, I think so. My shoulder is a bit sore still though.” I replied.

She laughed softly. “It would be. You were hurt pretty badly.” I smiled slightly.

“I know I was. But I was in safe hands, wasn't I? I mean, I can't remember what happened before I blacked out, but I know I was in pain.” I thought about that. “How long have I been out for?”

Konan looked at me, and then said: “About four days. But I'll fill you in on what has been happening while you've been out of it. You were stabbed and everyone was looking for you. Sasori found you and called out that he had found you. Pein the came running in the room and brought you here. He didn't leave until you were stable. But he was back the next day. Deidara was constantly in and out as well. Last time he was here was actually a few hours ago.” She said. She was in thought for a minute. Then she mused: “I guess he really does care.”

I nodded. “Anyone else?”

Konan nodded. “Kisame came by yesterday, but you were still unconscious. Hidan just usually stands in the doorway and looks in with a sad or worried look on his face, then asks how you are doing. That was last night before he went to bed, but he has come by more times than that. The others have been to see you at least once, questioning your health. I keep telling them that you are fine. That's about it. Oh, and that Kaida girl came by too.”

“Oh, really?” I asked, interested. “What did she want?”

“She just said that she would talk to you in person when you were awake, but she gave me this little scroll to give to you, then she was gone again, like she was never here. Very mysterious she is, that Kaida girl.”

“I know she is, that's why she makes such a good ninja. Do you still have the scroll on you?” I asked.

“No, I put it in my room for safe keeping. I didn't know when you would be awake.” Konan explained.

“I see. I'll read it later. By the way, could you please tell everyone to stop calling me 'Leader-sama' and 'Komari-sama', its getting way to formal. We are all friends here, not a bloody business.”

“Of course I will. I'll go now, and I'll be back as soon as I can, okay?” She was worrying over me again.

“No need to rush. I'm fine now, I just need to heal a bit before I will be able to get around without any worries.” I closed my eyes again and soon fell asleep.


It was dark when I eventually woke up, this time in my own bed. I was thankful for that, but I didn't know who had carried me back into my room. I must question the others when I finally crawl out of bed, I thought to myself. Flicking the top sheet off my body, I swung my legs around and sat on the edge of my bed. Sighing deeply, I stood on shaky legs and staggered over to my dresser. As I walked over, I stripped my shirt off and was left in my bra and underwear. While rummaging through my drawers looking for something to wear with my blue cotton shorts, and standing in the middle of my room half naked, I found the scroll that I had been avoiding for a while now. It was tucked under my favorite shirts and was a little crumpled on the edges. I shoved it back in my drawer, remembering what was on it and closed the drawer quickly. Pulling on a brown singlet, I made my bed, ran a brush through my hair and threw it up in a makeshift ponytail. Making sure my room was half-decent, I opened my door and practically skipped down the stairs. Slipping into the kitchen, I made myself toast with butter (I was too lazy to get anything out of the cupboard) and ate while wiping down the benches. Kisame was most likely off in his own little world again and forgot to do it, I didn't mind though.

Casually walking into the lounge-room, I cleared my throat loudly and everyone looked over at me. At first they just gawked at me, surprised that I was able to walk around without Konan hunting me down with a mallet. Then, one by one, they all started smiling and getting up to talk to me. Kisame was the first and gave me a warm hug, asking if I was feeling any pain. When I said that I wasn't, he chuckled and smiled at me. Deidara was eagerly waiting behind Kisame. Kisame moved out of the way and sat back down on the couch next to Sasori. Deidara hugged me tightly and I hugged him back, then he whispered in my ear that he was sorry for everything. I nodded and he was grinning madly when we pulled away. Deidara flicked my ear and walked back to the couch, flopping onto it with all the grace of a shot duck falling from the sky. I noticed that Pein wasn't in the lounge-room with the other guys, when I questioned then about it, they just shrugged.

I made my way up the stairs again and started towards my room when I heard a door open. Turning towards the sound, I saw Pein standing there, leaning against a wall. I was shocked and didn't know exactly what to say.

“I see you made a full recovery,” He said in his usual deep voice. “That's very good.”

“Yeah,” I said. “You should probably thank Konan for that. Are... You okay after what happened?” I asked quietly.

“I am. Thanks to you, Komari.” He was right in front of me, smiling. My heart skipped at beat. He was half an arm's length in front of me.

“I-it was nothing.” He looked at me, confused at my comment. But I think it was the way I said it.

“Why did you suddenly start stammering, that's not like you at all.” He put his warm hand on my shoulder.

“No reason,” I said quickly. Pein raised an eye brow at me, obviously doubtful.

He grabbed my wrist and dragged me towards his room. “You are going to tell me, even if I have to force it out of you.” By this time, my cheeks were a soft pink. I didn't want to tell him, but I guess in the end, I had no choice. I had only been in his room once, and that was when I had to talk to him when I first came here. I was slightly nervous, but not as nervous as I was when I first started living here. We stood in front of his door. My palms were sweaty. Opening it, he ushered me into the dark room and gently closed the door behind him and I sat on the edge of his bed. He lent against the door with his arms folded and had a smirk on his face. He wasn't looking at me.

“What?” I asked, confused at why he was amused.

His smirk faded. “You might as well tell me what has you so wound up,” Pein's words were blunt. Cold even.

“What if I don't want to tell you?” I questioned.

He chuckled slightly. “Then you're just going to keep it bottled up, and eventually, that bottle will break and you'll do something you regret.”

I shrugged. “I've lost count of the amount of things I regret doing.”

Pein looked up at me. “Then why not try and correct them? It's not too late to. I regretted not letting you join by your own free will, but you kept bashing up anyone I sent to ask you. And by the state they were in, you made your point clear that you declined my invitation.”

I raised an eyebrow. “So you kidnapped me? That was mature.” I sighed lightly, “I still don't know why you want to know what's on my mind at the moment.”

“Neither do I, but I thought it might help you let off some stress. Talking about what is on your mind can help.”

“But I never talk to anyone about that.”

“You do with Deidara and Konan.”

“But that's different.”

“Not really.”

I pouted and folded my arms. “Okay, you won that argument. I submit to defeat and in return, I guess I could tell you.”

Pein looked triumphant. The look was only in his eyes though. “Good. Now start talking.”

“Yes, boss.” I sneered. “It's just I...” I drifted off.

“You what?” Pein waited patiently.
“I... I don't want to tell you in case you get upset...” I looked at my hands.

“You've killed me, Komari.” Those four words cut me like a knife. “I don't think you can hurt me anymore than that,” He finally said.
I said nothing, not trusting my voice.
He waited a few minutes before saying anything else. Then, “Komari.” His voice wasn't firm this time, it was gentle and I turned my head to look at him.
“Are you... afraid of me?” I was shocked. I wasn't afraid of him at all. He was a bit scary and self-centered at times, but if you can break that wall of defense, he isn't that scary at all. In fact, I think of him as a grizzly bear. Scary at times, but caring and thoughtful.
“God no. Why would you ever think that?”
“I thought that because you never talk to me that much anymore.”
“Pein, I-”
“Shut up, and let me finish what I was saying.” He snapped.
I didn't say a single word.
“Anyway, as I was saying. After what happened to your shoulder, I kept thinking that you would hate me. I thought that you would think that I did that to you. I swear on my life that I would never to a thing like that to you. Ever. I mean that. It's obvious that you have feelings for Deidara, and I've gotten a spark of something between you and Hidan. You know that I think that you are one hell of a girl, Komari. Yet you do this to me. Why?”
My eyes are sad, but I'm reluctant to show him the war raging in my head. “Look, I don't think that you, or anyone else in the Akatsuki, stabbed me. Okay? I know that you would never do that either. And I know you mean it. I do have feelings for both Hidan and Deidara. But that doesn't mean I don't have feeling for you either. As far as I know, Deidara thinks the same thing you do about me. Though I'm not sure about Hidan. I'm just really, really confused right now.” The whole time I said that, my eye contact with his never flinched. He is quiet for a moment, before speaking again.
“I understand. I know Deidara thinks the world of you. He's told me on multiple occasions.” Pein nods, and stands up. “You should go and rest. Konan would have got the butcher's knife out by now. Scary woman...” He shivers at the thought, helps me up and watches me walk out his room.
I'm worried about him. But then again, I'm worried about a lot of stuff at the moment.

The author's comments:
Another short one... Sorry guys!

Sasori had given me a curious look when I left Pein's room, and I was wondering how much he had actually heard, seeing I didn't even know he was hanging around the door. I said nothing about it though. I thought it best not to say anything, for mine and Pein's dignity.

He then told me that it was about time to face that mission I had stashed away in my room. I was shocked that he knew about it and when I asked him how he knew, he had shrugged and said he just knew. I had a suspicion that he, or someone else, had gone through my room. In any case, I had nodded and gone up to my room to get changed and grab the scroll.

About ten minutes later, I was in the training room getting some weapons before I left. This was exactly what I was doing before I was attacked that day a few weeks ago. I kept my guard up and continued to get my gear. As soon as I had finished, I made sure I had everything and headed towards the door. I promised myself that I would find out who attacked me if it was the last thing I did. Now in the lounge-room, the others were arguing over who was coming with me, as I was only taking two of the Akatsuki with me. Eventually, it was decided that Hidan and Deidara were to come with me. That was the worst pair that I could've picked. We were out the door and in the forest within a hour.

Hidan was the first to speak up as we walked along. “Where are we going anyway? I mean, there is nothing out here to start with and it's bad enough with pretty boy here.”

Deidara was furious by his comment towards him. “What did you call me, yeah?”

Hidan grinned and said: “You heard me!”

Deidara was about to say something when I stepping in. “Enough you two. Get over it. Where we are going is the border of the Land of Fire and the where the Grass Village's land begins.”

“Why's that, hmm?” Deidara said, trying to ignore Hidan's insults.

“Well, I need to kill someone there for revenge.” I said, bored.

“You're starting to sound like Itachi's stupid little brother,” Hidan said. Unfortunately for him, Kaida was right in front of him. I knew she was following us. Well, more like following me, but no matter. Hidan looked at her like she was a dead bug on his shoe. Bad move. Hidan was about 40 centimetres taller than Kaida, but what she lacked in height, she gained in speed. In an instant, she was behind Hidan with a kunai to his throat. 'What the hell?' I thought. 'She was never that quick.' For a moment, my mind drifted and a suspicion rose in my head that she was the one responsible for the scar on my shoulder.

“Get that kunai away from him, Kaida.” I said firmly. She didn't move for a moment, and then eventually she did.

Turning to face her, I said: “Go home. I'll contact you if I need you again.” I said it firmly, and there was no doubt that as she vanished though the trees, she could have been planning how she would end my life.

Hidan was the first to say anything. “That was interesting.” He was too shocked to curse.

Deidara just nodded, stunned by what had just happened. Even though both men were rattled, they didn't let it show, which I thanked them mentally for.

The last thing I needed was to be dealing with an angry Kaida.

Not the best game plan ever, so all three of us decided that an assassination would be the best idea for the time being. I wasn't in the mood for the secret mission I had been hiding for a while anyway.

The author's comments:
Oh what a speech Komari! Bravo!

Coming home from the assignment I was set to do with Hidan and Deidara, I shuffled tiredly into the lounge-room and flopped on the couch. To be honest, I was completely drained. So drained in fact, I didn't hear Hidan and Deidara fighting over the remote for the television, I didn't really care either. Groaning, I peeled myself of the couch and staggered up the stairs to my room. Once there, I snatched up my pyjamas and went for a hot shower. After I thought I had relaxed enough, I wrapped the towel around myself and leaned my hands on the sink, staring into the mirror. I thought back on what had happened so far. Life was good, then I got kidnapped, got my mind blown out about my real past, and almost got killed. Moreover, I have come to realise that there are about three guys who are eyeing me off, and I just got back from a mission that I almost died on.

Life; thou art a heartless, cruel b****.

I giggled to myself at this thought.

A knock at the door scared the life out of me, and the voice startled me more.

“Hey, you finished in there yet?” The voice belonged to Hidan.

“Um, yeah. Hang on a sec.” I called back. Gathering my clothes, and fixing my towel, I opened the door and hurried to my room, but Hidan's hand grabbed my upper arm suddenly.

“You right there?” I questioned him.

“Uh... Could I talk to you, privately?” He was up to something I knew it. Or there was actually something he wanted to talk to me about.

“Yeah, sure. Just let me get dressed first, alright?” Hidan nodded and I quickly darted into my room and got dressed. Opening my door again, I told Hidan that he could come in now. He seemed nervous, but he didn't really show it if he was. Sitting on my bed, I looked up at him.

“So, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” I was genuinely curious. This new, shy Hidan got me thinking that something was really troubling him.

He sat on my desk chair and looked right at me. “F*** this is annoying me. Komari, I... uh...” I waited patiently.

“You what?” I asked, urging him to continue.

“Well,” He was fidgeting. “F*** this.” He got off the chair and sat next to me on my bed, quiet close, which worried me a little. He looked right at me, cupped his hand on my cheek and kissed me, then quickly pulled away and looked away.

I blushed brightly. “Hidan... I didn't know.”

“Yeah, well, don't tell everyone. Deidara will have my head.” He was also blushing lightly.

“Of course I won't.” I smiled, and kissed him again, making this kiss deeper this time. He gave in quickly and pulled away for air.

“And I didn't know you felt the same. But why? I'm always such an asshole to you.” He looked at me, sadness in his bright purple eyes.

“I can brush that aside, Hidan.” His eyes widened.

“Really?” I nodded. “Well, in that case, could we keep this quiet?”

“Sure,” I meant it too. I wasn't going to tell anyone in fear of hurting Pein and Deidara again.

“Thanks,” He nodded, kissed me, and walked out the room like nothing happened.

I sat there for a moment, still trying to take in what just happened. Here I was thinking that Hidan hated me, but boy, was I wrong. I considered this for a moment. So, Deidara, Pein and Hidan all have feelings for me. Okay, that's fine. But Hidan suddenly kissing me? That was a little bit of a shock. Hell, I didn't mind at all, and to be completely honest, he was a bloody good kisser. I shoved the thought aside and stood up. Running my hands through my hair, I sighed, and walked out my door. Closing it gently because most of the others were still asleep, I crept over to Deidara's room. I hadn't spoken to him on the way home at all and I thought I had upset him. I was just going to make sure he was doing okay.

Knocking on Deidara's bedroom door lightly, I thought about how quiet he was after Kaida attacked Hidan. He opened it and looked at me.

“Yeah?” He said sleepily.

“I was just wondering if you're okay after what happened.” I said quietly.

“Yeah, I'm fine. Did you want to chat? You have that look on your face.” He said, smirking.

“Uh, yeah actually.” I smiled.

“Well, come on in then, yeah.” He told me, stepping aside so I could walk in. As soon as I was in his room, I grabbed the desk chair and sat backwards on it.

He closed the door quietly and sat on his bed. “So, you wanted to chat?”

I nodded. “Yeah. I was just wondering if you're okay. I mean, the entire walk home you were completely silent.”

He nodded. “I was just thinking, that's all.”

I was curious now. “About what?”

“It's nothing,” Deidara was hesitant when he spoke. I glared at him when he looked at me. He sighed, “Fine, I was thinking about how much you cared about Pein when he was dying, how much you care about all of us really. I mean, we are just a bunch of criminals, nothing more.”

I thought about his words for a moment. “You aren't just criminals, you guys are like my second family. I don't care if you have mouths on your hands, or is Kisame looks like a shark and if Sasori is a bloody puppet. I really don't, because I care about who you are, not what you look like. You are very important to me, all of the Akatsuki is. I'm sorry if I did anything to hurt you.” I stood and walked out the room, not waiting for a reply from Deidara.

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